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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home base is a resort Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

October 19 to December 8, 2016

·       We had doctor’s appointment on Wednesday in Salmon Arm.  This was our last visit with Dr Bonthuys.  He was a good doctor and we enjoyed his professionalism.  Now we have to find a new one in Oliver.

·       Here we are finally once again.  This is Dec 8th!!!  It has been  a very busy time since October.  We got a mortgage, decided on a final place to live, open a new account at Interior Savings in Oliver (closing Royal Bank), got house insurance, took possession of our new home on November 26th then went to Gateway and brought two loads of boxes back to our house and proceeded to unload and unpack (each load was about an eight hours drive return trip).  We still have about two more loads to pick up.  We had our new furniture delivered and now we are pretty well settled in at
·       #29-6601 Tucelnuit Dr, Oliver, BC, V0H 1T3.  Our phone number is still the same at 250 -515-0922.
·       About two weeks ago, I got a call from my brother asking if I was interested in joining 5 of them (all brothers) for a trip to Cuba!  After a quick discussion with Val, I called him back and said YES!  I am leaving on the 13th of this month and returning the 25th.  Really looking forward to that, it will be first time we are together (just the boys) on a holiday!

·       That’s it for now!

Monday, October 31, 2016

November 11 to 18, 2016

Boy, am I ever behind in my blog!  I kind of lost interest in it, especially since we are not travelling.  We are presently living in Osoyoos waiting for our all financing to be in place and our move to our new home in Oliver on the 26th!  Yesterday we bought our new furniture at CITY FURNITURE here in Osoyoos.  Marcel and Audrey came with us; paid cash which was nice.

Today the 18th, we had our medical exam for the purpose of purchasing Life Insurance for the mortgage and later we signed the papers for the mortgage.

October 19, 2016

We had doctor’s appointment on Wednesday in Salmon Arm.  This was our last visit with Dr Bonthuys.  He was a good doctor and we enjoyed his professionalism.  Now we have to find a new one in Oliver.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October 11 to 18, 2016; Chilliwack

We went to Salmon Arm to shop and stopped at Bob and Gail’s house for a short but nice visit.  It is sunny again on this Tuesday!
Wednesday was also sunny but became very cloudy by the end of the day.  The nights are VERY COLD, freezing actually -2, -4 C.  Charlene came over for a visit from Logan Lake and stayed the night.  Lynden is gone hunting with the boys.
On Friday, we drove to Kamloops for Val’s contacts at Costco, had brunch then headed south to Chilliwack.  We had nice weather until the top end of the Coquihalla when it began to rain for the rest of the way.  We had a great visit with great-grand-daughter Elena, mom and gram-ma on Saturday then on Sunday, the four of us met Doreen and Gord at a local restaurant for breakfast then in the afternoon, we went to the theatre to watch “The Accountant” (very good), came home, ordered Pizza and watched more movies on TV.  The storm that we had been warned about never materialized and as a matter of fact it was a decent day with no rain.
Monday, the kids came over for dinner then later, the rest of the family showed up for cake and ice cream (Sean’s birthday).  It was a success.  Rochelle and Kevin are marvelous host and made sure everyone was looked after. 

Tuesday, we were back home in Gateway after saying goodbye to Rochelle and Graeme at the office; Kevin was out on a job.  It was raining when we left but cleared up past Merritt and we had a dry run home.

Monday, October 10, 2016

OCTOBER 2 to 10, 2016; Last days of work for Val; Offer on townhouse in Oliver

Up early again this morning.  This is Val’s Friday.  I spent the day working around our yard preparing for the winter and putting everything away that needs to be stored.  We sure been lucky with the weather, it’s been sunny for the past two weeks.  Cold mornings but warms up quickly once the sun is out.  Oh yeah, also got things started for a pre-approved mortgage amount with Interior Savings.
Monday and Tuesday, we did laundry, some shopping in Chase and more clean-up of the yard.  I loaded stuff in the trailer, getting stuff that we think we may need while in Osoyoos.  Tuesday was a cloudy day after a couple weeks of sunshine and a relaxing day doing nothing!
Back to sunshine on Wednesday, I went to Vernon for my appointment with the Specialist about my nose.  Driving back, I took Hwy 97 then at Falkland, I took the road to Chase.  It is a very interesting and picturesque drive with a section on gravel which I don’t remember being there.
Thursday, I drove to Oliver to check out a couple places and upon my return home, Val and I discussed what I saw and decided to put an offer on a two bedrooms single level townhome in a triplex.  It is presently empty.  Now we wait!
Yesterday, Saturday, it rained heavily all day!  My grand-son’s birthday.  We had a Thanksgiving dinner at the “clubhouse” (actually the old sales office) and had a feast.  Turkey, Ham and all the fixings.  There were about 30-40 people there.
Today, Sunday, is Val final day at work and it is sunny.  She came home and took the uniform off for the last time, she is happy that it has finally come to an end.
HAPPY THANKS-GIVING  EVERYONE!  We have snow on the higher mountains tops and it is cloudy on this Monday. 

Sunday, October 02, 2016

October 1, 2016; Our little Beaver is GONE!!!

I was up early again; just can’t seem to be able to sleep past 6 am without tossing and turning.  Ron and Cindy were out with friends by 12:30 am and we went over the operations of the motorhome.  Then, it was drive a short drive to Sorrento to meet Val at the insurance office and have the ownership transferred over to the new buyers/owners  and cancel our insurance and plates on the motorhome.  

Our little home is GONE!!!  

Val went back to work and once home at 4 pm, we sat out and had a glass of wine and reminisced over the past three years.  Called the kids to let them know.  Now we turned our mind to our move to Osoyoos and the purchase of a smaller trailer.  Our vagabond life is not over yet!

Friday, September 30, 2016

September 19 to 30, 2016; Visit to Keremeos, Packing and Moving

It was a busy week!  First I went to Judy and Ed’s house and de-winterized it, got everything working then began packing our stuff and taking it to our Sea-Can storage and to the house.  Amazing what we had packed in this little motorhome.  I got boxes from U-Haul.  Called TV providers and cancelled them all as of October 1.  The rush is on; not many days left.  Thank God it is sunny and somewhat warm out.  We bought Denis and Ruth’s utility trailer.  I figure I will need it for our move and I am sure I can resell it at a small profit.
On Monday, the 26th, I drove the Beaver to Tri-Crown in Salmon Arm, dropped it off to have the locker door repaired.  Val followed me in the Santa Fe and we drove to Oliver and Osoyoos to look at placed for rent.  The one in Osoyoos really appealed to us, fully furnished, two bedrooms so we put a deposit on it for November first.  We stopped at a local pub for lunch and ran into Jeff and Donna, previous workers from the Park.  What a small world!  We drove back home via the Connector to Kamloops, picked up our mail then home, sweet home.  A long day!
Tuesday, we spent doing laundry, get some groceries, insurance and new plate for the trailer then generally worked around the shed and pad.  At two pm, we drove to Tri-Crown to pick up the Beaver only to find out that they hadn’t installed the camera.  I suspect that they forgot to order it bit of course, they won’t admit to that!??  So, back home disappointed.  Had a glass of wine to bury our sorrows, dinner then the tube for a while.  Val is back to work tomorrow.
I spent Wednesday cleaning the yard and some of the stuff out of the shed.  I also got the jeep wired so that it can be hitched legally.  Thursday, Mascon came to hook up our internet only as we have TV programs already.  I also found out that they can’t do anything in time for Saturday so after Val got off work, we drove down and picked up the motorhome.  I am really disappointed in Tri-Crown’s service and lack thereof.  Now I have to call Ron to let him know.  Hopefully it will be well received as I am going to give him money to fix it on his time.  I cleaned and washed the inside and outside of the Beaver and the Santa-Fe on Friday.

Monday, September 19, 2016

September 8 to 18, 2016; Motorhome is SOLD!

SEPT 8 to 18; Work BBQ; CT-Scan; Chilliwack; Repairs & sell of our Beaver Monterey

Today, Thursday, was our Park Employee Appreciation Day.  Val got home at 3:45 pm, showered and changed into regular clothing then at 5 pm, we drove to the Park into the “group site area” where we had steak, baked potatoe, salad and all you can drink however everyone was reasonable in their consumption.  We sat around the fire and had a great time.  There were about 20 people including guests.  It lasted till dark then everyone called it quit.  We had a good time and were glad to have gone.
Earlier in the day, I began cleaning out junk out of the shed, stuff that I have hung on but have not used in years.
Friday morning, I was up with Val at 6 am and left for Salmon Arm to have a CT Scan on my nose once again.  I have a specialist appointment in October in Vernon.  The rest of the day was doing chores around the yard.  The sun was out in the morning but that soon disappeared!
We had a couple come back to look at the Beaver for a second time.  This time they went through stem to stern, top to bottom literally. (He crawled under the Motorhome).  After some discussion, we agreed on a price but first I have to repair a panel underneath and replace the back-up which quit on me a week ago.  I also have to repair the leaky storage bin (replace the seal) and once this is all done, our little home for the last 3 years will be gone!  Boo hoo!  A sad day but yet happy that the uncertainty is over.  I have an appointment with the shop on Thursday.  Now we have to look for a temporary place until our plans are all finalized i.e.; buying a place to live.
Monday the 12th, we went to Chilliwack overnight to see our great grand-daughter, Elli-Bun (3 months old now) and the kids.  It was a short but lovely visit.  Eliana sure smiles a lot.  We came back Tuesday after stopping at Super Store for some groceries.  Val was back to work on Wednesday and I woke up being dizzy and a feeling of stomach sickness.  I felt lousy all day!??
On Thursday, I took the Beaver to TRI-CROWN to have the back-up camera fix, the door panel repaired, the under carriage cover repaired and the leaky lockers.  I have to go back for the body work and the camera (on order) on the 26th.
Sunday the 18th, Ron and his wife came out once again and this time we took the Beaver out for a drive; to Jade Mtn to take on some fuel and back.  He drove it this time.  Our Beaver is SOLD!!!  We got a deposit on it and the delivery date is October 1!  Mix emotions!!!  Now we have to pack.  I called Ed& Judy and rented their place for a month.
A new adventure begins.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

September 1 to 7, 2016; End of work

SEPT 1to 7, 2016
Back to work on the first and I was asked if I would work on Monday the 5th as they are short on staff so guess what I am doing on my supposedly first day off!  It was cooler on the first and it rained on Friday the 2nd.  Autumn has arrived!!!  Rain on Saturday and it was so quiet at the Park that we both left early and only put in 4 hrs each.  Same thing on Sunday although Val worked a full shift and I came home after lunch.  The sun came out in the afternoon and warmed things up a bit.  Our Resort has a lot of the empty lots rented, busy week-end here too.  Some people are here to winterize their Park Model or trailer already.
Monday was my last day of work and a busy one it was.  Except for 7 lanes, the Park is closed for the season.  We had over 180 campers leave today but only had to clean the first seven lanes.  The rest was shut down after making sure no fires were left smoldering.  The gate house was also shut down and it is self-registering from now to the end of October.  It will be Val’s job for the next 6 weeks to ensure everyone has paid their dues.  She is off today!
Tuesday, we went to Kamloops for shopping and met friends Lynden and Charlene for lunch at Harold’s.  They had a surprise for us…Phil and Betty were also there so we really had a nice reunion.  We left an hour later and shopped at Costco and Superstore then came home to put everything away.  I was up early again this morning (6 am).

Val went to work on Wednesday and I did a load of laundry (my uniform) then got dinner ready.  I made Chop Suey!  We had HH then dinner then watched the tube.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 25 to 31, 2016; Two more days off; Work coming to an end

AUG 25 to 31; Work soon ending for me but continuing for Val
Rochelle and Kevin called us at 4 pm on Friday.  They were having HH on their deck and we were on our patio having a drink so we had HH together over the phone line…How neat is that? Huh?  Very warm again today.  Shower felt good!  I open an account with FLICKR.COM and posted pictures of the motorhome on it so that I can share them with potential buyers.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to do it.  We had rain Saturday and Sunday but nothing heavy or lasting, more like drizzles.  It sure has been a weird summer weather wise… no fire ban to date!?
On the 29th, we went to Salmon arm to shop for groceries and doctor’s appointment for both of us and renew our meds.  We had lunch at HOME in S.A.  On our return, we put the groceries away then had a nice HH with George and Paulette at their lot then dinner consisting of Haddock fish and rice.
Tuesday the 30th, was sunny and warm.  Val did laundry and chores in the yard for me.  I also bottled our wine in Chase and picked up our meds in Sorrento.  HH at 3:30 pm and got ready for tomorrow…back to work for the last 5 days.

Back to work on Wednesday.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 11 to 25, 2016; visit from brother Johnny

AUG 11 to 24; Visit from Johnny
Work week over, we have two days to relax and enjoy.  It is hot out and the A/C is working double time lately.  I shudder at the thought of our next Hydro bill.  Had a couple more inquiries for the Beaver but nothing serious.  It would be so nice to sell the Beaver and/or the Lot before the winter. 
Monday was spent doing chores and laundry.  It was a hot day so we didn’t much heavy stuff and found shade everywhere we could.  I got a call later in the day from a couple wanting to see the motorhome tomorrow around 2 pm.
Tuesday was again hot and the night was unpleasantly warm too.  I drove to Kamloops to pick the new pump for the washer which arrived in our mail on Monday then drove back home after a light sandwich and coffee at Timmy.  Traffic was heavy again as usual with holiday tourist and truckers.  Back home, I took the old pump out and put the new one in then our guests arrived around 3 pm and we gave them the tour.  They sat around for a while and declared that they really liked it but wanted to talk it over first and they left.  Keep our fingers crossed!
Back to work on Wednesday! Hot, hot, hot and very dusty raking the sites but thank goodness for the trees as they give us shade and keep things a bit cooler than in the sun. Three weeks of work left.  Val has been offered an extension past September 3 to do registration as the Park is staying open but on a skeleton crew. 
On Sunday, Brother Johnny and his girlfriend, Gabe, showed up for a 3 days visit.  We had been invited to Ed and Judy for one last HH before they depart for the season so we all went over.  Present were Jack and Mim, and Bob & Gail.  We had a great visit then came home and had a light dinner as we were all full from the goodies Judy served.  We were sitting under the Gazebo when the wind picked up and the leaves were flying and a branch broke and fell on the gazebo.  Needless to say we got the heck out of there and into the motorhome.  It began raining and rain most of the night.  Johnny and Gabe went to the Quaout Lodge for the night.
Monday, they arrived around 11 am and we all went to Blind Bay for a drive and also stopped at a funky house on the highway that we see every time we drive to Salmon Arm but unfortunately they were closed and no, I didn’t take any pictures.  We went back to Blind Bay to a local Pub and had a drink and nachos and wings.  We stopped at Jade Mountain where Johnny got a room for two nights.  Back home, we cooked dinner; steak, salad and a sweet mushroom that Gabe cooked, made in brown sugar and whiskey.  Yum, Yum but extremely sweet.  We sat around the fire and had a nice visit.  J&G left around 11 pm.
Tuesday was laundry day in the morning and I went to Chase for my blood test!  It is sunny and supposed to go up to 23-24*C.  We took a drive to Margaret Falls near Salmon Arm then drove through Notch Hill back roads to home.  We had chicken for dinner then sat out until 9 pm when our company left and we went to bed.

Back to work on Wednesday.  10 days left! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 1 to 10, 2016; Kamloops shopping and new photo web link

AUGUST 1 to 10
This month started with two days off, great stuff!  Washed the vehicles then worked around the yard and Beaver.  Cleaned the batteries and checked them.  We got a call from another potential buyer.  They are coming Wednesday afternoon. 
For some unknown reasons, we have been catching a lot of mice in our rig this past while.  Maybe we sit here just too long!??  Caught 4 so far this past month.
On Tuesday, we went to Kamloops for some shopping at Costco and Superstore.  Checked our mail, stopped for a beer at DUFFY’s Pub (it’s been a long time) then came home.  It poured rain on the way to Kamloops, at times very heavy but it did soon clear up. 
Back to work Wednesday for another 5 days.  Those people from Victoria never showed up.  Got a call from brother Gaetan and when I called back, he was at Pierre’s house so got to talk to Gilles, Christiane, Pierre and Gaetan of course.  Good hearing from them.
The weather has been crazy this past week, sunny most of the day then heavy rain and lighting & thunder in the evening.  It sure refreshes the nights though!
Sunday, our Friday and glad it’s here.
We did chores on Monday; it is cloudy but the sun did eventually make its way out.  PICASA is no longer supported by Googles so all our pictures on the web have been archived with a new link  https://get.google.com/albumarchive/115214550175198904444?source=pwa
That’s very frustrating but as usual when something works good, they are bound to make changes.  Everyone should be able to see our pictures once again as I have updated the link in our Blog.  Let me know if it doesn’t work.
Tuesday was a trip to Costco in Kamloops for Val’s eye contacts, she had to get an exam too.  Of course, we bought a few things there then off to Superstore for groceries.  We stopped for lunch at a new pub in the new Mall across from Superstore.  Food was good, I had a burger and Val, soup and salad.  Back home to unload and put everything away then relax before going to work tomorrow! 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 18 to 31, 2016; Change of address

JULY 18 to 31
Our first day off was sunny and warm although it did rain heavily overnight.  We went to Kamloops today to open an account at UPS store since the one in Salmon Arm is closing its doors as of July 27. 

Our new MAILING address is now:  230-1210 Summit Dr, Suite 255, Kamloops, V2C 6M1

We shopped for groceries at SUPERSTORE and COSTCO then we drove home.  After putting everything away, we had a drink then dinner.  Watched some tube but I was in bed by 9:30
Our second day off was cloudy and rainy, of course!  Val did some laundry and I spent time updating our new mailing address to all.
Back to work by Wednesday and it got sunny and hot!  No complaining yet!
July 25-26, two more days off spent driving to Salmon arm to pick the last of mail at UPS store (shut down) then to the Post Office to give them a change of address; $55 for 4 months!  Grocery shopping then home in time for a weird storm, the sky was totally orange/yellow but absolutely awesome!  Work was busy and hot; a shower afterwards was mandatory and refreshing.
It was a busy day at Gateway this last Saturday of the month; there was a BBQ put on by the social committee which was a success.  More people came in yesterday.  Sure can tell it’s the BC Day long week-end and a hot one to boot!
End of another month.

Monday, July 18, 2016

July 11 to 17, 2016; UPS closing in Salmon Arm

JUL 11 to 17; Shuswap
First day off was to relax.  I went to Chase to bottle our wine, stopped at the Bank to deposit a refund from the Insurance and mailed a birthday card.  It is cloudy but the sun is shining through from time to time and it’s warm.
Second day off, I went to Salmon Arm to get a medical exam for my driver’s license.  It has to do with my diabetes.  Another tax grab!!!  It is sunny and warm.  It is now confirm, UPS store where our mail is delivered is closing forever so we have to look for alternative option.
Upon my return, Val went to Chase while I did some chores around here.  Almost had another disaster with overfilling the black tank while rinsing it.  GOT TO BE MORE CAREFUL!!!!

Back to work on Wednesday!  We had a deluge downpour this week.  Is this rain ever going to stop!?  We had more people come out to look at the Beaver but no offers as yet

Monday, July 11, 2016

July 1 to 10, 2016; Shuswap

JULY 1-5, 2016
HAPPY CANADA DAY!!  Busy at work, we are full!  And wouldn’t you know it, it rained on Sunday, heavy in the evening.  160 campers left and 120 came in… The holiday season has begun.
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY to all our American friends!  Our first day off and cloudy.  We went to Salmon Arm to pick up our mail, some groceries and check out prices on tires for the Beaver; the front ones are showing cracks and they are over 5 yrs old.  Drove to Salmon Arm and picked up a clothes washer from Bob.  He found it at a store for free, checked it out and called us to come pick it up as ours quit a while back.  Rain and more rain for our whole two days off!

JUL 6 to 10

I am way behind on the blog.  It has been an uneventful week except for the amount of rain we’ve had.  It feels like FALL on the Coast!  Busy at work even though the weather is not cooperating.  I feel for those camping in tents!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 20 to 30, 2016; Visit from Ontario

JUN 20 to 30
A beautiful sunny day on our first day off so I spent some of it on the roof of the Beaver cleaning and washing the vent covers, they were overdue!  Val did the laundry and then worked on her flowers.  HH at 4 pm then dinner consisting of baked potatoe, ceasar salad and a deliciously thick steak BBQ’ed.  After dinner we had a fire and our neighbor Carlos joined us for a while.
Second day off, we went to Salmon Arm for a follow up on my insulin injections.  After we did our groceries shopping, picked up our mail and bought a couple things for the yard and Beaver.  Back at home, we put it all away, relaxed for a few minutes then dinner and made our lunches for tomorrow.
Wednesday was back to work.  The jeep wouldn’t start because I left the ignition on last night so we had to use the Hyundai.  Got it going once back home after work.  I bought LED lights for the rear lights on the Beaver and got that installed; much brighter. 
Rain on Thursday and heavy on Friday…Boring!!!
On Sunday the 26th, Val’s sister Kathy and Louie arrived from Ontario for a visit.  We had a nice reunion by the campfire and a glass of wine or two!  They rented our neighbours’ house across the road for two nights. 
Monday, I had to stay home to wait for MASCON to installed cable TV and internet (a saving of almost $100/month) while Val and company drove to Kamloops for shopping; We all went out for dinner in Sorrento then came home and sat by the fire for a while but the mosquitos took all the fun out of it and chased us in the house.
Tuesday, sunny and very warm, Louie and Kathy were gone when I got up for the bathroom at 5 this morning!  Good thing we said our goodbyes last night, in case! Washed the motorhome and both vehicles and Val did laundry.
Back to work on Wednesday.  Hot, hot, hot! Up to 34*C on Thursday. 

End of another month!

Monday, June 20, 2016

June 14 to 19, 2016; Back to Chilliwack

JUN 14 to 19; Back to Chilliwack
Two days off.  We went to Salmon Arm to pick up our mail and I had an appointment at the Hospital for my diabetes.  That went ok and I am now on insulin.  This has been coming for quite a while so no surprise there!  After the appointment, we drove to Chilliwack stopping in Kamloops for brunch.  We were in Chilliwack early enough to go to Vanessa and Sean’ house and have a visit and hold our great-grand-daughter, Eliana, in our arms.  She is absolutely gorgeous!  We spent the night at Rochelle and Kevin’s house then the next day, after breakfast and shower, we went back to Vanessa and Sean for an hour or so to hold our little girl one more time.  Parents are OK but tired from all the excitement and ordeal of giving birth.
We headed back to the Shuswap after our short visit; it was a wonderful two days and the weather cooperated for us. 
Back to work on Thursday under sunny sky.  I only worked 4 days as we are changing our days off to Monday and Tuesday for the rest of the summer.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 7 to 13, 2006; Chilliwack and Welcome Eliana

JUN 7 to 13; Chilliwack and GREAT GRAND-PARENTS
My first day off, Val did laundry and worked around the yard while I worked on the motorhome washing and organizing.
On Wednesday, we drove to Chilliwack overnight to hopefully witness Grand-Daughter Vanessa’s baby birth due today or Thursday.  We saw Vanessa and Sean Wednesday evening at the Abbotsford hospital and had a nice visit.  She is staying in a very nice and private room with everything at her finger-tip.  We drove back to our hotel with promises to see them tomorrow.
We had breakfast at I Hop restaurant on Thursday, JUNE 9
 then drove to Abbotsford.  We walked in the hospital at 12:11 and that’s when we got the text that Eliana came in to this world this exact time

She is 15 minutes old in this picture!

Rochelle asked us to wait for a while so we had coffee in the cafeteria then went upstairs only to find out that the baby was down at NICU so there was no visiting anymore.  We all left (us, R&K and Hayley).  This is when we found out that Rochelle cut the umbilical cord and Hayley helped in the delivery of the baby under the supervision of the Doctor, of ourse.  What an experience for both of them!!!  We went to Mr MIKE for dinner then we said our goodbyes, drove to Superstore to pick up some groceries and drove back home in Lee Creek.  We got here around 9 pm, made our lunches then went to bed!  Back to work on  Friday to show off our new Great Grand-Daughter!

There was a wedding at the Park on Saturday….Life goes on!!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

June 1 to 6 2016

JUN 1 to 6, 2016
Not much to report except that the weather has improved and by the end of week, we were looking at 24 to 28*C I temperature.  Work was busy getting things ready for the grand opening on the 18th.   Val has been busy with her garden and walks in the evening with friend Donna

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 24 to 31, 2016

MAY 24 to 31;
Val had to work 4 hrs on the 24th but I was off.  I went to the bank to deposit the payment for my kayak (Yes, it’s gone) then an overdue haircut.  I re-applied for EI as my last claim was screwed up.  Val got some new flowers, compliments of Paulette and Ruth, from their gardens.  Now that the long week-end is gone, the sun has come out to warm things up and make our two days off more enjoyable.
Back to work on Thursday and payday on Friday, first one for Val!  Rain, rain, rain.  End of May un-typical weather, never seen so much rain in these parts.

Last day of the month was a day off and we spent it in Salmon Arm.  Val had a doctor appointment then we shopped and picked up our mail.  Cloudy with sun shining through.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 17 to 23, 2016

MAY 17 to 23
For our days off, we went to Salmon Arm for doctor’s appointment then picked up our mail and some groceries.  Our neighbour, Marcel came with us and we dropped him off at the Casino then picked him up on the way back.  Val bought some flowers for the yard. 
She worked on Wednesday so I had the morning to myself.  I washed the Jeep, worked on the motorhome, fixed the flag pole.  We had an appointment with the bank in the afternoon.  That was all the excitement for two days.  Back to work on Thursday the 19

It rained the whole long week-end (Victoria Day).  Campers left early disgusted with the weather.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 8 to 16, 2016; Shuswap

MAY 8 to 16;
We owe, We owe, so off to work We go!  Val worked two days and I, 5 days.  The weather has been cooperating so far so we have had some good day!  Wished “Happy Mother’s Day” to our daughters then we had two days off from work.  The first day was spent doing errands, getting the jeep checked out for a leak (new water pump required) and washed the front of the Beaver or as my daughter calls it… “The Big Brown Turd”!  Very complimentary, isn’t it!? J  Val did laundry and worked in the yard with her flowers and bushes.  The second day off we went to Kamloops.  We looked at Park Models and found one we really liked but before making any decisions, we have to consider our finances.  We had brunch at our favorite restaurant, HAROLD!  To Superstore for groceries shopping then home.  They are repaving the highway from Sorrento to Chase so the back-up in traffic is quite heavy as there is only one lane open while they paved and this is the Trans-Canada highway #1 East/West!  We got home at 5:30 pm, had dinner then I made my lunch for tomorrow. 
Back to work on the 12th to 16th

Monday, May 09, 2016

May 1 to 7, 2016; Back at work

MAY 1to 7, 2016;  Last day in Chilliwack & return to Shuswap Lake
Sunday, the day is sunny and promises to be warm!  Kevin made a chowder with the rest of the ham and potatoes and veggies.  Val went to Vanessa’s baby shower for the afternoon.  Afterwards, Kevin and I went to the clubhouse and loaded presents in the car and the truck.  Vanessa was really spoiled at this shower.  We drove to her house and unloaded the presents and saw the baby’s room; very beautifully decorated.  We came home and had HH and tasted Kevin’s chowder.  It was delicious; I had two heaping helping.  In the evening, the girls came over for a visit
Monday was our departure day for our Lot in the Shuswap.  We left around 10:30 am, stopped at the “Fair Grounds” to dump the tanks and had a disaster!  The sewer hose came apart and the black water went all over including my sandals and bare feet.  I got that cleaned up and myself and we got the hell out of there after hooking up the jeep. 
The drive up the Coquahalla was uneventful and we finally arrived in Kamloops where I fueled up @$o.999/liter and we had lunch here.  In Chase, we stopped at a road side gas station and I filled our propane tank then we arrived home around 3:40 pm.  We set up and sat outside for a drink.
It feels good to be home.  I set up BELL TV in the evening as DISH is now cut off.
We travelled 208 miles @ an average 53MPH in 4 hrs.  We stopped for an hour and twenty-nine minutes.

Tuesday, we went to the Provincial Park and got our schedules and uniforms.  While there, a few employees came in that we knew so it was a pleasant reunion.  Cassie was happy to see us!  From here we went to Sorrento and got insurance for our Hyundai and mailed our claim for reimbursement for the private insurance.  I stopped at the garage across the street and got them to check where an oil leak is coming from.  I ended making an appointment for the 10th for a closer assessment.  We came home and worked in the yard, set up the gazebo, table and chairs, cleaned out the fridge and freezer and the washer & dryer.  We called it quit at 4 pm and had a beer.  After dinner, we finally finished the “DEXTER Series”.
Wednesday, we went to Salmon Arm to pick up the mail and shopped for clothes for Val’s work.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday consisted of working at the Park for me and Val did house routine and some errands.  She started working Saturday for 4 hours only to begin with.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 25 to 30, 2016; In Chilliwack and family visits

APR 25, MONDAY; Affairs
It is cloudy but the sun is breaking through.
This morning I completed that package to send to the insurance for reimbursement on our insurance while in Mexico, got my passport application and mailed the whole thing today.  I also called BELL and reinstated our service for the satellite.  At least they didn’t screw that up.
Val went for lunch with her cousin and I was left to fend for myself but Rochelle rescued me! J

APR 27, WEDNESDAY; Visit with grand-kids
We left the house by 2:40 under cloudy skies.  We drove to Coquitlam, met Joanne and McKinley at the house and when John got home, we drove to Jenaya’s school to watch the “Track & Field” competition.  This was just “for fun” competition but the kids gave it their best.  Jenaya didn’t come first in any of them but she DID give a great effort, coming second in a couple of the games. 
We went their house and John cooked a marvelous dinner of a fresh Fraser River Salmon with BBQ vegetables and couscous rice.  We had a very nice visit, gave the kids their presents which they loved, especially the shell jewelry boxes.  We were home by 10 pm; we left early as the kids had to go to bed.

APR 28 to 30; Another month gone by
On Thursday, I got my on-line accounts set up with Bell and Telus.  It is cloudy again….boring!  Val decided to do a wash today.  Kevin helped me installing the new window for the MH door.  It went very well and we had no problems.  Took us about an hour to complete the project.
Friday, Val went shopping by herself to buy some baby shower gift.  We now have a new glass on the counter, between the sink and the couch, which Kevin helped installing.  It will give protect against water splashing into the couch. 
We drove to Port Moody to visit son Jeffrey.  It is cloudy with some light rain drizzle (boring!) however it was sunny in Port Moody.  My brother Johnny came with us.  We had a nice visit, went to the Pub for dinner.  We drove back to the marina, had a night cap then said our goodbyes and drove back home.  On the way home, we got a call from Audrey that they are in Chilliwack at the RV Park so we made arrangement to visit tomorrow.  Johnny went home and we went into the house to say goodnight to Rochelle and found Hayley, Vanessa and Sean also having a visit.  A short visit then we said goodnight to everyone.
Saturday, turned out to be sunny and warm!  We had Aud & Marcel and Johnny over for dinner.  We cooked a ham and scallop potatoes and it was all a success.  We even had enough for “Care Packages” for everyone.  Both Hayley and Vanessa dropped in and Nessa even brought desert which was a surprise and devoured with ice cream.  We had an enjoyable evening and as usual, it all had to end eventually!  Everyone left by 10 pm and Nessa got to take some scallop potatoes as a “Care Package”.

That’s it for this month!

Monday, April 25, 2016

April 21 to 24; Back in BC

APR 21, THURSDAY; Back in Canada and Chilliwack, BC
We headed out by 9 am and got on Hwy 99.  About a half hour later we entered I-5 North, drove through Portland with little rush hour traffic and finally stopped 3 hours later for lunch just past Seattle at a Casino.  We continued our journey north, turned onto Hwy 539 and eventually reached the Canadian Border at 3:45 pm but not before filling up with diesel, 56.7 gallons @ $2.15 US.
At the border, after buying a bottle of Bourbon at the Duty Free, we were across in 15 minutes after paying duties on the extra booze we had.  They were all very pleasant and talkative which was nice.  Back on Hwy 1, we soon arrived in Chilliwack where I dump our tanks at the Fairgrounds then drove to Rochelle and Kevin’s house, backed in and set up for the night; it is 4:40 pm. We sat out on their patio for a drink then went out to FRANK’S ITALIAN KITCHEN & BAR.  Unger Window installed all the windows and glass inside in that place.  Grand-daughter Hayley joined us and we made plans for a BBQ on Sunday at mom and dad’s place with all the kids present.  The restaurant is within walking distance from the house so we walked there and Kevin and I walked back.  The girls drove back with Hayley in her car.  We had lighting and thunder and rain just as we got home
I called son Jeff to let him know we were here, hope to see him on Sunday.  
It feels good to be home! 

We drove 328 miles in 6.5 hrs @ an average 53 mph.  Stopped a total of 2 hrs for fuel, lunch and rest
N   49* 07.798’
W 121* 52.760
Alt 38 ft

APR 22, FRIDAY; Chilliwack
I think that from here on, I will reduce my time consumption writing my blog by reporting a weekly recap.  It is going to become quite monotonous especially when we start working in May.  It is cloudy outside but warm.
Today we went to town to re-connect our Canadian phone number and re-started our BELL TV programs.  Well not quite; when I got to Bell store I found out that Bell had cancelled my account in January thereby cancelling my cell phone that I have had for the past twelve years.  I stormed out of there swearing that I will NEVER deal with them again.  If it wasn’t so expensive to change my satellite, I would also cancel my TV programming with them.
We walked over to ROGERS kiosk and I got a new sim card with them.  Our new number is now 250-515-0922.  I also got a cell phone for Val # 25-515-1104.  

Cloudy today!  I spent the morning catching up to our Income Taxes and putting the papers in order to get our insurance refunds.
We went for groceries and found the prices not too outrageous.  We stopped for a beer at our favorite Pub in Sardis then home to put everything away. 
HH with R&K and Ron & Babe.  We ordered Chinese food for dinner then watched the Revenant.  In bed by 11pm

APR 24, SUNDAY; visit and dinner with grand-kids
The day began slow and lazy.  We were finally showered and dressed by noon.  Visited with R&K for a while then we began getting thing ready for dinner.  Everyone showed up by 5 pm and we sat around and caught up to everyone’s news and recent trips.  Jeffrey was supposed to show up but he didn’t.  I texted him and he stated he was caught in a wind storm by his marina!???  Now, why he was out there when he told me he would be here makes no sense to me.  Whatever, that is his excuse and I guess I have to believe it or feel miserable and full of doubts which I don’t want to do.
We had a very nice dinner and Kevin did a superb job in cooking the steaks.  He takes so much pride in doing that!  For dessert, Doreen brought an ice cream cake that she made that morning and it was delicious!  It was all over too soon.  
We went back to our house and watched some tube then to bed.

Friday, April 22, 2016

APRIL 22,16


Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 17 to 20, 2016; Exploring Eugene and to near Portland

APR 17, SUNDAY; Cycling tour
We were gone by 10 am and drove to a park that was to be the beginning of our ride.  When I got out and went to take the bikes off the rack, I realized that I didn’t have the key for the chain lock so back in and back to our MH where I got the keys and drove back to the Park.
We got on the trail ok and cycled East to the last bridge then crossed over to the north shore of the Willamette River and cycle back.  The scenery was great and there was lots of young people and families along the trail.  We stopped in a huge area where there were covered picnic sites and had lunch.  We continued on to the next bridge where we crossed back to the south shore and cycled back to our starting point.  What a fantastic day, the sun is shining and it is warm…almost 80*F.
On the way back, we stopped at a “Beer Garden” near our place and had a couple beers.  Back at home, we sat out for a while then in for dinner and “60 minutes”, “Madame Secretary” and “The Good Wife”

APR 18, MONDAY; To Florence
Once again up at 7 and out by 9 am.  We decided to go to Florence to explore.  First, we had to go next to Monaco at Coach RV Glass to pick up the window for the door; boy is that a heavy glass, looks solid too!  Anyway, we got back on Hwy 126 W and drove towards our destination.  It sure looked a lot different than our last drive through here especially with the sun shining.  We stopped at a small roadside cafĂ© and had breakfast/brunch and it was delicious!  We arrived in Florence and to our disappointment, there was no traditional downtown but just a spread out town on Hwy101 so we decided to head south and explore.  We made it as far as Winchester near Reedsport and visited the area.  Lots of sea food restaurant but we were still full from our brunch.  We did however drive to the Pacific Ocean and walked the beach.  The tide was out and the waves were roaring and crashing.
Like all good thing however, we had to head back.  We took Hwy 38 back for something different and found this road followed the Umpqua River most of the way and it was mainly flat meaning that there were no hills to speak of and fairly straight.  We stopped along the way at a pub north of GRAIN and had a late lunch.  We eventually came out on I-5 south of Cottage Grove and made our way home arriving around 4:30 pm and learned that the jack didn’t come in today so another night and day here!

APR 19, TUESDAY; Taking it easy & Bad news
I swear I have a black cloud following me!  We heard in the early afternoon that the jack didn’t arrive.  I told them that if it wasn’t here tomorrow we would leave; it’s been a week now that we have been here. The jack was supposedly ordered last Thursday from southern California shipped via UPS!????
Anyway, today we went shopping for groceries, had an oil change done on the Jeep and a haircut for me.  We sat around the MH enjoying the sun and just read our books.

We have now been here seven days.  If the jack doesn’t arrive today, we are leaving.  We saw the UPS truck come in across the street but then continued on.  I was really disappointed.  We sat around for another half hour and just when I thought he wasn’t coming back this way, he pulled in the yard and we finally got our jack!  The guys were really good and went to work right away.  They were done by 2pm, we paid our bill and were on our way by 2:30 pm.  We got on Hwy 369 (the Beltline) to Hwy 99 where we got off and headed north.  We drove through a few towns and the scenery was incredible.  By 4 pm I started looking for a campground and we found one just before Portland in Tualatin.  We paid $39 with the discount from Good Sam and settle in for the night.  I washed the windshield and the front of the rig then we sat out for a drink.  That was short lived as it began drizzling and we even had thunder and lighting.  WOW, what a quick change!

We travelled 109 miles in 2.5 hrs @ an average 43 mph with a 15-minute stop in there for bathroom breaks.
N  45* 23.5581’
W 122* 48.1700’

ALT: 133 ft

Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 11 to 16, 2016;Eugene, repairs, exploring

APR 11, MONDAY; To Eugene, I thought!
How things changed quickly; got up at 8 this morning to a beautiful blue sky and sunshine!  Posted my blog, showered and shaved and we were on the road by 10 am…Should be able to make it to Eugene!?  Well, we didn’t!
We left at a late time.  We drove through town and turned on Hwy 139 and began climbing almost right away over the ridge then down and up another one.  It was NOT a good way to go; the road was narrow, rough and it was up and down most of the way.  Definitely do not recommend it!  From ADIN to CANBY CA, the road was decent.  We stopped in Canby for lunch and we had this young blonde waitress that was the epitome of every bad blonde joke you ever heard.  In her favor, I will say that she was a very nice person and tried hard to sound knowledgeable.  Back on the road, we continued on 139 to Klamath Falls OR, where we got on HWY 97.  The sun was shining so it was nice driving.  Around CHEMULT OR, we began looking for a campground and finally got one in CRESCENT OR, named BIG PINES RV PARK.  A very nice Park that accepts Good Sam membership.  We got here at 4:25pm.  The owner walked us over to our site, we set up and relaxed under the sun and met people from Alberta and here I thought we were bringing the rear!  J

We drove 215 miles in 4 hrs @ 54 mph and were stopped for 1.5 hr.
N  40* 24.508’
W 120* 37.791’
ALT: 4160 ft

APR 12, TUESDAY; To Eugene, this time for sure!
We had a lazy start this morning.  We woke up to a beautiful sunshine and we took our time getting ready.  We were on the road by 10:15 am, headed to town then turned left on 58 by-pass which eventually connected to Hwy 58.  This is a highway you want to take from this side to Eugene as there is a long descend with #6,7grade. 
We arrived in Eugene safe and sound after enjoying the scenery on the way down and all the snow along the highway.  Just before the city, I stopped for fuel and took on 62 gallons @ $2.11/gal.  We got on I-5 for a bit then got off and went to 11th Ave to QUALITY COACH where we will get some repairs done on our warranty.  We were here by 1pm, got the paperwork started, set up with electricity and water in their yard.  It is cloudy and only 60*F. 
We went for lunch at SHARI then to Walmart for some groceries.  We came home, put everything away then relaxed

We drove 97 miles in 2hrs and 15 minutes @ an average 44 mph.  We stopped for 53 minutes.
N  44* 02.860’
W 123* 09.938’
ALT: 376 ft

APR 13, WEDNESDAY; Repairs
We were out of the motorhome by 9 am.  I went over the repairs with the Technician, and left my number with the office.  We left and spent the day shopping, eating out, dealing with issues with Verizon then stopped at an Applebee for a drink.  When we got back, I learned that the Warranty was playing games again so we are waiting for a phone call from them.  I told them to go ahead anyway with the jack so that will be done mayana, hopefully.
We had let over or dinner then watched the tube and listened to the rain falling

APR 14, THURSDAY; Eugene
I bought a new GPS @ Best Buy for the motorhome and replaced the one in the Jeep with the one that was in the motorhome.  I had to take it back because I didn’t like the way it worked and got the next level.  While at the Mall, we went to a visitor info Centre and got some information on what to see around here.  The young man was very informative and we got a few things to do over the week-end.  As a matter of fact, he gave us a list of nice drives so we took one that began on Hwy 99 at Junction City then West on Hwy 36 to Mapleton where we had a beer at a quaint local bar that had a big friendly dog that kept bringing me this chewed up football so I accommodated by throwing in around the bar.  NEAT!!!  Aside from the constant rain, heavy at times, we enjoyed the ride and looked at two covered bridges.  Mapleton is also where we turned onto Hwy 126 and headed back to Eugene.  For my motor bike readers, Hwy 36 would be a fantastic road to go on a sunny day.  We finally heard from the insurance and they turned down our claim because we had surpassed our limit on the mileage by 1000 KM.  DAMN!!!  So now we are getting the main slide adjusted and the front jack replaced at our cost.  There goes any savings we had!

APR 15, FRIDAY; Exploring
We had a great day exploring this day!  We went to COTTAGE GROVE, south of here, off I-5.  We got out of the car and walked the Historic Downtown.  Lots of old buildings, beautiful murals and lots of antique stores.  Then we drove West on a road that eventually ends into a dead end but the part we saw had lots covered bridges and waterfalls.  We stopped at all of them and took lots of pictures.  We went around a huge lake and the scenery was fantastic.  Near the end, we stopped at this forestry campground and went on a half mile hike to see our second waterfall.  The forest was full of moss which created an eerie sight; we kept expecting the Sasquatch to come out of the forest.  This drive was part of directions we got from the Info Center.   Back on I-5 we headed north to Springfield where we stopped at a Brewery, BLANK TOWN” had a beer and lunch and then drove home.
I have to explain that we each got a pamphlet that list all the breweries in the city and region from the Info Center.  As we stop at a brewery, we get our pamphlets stamped and once we have 8 stamps, we will receive a free mug and a free vase.  So…our goal this week-end is to get all eight!  We got one so far!
Back at the repair shop, I took the Beaver to a local garage that had a dump station, dump the tanks and came back to the repair shop. We had a quiet evening at home.  These guys here sure work late, they didn’t go home until 7 pm; wonder if they get OT???

APR 16, SATURDAY; A pubbing day

 It was nice to sleep in this morning and wake up to sunshine.  The forecast looks good and promises temperature in the mid 70’s.  We went into town and found the street market.  We parked and walked the whole place.  We even found a section where there were a group of hippies smoking pot and playing drums.  The young people were dancing and enjoying themselves.  It was a bit like the street market in Palm Springs on Thursday evening.  We found of first pub in a series of eight, “STEELHEAD BREWING”, had a beer and lunch: Chicken tortilla soup which was delicious!  We then went to find eight more breweries on our list and got stamps from each of them.  Some were quite cool bars, others just plain brewery with a bar.  We didn’t have a beer at each one but a few we stayed and had one beer and chatted with the patrons.  Val didn’t care for the beer and since they didn’t sell anything else, she had water instead.  I have to say that hop beer is quite different and heavy.  It is an acquired taste.  I only liked a couple of them!  The last brewery “VIKING BRAGGOT CO” we found was very close to our home.  At first we couldn’t find it but found a winery instead so we stopped anyway and tasted their wine.  We ended up buying a bottle to share with our favorite son-in-law back home.  We were mentioning to the lady in attendance about our pamphlet with all the stamped brewery and mentioned the Viking that we couldn’t find.  With a big smile on her face, she announced that it was in the back and all we had to do is walk through this door which we did and found our last brewery.  FANTASTIC!  We chatted with this guy at the bar who seem to know all the beers on the menu and was telling us about the best and the worse.  He was quite knowledgeable and I suspect he worked for the brewery!?  We had one last beer here then headed home, about three blocks away!  It was a great day and we had fun.  We got stamps from nine breweries.

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 8 to 10, 2016; Las Vegas NV to Susanville, CA

APR 8, FRIDAY; Vegas
First thing in the morning, I washed the front of the Beaver…lots of bugs!  Windy this morning and black clouds overshadowing us. 
We went to visit friends, Sandy and Dennis, who are staying at Thousand Trails just down the road from us on Boulder Blvd.  We had a marvelous visit and Sandy cooked BBQ salmon, Brussels Sprout and rice.  I especially loved the rice and the salmon was cooked to perfection.  We got home by 4:30 pm after stopping at Walmart to pick up some wine.  It rained most of the afternoon but now it is sunny but cool.  We had a drink outside our rig then it was dinner and relaxing evening.

APR 9, SATURDAY; Back on the road
We were on the road by 9:10 am.  I stopped at the gas station to take on fuel 44 gallons (first fill since Lukeville) then we headed north on Hwy 95.  I had forgotten how desolate and lonely a drive this drive is.  The road goes on forever in a straight line.  We stopped for lunch on a roadside pull out then went on north.  We hit rain at times but nothing heavy.  The wind was at our back which helped in the fuel consumption.  We arrived in HAWTHORNE NV where I took on fuel 51 gallons @ $2.39 then we went a little distance from here and camped at WHISKEY JACK, A Good Sam member.  It is 4 pm and it is raining lightly and cold…54*F.  Our phone quit again!!!

We travelled 321 miles @ an average 55 mph in 5 hrs and 55 minutes and were stopped for one hour 10 minutes.
N  38* 32.240’
W 118*38.177
ALT: 4195 ft

APR 10, SUNDAY; More distance
On the road again by 9:15am.  It is cloudy with sunny clearing.  I stopped in RENO to have my phone fix then we had a burger at TRODDENRUCKER, a burger joint.  It was OK!  Back on the road, we turned off I-80 onto 395 and soon entered California.  The drive began to be more interesting; beautiful hill sides, huge lake, nice new pavement and we slowly saw more and more trees including evergreen.  We finally arrived in SUSANVILLE, CA @ 3:30 pm where we spent the night.  Campground fee…$40 with Good Sam discount!!!  We set up on a nice paved site with full hook-ups then relax.  About 30 minutes after we got here, we had thunder and lighting and a torrential downpour which lasted a good 20 minutes then settle down to steady rain for the next few hours.  Called my daughter who just got out the hospital with her appendix removed!

We drove 215 miles in 4 hrs @ an average 54 mph.  We stopped for a total one hour and a half.
N 40* 24.508’
W 120* 37.791
ALT: 4160 ft

Friday, April 08, 2016

April 4 to 7, 2016: Disaster, Casa Grande and onward to Las Vegas

APR 4, MONDAY; to Casa Grande and more disaster
 We were up early and slowly got ready.  The slides came in, the air tank was filled and the jacks were brought up or so I thought!  I put the MH in gear and moved forward only to realize that the front jack never came up and the end result was a broken seal.  I managed to push the jack back up so that we could drive and were on our way by 11 am.  We drove north to I-8 then west to Hwy 84 and eventually Casa Grande.  As I mentioned before, Casa Grande Resort no longer accepts WHR members at the reduced rate so I made a reservation to another Park, FOOTHILLS WEST RV RESORT, a RPI member via Thousand Trails.  WE are here for 3 nights.
We went into town, found a AT&T store, got my sim card fix so that we now have phones, then to Verizon to re-connect my MIFI for internet access.  We also stopped at our favorite Chinese restaurant BIG WHA.  We went for groceries at FRY then came home to put everything away.  It is very hot out there, I even made it to the pool once back at the Park, very refreshing!  We had a light dinner and sat outside looking for a breeze.  The A/C is working double time right now.

We travelled 107 miles in 2 hrs and 15 minutes @ an average 50 mph
N   32* 58.362’
W 111* 46.599’
ALT: 1519 ft.

APR 5, TUESDAY; Visit with Bud & Judy
When I got up this morning, I noticed water on the ground by the Beaver so I went out to investigate and found the fresh water inlet had broken at the neck!?  So I shut off the water and took it apart and went into town to get a new one at the RV SHOP.  
I called UPS at home to find out if there was a tracking # on our mail and there was.  After looking it up, we found that our mail would be delivered today so we drove to Casa Grande Resort and asked for it to be held.  After a small discussion, they agree to hold it for one day so will pick it up tomorrow.  
We drove to Phoenix and had a marvelous visit with Bud & Judy.  Bud looks much better and his colors have come back.  We caught up to their news and shared ours then we went to a local Pub/restaurant that we had gone to before and his renowned for its wings.  There lots of taste to try and I ordered their hottest one (6) and Salt & Vinegar (6).  A beer to wash it down and it was great.  We had a four hours visit then came home as I had to install the new fresh water inlet that we had purchased earlier.  I got that done then it was to the pool for a refreshing soaking.  It is very hot and our A/C has a hard time cooling the MH

APR 6, WEDNESDAY; Last day in Casa Grande
The forecast is for 97*F today; it promises to be a hot one!
I picked up our mail then we went to BIG WA for our craving for Chinese food.  From there, it was Walmart to buy a couple items and some underwear and a pair of shorts for me.  On the way home, we stopped a small hole in the wall pub and had a beer at $2 each.  Back at the “farm”, we cooled off by going to the pool.  It is 98*F @ 3:30 pm.
I sorted our mail, we got all our T4’s so I can do our income tax.  Also got a whole bunch of magazines so lots to read in the next while.

APR 7, THURSDAY; Back on the road
We left Casa Grande at 8:45 am under cloudy sky and threats of rain.  We headed north on I-10 to 202N then 60 West.  I should have gone to 303 on I-10 then I would have missed all the lights in Sun City and all the other ones along the route.  Anyway, in Wickenburg, we turned north on 93 all the way to Las Vegas.  The drive from Wickenburg was a mixture of beautiful desert landscape with Cacti & Saguaro to just plain boring low shrubs and sand.  We stopped at a neat little area called WIKIUP.  The scene changed dramatically once we got near Boulder City with rugged terrain and a great view of the Colorado river.  We crossed the new bridge by the Hoover Dam then through Boulder City and finally arrived in Vegas.  We are camped at SAM’sTOWN RV Resort, now a KOA, on Nellis Ave and paid $30/night.  We are here for two nights. 
We sat outside for a while; still very warm and the A/C is going full blast!  We have two Quebecer that were in San Carlos about a month ago; funny to meet here again.

N  36* 06.974’
W 112* 03.814’
ALT: 1702 ft

We travelled 330 miles in 6 hrs and 15 min. and were stopped for one hour and 30 minutes