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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home base is a resort Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 29 to 31, 2012; Lee Creek

MAY  29, Tuesday, IRS
I forgot to mention that this week-end, Mark came over and paid me in post dated cheques for three months rental of our pad while we are gone.  That will help defray the expenses of that particular investment of ours.
It poured rain last night, at times very heavy and strong winds but it quickly passed.  This morning, the sun is shining but it is cloudy and the forecast is for more showers.
I had to go back to S.A early in the afternoon for an appointment for my CPAP; just a check up and reading the data.  Afterwards, I fuelled @ 1.26/litre and got a tank of propane for the BBQ.  Picked up our mail then came home.  We were having HH with Bob when the sky opened up and it just poured and the wind got really cold so we called it quit and each went inside our respective house.  The sun did come out again in time for sunset.

MAY  30, Wednesday Lee Creek
Another nice day.  Val went through her closet and reduced it by a few pounds and I spent the day loading the truck, putting air in the tires and air bags, replacing the electrical inlet which had broken when we crossed from Mexico to Yuma back in April of this year.  For dinner we had shepperd pie which I bought at Costco and I admit that I didn’t really like it.  We watched “Interview with a vampire” in the evening

MAY  31, Thursday,
A cloudy day spent around the house.  Val worked in her garden for a while and I replaced the electrical outlet that was damaged and continued organizing and re-loading the truck in preparation for our departure...19 days to go!  We went to Scotch Creek to purchase propane for “Bear” and stopped at Rona for a couple items.  HH was at Ed & Judy with the rest of the crew.

Monday, May 28, 2012

May 22 to 28, 2012; visit from Johnny and R&K

MAY  22, Tuesday, Lee Creek
After taking Tucker for his walk and mine, we drove to Salmon Arm to pick up our mail and groceries for the coming week-end.  We made a quick stop at the bank to deposit a refund on our insurance for Mexico then onward back home where we unloaded all the goodies.  I went over to Dennis and Ruth and gave him a hand digging two holes for new trees they bought. We had a quick HH at their place then came home for dinner and a TV evening.  I was in bed by 9:30 pm. 
It was sunny and warm today.

MAY  23, Wednesday
I went into Chase after walking Tucker to have a test done as ordered by my doctor then it was to the Post Office to register a letter to ICBC and finally, I picked up a couple movies for tonight.  Today was cloudy, windy and cool.  Val did laundry with her new washer and dryer and we watched a movie, “The Grey”.  After dinner, we watched “War Horse”

MAY  24, Thursday
A cloudy and cool day again.  I organized the front locker on “Bear” and reduced the containers to two from three; I got rid of bunch of stuff I hadn’t used in a long time.  Made a couple phone calls to insurances and family about this week-end.  Val worked in her garden and I took the movies back to Chase and got two new one.  Ron and Sheila came over for HH and to say goodbye as they are headed back to Calgary tomorrow and won’t see us again before we leave for the East; Marcel & Donna and Judy& Ed joined us also.  The wind became quite cold which put a tamper on our HH; it was really weird, it became strong form the North, quickly turned to the East then west and back to the North.  This lasted about 20 minutes.  Very strange, indeed!  Dinner then watched a movie after taking Tucker for his evening walk.  Also got a call from my brother Johnny saying that he would probably be here around noon tomorrow

MAY  25, Friday
We spent the day working around the place, cleaning, sweeping and more organizing.  Johnny arrived around 3 pm and after a short visit, we went over to Leonard and Therese’s place for HH; the rest of the crew was there of course.  We had a fire in the evening and a few neighbors joined which turned into a party of sort.  To bed around midnight

MAY  26, Saturday
Rochelle and Kevin arrives around 4 pm and we had a very nice dinner, the 5 of us; BBQ steaks and salad.  We rented the trailer next door for them.  In the evening, we had another fire and one more late night with neighbours.  I gave up at midnight and went to bed, the party was still going strong.

MAY  27, Sunday, finally, a quiet day!
Rochelle and Kevin left around 11 am after a pancake and fresh fruits breakfast.  We spent the day relaxing and took Johnny for a drive to the Margaret Falls.  We walked the whole trail to the fall and back to the lake.  Very nice!  We came home and had dinner out under the gazebo then it was a quiet evening and early night

MAY  28,  Monday, all visitors gone and to Vernon
Johnny left at 10:30 am and we headed to Salmon Arm to get a few things and to Vernon to talk to a broker for life insurance.  We came home after picking up our mail and groceries in Salmon Arm then came home.  After dinner, we watched tv and went to bed early again

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 16 to 21, 2012: Lower Mainland and back to Lee Creek

MAY  16, Wednesday, Lee Creek
A cloudy and cool day, it even rained on occasions; what a change!  We went for a power walk around the park ( I have to bring my sugar and cholesterol levels down)   I did some minor chores outside and Val did some weeding.  She now has a washer and dryer outside which I finalized the connections (Does it sound like we are growing roots!???).  The rest of the day we spent inside as it started raining.  For dinner we had shrimp (from Mexico) and deep-fry vegetables.

MAY  17, Thursday,
A sunny but cool day, we spent it washing clothes and the truck, underneath the rig and the sidewalk; going to Scotch Creek for a birthday card and mailed it and filled a tank of propane.  Happy hour was at our place with Gail, Donna and Marcel and Ruth and Dennis.  I had a call from my brother Johnny who is presently in Thunder Bay and heading for Vancouver.  He says he will be there Sunday so we will probably see him at Jeffrey

MAY  18, Friday
Cloudy and cold this day was!  We went for a couple for walks but other than that, we stayed inside and read.  Around 3 pm, Mark, our neighbour behind us, came over with this big machine and ripped some of the cottonwood trees behind us.  That really opened up the backyard.  We packed up for tomorrow and that’s about it.

MAY  19, Saturday, Meeting than to Vancouver
We were up and packed by 8:30 am as we have a Gateway meeting at 9:30 am.  Almost everyone is here; Mark and Ron and their wife arrived late last night and so did Dan and his wife.  We met most of them before the meeting which didn’t begin until 10:20.  At 1:30, it was still going strong but we decided to leave as we had a long drive ahead of us.  We stopped in Kamloops for a quick bite to eat then headed south.  Lots of constructions around Port Mann bridge and the new bridge looks almost ready to be use.  Traffic was light, thank goodness!  We arrived at Joanne and John at 6 pm and after saying hi to the kids (2 of them) and marvelling as to how much McKinley has grown, we had dinner then visited for the rest of the evening.  They had a bed downstairs which is where we spent the night.

MAY  20, Sunday, Vancouver
We were up at 8 am and the kids at 8:05.  Mom and Dad got up around 8:30 am.  John cooked breakfast for everyone then we sat around and enjoyed the grand-kids, especially McKinley which is at the age of 18 months and learning all kinds of tricks with her face and hands (I have uploaded a couple pictures of her on our Picasa website).  When we got up it was just cloudy but unfortunately after breakfast it started to rain which put a damper on our plans for a walk in the park.  I had to walk Tucker regardless and Jenaya decided to come with grand-pa too.  We went for a long walk and we got back home, we found out dad had come out looking for us but went in the wrong directions...Oh well!  We played a few games with Jenaya, the older sister, and had a fun afternoon.  We left around 4:30 pm after saying our goodbyes to all of them.  We had to return about 10 minutes later as we had forgotten our clothes hanging in the closet.  Back on the road and we drove to Langley to visit with Jeffrey in his new house.  Johnny, my youngest brother, had also arrived about an hour earlier so we had a great visit.  We went out to the pub which Val and I found VERYYYYYYY expensive; I guess I have lost touch with the cost of living on the Lower Mainland.  It rained all day and evening unfortunately (what else is new).

MAY  21, Monday,
We were all up by 8 am and after a lazy couple hours, Johnny offered to take us all out for breakfast which we didn’t refuse, of course!  Tucker feels lost this morning; he was following me around as if he thought we were going to leave him  behind.  He’s having a hard time with all this moving around, house to house.  He was happy when we packed, loaded everything in the truck including him.  After saying more goodbyes, we were on the road to Chilliwack where we made a quick stop at Rochelle’s house to drop off Spone collar which we had picked up by mistake, then it was a quick stop to fuel @ $1.29/liter then on the highway to Lee Creek.  Hwy 1 was absolutely crazy with traffic going west; bumper to bumper and speeds of 30 to 50 KM/Hr.  IT looked like a big parking lot at times.  Traffic was heavy all the way to Kamloops where it finally tapered off.  We fuelled here at $1.26/liter then arrived home at 5 pm, unpacked and enjoyed being home in our own house/trailer!  We had a wonderful week-end and a nice surprise with Johnny.  He has moved to BC from Quebec to make a living so let’s hope it works out for him.  Jeffrey will help him get started.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 12 to 15, 2012; Chilliwack and back to Lee Creek

MAY  12, Saturday, 25th Anniversary Party
A beautiful sunny day!  We went into town to buy a skin cover for my I-Phone then stopped at an old haunt of ours, Major League Pub and had lunch.  We came home afterwards and helped Rochelle and Kevin preparing things for tonight.
At 5 pm, all the kids and us drove to the COAST Hotel and prepared the hall that they rented for tonight’s party.  People started arriving around 6 pm and by 6:45, we were having dinner.  It consisted of a beautiful laid out buffet containing roast beef, chicken, various salads and vegetables and 4 kinds of deserts.  As the evening progressed, Rochelle and Kevin introduced each table and what each couple meant in their lives the past 25 years.  It was very well done, emotional and private.  There were 5 tables with a total of 36 people.  Kevin, son Graeme and son-in-law Garrett put on a little rock & roll skit, costume and all and it was absolutely hilarious and well done.
It was a wonderful evening and lasted to almost 11 pm.  We came home after putting all the stuff away and a night cap at the house.

MAY  13, Sunday, HAPPY MOTHER’ s DAY!
Another sunny and warmer day!  Kevin cooked breakfast for everyone this morning and we had it on the patio.  Jeffrey joined us after breakfast for her while before going to his mom.  This was a relaxing day!  Haley washed her car with dad, Rochelle worked on her new I-Pad and we just relaxed and caught to e-mail and blog.  For dinner, we ordered in Chinese food which was delicious then watch “Survivor Finale”

MAY  14, Monday, back to Lee Creek
We left at 9:30 am after saying our goodbyes then drove home but first we stopped at Tim Horton for breakfast and coffee on the road then again in Kamloops at Home Depot where I bought a new Weber BBQ and Costco to pick up Val’s contacts.
At home, we unloaded everything, put my BBQ together, then had Happy hour with Bob, Gail and Marcel (Donna was still at work).

MAY  15, Tuesday S.A for doctor visit
Another drive to Salmon Arm to see the doctor for a follow up and a complete physical.  We stopped for groceries afterwards and our mail then came home.  Bob gave us a propane clothes dryer and I hooked it up after buying an adapter for it.  We had HH at their place then we had a fire after dinner and a walk.  It was a very nice day, sunny and warm!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 6 to 11, 2012: Lee Creek and Chilliwack

MAY  6, Sunday, Lee Creek
We got up to a beautiful sunshine this morning but it was really cold in the Unit.  I checked the furnace and it was on so I went outside and found out that we had run out of propane so I got dressed and drove to Scotch Creek to fill both tanks, came back and started the furnace.  Val was still in bed keeping warm under the covers.
We worked around the lot, Val did the laundry using our washing machine and I fixed a couple of little outstanding items.  Afterwards, I went to give Bob a hand with his addition then it was happy hour.  It was sunny all day but still quite cool, only got up to 17*C.

MAY  7, Monday, Kamloops
We went to Kamloops today to shop at Costco, Cdn Tire, BCAA and Home Depot where we picked up a washer and dryer for Bob and Gail.  I fuelled the truck at $1.29/Liter then we came home.  After unloading the appliances and putting our own stuff away, it was time for happy hour.  For dinner, we bought a BBQ chicken at Costco.  Val made a salad and re-heated some left over vegetables. 
It was sunny all day and the temperature reached 21*C

MAY  8, Tuesday, Salmon arm
We ran out of propane overnight so it was pretty cold in the rig this morning.  Yes, both tanks were empty so I drove to Scotch Creek and had them filled for $44.
We went to Salmon Arm to take Tucker for his hair cut.  While he was there, we stopped at Cdn Tire to return a heater we had bought, and then we went to the Vet office to pick up some glucosamine for Tucker.  After picking Tucker, I fuelled the truck at $1.28/litre, we came home.  Called Rochelle to find out what everyone is wearing for the party this week-end...casual we were told.

MAY  9, Wednesday
Cloudy most of the day with sunny period!  Today is wash day!  Val did the laundry and I began organizing the basement.  We’ve had a few drizzles but nothing serious.  I called Shaw and had our second receiver hooked up for $5/mth more.  It was a very cold day especially with the wind. No happy hour this afternoon!

MAY  10, Thursday, to Chilliwack
On the road once again!  First thing this morning, we went to Chase for blood test and immunization then we came back and packed for the week-end.  We drove to Kamloops where we stopped at Cdn Tire then went on to Hope where I took on fuel at $1.36/litre; bloody ridiculous, more expensive then the Interior!  I took on $70 for free as I used the points I had on my Esso Visa.  Then we carried on to Chilliwack to Rochelle and Kevin’s place.  We had a nice reunion with the girls...Hayley is so quiet, hard to talk to!  Anyway, the four of us went out for dinner at “OJ’s”, a new restaurant in town.  We came home and continued our visit.

MAY  11, Friday,
After Rochelle went to work and Hayley left for school, it was our turn to get ready.  We went to town and looked around at all the new changes; Chilliwack has sure grown since my days here.  We met Andrew, our financial adviser and made some changes to our investments.  We came home and Rochelle was here already so was Kevin so we visited and Russ & Cathy, friends of theirs and her boss at work, showed up and we proceeded to reminisced about the their trip to Arizona a couple weeks ago where we met them (Kevin and Russ) in Oatman.  Rochelle served dinner for everyone, steaks and salad then we sat around and chatted to late hours when we decided it was time to go to bed.  We had a great time filled with laughters.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

May 1 to 5, 2012; Life in Lee Creek begins

MAY  1, Tuesday; Lee Creek
Cloudy and rainy this morning, a balmy 8*C!  We went to Salmon arm today for a doctor’s appointment and also dropped off the computer to have it checked out and update some drivers.  We also dropped off my laptop to have it checked out as it is acting up!?  We stopped for some groceries, made an appointment for Tucker then came home.

MAY  2, Wednesday,
Had the second receiver installed in the bedroom then helped Bob with his deck and went to the bank to change our accounts to new ones including our credit cards.

MAY  3, Thursday,
Helped Bob with his new deck then went to Salmon Arm to pick up my laptop.  We rented a couple movies for tonight.

MAY  4, Friday,
Rain and more rain although the sun did finally show up later in the afternoon!  We went back to S.A. for an eye exam appointment.  I learned that I have a small cataract which needs to be monitored.  Happy hour at Bob and Gail who are building an addition to their Park Model.  I may have the lot rented for three months; it looks positive but still to be firmed up.  I did meet the gentleman, his name being Mark and he wants it starting mid June for three months taking it to mid September.

MAY  5, Saturday
Cloudy with some sun peeking through; temperature being 15*C at 11 am!  I finished copying all the necessary papers for a refund on our vehicle insurance while in Mexico and took it all to Sorrento to our broker who took it all and faxed it right away to ICBC and the private insurance.  At 2:30 pm, we went to Scotch Creek pub where they were having meat draw every ½ hour.  We took a table with 10 seats.  Shortly after we arrived, the rest of the gang arrived and we proceeded to eat and drink and tell stories, some true some not!  We came home at 5 pm, Val was the designated driver but we didn’t see any police on the way back.