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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 26 to 31, 2014; Chilliwack

MAY  26, Monday; Chilliwack
It rain all morning but the sun did finally come out at the end of the day.  My brother Johnny came out to visit us and stayed for dinner.  We had an excellent visit.  I cooked dinner, Sheppard Pie, Quebec style and everyone enjoyed it.  We had a very good HH and even had grand-daughter Vanessa come out for a visit.  An excellent day with the family!
I had problems all day with blowing breakers in the house and I am not sure what was causing it.  The Aqua Hot water heater would not work nor the furnace but when we came back in the evening, the diesel heater worked and so the furnace????  I figured it may be due to the low power but I’ll find out Wednesday as I have an appointment with a dealership.

May  27, Tuesday; CHWK
SUNSHINE!!!  Hoora!  I wonder if all my problems with furnace and breakers are due to only using 15 amps as this morning the furnace worked and so did the diesel heater so I can only assume that it is because of the low amperage!?  All is well now but still having problem with the water pump.
We went into town to pick up some groceries for dinner tonight and I stopped at BIG O TIRE that Kevin recommended and I ended accepting the quote they gave me as it was the best yet that I got.  We came home and after a short snooze, we cooked dinner for R&K.  Grand-son Graeme and his fiancĂ© Courtenay were supposed to come but she got a really bad infection so they couldn’t make it.  After dinner, Vanessa showed up for a visit and we got to meet her new boyfriend.  Hayley also arrived a bit later so it was great seeing them.  We had a cool breeze early in the evening which forced the girls to put blankets around them even though we had the ceiling heat lamps on.

MAY  28, Wednesday; Repairs and stuff
Woke up to more rain this morning, good grief!  Had coffee with my daughter before she went to work then I had a shower and got the MH ready.  At noon, I had to move out as they were moving a flat bed trailer beside us and also the garbage was being picked up.  I drove to Cottonwood RV and had the water pump checked and it turns out it was my own dumb fault; I forgot to plug the intake for the R.O. System which was causing a back vacuum and preventing the pump from doing its job.  Anyway, $20 later I was back home and parked in our spot and quickly set up.  I then got my spaghetti sauce prepared for dinner then drove to BIG O Tire shop to get my 4 new tires, rims and a wheel alignment.  Back to the house, I finished preparing then the kids arrived home and by 6:30 pm, we were sitting down with Graeme and Courtenay & R&K.  We had a very nice dinner and a fun visit.  We were back at our place by 10 pm.

MAR  29, Thursday; To Coquitlam
More rain this morning!  Coffees with Rochelle first thing this morning then shower after she left for work.  We had to go to Walmart as our coffee pot decided to quit on us yesterday.  Afterwards, we left for Coquitlam in the Jeep and visited Val’s daughter, Joanne and the grand-kids, Jenaya and McKinley.  They sure have grown since last year.  We had a marvelous afternoon and evening with everyone and left around 9:30 pm.  We got to Chilliwack about an hour later, said goodnight to Rochelle and brought Tucker home with us for the night.  We left him behind as we figured the kids would be too much for them and were afraid that he might snip at them if they manhandle him too much.

MAY  30, Friday; To Langley
Sunshine!!!  We had to make a couple stops along the way but eventually drove to Langley to have lunch with my son, Jeff.  We had a good visit with him and he showed us pictures of a 40’ boat he is dealing on.  If everything goes well, he should have it by next Wednesday.  We drove back to Chilliwack as he had to go back to work and when we got home, Rochelle had already arrived from work and so did Kevin.
At 4:30 pm, we took Tucker with us and went over to my brother’s place on Fairfield Island.  He cooked dinner for us and we had a fun evening with him.  We got home around 10 pm and were soon to bed; R&K are still away at friends in Cultus Lake.

MAY  31, Saturday; BBQ
I helped Kevin in the yard mowing the lawn and cleaning our side of the driveway.  Val did a load of laundry and went into town for some stuff.  I washed the Beaver’s windshield then went to Cdn Tire to purchase a wiper for the windshield.  We soon put out everything for the BBQ and 5 pm, people began to arrive, 15 in all, family and friends!  We sat around and chatted and goofed around with lots of laughs to share.  Graeme and Courtenay left before dinner as they had prior commitment and Haley left soon after dinner (not her kind of crowd and we all understood that).  The BBQ was a success and fun was had by all.  It broke around 10 pm and Rochelle and I sat for a while but soon called it quit too.  It was a good day and a good way to end the month!

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 20 to 25, 2014; To Logan Lake and Chilliwack

MAY  20, Tuesday; Gateway
SUNNY! And warm, finally!  Did a couple repairs that needed attention and cleaned up around the yard.  We read in the afternoon then HH at Ed & Judy.  It was a quiet but good day, Val dropped off some resume at a couple places.

MAY  21, Wednesday; Doctor’s appointments
We were in Salmon Arm by 10 am for our appointment.  We were both found healthy and good for another year except that I have to go for a colonoscopy, YUCK!  I guess it’s for the best because of what happened to my brother Gaetan.  Anyway, afterwards we went shopping for a few groceries then I checked around for pricing on new tires.  We had to stop at the Vet for Tucker’s meds then home to HH at Bob and Gail.  Dinner then the last of “Tudors”

MAY  22, Thursday;
I got a call from FLYING J RV Card about being overdue then I read the e-mail sent to me which stated that I was overdue by .04 cents!!!  Considering this is an automatic withdrawal on their part, I fail to see why.  In any case, I called them back and got it straightened out!  The rest of the day was slow and easy.  I worked on getting our Beaver ready for the week-end and did some stuff around the yard then we read for a while and I had a short snooze.  It was cloudy all day but warm and pleasant.  We had HH by ourselves but Dennis did join us for a while.  After dinner we joined him and Ruth for nightcap.

MAY  23, Friday; Gateway
We woke to rain and it lasted most of the day!  I showed Val how to reconcile our visa both on paper and in the Quicken program…I don’t have much patience for this but we managed.  The sun finally came out around 3 pm and I took advantage to pack up for tomorrow.  Teresa and Ron joined us for HH then we had dinner which was delicious as it was a stew. 

MAY  24, Saturday; To Logan Lake
We were up by 7 am for some reason.  We spent a couple hours getting ready to leave, put air in the jeep’s tires, clean the yard, took the garbage and recycling out and locked everything up.  We hooked up and were gone by 11:45 am.  We headed west on Hwy 1 at a steady speed of 58 MPH and stopped in Kamloops for brunch.  We continued on South on Hwy 5 and eventually turned West on Hwy 97C.  We arrived in Logan Lake by 2 pm, set up, paid for our site ($24) and found that the water pump would not work for us so we went into the village and bought some bottle water for coffee and the morning toiletries.  From there, we headed to the Kirkby’s and his 70th Birthday Party.  There were a lot of people, Daughter and sons, sisters, cousin and friends of course.  It was great to re-unite with old friends and family and Lynden looked very pleased.  Dinner consisted of salads, ribs, chicken wings and hamburgers.   Mom Charlene did a great job on the meal and their son, Trenton, did a fantastic job organizing the whole affair.  We finally came home by 10:30 pm.

MAY  25, Sunday; To Chilliwack
We were up at 7 am under a cloudy sky and on the road by 9:45!  We went down 97C to Merritt and turned right instead of left at the junction of Hwy 8 and headed for Hwy 1 and the Fraser Canyon.  It had been a while since we drove through here and it wasn’t disappointing.  Unfortunately as we got nearer to the Fraser Valley, it began raining.  We stopped for brunch past Lytton and finally arrived in Chilliwack to Rochelle & Kevin’s place by 3 pm.  It is great seeing them again.  Kevin BBQ’ed great steaks and we ate outside on their covered porch with heat lamps and chatted the evening away, catching up to news.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 14 to 19, 2014; Back to work

MAY  14. Wednesday; To Salmon Arm
It is sunny but there is also a high film of clouds obstructing its full effect; hopefully it will burn off!  We went to Salmon arm to pick up our mail and a couple of items we needed around the yard. I couldn’t find a new attachment for my power wash!  We came home and I put up our flag for HH.  Afterwards, we had dinner and sat out for a while before retiring inside and watch another episode of “The Tudors”.

MAY  15, Thursday; To Kamloops
Sunny!  We went to Kamloops where I checked Costco for tire prices.  The jeep needs 4 new one.  I also stopped at BIG O Tire; it seems everyone is having a sale.  We stopped at BCAA where I dropped off the paperwork for reimbursement on insurance for time spent in Mexico.  We came back and stopped in Chase to pick up some flower arrangements for Donna  checked out another tire place here but he was ridiculously high price.  Once home, we dropped off the flowers, got a drink and went to Marcel and Donna for HH.

MAY  16, Friday; First day back at work
I was up at 6 am (Yuck)!  My first day wasn’t bad and I didn’t come home totally sore.  It did feel good to be doing something physical and with purpose.  We had a quiet drink at 4 pm then dinner and watched a movie.  I was in bed by 10 pm.  Sunny and warm to day

MAY  17, Saturday;
Another day of work and a quiet one at that.  Today was our Annual General Meeting for Gateway.  I missed it but Val attended and I understand it all went well.  Cloudy and cool, the forecast was for rain but we had none

MAY  18, Sunday;
Cloudy, it rained overnight!  Work wasn’t too busy but steady.  Came home at 3:30 pm, had a drink with Val then dinner and finally, another episode of the “Tudor”.  It was cloudy most of the day with some drizzle in the morning but the sun manages to come out a couple times.

MAY  19, Monday; Victoria Day!
Back to work for one last time; it drizzled some in the morning but the sun finally came out for good.  This was a very busy day; over 200 campers left by noon and we had lots of clean up.  I managed to put out in an extra half hour over my regular hours.  HH with Val then dinner and more of the Tudor.  I text my daughter to let her know we are coming to the Coast on Sunday.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 7 to 13, 2014; Stuff in & out of Gateway

MAY  7, Wednesday; Gateway
We had a sunny but cool day!  My most exciting thing today was the water line to the ice maker developing a leak so I had to hunt for parts in Chase.  I found something, came home and fixed it.  Otherwise it was a quiet day.  I called my daughter to discuss the trip to Cabo and other than that, nothing to report.

MAY  8, Thursday;
Sunny with clouds and very cool again due to the wind.  I went for my “power” walk first thing.  Tucker went for his with Val.  I felt really sleepy so I had a snooze; Val thinks it is because of the new pills I am taking.  She went into Chase to return our movies and get more.  It got up to 18*C in the afternoon but the cool wind persisted.  Bob and Gail came over for HH and so did Donna and Marcel.

MAY  9, Friday; Salmon Arm
Back to rain this morning and no wind.  We went to the city today and did some grocery shopping and a couple of other items, picked up our mail, had a bite to eat then came home.  Watched the news, dinner then watched a movie!  It rained all day.

MAY  10, Saturday; Gateway
Cloudy and just miserable all day; I did go for my “power” walk however!  The sun did finally appear around 4 pm.  The forecast is much improvement over the next few days!  I gave an effort on organizing more stuff but gave up, just too cold!  I did manage to hook-up our “Reverse Osmosis” system as the water tastes funny, probably due to the rain and run-offs from the snow in the mountains!?  Other than that, we read, watched a movie and basically vegetated inside

We woke up to a beautiful sunshine finally and it promises to be a warm day!  It was a productive day; I washed the whole  MH, including the roof and the vents.  Also did the windows then the sidewalk.  It was great to have sunshine the whole day and it was warm enough to be in short sleeves.  Val took a drive to Scotch Creek and to Blind Bay looking at flowers for her garden. Dinner than more movie and TV

MAY  12, Monday; Stuff

The day began cloudy but the sun soon burned through and warmed up the day!  First thing this morning, I went to Chase for some blood work then after returning our movie and picking up another one, then I drove to Scotch Creek to the Park and found out about my schedule, got reimbursed for the boots I bought and picked up my uniform.   I am working May long week-end and begin full time on June 27.  I came home and worked on the rig again.  This time I vacuumed all the storage bins in preparation to receive more stuff.  We read part of the afternoon and had HH at Bob & Gail.  For dinner, I BBQ’ed a beautiful chunk of MAHI TUNA that I cut into steaks.  It was delicious with the potatoes and salad Val made.  We sure eat well!

MAY  13, Tuesday; More stuff
It’s been a cloudy day and the sun showed its face for a while in the afternoon.  I finished organizing, vacuuming and then replaced everything back in its appropriate locker.  I power-washed the radiator area in the back, the motor and the batteries compartment.  I then power-washed and cleaned both BBQ, small and large.  That was a job that took me a good hour.  I can’t believe how dirty both were.  I put the small one back in its locker once it dried.  Time to relax; we had a quick HH then it was dinner time and we watched a movie in the evening.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

May 1 to 6, 2014; Appointments and more appointments

MAY  1, 2014, Thursday; Gateway
A beautiful sunshine greeted us this morning.  I worked some more on my organizing and I took a drive to the Park but the manager wasn’t there.  I changed the air filter on the Beaver.  What a job!  It was very tight in there and that filter is huge and heavy due to the dirt inside.  The new one was much lighter but tricky to put back in.  Val gave me a hand and we finally got it installed.  I checked the anti-freeze in the radiator and had to add two gallons.  I then checked the level on the “Instant Hot Water” heater and it is also low so will have to buy some tomorrow.  We took a break before dinner then watched the tube.

MAY  2, Friday; To Salmon Arm

Woke up to another cool but sunny day!  We went back to S.A. to look for a few needed items and to have the Jeep checked out.  A couple hundred dollars poorer, the Jeep’s engine lights was turned off and the cause, a faulty wire!  I couldn’t find the special anti-freeze I need for our “Hydro Hot Water” system so will have to continue my research on that.  We came home and cooked dinner then more tubing!  It rained in the evening.

MAY  3, Saturday; Gateway
It rained all day!  I took Tucker for his walk then I went to Chase and finally found the special antifreeze I need for our Hydro water tank.  I rented some movies and that’s what we did for the rest of the day.

MAY  4, Sunday;
More rain today!  Took Tucker for his walk in between rain falls. We went into Chase to return the movies we watched yesterday, took a short drive around then came home.  Val cooked the Alaskan Cod I bought a while back; it was delicious. 

MAY  5, Monday; To Salmon Arm
Cloudy this morning but there are a few blue patches too.  I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and we discussed the CT scan I had last week.  I also got a renewal on my pills and dropped that off at the drugstore in Sorrento on the way back.  I drove on to Chase and return our movies and got more than went to the Bank.  We had a great dinner of pork chops and potatoes with my favorite gravy then we watched a movie.  I recorded “The Black List” to be watched later

MAY  6, Tuesday; To Kamloops
We have a sunny morning but it clouded over in the afternoon.  We drove to Kamloops early and did some shopping for work boots with steel toes for me.  The Park is reimbursing me for the cost.  At 2:15pm, we drove to the Specialist and after an hour wait, I finally saw him and he confirmed that I may need surgery but first, he wants me to try antibiotics and nose spray for the next 3 weeks. I am to call him in mid June to discuss further.  We drove to Sorrento to pick up the prescription then home; there is a lot of construction on Hwy 1 widening it to 4 lanes, almost to Chase.  We had a quick drink then dinner.  The sun has come back out and the forecast is for more tomorrow and warmer, finally.