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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dec 27 to 31, 2013; Last days in San Felipe and adventure to Ensenada

DEC  27, Friday; Last days in San Felipe
15*C this morning and it went up to 21* in the afternoon! 
We went to check on our mail but no luck yet.  We had tacos on the Malecon, got a few grocery items then came home and we both had a nap.   The propane truck came in so I filled our tank and took on 71 liters for 501 pesos; the unit cost is 7.06 pesos.  HH at Frank’s then dinner and we read and watched the tube in the evening.

DEC  28, Saturday; Laundry Day
18* C @ 7 am, overcast and no wind; 20*C in the afternoon.
We were both up by 7 am and on the road to the laundry mat and market by 8!  While the laundry was going, we drove to the outside market across the highway and got some fresh vegetables.  We came back to the Laundromat and after drying the clothes, we went for breakfast at Road Runner restaurant then came home and put away the clothes.  While we were gone, Charlotte went out in the Bay with Val’s kayak.  Val decided to ask some of the girls whom had shown an interest if they wanted to go out and Linda took the offer and went out with Val.  They paddled all the way to the Malecon and back then Charlotte took another turn at it.  I began putting things away; I put the bike rack back on and loaded the bikes, out away the metal table and the hammock and got the lockers ready to receive the rest of the stuff tomorrow.  I also made arrangements with Bob and Sue to pick up our mail when it gets here and bring with them to Cabo when they come down later next month.
I washed the kayaks when the girls got back then it was HH.  For dinner, Val cooked chicken with a sauce and beans with a salad.  It was good.  Watched the tube for a while then to bed by 9:30

DEC  29, Sunday; Last day in San Felipe!
14*C at 7 am and sunny; It only got up to 19*C with strong winds!
After the morning routine, I began washing and putting away the rest of our stuff.  The wind picked up again; getting tired of it!!!  Anyway, by noon, everything was loaded except two chairs so we are pretty well ready to go!  We sat around for a while then at 4:30 pm, nine of us left for “PARROT’s CRACKER”, a local pub just outside town where Mark Mulligan was playing and a dinner was offered.  Mulligan is a musician whom we have seen  play in San Carlos quite a bit so it was nice seeing him again.  A good time was had by all and everyone got a dance in.  Dinner was OK and the drinks were great.  The whole evening cost us less than $50 including tip.  We came home and had a nightcap with the gang.  Everyone expressed their feelings about being sad to see us go and so are we!  It was a great way to end the day!

DEC  30, Monday; To Ensenada & bribe attempt
61* at 7 am, no wind; 20*C in pm
We were both up by 7 am.  While Val did her toiletries, I put away the rest of the stuff, dumped and put away the water hook-ups and the sewer hoses.  At 9 am, we went to the Vet and got Tucker his booster and bought an extra bottle.  That cost us 1100 pesos including what we owed from our previous visit.  We then went to YETMAIL and made arrangements for Bob and Sue to pick up our mail as it is still not in.  We came back to the Park, hooked up the Jeep then said goodbye to everyone.  We were on the road by 10 am!

We stopped for fuel ($136.US) outside the town then continued on.  Approx. 25 miles further, we once again had to stop for the Military checkpoint then turned left on Hwy 3 to Ensenada.  We slowly climbed to just over 2000 feet and the road was recently re-paved.  We then drove through a beautiful fertile valley and were surrounded by farms.  Then the road became rough in some spots and it was like that all the way in.  We stopped in Agua Blanca for lunch on a road side stop.  In Oro Negro, there was another Military check and  as I drove in between the red cones, I hit one.  Well, this guy got all uptight about it, came in and observed an empty bottle of beer on the seat and began to make all kinds of threat about calling the police and went on about the damaged cone (an old small cut at the base).  Finally he came out with it and asked for money.  At first he wanted $50 US so I said no way then he wanted 1000 pesos and again I said no.  I opened my wallet and offered him what I had, 160 pesos.  He looked at me then in disgust, he said to go away so that’s what we did (he didn’t take any of the money in the end).  That was a first for me in all our travels in Mexico; lesson learned!  From here we began climbing again and the road became very tortuous and narrow going through the mountains.  The scene was that a different planet.  Rocks and boulders everywhere and very little vegetations, if any.  We had 50 km of this and finally got our first view of the Pacific and Ensenada.  The traffic became very heavy and lots of stop signs, some hidden by tree branches.  We drove by Super Walmart, Costco and Soriana then turned right on a side street to our final destination today.
FINALLY, at 3:15 pm, we arrived at our campo, Estero Hotel & RV Park; we paid $160 US for four nights and are now parked and set-up with a view of the Pacific and a beautiful Estuary.  We sat out with a glass of wine and admired the sunset and the view until it became too cold.  Dinner then some TV.

We drove 164 miles (262 Km) in 4 hrs and 10 minutes at an average 62 KPH
N 031* 46.547’
W 116* 36.662
Alt: 3 feet

DEC  31, Tuesday; The end of another year in Ensenada
4*C at 7 am, NO WIND;   a high of 20*C.
Tucker and I went for a short walk along the sea wall.  Lots of birds in the Bay, eating and chirping away.  There is a beautiful pool nearby, a laundry room and showers with cold water only.  We drove to Costco where we bought some groceries then across the street to Wal-Mart to pick up slippers for Val but we had no luck.  We also got more groceries that were not available at Costco.  We drove back and stopped at this little place that was advertising the best tacos so we had a couple with coca cola.  They were good!  We finally came home and put everything away.  I went to the office and downloaded our e-mails then we went for a walk on the Malecon all the way around.  It is very nice and the houses and hotel are very classy!  We came home, had a glass a wine and watched the last sunset of 2013.  Dinner was a BBQ chicken we bought at Costco with potatoes and St-Hubert BBQ sauce...YUM! YUM!

Well, another year has gone by!  We’ve had a good one and we feel very blessed for the life style we lead, all the places we’ve seen and the wonderful people that have entered and enriched our lives.  Soon, it will be a new year and new adventures and we look forward to it all.  Lots of fireworks out there on the beach!

Friday, December 27, 2013

December 23 to 26, 2013; washing and cleaning before departure

DEC  23, Monday; Laundry day!
56*F @ 7 am; sunny & mid 70’s and windy in the afternoon!
We went to do laundry at our usual place and lunch while there.  Came home and put everything away and made the bed.  We stopped for some milk and a couple other things and I also bought some cough syrup.  I am still not feeling great so went for a snooze and Val socialized with the neighbours.  HH was at Rudiger and Charlotte but I didn’t attend.  The wind has picked up and it is quite a cold wind too.  After a light dinner we watched some TV and I went to bed by 9 pm.

DEC  24, Tuesday; Wash day!
62*F @ 7 am! Mid 70’s in afternoon!
Carlo and his crew showed up at 8:30 am and proceeded to wash and wax our rig.  They finally left around 3 pm.  All this work for $80 US, just amazing.  We gave $100, being Christmas and all!  When he arrived, he asked if he could have a coffee so we made a pot.  Val made them sandwiches for lunch.  Val went to town to pick up a couple items for tomorrow.  We spent the afternoon socializing then had HH at Franks and proceeded to party until almost 9 pm.  Yes we missed dinner but Linda put out some snacks.

DEC  25, Wednesday; MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
67*F at 7 am and sunny but we have wind!  78*F in the afternoon
After Tucker’s walk, we spent the rest of the morning setting up tables and covering for them.  I called the kids around noon but missed Graham and his friend Courtney.  At 1pm we set up tables and served the food; turkey, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, and the rest of all the trimmings.  For dessert, we had pies, sweets, pumpkin pie.  13 people were around the tables and we had a great time.  It went on till 5 pm.

DEC  26, Thursday;
16*C @ 7 am, very windy;  22*F in the afternoon!
One thing I didn’t mention before and meant to, the flies here are really bad.  You cannot sit outside in peace; they are all over you, your food and your drinks, that is why it is a good thing to have the wind as it keeps most of them away!  We kill at least a half dozen a day inside the rig.  I washed the jeep today so now that’s ready to go; 4 days to go! 

A group of us decided to go to “FAT BOY” for pizza and cervezas.  Afterwards, Frank decided to go to the Malecon, sit out and have a beer which we proceeded to do.  We watched the traffic and people go by and fend off the vendors.  We came home and relaxed before having HH at Rudiger’s yard.  We had BBQ steaks and salad for dinner then sat outside to admire the stars

Monday, December 23, 2013

December 19 to 22, 2013; sick in San Felipe

DEC  19, Thursday; San Felipe
After our morning routine, I got energetic and vacuumed and washed the inside of the Jeep.  It took me over an hour to do a good job, it was full of dust and sand.  We had lunch then I uploaded a new version for my Kobo Reader.  I posted new pictures in our PICASA Website and ended the afternoon with a snooze.  HH at Frank’s then we had a fish dinner and Val tried a new recipe for mash potatoes which turned out excellent.  We said our final goodbyes to our new friends Ken and Elaine as they are leaving early tomorrow and going back to Mesa where they have a Park Model.

DEC  20, Friday;
It RAINED overnight!!!  It was heavy grey skies all morning but it finally cleared up in the afternoon and warmed up some.  We also lost our internet during the night; someone knocked the pole over down the street and the wires broke.  We went to town to pick up a couple things and had lunch at “FAT BOY”.  We came home, put everything away and I went for a snooze!  Val read and visited.  HH at Rudiger and Charlotte, dinner consisting of salad and shrimp that I bought today then some tubing to end the evening!

DEC  21, Saturday,
49*F at 7 am but sunny; 70*F was the maximum!
Our internet was back up by the afternoon which was a very quick repair.  I am coming down with a sore throat and sniffling; I am getting a cold!  I spent the rest of the day nurturing that while Val socialized with the crew.  I was in bed by 8:30 pm

DEC  22, Sunday;
52*F @ 6 am; sunny and 70*F in the afternoon!
Someone came in around 3 am and they were so loud, they woke me up; I tossed and turned the rest of the night and eventually got up at 5:30 am!  Val went KAYAKING this morning with our neighbours and friends, Charlotte and Rudiger.  It was their first time and were quite thrill about it.  As for me, I spent the day inside again feeling sorry for poor little me!!!  My cold is really wearing me down.  Oh well, better days ahead!  Val was also the only one attending HH from this household.  For dinner, Val made pork chops and potatoes then we watched “The good wife” on the tube.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 14 to 18, 2013; San Felipe

DEC  14, Saturday; San Felipe
Another windy but warm day!  After our morning routine, we went to town for lunch at “TACO FACTORY”, one of favorite haunts.  We came home afterwards and basically tried to stay out of the wind.  HH at Rudiger but it didn’t last long as it was just too windy and cool.  We were going to go out for dinner but decided to stay in.  This week-end is Race W/E once again so we have a few racers staying here.  They unofficially call it “Baja 150”, not to be confused with the major event in March and their race actually started at Ojo Negros on Hwy 3 between Ensenada and here.

DEC  15, Sunday;
Very windy again this morning but warm.  Our “racing guests” are all packing and slowly leaving for home, I presume!?  We went to town to pick up a couple things and stopped at FAT BOY and tried out their TORTILLA SOUP!  DELICIOSI is all I can say.  It filled us up!  We went to fill up the Jeep then we came home.  Val played bocce and I put the groceries away then took the rest of the day off and visited with the “boys”.  HH at Frank’s then dinner: stew which was absolutely wonderful!  We watched the grand finale of “Survivor” in the evening.

DEC  16, Monday; Laundry day!
Warm, sunny with a slight breeze; just the way it should be!  Called UPS at home and our mail was forwarded on Dec 4; so now we wait and hopefully it will be here before we leave.  We went to the Vet to get a shot for Tucker but we had to make an appointment (last time we were here, she had told us to just show up!?).  Anyway, we made an appointment for tomorrow then went to do our laundry.  Afterwards, we went to the Malecon and had lunch at ROSITAS, another taco restaurant.  We came home and put everything away.  HH at Franks as usual then home for a light dinner and some TV

DEC  17, Tuesday; Vet again
We took Tucker back to the Vet at noon and got a shot for “kennel cough” as it is quite prominent here.  Doctor says his heart sounded much better today and we got more pills for me.  He is now on this med for the rest of his life!  We went to FAT BOY for lunch (pizza and beer) then came home.  A bocce game was already on the go so we watched.  HH then dinner; a pork roast, potatoes, Brussels sprouts.  Tube in the evening! 

DEC  18, Wednesday; Dinner out
Cloudy but warm.  We are being affected by a low off the coast of Baja South!  Another quiet day, Val went for her walk with Elaine and me with Tucker.  They both went to town later in the day and I hung around with the boys.  We had a short HH then us, 3 couples and John, went to a local hotel for a steak dinner.  It was excellent and consisted a margarita, consomm√© soup, a salad, filet mignon cooked to perfection with vegetables and potatoes ending with dessert of flam; all this for $12 US each!  Can’t beat it!  We came home full and sat outside for a while with Rudiger and Charlotte for a nightcap.

SEVEN days to Christmas!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 10 to 13, 2013; San Felipe

DEC  10, Tuesday; Grocery shopping in San Felipe
Up at 6 am, the sun is up by 6:30 am MTZ, the wind continues to blow strong (all night) and cold and it is partially cloudy; winter has definitely hit this area but the good news is that it’s supposed to warm up to mid 70’s by the end of the week so I guess we can suffer a little longer!  I called AT&T with Skype as I had problems with my connection.  Skype was really breaking up but I got everything fixed.  We went grocery shopping then on to “RICE & BEANS” Restaurant for lunch.  Their hamburgers were very good and so were the French fries.  We came home and put everything away then read and watched the tube.  The wind is still blowing but not as strong as this morning.  HH was at Frank’s again with the fireplace going full blast; it ended with darkness.  Dinner was pork chops, potatoes and a new dish: cabbages sweeten with sugar and apple...delicious!

DEC  11, Wednesday;
We still have some winds this morning, not as strong but still cold.  I ventured out with shorts today and a jacket and it was somewhat bearable thanks to the warm sun.  Val decided that it was time to clean the house so a couple hours was spent on that then it was reading time.  HH at Frank’s then for dinner, I BBQ’ed a couple of steaks we bought locally and I also cooked fresh mushroom and sliced onion in oil and butter.  Val made a salad and some greens.  It was delicious but the steak was a bit tough.  We couldn’t watch SURVIVOR tonight as the station was off the air for some reasons!?

DEC  12, Thursday;
The wind is finally gone but it was still a cold night; 45*F this morning at 6:30!  We went for our mutual walks.  We went to town for lunch and had a pizza and beer at “FAT BOYS”, a local bar where the local Gringos hang out.  In the afternoon, I played bocce balls with the gang while Val went shopping with Elaine.  HH at Rudiger and Charlotte then BBQ chicken for dinner along with rice and Brussels sprouts.

DEC  13, Friday;
It’s warming up, slowly but surely although the early mornings are still somewhat cool.  After our walks, Val made a delicious breakfast then we went out and read for a while.  In the afternoon, it was another game of bocce then HH at Frank’s.  Another quiet day and evening at home!  I am looking forward to moving on.

Monday, December 09, 2013

December 5 to 9, 2014; San Felipe and a vet visit for Tucker

DEC  5, Thursday, San Felipe
Brrrrr, it’s cold this morning...52*F (10*C) but the sun is shining so it will warm up.  I slept in this morning and Val actually got up before me.  I went and got some propane for the BBQ and two new small bottles for the stove.  It cost me 50 pesos for the propane (a 5 lbs tank) and 140 pesos for the two bottles; can’t figure out their pricing here.  Val played bocce balls in the afternoon and I abstained.  Afterwards, she showed Elaine and Charlotte more Tai-Chi.  It only got to 68*F today (19*C).  HH then dinner, ending the evening with the tube.

DEC  6, Friday;
Sunny but we have a cold wind from the North-East!  It never got up above 69*F all day!  The excitement today was a guy from another Park who came in with a utility trailer and proceeded to cut hair for dogs in the Park.  Ken and Elaine had their two dogs done, then Sandy’s and finally Gene’s.  He had the back open and we could see him working.  He was well equipped and everyone was impressed with the job he did.  He finally got out of there by 4 pm.  We had a short HH then retired inside for dinner and a quiet evening.

DEC  7, Saturday;
Another quiet day!  I got energetic and washed all the windows...couldn’t see out anymore J!  We drove to the outdoor market and I bought two packages of Cdn bacon then we went for breakfast across the road.  We came back to town and stopped at Calimax and went to explore another grocery store we heard about then came home and put everything away.  We visited neighbours and I had a lengthy snooze in the afternoon.  For dinner, we had Rudiger and Charlotte as guest.  We owe them a few dinners!  Val prepared a Greek salad, a bean dish and I BBQ’ed pork chops.  We sat around until 9 pm chatting and drinking wine.

DEC  8, Sunday; Haircut day!
Very strong and cold winds this morning but sunny!  We are definitely being affected by the cold ridge north of us.  It was haircut day for a few of us today.  Kiki’s sister came out to the Camp and cut hair for Frank and Linda, Val and I.  Val was cut too short and she is not pleased about it but what can you do.  We watched some recording on our DVR and some football of course.  HH was at Frank today then we had dinner and relaxed.

DEC  9, Monday; Vet visit
BRRRRR!  Down to 45*F this morning, hopefully the sun will warm us up a bit although the forecast is for only 68*F today.  Val was up early for her walk; got to be dedicated to do this in this cold and wind!  Afterwards we went to get the laundry done but a quarter of the way there, I remembered that I hadn’t turn off the water filling the tank so drove back, turned off the water and drove on to the Laundromat.  Afterwards, we went to the Vet to get Tucker checked out as he’s been hacking and coughing for the last three days.  For some reason, he was very aggressive and I had a hard time putting a muzzle on him but finally succeeded.  The Vet didn’t want to touch him until that was done.  Anyway,  he told us that he had an enlarged heart and murmur in his heart and he gave him some pills to settle it down and make him feel better.  We finally got home at 3:30 pm...It is still very cold and windy; I almost wish I had my parka!!!  Charlotte came over and invited us over to their house for HH. 

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

December 1 to 4, 2013; San Felipe

2013, DECEMBER  1, Sunday; San Felipe
More rigs came in last night and it is cloudy again this morning but warm!  Val took a rest today and slept in.  I indulged myself by watching football all day.  I did take a break for lunch though J. The sky remained overcast all day but the temperature was warm.  HH with the gang then I BBQ’ed steaks and shrimp for dinner; Val made a salad to complete the meal.  In the evening, we watched AMAZING RACE and THE GOOD WIFE.  It’s nice to be able to record one program while watching another especially when they are some of your favorites.

DEC  2, Monday; Laundry and chores
Back to sunshine again.  We went to the bank but there was such a long line-up, we gave up and went and mailed our X-mas card to the kids then onward to do our laundry.  We had brunch at a small restaurant recommended to us.  Once laundry was done, we came back to town, tried the bank again and succeeded in getting money.  There was still a line up but it was much smaller.  We came home and paid for another 20 days of rent @ $250 Cdn which will take us to December 30.  HH with our usual group and a young couple (in their early 40’s) joined us; they are also headed for South America.  Pretty neat!  Dinner consisted of chili.  Tube in the evening then to bed to end another great day!

DEC  3, Tuesday; grocery shopping
Back to the morning routine with Val and me.  Afterwards, we went to town to pick up some grocery.  We had lunch on the Malecon than came home in time to play one game of bocce balls.  We have a few new rigs in the Park; as a matter of fact, it is almost full...People from the Bay area, Alaska, California and BC.  HH then dinner consisting of BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and potatoes.

DEC  4, Wednesday;
Cloudy this morning, the Bay has 8 fishing vessels anchored out in front of our beach, we think there is a storm coming!?  The last 3 days have been the highest tide of the month and the water has come up to the cement wall separating us from the beach.  Well, the temperature really changed in a hurry...one minute we were sitting there in t-shirt and shorts and within 10 minutes, we were forced to change to long pants and jacket.  A cold spell with a strong cold wind came through lowering the temperature from 75 to 65*F.  That really was amazing!  Val went shopping with Elaine and I had a snooze while she was gone.  New people came in as we started HH.  They are friends of Rudiger and Charlotte and they soon joined us: Frank and Linda from Vancouver.  They have a small Shiitsu named ROCKO!  I cooked outside again tonight then we watched the tube.