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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Monday, March 31, 2008

MARCH 28 to 31, in St-David, Arizona

MAR. 28, Friday, To St-David, AZ

Got up at 7 a.m., showered and breakfasted then Mac and Colleen came over to say their good-byes as they were going to the casino. After they left, we slowly packed and were on our way to St-David. Drove I-10 south, through Tucson (lots of constructions) and took Hwy 80 to St-David via Benson. We stopped in Benson for lunch. Arrived at WHR, St-David RV resort, site # 101. Unloaded the bikes and kayaks, unpacked the toys then went to town to pick up groceries and get some US cash. This place is very pretty with a nice little man-made lake with fish in it, lots of trees and very clean. It's on a hill side with tiers for each level. All the sites are level. Time to relax, we are here for 12 days, waiting for the weather to improve north and east of here.

N 31* 53' 23" W 110* 12' 38"
Alt: 3731 feet
Distance today: 214 km
Av. sp: 51 mph with a top speed of 60 mph

MAR. 29, Saturday, sightseeing day

Got up early again and after showering, we went over to the club house and looked at the stuff for sale. We bought a stain glass window for the door and also some business cards as we are getting low. We went to town and fuelled: 17 Gallons @ 3.899 then drove to an RV store in town and bought some fuses and a map for Mexico. We then drove on to Tombstone, approx25 miles from here. We walked the western streets and did the usual touristy sightseeing thing. Lots of people about and all the stores and restaurants were busy. We had lunch in a saloon then shopped for and bought a cowboy hat. Took a few pictures then we drove to Boot Hill which we hadn't seen the last time we were here. It was interesting but nothing memorable or spectacular. Other than the "Clayton's", we knew noone.
Came back home and had dinner and watched TV

MAR. 30, Sunday, visiting day

We drove to Sierra Vista this morning and spent the day with Kim and Tim. They just bought a house there and it is very beautiful. Ranch style and a very open lay-out. They are situated on a golf course, the 18th hole. After chatting for a while, we drove to Coronado Mountain which is a State Park, looked around and drove up to the top where we had a view of Mexico and the whole valley. This is the area where, in the 1600's, General Coronado came through on his exploration trip as far north as Kansas. What a view we had. Apparently this area is famous for Mexican immigrants coming through illegally. We were told that between 100 to 200 illegal come through a day and only 1000 a year are caught!!? WOW!!!! From here, we drove back to Sierra Vista and stopped at a neat little church built on the side of a mountain. We walked up to it and saw the 14 stations of Jesus-Christ crucifixation. ( Catholic symbols) There was a Mass happening when we reached the little church but got to see the inside after. Took lots of pictures and DOWNLOADED THEM.
Came back to the house and after a drink, we left and drove back to our place via Hwy 90 and 82 then 80.

MAR. 31, Monday, chore day

Today, Val did the laundry and I made some calls to find a air bag for the truck. Ordered one from California with overnight delivery. Also made an appointment with D7J in Sierra Vista to have it installed. I have to go to a authorized dealer so that I can get the warranty benefits.
Headed for town to pick up milk and bread....the essentials of life. Called Tim and Kim to make arrangements to meet them on Thursday. Other than that, it's been a quiet day, sunny and hot. The wind always comes up in the afternoon and stops when the sun goes down.

Friday, March 28, 2008

MARCH 25 to 27, Back in the U.S. of A.

MAR.   25,  Tuesday to Santa Anna
Got up at 6:30 a.m., had a quick coffee and then headed out to pack the rest of the small stuff.  Already, Dennis is out here too getting ready to leave too.  I have mixed feelings about leaving.  Part of me wants to stay but another part is looking forward to the adventure.  Anyway, after saying our goodbyes to Dennis and his wife Marilyn, we went out to Rosa Cantina for breakfast and met the gang from the "lot"  We had a good time and said our final goodbyes.  Val was really good...didn't cry too much.  We went back to the lot after fuelling and chatted with the crew and Peter and Marg.  Then it was our turn to leave.  We said goodbye to San Carlos and hit MEX 15D north.  The ride was uneventful and we fuelled at Benjamin Hill and arrived in Santa Anna around 3 p.m. and it wasn't too soon either.  The place filled up within an hour after our arrival.  It is really small and tight in here.  The owners, Edgar and Anna are wonderfully helpful and friendly.  He even took me into town to the bank and gave me a tour.  Around 5 p.m., he took both of us back into town to a real Mexican restaurant, as he assured us, and ordered a Mexican meal for us.  For $14 cdn, including 4 beers, it was really delicious and filling.  Edgar came back to pick us up an hour later and drove us around town, telling us the story of the place and showed us where he lived and went to school.  It was a really neat experience.  We finally hit the bed at 10 p.m.
By the way, we put on 645 km in 3 weeks while in San Carlos. 
We averaged 48 mph and a max. speed of 60 mph. travelling down to here.
N 30* 32' 09"                W 111* 07' 00"
Alt:  2310 feet
Distance today: 305 km.
MAR.   26,  Wednesday, crossing into the USA
Another hot day.  Mid 80's most of the day.  Got up at 6 a.m. and were on the road by 8:30 a.m.  It was really noisy in the park last night and I didn't have much of a sleep.  Anyway, we had a good drive north but the road was sure rough.  Drove no more than 80 KmPH.  I topped up at KM 21 and we arrived at the border in Nogales around 9:30 a.m.  We had an hour wait before finally crossing into the U.S. of A.  We had an overzealous border-guard with an accent and a chip on his shoulder.  He gave me a lecture on laws about hiding things from them.  Don't ask me where that came from.  All I told him was we had two sausages that we bought in from the States back before we came down...Oh Boy!!!!!!!  Anyway, he took the sausages, wrote our license number down and let us go.  I hope this doesn't come back to haunt us.  We were on our way again and headed north on I-19 then west on I-10.  We stop for lunch near Casa Grande at the Flying J truck stop and arrived at Beaudry in Phoenix around 3 p.m.  Reported to Tony and made arrangement for tomorrow.  It is really hot out there, so after filling the tank with water and hooking up, we turned on the A/C. 
N. 33* 16' 38"                 W 111* 57' 33"
Alt: 1154 feet
Distance today: 373 KM
We averaged 48 mph with a top speed of 65 MPH in 7 hours and 15 minutes
MAR.   27,  Thursday, new crank and to Casa Grande   
We left our rig in Beaudry's hands and went to PTO Spring to see if we could have the air bag on the truck replaced ( I had an appointment).  Well, after 5 hours of running around, waiting, and numerous phone calls to Firestone, It was determined that they couldn't get a new bag for at least another five to six days.  How disappointing and frustrating!  At least it is sunny and warm.
We went back to Beaudry and after finalizing the paperwork, we hooked up and drove south to Casa Grande where we will spend the night (free of course) before heading to St-David tomorrow.  As we drove into WHR Desert Shadow RV Park, I saw Mac and Colleen's rig and after confirming at the office that it was them, we set up and walked over to see them.  Visited with them for about a half hour then went back to our Unit for dinner.  I went into town and fuelled:  23.09 gal @ 3.899.  Some places, it is over $4. WOW!!!!
N 32* 55' 16"                     W 111* 45' 21"
Alt: 1385 feet
Distance today: 137 KM
Av. speed: 48 mph with a top speed of 70 mph

Monday, March 24, 2008

March 20 to 24, 2008 Last days in San Carlos

MAR.   20,  Thursday
A busy day.  Val did the laundry and I washed the kayaks, all the windows in and out, topped up the trailer's tires and dumped the tanks.  Visited with the neighbours and we went to "Charlie's Rock" with Bill & Joyce, Wendy and Robert and his wife joined us a bit later.  Amazingly enough, the place was near empty so we had our choice of places although the counter around the outside was full.  We had a couple drinks then came home.
After dinner, we all went out to the end of the driveway and watched the hundreds of cars and people going by...it was like a parade!!!!  Oh yeah, we also bought one kilo of fish and 2 kilos of shrimps, all for $40cdn  Can't beat these prices!!!!!  Sunny and warm again with a bit of wind
MAR.   21,  Friday,
We went cycling in the morning to town to pick up milk and beer and made a stop at "the Lot".  Visited with everyone then we came home.  Very busy in town and lots of traffic....bumper to bumper most of the way. 
After dinner, three couples and us walked into town to see the action and action there was.  People everywhere, drinking, dancing, chanting, yelling and smooching.  We didn't see any fights or obnoxious behaviour.  Everyone was in a festive mood.  Traffic was horrendous and barely moving due to the heavy volume.  We ran into the gang from the Lot handing out fluorescent tubes that one could wrapped around their neck, arms and anywhere they could hang them.  Everybody was having fun.  The park is also very busy with Mexican filling the hotel rooms and some camping.  We have a group of bikers with very loud bikes but they are quiet at night.  There are about 5 families camping near us.  They are surrounding Pete and Marg.  I feel for them as it can be very noisy with that group but they are taking all in stride.
MAR.   22,  Saturday,
Up early and already warm by 9 a.m.  Coffee and a chat with the boys to start the day.   This, I think, was the hottest day yet.  Hardly any wind and the sun was beating down on us.  It did reach the mid 80's ( 28*C).  Again, we stayed around here except for one quick jaunt into town by bike to buy some eggs.  We stopped at "Froggy's" and had a pizza for lunch then came home.  Already the road is very busy with traffic and lots of people on the sidewalks.
In the afternoon, 6 of us went over to "Charly's Rock" for a marguerita to cool off.  Sat at the bar and watched the sea and the seagulls.  Came home in time for "Happy Hour" then it was dinner.  After dinner, we invited Peter and Marg over for a special tequila drink.  The Mexicans around them have grown in size.  More bikers have arrived and everyone is much more noisy.  Even had a young kid blasting away on the horn of one of the cars and noone was stopping him.  Different mentality, I guess!
The evening was very warm and we sat outside until about 10 p.m. when we went to bed.
MAR.   23, Sunday, Happy Easter!
It was a warm night.  Still 70*F here in the trailer. Another hot one coming up I think.
Today, we went to the "Lot" for a visit after Craig and Cathy came over to our place, cycling in the morning.  Before that though, I washed the truck, vacuumed the inside, cleaned all the windows inside and out, loaded the kayaks and the golf bags and carts.  Will do the rest of the small stuff tomorrow including the bikes.  Today's temperature went to the mid 80's. 
We visited with Peter and Marg and had a small happy hour.  Still very warm after 5 p.m.  Had dinner then watched the tube for a while.
MAR.   24, Monday, our last day in San Carlos
Another hot day!  We went to Guaymas this morning to buy a few items and had lunch there.  Came home and packed most of the toys.  We went to the "Lot" and saw everyone and made arrangement to meet for breakfast at Rosa Cantina tomorrow at 8:30.  Fuelled the truck and filled the tires with air as I had deflated them some while here.  (25 litres @ 5.99 pesos).  Came home again and tried calling Hayley for her birthday but the line was busy.  We left a message that we would try again later.  Had a quick happy hour with the gang here in the park then had dinner.  Wayne and his wife came over to say goodbye and visited for a while.
We finally connected via Skype with Hayley and talked to Rochelle but we got cut off.  It is very frustrating not to be able to depend on a steady connection.  We will try them again once in the States.
Tomorrow, we head north to the U.S. of A.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 12 to 19, 2008; life in San carlos

MAR.   12,  Wednesday
Had a splitting headache this morning and an upset stomach so stuck around the house and slept mostly.  Never figured out from what!?
MAR.   13, Thursday
We went cycling this morning and ended up at "the Lot".  Visited for a while and decided to go golfing with Val and Craig this afternoon.  Feeling much better as you can see
MAR.   14,  Friday
Val went to the library with the girls in the a.m. and to the hairstylist in the afternoon.  Cathy came over later and Val and her went for a walk with the dogs on the beach.
The days are getting longer and much warmer although this strong wind persist every afternoon.  This is the worse I've seen here.  Even the evening are getting warmer; we can sit outside after the sun goes down and still feel comfortable
MAR.   15,  Saturday
It was time to go to Guaymas today for groceries.  We stopped for lunch at one of our favourite restaurant and I had the truck washed while we ate.
Came home and put the groceries away and went to "the Lot" for a visit.  The girls went for a walk and the boys chatted and had a cerveza or two.
MAR.   16,  Sunday
Wind picked up again overnight and it is much cooler this morning.  The temperature only reached the mid 60's.  We hear that it snowed in Nogales!?  WOW!  Val did some mending today and wrote some e-mails
MAR.   17,  Monday
Met Craig and Cathy for a kayak outing.  It is their anniversary today.  We went to "Shangri-la", a little beach on the far side of San Carlos, however when we got there, the wind picked up and it began to rain so we decided to postpone to tomorrow.  We all went to Rosa Cantina and had breakfast.  While there, Steve, Linda, Tim and Kim walked in and joined us.
In the afternoon, I took my tripod to the welder and had the legs straighten.  Also had a couple addition put on the tailgate to ease the opening of the locks.
It became quite windy again in the afternoon so the famous Linda's "St-Patrick traditional dinner" was postponed to tomorrow.
MAR.   18,  Tuesday
Got up to a calm day so we went kayaking.  Met the Johnston's and Kim at the same beach again and this time we went out in the Bay.  We kayaked through two big holes in the rocks and we paddled to the main Bay and back.
Afterwards we went for lunch at the "Palapa", a new restaurant opened on the beach.  Tim was supposed to meet us but didn't show up.  Found out later that he was quite sick with an unknown bug.
We had the famous dinner with everyone at the Lot.  It was delicious as always.  The dinner consisted of corned beef brought down from the U.S., cooked cabbage, carrots and corn, potatoes and two different salads.  Tammy made a chocolate cake which we all enjoyed afterwards.  Tim was still sick so he stayed in his rig but did enjoy a good dinner too.
In the evening we had a fire and it finally all came to an end around 9 p.m.  A good day indeed.
MAR   19,  Wednesday.
Today was wash day for the rig.  We are leaving next Tuesday so getting everything washed.  Also had a welder come out and fix my bike rack so that it doesn't rock so much.  I also wanted to rearranged the battery compartment but he couldn't do it.  Val went for her walk with Marg, a lady here in the park and I read.  We had happy hour with our group here in the park.  It was sunny and very warm today and stayed on into the evening which was nice.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 6 to 11, 2008

MAR.   6 & 7, Thursday, Friday,
Fairly quiet 2 days.  Went clam-digging on Friday with the crew and got 4 buckets filled.  Came home, change the water one more time and then it was happy hour.
MAR.   8,  Saturday
Another quiet day.  Went to the "lot" to see Kim and Tim who arrived a couple days ago then we went for a hot dog and ran into Rick and Pat who had the same idea.  Came home and read.  Had Happy Hour with 6 couples tonight
We had a clam cook-out which turned out to be a success.  There were 6 couples over to enjoy the feast.  The ladies laid quite a spread which added to the clams.
MAR.   9,  Sunday
Went kayaking with the Tate's and the Marche's at the Estuary.  It was fun and relaxing and we didn't get hung up like previous years.  Even made it to the sea which was fun.
Afterwards, we all decided to drive to Catch 22 beach and have lunch at Soggy's.  It was a bit windy and not all that warm yet there were lots of young people in bikini and bathing suit.  We were thinking of putting on our jackets!!!!  What does that tell you, huh???
MAR.   10,  Monday.
Got up to fog this morning.  Everything is wet.  The sun finally came out around 10 a.m. and dried everything.  The day was spent preparing for another feast tonight.  Rick & Pat, Terry & Glenda are leaving tomorrow so we invited everyone over near us and the guys at the "Lot" to bid them goodbye.
There was quite a spread again and everyone arrived around 4 p.m.  Chatted and had fun then ate like kings and queens and unfortunately it all came to an end all too soon.  It all ended around 7:30 p.m. and everyone moved back to their respective rigs once everything was cleaned off the tables.
MAR.   11,  Tuesday,
The Tate's and the Marche's left around 8:15 a,m,  Linda and Cathy also came out to say good-bye.  We ran to the exit and gave them the "Canadian Salute" (mooning) and the girls gave them the SOS wave.  I think Terry and Glenda will remember this farewell for a while.  The place is beginning to really look empty now.  Over half the spots are empty in the park.  Our turn in 14 days.
Went into town as Val was in the mood to shop.  Looked into a few stores but didn't buy anything.  Came home as I am feeling queasy and I have a headache.  Happy hour at our neighbours and already, someone has moved into Rick's old spot.  It was a hot day today, went up to the 80's.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

March 1 to 5, 2008 In San Carlos, Mexico

MAR. 1, Saturday,

We were up and on the road by 9:15 again. There was a lot of loud music last night whcih woke me up a couple of times. We headed south through the town of Magdelena, which is very pretty by the way, and connected with Hwy 15D then headed south to San Carlos. The highway to Hermisillo was very rough and full of potholes. It was a slow drive trying to avoid them and not getting off the road but we made it. The road through town is now finished so it was easy getting around Hermisillo. From there it was pretty uneventful except for a truck turned on its side and spilled oil about 80 km north of San Carlos. We had to drive through it so it was "dead slow", if you know what I mean!! Didn't get any oil on the truck or rig, thank goodness for that. Took on fuel just north of Guaymas 80Litres

Finally arrived in San Carlos and parked at Totonaka RV Park in number 115, beside Terry and Glenda and just behind Rick and Pat. They were out when we arrived so unpacked and set-up. Paid 4750 pesos (approx 470 cdn$). It's like home coming! Everything is so familiar. The group finally arrived and we had a very nice get-together and caught up to all the news. We went into town to get some cash and drinking water then stopped at "the lot" to deliver their goodies. A very nice place and they have done a lot of work to it already. Had happy hour with them then went out for a pizza. Home by 9:30 p.m. and to bed soon after.

N 27* 57'53" W 111* 01' 28"
Alt: 20 feet
Distance today: 328 km
Average speed of 43mph

MAR 2, Sunday

It was a warm day. Finished setting up then just sat around and chatted witht he gang. Met some of our neighbours. The "lot" had a potluck for all of us so we went over and had a great time with everyone. Played some bocci but once the sun was down, it cooled off pretty fast so everyone left. It was too windy for a fire.

MAR. 3, Monday

Made a call about the airbags to see if I could get them repair here but no luck, Can only get this done in Tucson or Phoenix so got some phone numbers and will call late rto make an appointment for when we go back.
Went to "Rico" for a hot dog the we went for a game of golf with the March's and the Tate's Cathy joined us for the girls formed a foursome and us boys, a threesome.
Came home for happy hour

MAR. 4, Tuesday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VAL!!!!

Yes, she is the "old lady" again for another day! She went into town with the girls shopping and Terry and I took a drive to Guaymas to check on a garage for possibilities. Went golfing again later in the day and that was a mistake as my knee acted up and it was a horrible game, scorewise.
We went out for dinner at Hotel Fiesta where we had "Chateau Briand" at a very reasonnable price and it was delicious. Terry, Glenda, Pat and Rick also came out to celebbrate with us.

MAR. 5, Wednesday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

Yes, I've now got up to Val so can't call her the "old lady" anymore. A quiet day spent at home. Rick was sick, the girls went shopping and Terry and I went to a little restaurant near "Catch 22" beach and had a great lunch.

Came home and the girls arrived back around 3 p.m. Had happy hour then Val cooked shrimp that we bought yesterday, and a salad.