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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

December 28 to 29, 2006

DECEMBER 28, Thursday, sunny

We were up at 6 a.m. today and packed and ready to go by 8:30. Said our goodbye to our neighbors and our Ontario friends came over to say their goodbyes. Good bunch of people. Hope to see them in the future
We left at 8:45, followed hwy 78 then 80 to I-75, south to exit 140 to "Ft-Myers Axles & Springs". Had them checked the left rear wheel and they suggested to raise the spring bracket however this would take two days and cost $1400. We said we would think about this.

Left and headed north on I-75 to Ruskin and our new campground, Hide-Away RV resort near Tampa on the "Little Manatee River". Cost was $112 for 6 nights through our membership with AOR/ACN. After paying we left and headed to "Tampa Spring & Axle" shop to get a second opinion. After much discussion, he said that we didn't really need the repairs but if we wanted them it would cost approx.$800 (a 600$ difference). He suggested I call Monaco and get their opinion which I did once we returned back to our site. Typical Monaco, they never called back.

We had dinner and then got a call from our friends in Mexico via SKYPE...we are connected to WIFI. Had a bad connection so decided to try again tomorrow.

N 27*41' W 82*27' Alt: 17 feet; Distance today: 396 Km (includes all the run around)

DECEMBER 29, Friday, sunny

Watched the sunrise this morning at 7:29 a.m. The forecast is for a warm day. The truck is empty with only 30 miles to go according to its internal computer so went to fuel. Found one garage and put 11 gal @ 2.65 then went to another, a couple blocks away and filled the rest @ 2.59 for 14 gallons, which means I only had about 4-5 gallons left

We went to the Tampa Bay power plant where the warm water discharge attracts hundreds of manatees. They had an observation platform with all the tourist souvenirs of course but FREE admittance. We spent about 3/4 hour there observing them swimming around and playing. They are fairly big and very slow. I see why they call them sea cows!
On the return trip, we found COSTCO and a shopping mall. Bought much needed bulk stuff and Val bought a new pair of slippers.
We've been guided all day by our new GPS, a Garmin Street Pilot C330 and I tell you that it has saved us a lot of headache. It has a very sexy commanding voice and for a while, I call her "Hooter" but Val decided that was not approrpiate so we came up with "MISS DAISIE" So everyone, meet:
"KENZIE" our Fifth-Wheel
"MISS DAISIE" our GPS Street Pilot
"BIG BERTHA: our F350 Ford

Came home and had BBQ steaks for dinner then called our friends in Mexico. Got a connection and talked to Steve, Lynden and Charlie, Craig and Cathy. It was good to hear them and it really makes want to be there.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 25 to 27, 2006

DECEMBER 25, Monday, cloudy, rain

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! We called our kids today and it made us home sick.

This morning we are on a tornado watch until 5 p.m. wonderful. It is miserable out there. Dark clouds, heavy rain and cooler.
We went to the hall for a smorg. dinner set up by everyone here at the campsite. Lots to eat and a very nice turkey, mash potatoes, ham and all sorts of veggys and salads. PIGGED OUT!!

Was hoping the gang in Mexico would call on the Skype but I guess they had troubles or were having too good of a time to remember!! :-)

DECEMBER 26, Tuesday, cloudy

Rain and more rain! It's getting boring. The tornado never materialized yesterday but apparently, it did touch down North of here.

Installed the "SPRING BAR" on the tail gate. It is a torq bar which eases lifting the tail gate. AND IT WORKS! I can now close the tailgate with only two fingers instead of both hands, and every muscles I could mustered. Also installed a new speedo meter on the bike and downloaded some pictures from the camera.


Finally sunshine! This morning we are getting to leave. Filled the truck put air int he tires, checked our e-mail and I am bringing the blog to date.
Tomorrow, we leave for Ruskin, about 100 miles form here. I sure hope they have WIFI

Sunday, December 24, 2006

December 20 to 24, 2006

This is a summary of the last 4 days as not much has happenned. We are basically in a routine now and getting ready for Christmas.
It has been humid, hot and very uncomfortable the last few days. Today, the 24th, it is 80*F at 10 a.m. and very muggy. Cloudy with the odd shower, as a matter of fact, it is rainig now as I am writing this.

We took a drive around lake Okeechobee on the 20th and found that the north and east side is much more scenic. This lake is the second largest lake in the U.S. just to give you an idea of the size of it. It took over 4hours to go around including all the stops we made.

On Friday we met with some people we met here and had a happy hour with them. It was fun.

We went into Ft Myers yesterday and did some shopping at Camping World....always a "bad" place for me. It's like a kid in a candy store, I can't resist. Proof.....I bought me a Street Pilot C330 for $350. We also bought a checker game for the evenings. Did some shopping for Val but she didn't find what she was looking for. Always bought some needed groceries and much wine to last us over Christmast.

Tomorrow, we are going to a dinner here at the camp resort. It is a potluck but I am sure it will be fun. Also have to caught up to all the e-mail we have received. It is not fun doing this in the truck as the library is closed (sunday)

Anyway, We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and may Santa be good to all. Will try to write more before we leave but if not, we will catch up once we are in Tampa.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December 9 to 19, 2006

DECEMBER 9, Saturday, cloudy

After filling a bottle of propane for $19., we said our g'byes to our friends and were on the road by 10 a.m.
Took Hwy 435 south to hwy 50 west then S.E. on the Florida Turnpike (toll) to Hwy 95 Cost was $18.
Just before Miami, the traffic came to a crawl for about 3 miles then finally picked up pace. Never saw waht cause the slow down except that there were a lot of cops on the side of the hwy.
We partly drove through the Everglades and then onto the Florida Keys. It is warm and humid at 6 p.m. and we finally arrived at our site around 7 p.m. on Long Island Key in the Park by the same name near Layton.
Quickly set up water and electricity and went to bed by 9 p.m. very tired.

DECEMBER 10, Sunday, cloudy with sunny breaks

We woke up in PARADISE! We are about 10-15 feet from the Atlantic Ocean. WOW! On the other side is the Gulf of Mexico, about 150 yards away. It is 65*F at 7 a.m. and 75 by 9 a.m. What a beautiful place; plam trees, clean facilities, ample room between sites and friendly people. We have power and water but no sewer which is not a problem because we are here only 3 days, UNFORTUNATELY!!!!!!
We (Val) made a lunch and we headed out south to Key West, the souther most Island. we crossed numerous little Island and then the 7 miles bridge (literally), a few more Island and finally Key West. We continued on to the southermost point in the Continental United States at N 24*32'51" W 81*47'53"; 71 miles from Layton, 152 miles from Miami and 90 miles from Cuba.
We reached Mile 0 on Hwy 1 and calculated that we have so far put on a grand total of 4830 miles since we left Drummond'ville, Quebec. From here on, we are travelling back to our home in BC. We have reached our most furthest point on this adventure.

We had lunch a the harbor and watched a big ship docked, We walked the old downtown and bought a couple souvenirs. the place was quiet untill the ship disgorged its human cargo, then the street became very crowded. Very expensive here, fuel is at $2.99/gal andbeer and wine and food is also expensive.
After 2 hours in town, we left and drove back home. Val drove back while I took pictures. She did a good job and got us home sound and safe.

FOOTNOTE: The word "KEY" derives from spanish word "CAYO" which means a low flat Island. The Keys were first joined by rail in 1905 and when it was destroyed by a hurricane in 1912, the present hwy was built and opened in 1938.

Once home, we sat by the ocean having a drink and watched all the different birds around: common gulls, long billed dowitcher, egrets, common snipe, a few hawks and the ever present vultures. there were also a lot of sand pipers. Oh yeah...mustn't forget the old pelican.

Life is good....we feel very blessed being here!

DECEMBER 11, Monday, Cloudy

Very windy today. We went into Islamorada got some milk and looked around. I took on 22 gallons @ $2.699, stopped at a couple shops but didn't buy anything, saw a memorial for the people who lost their lifes in hurricanes in 1935.
We never got to kayak as it was too windy. That was a disappointment as we were both looking forward to that. We walked the beach and a nature trail near by, saw lots of portuge man-of war and got ready to leave tomorrow.

DECEMBER 12, Tuesday, sun & clouds

Light wind and a balmy 70* welcomed us to this day. We left at 10 a.m. and headed for mainland Florida. It is 80*F and humid by the time we left. We will miss this place. It was the highlight of this leg, for sure.
Drove the next 67 miles trying to make it last but were soon at Largo Key and our turn North to the mainland.
In Homestead, we headed north on Hwy 997 where we saw an accident where a truck wrapped itself around a telephone pole. A few miles further we had to detour again due to 7 car pile up. Drove east to the toll hwy and then north for a couple miles and east on hwy 41. That cost us $4 on tolls. Drivers here are ignorant, stupid and the worst kind. I swear they love to cut off people, zig-zag and speed for no reason. There is very little courtesy.
Anyway, we reached our next destination, Gator Park nest tto the Everglades National Park. Cost was $45 for two nights (P.A.) It is 2 p.m.

We set up and then looked around. Saw some alligators fenced in and are looking forward to the airboat ride tomorrow.
BBQ steaks for dinner

DECEMBER 13, Wednesday

Woke up to heat and humidity. 75*F @ 8a.m. we have coupons for the airride (2 for 1) so after breakfast, we took our turn. What a ride it was. Really liked the "river of grass" as it is called. Saw lots of alligators, egrets and heron. Even saw a Iguana that was lost!? The ride lasted 40 minutes and there were about 14 people on board. That boat just glided over the water which was only 10 inches to 2 feet deep.
Afterwards, we had a demonstration on alligators which turned out to be very educational and interesting. For lunch we tried alligator tail and frog legs. DELICIOUS! The only draw back was the server who almost demanded a tip which really turned me off but since it was his birthday, we gave him $2. ( he wanted more)
In the afternoon, we went to Flamingo Bay at teh south end of Florida, in the EverGlades National Park. It was interesting again and we saw different grass and trees, lots of birds, and the destruction that Katrina caused there althoguh they have repaired a lot.
Flamingo city is a resort within the park whcih consisted of a motel, restaurants, and stores which were all closed. there is also a camp ground there which looked interesting with limited hook-ups.

Drove back home and found new neighbors, Connie and Wayne, a naval retiree and she was a full-timers before meeting Wayne. Interesting people and we had happy hour together.

FOOTNOTE: The everglades are unique in the world. This is the only place one will find such an extend of wetlands known as the "river of grass". It is endangered by the human factor and modernization and control of water via canals

DECEMBER 14, Thursday, rain

What a change from yesterday. we packed and left in the rain. Headed west on hwy 41 along the Tuniami canal and made a quick stop at a couple of Park visitor centre. One of them we saw a female ahinga dive and catch a fish then bring it to the shore and beat the head of the fish on a rock before eating it.
A tthe first stop, Shark Valley Park, we walked a path where we walked by an alligator on the path and only 10 feet from us. Also saw a mother alligator with its young (about 5). Really neat. Caught up in a deluge, we ran back to the truck and left.
Continued on Hwy 41 to 29 where we turned north to 80 then east to 27 and finally, west to our new site, Moorehaven, Robin's Nest RV park at $12/night. We will be here until Dec. 28. We are 8 miles from town.

DECEMBER 15, Friday, cloudy

It rained overnight and this morning is very humid at 70*F I had a poor sleep...I could smell the humidity and it was uncomfortable.
didn't do much today but relax and set up. Went into town and not much there...actually it is a very depressed place. Not impressed with Moorehaven. The libray has WIFI so will have to come back here to get my blog updated.

DECEMBER 16, Saturday, rain

Up at 8. It is raining and the sky is defintely stormy. It cleared in p.m. so we took a drive to Clewiston, about 15 miles from here. A little bigger but not much else happening. Also checked out Palmdale for a kayak site.

Decided to clean both batteries in the truck and the 5er. Now, my jake is not working???????? Wonder what I did...what didssyou do Pauze?

DECEMBER 17, Sunday, sunny

82*F today Had lunch then dorve to Labelle, about 30 miles from here, then decided to go on to Ft-Myers, 30miles further. Did some looking around and shopping then came home

DECEMBER 18, Monday, cloud/sun

A relaxing day with nothing to report

DECEMBER 19, Tuesday, sunny

Took the truck in to be service: oil change and brakes and have the jakes checked out. We biked back and I did some internet and blogging


Friday, December 08, 2006

December 4 to 8, 2006

DECEMBER 4, Monday, cloudy and cool

Left our camp site at 10 a.m. Followed Hwy 13 to 20 then through Palatka and south on hwy 19. Drove through a National forest Park and stopped for lunch 3/4 of the way across.
From here we continued on 19 to hwy 441 south through Apopka and finally our site Sun Resort RV Park. Arrived at 2;15 p.m. A very nice place with lots of services. It is definitely an RV resort with all kind of planned activities. We are at site 2102 at $9./night + 2.50 for cable

All set up by 5 p.m. and dinner on the go.

N 28*38' W 81*30' Alt. 132 feet distance today: 220KM (138 miles)

DECEMBER 5, Tuesday, sunny

A warm day. Left the house at 10:30 a.m. and followed hwy 436 East around Orlando then Hwy 50 to Cape Kennedy. Took just over an hour to get there. Stopped at the visitor centre and got info and tickets. Decided to take the full tour, a little bit more expensive but as it turned out, the wiser choice. On the tour we got within a mile of the shuttle and although we could see it, it wasn't as close as we would have liked, however it was awsome and very impressive. From here, we visited the Apollo program and its building. A huge building containing the Saturn V that took Apollo to the moon plus the command module and the Moon landing Craft. It was awsome! We also got a live display of the first landing which was very well done.
From here, we went back to the visitor centre and after buying some souvenirs, we saw an IMAX movie on the Space Station in 3D WOW! Very IMPRESSIVE! You almost felt like you were there. After that it was time to head home. we stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner and got home around 9:30 p.m., tired but pleased about our day.
By the way, Tucker stayed at a kennel a the Centre which was FREE and so was the parking; Tucker was not impressed though and barked a lot when we left him. Also fuelled at $2.539 time 20.088 gallons

DECEMBER 6, Wednesday, sunny

Up at 8 a.m. and on the road by 9:30 heading back to the Cape. Our tickets allow us free entrance and free access to everything for two days so we are taking advantage.
We saw the second movie in 3D on the landing of the moon and then visited the other buildings and exhibits and also the Hall of Fame in honor of all the astrounats.
We tried a few exhibits such as a ride on Mars, tried my hands at landing a Shuttle. They also had a machine that would let you feel G force but didn't try that.
We left at 4:30 and tookk the toll hwy back. Much faster and Tucker had stayed home so we were anxious to get back asap but like a good boy, no mess, no fuss.

DECEMBER 7, Thursday, cloudy

Today is the shuttle launch so we are going to watch it. we took hwy 441 out then headed for Melbourne on the coast. Once there, we followed A1A north to Cape Canaveral where we parked at the Jetty Park and waited for the launch.

WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! It was cancelled due to the cloud coverage. Mother Nature won this one so we went back home. What a busy ride it was too. Bumper to Bumper almost all the way. Got home at 11:30 p.m.

FOOTNOTE: People that we had met in St-Augustine, Bill and Michelle, arrived today and are parked two doors down from us. After saying hello, we made arrangement to get together for a happy hour.

DECEMBER 8, Friday, cloudy

It rained overnight and never got over 55*F all day. Loaded all our toys and readied to leave. As I was loading the kayaks, I heard this voice asking me wher in BC we were from. when I turned, I was looking at a couple we had met back in P.E.I. What a small world. Totally amazing.
At 5 p.m. we met Bill and Michelle and had a happy hour that lasted until 10:30 p.m. It was a GOOD one! Lots of fun and laughs.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

December 1 to 3, 2006

We got up Friday, Dec 1st to a balmy 70*F at 7:30 a.m. We went into town and got some groceries and mailed 2 birthday cards which cost $2.39 WOW! If this is going to be the cost for mailing X-MAS cards, there won't be many. That is ridiculous and a real robbery as far as I am concerned.
Also found the oil filter loose and had to tighten it by hand. I found it by pure luck as I was looking at something else and saw oil spread on the rear shaft and then saw the oil coming out of the filter and when I looked up at it, I saw the oil seeping out. Took the truck to Green Cove Spring and had it tighten more at no charge, I might add. Came home after Val picked up some vegetables and salad stuff. We have the A/C going full blast in "Kenzy" It is 75*F outside and it is 9 p.m.

DECEMBER 2, Saturday, cloudy,

It is a bit cooler today. A cold front is coming through. Loaded the bikes on the rack and put away a few things, getting ready to leave on Monday.

It is 1 p.m. and raining. Not pleasant but it beats the snow they are getting at home.

DECEMBER 3, Sunday, cloudy

Our last day here. Loaded the kayaks and put everything else away. It's really heavy with humidity and it looks like it's going to rain but so far, it has held.
Tomorrow, we move to Apopka so my next entry will be from there.

There is a space launch scheduled for next Thursday, Dec 7 so we hope, no we will be there to watch it. A life time opportunity, just cannot be missed

Bye for now

November 26-30, 2006

It's been a fairly quiet 5 days. On Saturday the 25th, we went into town and visited the fort. It was well done and interesting. There was a 2 mast sailing ship that sailed past and as it did, it fired a a canon and then the guys in the fort fired back. It was a surprise and very well done. Afterwards, we went into the old town and had a beer at the "Old Mill". A warm day and evening.
Actually, it was warm the whole 5 days and got as high as 80*F (25C) for a few days.

On Sunday the 26th, we had happy hour with our neighbors, Keith and Jenny form Ontario. They are leaving tomorrow and are new full-timers.

Tuesday the 28th, saw us going kayaking into the St-John River. A bit boring and not much to see. It rained later in the afternoon and overnight. Hot and humid the whole time
Called UPS to have our mail forwarded to Apopka as we are moving there Monday next. Looking forward to get out of here.

On Thursday the 30th, we went into town and cycled around the beach and the State park. Another hot day, evening and night

Sunday, November 26, 2006

November 24-25, 2006

NOVEMBER 24, Friday, sunny

What a nice day. Temperature went up to 75*F and we did some kayaking.
We left from our site, a small creek , up the creek for about 2 miles. It was absolutely beautiful. We saw lots of wildlife but no alligators. (I think that may be a blessing as I don't know what we would have done had we seen one). Saw tall egrets and small egrets, a few turtles which are quite big (approx 8-9 inches across their back shell), unfortunately I never got any pictures; not fast enough. We also saw a beautiful Anhinga with his wings spread out in the sun. A beautiful bird.
The creek got narrower as we went up it and the branches across it made all the more beautiful and eerie. We explored little bays. There were quite a few boats at anchor or attached to docks along the creek. They were backing private property and signs warned you to stay off at the risk of being shot at. WOW!
We went up one side and back on the other shore. We were gone for about 2.5 hours. A very nice day indeed.

NOVEMBER 25, Saturday, sunny

Sunny again today and we decided to go see the fort in St-Augustine. It was very interesting and not like all the other ones we saw. This one was more natural and represented more what it was like in those days. There were volunteers dressed in the era's uniforms and they even fired the cannon. We also saw this beautiful brig sail boat sailing full and by. As she turned broadside to us, she fired her cannon, at which time, the soldiers on the fort, fired back. It was quite neat and unique.

From here we went back into town and walked around for a while and bought a unique set of salad utensils made of wood and carved like a turtle. We alos stopped a the Old Mill and had a brew then came home.
It was windy near the water but it was also warm. No jacquets today!

Monday, November 20, 2006

November 18-23, 2006

NOVEMBER 18, Saturday, sunny

Cute sign! I think Val is trying to tell me something, do you think?
We picked it up in St-Augustine. Today, we worked on the rig, Val washed the blinds, I fixed some leaks, got the air vent going...it was pinched under the stairs, thus we weren't getting heat through, also fixed the water spout that was broken.

NOVEMBER 18, 19, Sunny but really cool

We didn't do much in these past 2 days. Basically stayed around home, walked, read and stayed warm as it never got above 50*F (10*C)

NOVEMBER 20, Monday, sunny

Went to Jacksonville today via hwy 13. A nice easy drive and we visited the water front and went for lunch at Hooters. They had a special whereby if you spent more than $50. you got a free boat ride to the stadium to watch the Jaguars play football against the New York Giants.
After lunch, we followed A1A hyway along the coast back to St-Augustine.

NOVEMBER 21,22 cloudy and cold

The last two days were cold and miserable. It rained on and off and never got above 50*F So we stayed in and read.

NOVEMBER 23, Wednesday, sunny

It got to a balmy 68*F (17*C) We went to Daytona today, a 50 miles drive along the coast. We packed a lunch and followed Hwy A1A all the way. We stopped at a couple places and watched surfers doing waves about 4-6 feet high. We walked the beach and enjoyed the sun and the wind which was blowing quite hard, but we wnjoyed it.
Once in Daytona, we followed the hyway which ran between the ocean and the IntraCoastal Waterway. It was quite neat and very pretty. Val saw a few Dolphins in the IntraCoastal Waterway but I never got any pictures of them, unfortunately. We also went to see the famous Daytona Speedway. It is a huge place and the pictures don't do it justice.

We dove back home following hwy 17 north. Also saw a few orange grove finally. Lots of them actually.

Tomorrow the forecast is for warmer temperature so we hope to do some kayaking....keep you posted
Downloaded new pictures too

Friday, November 17, 2006

November 15 to 17, 2006

NOVEMBER 15, Wednesday, sunny

It's 6 p.m. and we have the A/C on full. It was and still is a warm and humid day with little to no winds. We went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries then took a drive to the beach and took some pictures. Drove through downtown St-Augustine and found it to be a very pretty city worth exploring more.
The forecast is for heavy winds and rain overnight so I've put up the awning as a precaution. There is a tornado watch on for this part of the State.
Had pizza for dinner.
Called Vanessa tonight as it is her birthday. Also talked to the rest of the gang. Nice to hear their voices. Everyone sounds good

NOVEMBER 16, Thursday, overcast

It really rained last night but the tornadoes never materrialized, thank goodness for that. It is still raining now at 8 a.m. and much cooler...60*F
Finally cleared mid-afternoon so we went to Green Cove Spring, on the St-John river, a local town and checked it out. There is a big shopping centre and a marina. After this, we drove to Camping World to buy a few needed items for "Kenzy"

NOVEMBER 17, Friday, sunny

Another cool night....42*F. and the forecast is for a max. of 65*F but who is complaining...it's sunny!?
Val did a wash this morning then we went into St-Augustine to check it out. Drove to Hwy A1A and walked the beach. Beautiful white sand with lots of crushed shells. From here we went into town. Very historic and beautiful. Took a lot of pictures too and bought a t-shirt, a hat and a door hanger that says "crabby is in"....cute! Will definitely be back.
came home and relaxed and brought this blog to date and downloaded more pictures.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November 13 & 14

NOVEMBER 13, Monday, sunny

Another cold night....42*F (6*C) but it did go up to 70*F in the day. Got an e-mail from our friends, Carol and Rick...they are in Deer Creek RV & golf park. Will have to visit them once we are in Florida.
We went to the submarine naval Base but there were no tours offered nor was anyone allowed on the base unless by business. The submarine museum nearby in St-Marys was closed so couldn't even see that. We walked the downtown St-Marys which consisted of about 2-3 blocks and walked along the Bay. A pretty place but not much to look at. Also very few people about.
We came home early. Getting tired of all this sightseeing, to much information and it all blends together after a while.
This campground where we are staying is a stop over as it empties in the morning then fills in the afternoon.
Changed the water filter on our filtering system. It was overdue by the looks of it. Yuck!

NOVEMBER 14, Tuesday, sunny

Up at 8 a.m., breakfast, loaded up and ready to leave by 10:15 a.m. Filled one tank of propane for $19.47 then left.
Took I-95 south and 20 minutes later, we stopped at the Info Centre in FLORIDA!!!!! FINALLY, WE ARE HERE!
We were welcomed with a glass of orange juice and got maps and a lot of pamphlets on the sites to see, bike trails and where to kayak. This info centre is huge. They don't spare expenses for the tourist here. We left 20 minutes later, crossed Jacksonville and after a few miles, turned off I-95 onto hwy 16 west. 12 miles later, we arrived at our new home for the next 21 days: Pacetti's Marina & RV Park. It is wooded but we have a site in the open. It also has the St-John river running by the site so will try it out.
The only draw back was when I went to pay, I was told it was $16/night rather than $14. as we were told when we made our reservation. Their reasonning is that we are wired for 50 amps so they charge extra even though they only have 30 amps hook-ups. Needless to say I was not happy and made my feelings/disatisfaction known but to no avail. So, we took it for a week and will phone AOR in the morning to complain and review our options.

N 29* 59' W 81* 34'; Altitute 16 feet; Distance today: 136 km (85 miles)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

November 9 to 12

NOVEMBER 9, Thursday, sunny,

Went to Charleston today and took a tour. What a beautiful city it is. Absolutely gorgious. I was really impressed with its cleanliness and friendly people. It is full of history and heritage buildings. They have a law here that any building over 75 years old cannot be altered without first seeking approval to preserve history. This is also where the civil war began from what we were told and read. Reading Charleston history, it's amazing there is any building standing. They have upgraded a lot of buildings against earthquake by an innovative screw bar through the walls.
After the tour, we walked King street and stopped in a local restaurant for a light lunch, and returned via Market street. Came home around 4 p.m. and had happy hour with new friends we met: Jim and Vicky from California and Rick and Brenda from Ontario. Very nice people and we exchanged personal cards.
After dinner, we went to Jim and Vicky's rig, a very nice and big (45 feet) Monaco motorhome, for a nightcap.

NOVEMBER 10, Friday, sunny

It's 9 a.m. and already warm....65* F It's supposed to go up to 80*F and it is humid to top it.
We went to the Magnolia plantation which was really nice and spent almost 3 hours there. I must have been impressed!!!!! Seriously, it was gorgious with lots to see and look at such as tall live oak trees with spanish moss, cypresses, magnolia, camellia, azalea, gardenias, etc.... What a combo of colours. WOW! Also very nice ponds and a beautiful river. Words are hard to express the tranquillity and beauty of the place. It was worth the visit.

After this, we went to Patriot Point where the Yortown Aircraft Carrier is located and open to the public for a fee. We didn't go on board but took pictures from the shore. We bought a hat for me and t-shirt for Val instead.
Came home via Hwy 17, went over the Patriot bridge and fought rush hour traffic for one hour. Stopped at a garage, fuelled and put air in the air bags. 8.69 gallons @ $2.359 (.76/L) + .75 cents for the air. Loaded the bikes and installed the new protective cover we got at Camping World.

NOVEMBER 11, Saturday, foggy in a.m.; sunny in p.m.

It was foggy early in the morning but cleared up and turned sunny by 10 a.m. We left at 10:30 after loading the rest of our stuff and saying good-bye to our new friends with promises to see each otehr somewhere in Florida. Hit Hwy 17 south then I-95 to Georgia. Arrived at the State line around 12:30, got some info on Georgia then had lunch. Very friendly people here too and willing to share every bit of info they can part with.
Left around 1:30 and drove to Woodbine, exit 7 where our new campsite is. King George RV Park is very nice and cost us $26 for 3 nights plus $3. for WI-FI. It is a balmy 81*F (25*C), sunny and humid but tolerable. Lots of no-seeums and mosquitoes. Went into town for bread, milk, beer and wine. Also filled the tank for 17.55 gallons @ $2.499

N 30*50' W 81*40' Altitute 70' Distance today: 322 Km (202 miles)

NOVEMBER 12, Sunday, sunny

We had a cold front come through overnight and the temperature dropped to 48*F with a high of only 70*F in the afternoon. Life is hard in this sunbelt country! (SMILE)
We got our mail yesterday so caught up to our bills and book-keeping; Val did a wash and I downloaded pictures. Also made reservation at a place call Layton on the Keys. It is $32/night but figured it was worth the expense when looking at the overall picture.
Went to Okefonokee swamp. As it was past 2:30 p.m. when we arrived, we got free admission. A really cool place and we saw our first live alligator although it was sickly looking, skinny and missing an eye. We went into the information centre and saw a film on the swamp which was very interesting the drove the "Swamp Island Drive". We stopped at a place whcih was a homestead that belonged to a certain Mr Chesser back in 1916. The place was just like the movies. Old, air space between the wall planking, tin roof but cleanly kept. Inside, we looked at the kitchen, bedroom and dining room/living room as it was in those days. In the back, there was a garden with sugar cane and a shed for it. We also were shown an actual sap catcher on a pine tree from which they made turpentine. WOW! The Chesser's had 7 children. Didn't see any gators or snakes but took lots of pictures.
Came home around 4:30 p.m. A good day!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 4 to 8, 2006

NOVEMBER 4, Saturday, Sunny

Another sunny day but a very cold night, 28*F (-4*C)

Today, we went ot the Naval Base in Norfolk, one of the biggest in the world. The visit was a real disappointment. We were packed onto a bus then took a tour of the base which consisted of driving around and we were told NO PICTURES! Paid $5. to drive around and didn't see anything that I couldn't see outside the gate. It is however a huge base.
From here we went to Yorktown via I-64 then hwy 17 north. We went through the tunnel and bridge which was over a mile long....more interesting than the naval base.
Yorktown was the first English settlement back in the 1600's and all the house are very much British style. We walked around for a while then drove the Colonial Parkway which was very beautiful and interesting. Very much enjoyed that drive. We arrived at Jamestown but had to pay to enter so decided to leave and went through Williamsburg downtown the home.

Except for the Base, it was a very interesting and enjoyable day. Virginia is a beautiful State, very historic and rich in culture. A destination on its own and worth coming back to.

NOVEMBER 5, Sunday, Sunny

It went down to 0*F overnight. Time to leave. We hit I-64 to Hwy 17 south. Arrived in North Carolina around 11:45 and stopped at the info centre for maps (free) and info. Very friendly people.
Country side is very flat and forestry whereas Virginia was rolling hills. There was lots of pine trees and oak trees but also started to see more pampas grass and swampy areas. Also saw lots of cotton fields, I want to touch one of those!
We followed the intra-coastal waterway for a while and then through the "great Dismal Swamp" It was interesting and beautiful and was below sea level, according to my GPS, by 5 to 10 feet.

Arrived at Walmart in New Bern, N.C. at 3 p.m. and made camp.

N35* 06' W77* 05' Alt: 45' Distance today: 349 KM (218miles)
Bought fuel in NC 13.85 gal @ 2.599

NOVEMBER 6, Monday, sunny

Got up at 7 a.m. Had a quick breakfast then hit the road by 8:30 Followed Hwy 17 which was again very scenic and well maintained. Over half of it was 4 lanes.
Trees and foliage again changing ever slightly. The highway is still fairly flat. We are getting closer to the coast and drove near Cape Fear (movie!?) Drove through Camp Lejeune Marine Corps property but didn't see anything. Swamps are becoming more prominent and we started to see Spanish moss hanging on trees. Long brown, dry moss like that hangs off branches on trees just like the movies. Apparently they attract moisture and help trees grow.
We entered South Carolina at 11:30 drove through Myrtle Beach. Stopped and walked the beach and took some pictures. It is a big place much like any resort, full of hotels and motels and tourist attractions. It was calm when we drove through but we could imagine what it is like in the summer. We drove over 5 miles along the beach then hit Hwy 17 again.
Drove through Georgetown, a big and smelly steel town. We are also noticing the rise in temperature....now 70*F and that the trees are not so much in autumn mode. By-passed Charleston and drove to our site, Lake Aire RV resort, 7 miles south of town. A nice plac surrounded by lots of trees. We have C6 and the palce is almost full. We are also moticing more humidity in the air. WIFI is available but sporadic. It is a balmy 70* and 9 pm.

N32* 46' W80* 06' Alt: 36' Distance today 447 km
Fuel: NC this morning 14.806 @ 2.499; SC 17.80gal @ 2.359 and SC 14.80 gal @ 2.499 (.79/Litre)

NOVEMBER 7 Tuesday, raining

It rained all night and all day and only 60*F The de-humidifier is working overtime and had to empty it twice today. We worked on planning our route and doing laundry. A quiet day
Text mail Steve tonight for a while then went to bed

NOVEMBER 8, Wednesday, cloudy

Washed the fifth wheel and the truck today It was overdue. After that, we took a drive to check out a "live angel oak tree" that a worker here told me about. We drove about 10 miles then arrived at the site. And what a site it was. It is HUGE, BIG, BEAUTIFUL, the tree that is. It is considered one of the oldest if not the oldest tree in North America. Over 1400 years old. Its circumference is over 25.5 feet, it is 65 feet high, it shades an area of 17000 feet. Its largest limb has a circumference of 11.5 feet and measures 89 feet long WOW!!!!! Took lots of pictures and posted them. That is what I call IMPRESSIVE!!!

We are now home and the BBQ is going. The sky is clear and we are watching a nice sunset

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nov 2 to 4, 2006

NOVEMBER 2, Thursday, Sunny

Left Front Royal around 9:30 a.m. Drove East on I-66 to Hwy 17 South, to I-95. Once in Richmond, we headed East again on I-64 to Williamsburg and our new site Anvil Campground. Turns out it is a nice place but after setting up and sitting down for a brew, a train went by only about 200 feet from the camp. WOW! What an awakening!!! Good thing we are only here for three nights.
As we were setting up Val had a problem with the Dining room slide. Wouldn't go out properly. Got it out finally and will check it out further tomorrow.
Went into town to get milk and bread, 5l wine and 24 beer; all the important ingredients in a camping situation, all for $35.

We have WIFI here

N37* 10' W76* 43' Alt: 92' Distance today: 302 km, $19.80/night (with tax) Fuel: 20.42 gal @ 2.399

NOVEMBER 3 , Friday, Sunny

Got up at 7 a.m. Train went by twice over night and woke me up both times.
A cool night and a cool day. Only went up to 49* F (9*C)
Tried the slide and it wouldn't go out. Call a local RV Repair shop and they came out around 2 p.m. 3 1/2 hours later, the slide was operating. Turns out that the activator bar which connects both support was spot-welded in two places and they both broke off and cause the slide not to operate properly. So after calling our extended warranty, a $450 bill cost us only the deductible...$100. Thank goodness for that.
Unfortunately, this ruined our day and never got to visit anything. Will have to do it all tomorrow.

NOVEMBER 4, Saturday, Sunny and cold

It got down to 28*F (-2*C) overnight. Brrrrrrrr!!!!

Left around 9:30 a.m. for Norfolk. Took Hwy 60 East then I-64. Took the Exit for hwy 17 and and then Hwy60 south. Drove through Newport News and at the south end, we took I-664 and through the tunnel (quite something) Could see the naval base in Norfolk as we crossed the bridge part. It is over a mile long (both bridge and tunnel). We went into Suffolk then over to Norfolk. Had lunch at Pizza Hut then headed to the naval base for the tour. Paid $5. which became a total waste. The tour was a flop as far as I am concern. We got on a bus and were never allowed to leave or take pictures as we drove by the aircraft carriers, war ships and the submarines. A real disappointment!
From there, we drove to Yorktown was was the first english settlement in North America established in the early 1600's. (see pictures) From there, we took the "Colonial Parkway" which turned out to be very beautiful with all the trees changing colors. We drove to Jamestown but weren't willing to pay $10 to see a mock-up village so drove back to Williamsburg and our site.
Aside from the naval base, (which was Ok I guess) it was a good day and we are now at home ( 5 p.m.) and dinner is on....lasagna! Yum! Yum!
Tomorrow, we leave for points further south, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Hopefully also to warmer climate.

Topped-up the fuel: 7.21 gal @ 2.499

See you all soon

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oct 27 to Nov 1 2006

OCTOBER 27, 06 Friday

Got down to 28* F (-6*C) Very frosty this morning. We are at the Walmart in Albany, Maryland. It is 8 p.m. and pouring rain. It took us 5 hours to go from our site in Connecticut to I-95 in New Jersey, trying to circumvent N.Y.
As we were packing this morning, I broke the tie-down bracket on the awning. Had to tie it in a way that it wouldn't open on the road. DAMN!!!!
It started to rain south of Philadelphia. We followed 95 to 387 then 202, 206 south to I-95 again. Had a couple tolls to pay but nothing too serious/expensive. Made reservations with RPI at Front Royal.
The new batteries seem to be holding their charge.

Fuel before leaving CT 20.3 gal @ 2.72 (.85L); NJ 10.9 @ 2.40(.76L) and Delaware 16.7 gal @ 2.70

N 39*29' W76*10' Alt: 94' Distance today 497 km

it's 10 p.m. and blowing like crazy and raining hard.

OCT 28 Saturday, raining in morning but sunny in p.m.

It was a balmy 55* F this morning. Crazy how the temperature changes. Left at 9:30 a.m. and arrived at Front Royal at 4 p.m. We took our time coming down with lots of stops. drove through Baltimore, around Wash DC via 495 then I-66 west to Front Royal and our site. The drive was absolutely gorgious. Trees are now in full colours which adds to the atmosphere.
This camp site (Skyline RV Resort) is very pretty and clean. Lots to do for the family. ($8/night RPI)
The wind picked up in the evening and was blowing really hard over night. There is a halloween party going on in the park and lots of kids around.
Moved the clock back one hour to Standard time before we went to bed.

N 38*54' W 78*17" Alt: 721' Distance today: 245KM

OCTOBER 29, Sunday, Sunny

It is a balmy 60* F. this morning, short sleeve for sure. Went into town to check our e-mail and buy some groceries. this is a quaint little town.
Tried to get the dish set up but too many trees around.

Fuel 22.5 gal @ 2.41

OCTOBER 30, Monday, Sunny

Left @ 10 a,m, and stopped in Camping World for the awning part....$23 later we will have the part delivered to us overnight. From here, we went to Arlington Cemetery where JF Kennedy and his wife are buried. Very impressive and touching. Also saw his brother Robert's grave and the Unknown Soldier and the change of guard. Impressive and awe. From here we drove to the Iwo-Jima monument.. AWSOME AND HUGE!!!! I hadn't realize it was so big.. Also saw the Pentagon and where the plane crashed into it. There is a memorial at the site....see pictures.
Came home during rush hour and got home by 6 p.m.
Tucker stayed home all day and did very well. Needless to say, he headed for the first tree before saying hello!!!

OCTOBER 31, Tuesday, sunny

It was cloudy in the morning but sunny for the most part of the day. We went to Vienna, suburb of Wash, and took the subway in. Got off at 23rd by the University and walked down to the Lincoln Monument. What a huge and awesome monument. Bigger than I had realized opposed to when you see it in person. Walked around for about 20 minutes, reading all the history and taking in the site of the Constitution Gardens, the Pond and Capitol Hill in the distance. We walked to the Vietnam memorial. It was very poignant seeing people touching the Wall and praying for their lost friends or family member(s). Thousands of names. People left momentos, including a small Canadian flag. It was breathtaking and both shed a few tears. Can't help it....such an emotional place

We then walked to the WW2 monument. A huge circle with a fountain prominent in the middle. Each States represented and pictures of certain battles, we then walked to the White House and again I was a bit disappointed. It was smaller than I imagined but still awsome. Walked Pensylvania Ave which was all blocked off. Security was very prominent everywhere. We didn't see any of the Smithsonian museums but saw the buildings. It was getting too late and we were both tired.
Took the subway back to Vienna, then drove home.
What a day...full of emotions and womders. Oh yes, we also took in the White House visitor centre which was very impressive.

NOVEMBER 1, Wednesday, Sunny

And warm, got up to 78* F (24*C) Day spent fixing the awning, write this blog and made reservations for some places we will go in the near future.
Time to get home

fuel 22.5 gal @ 2.419 (.76L)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

October 20 to 26

OCTOBER 20, Friday

Up at 7 a.m. It is raining again. Packed and on the road by 11 a.m. Drove Hwy 1 to St-Stephen where we crossed the border into Maine USA at 1:15 p.m.
We got onto Hwy 9 and followed it all the way to Bangor where we spent the night in a Walmart parking lot. The hiway was good but we couldn't see much due to so much fog and rain. We stopped at a rest area for lunch and were in Bangor at 3 p.m. (We changed time when we crossed into the US, one hour back Eastern time)
It is busy here being a Friday. we fuelled and laid back and rested. Bought 30 beer and 5L wine for $29 versus $60 in New-Brunswick (just goes to show how much we are being gouged in Canada)

N 44*46' W 68*44' Alt: 197' distance today 312 Km Fuel 18.95 gal @ $2.64

OCTOBER 21, Saturday, Sunny but windy

Had a lousy sleep. Up at 6 a.m. The batteries went dead overnight so had to start the truck to charge them and get the furnace going. IT is a chilly 6*C
Got a mcmuffin from McDonald and left by 8:30a.m. Got on hwy 395 then I-95 south We had to pay toll fees of $4. between Augusta and New-hampshire. It took 3/4 hour to cross N.H. at the bottom end. We are making good time as I don't want to boondock with the batteries the way they are. We stopped at an info centre in Massachussetts and the people here weren't all that friendly. Kept going south and around Boston. Busy but not overwhelming. Drivers coming on the freeway come in slow then speed like maniacs, so it was best to stay in the middle lane as we had a couple of close calls. They don't seen to look when coming on either. We are travelling at 90KM/hr (55mph)
South of Boston, we took I-495 and headed S.E. to Bourne Cape Cod. Bourne RV Park is a nice place with lots of trees and by the canal. It is well kept but expensive for us...$30/night and it was the cheapest around.
As we drove in, we encountered a couple that we had met back in Moncton N.B. WOW....small world.
We set up in site G34 near the canal, had dinner then headed for bed. A long and tiring day for both of us. Called Jeff in the evening and talked to him for a while.
We are here for 3 days

N 41*45' W 70*35' Alt: 56' Ditance today: 478km ( 300 miles)
fuel: Maine 19.43 gal @ 2.599 & Massuchussetts 9.62 @ 2.899

OCTOBER 22 Sunday, Sunny

We left at 10 a.m., crossed the Bourne Bridge and headed East into Cape Cod on Hwy 28. It was a beautiful drive with lots of quaint little town/villages, neat houses and friendly people. We south places like Yarmouth, Falmouth, Woods Hole where the frry to Martha's Vineyard is, we saw the Island, south Cape beaches, Waquoit among many. We stopped in Hyannis to see the Kennydy memorial. He lived here for many years even as President.
We joined Hwy 6 as the Cape does its curve north and it took us to Cape Cod light house and ProvinceTown. The drive reminded us of Oregon coast with all the sand dunes and the ocean nearby. It was mainly all State and National Parks and we reached the northern most point at Race Point beach N 42*04' W 70*13' there was also an airport here.

ProvinceTown was a neat village of 3100 people which triples in the summer. This is where the vessel MAYFLOWER landed with the Pilgrims back in 1620. They populated the area and Plymouth on the mainland, and also formed ProvinceTown.
After a quick beer and a snack, we headed south on hwy 6 and were back home within an hour and a half. we had a late dinner and went to bed tired but happy.
I bought 2 new deep cycle batteries in Hyannis for $126.

OCTOBER 23 Monday, Sunny again.

It rained overnight but it is sunny this morning. Decided to drive to Boston, an hour away. Filled the truck 20gal @ 2.599 and followed hwy 6 then I-93. We parked near the "Common Grounds" and took a walking tour. It was interesting and we got to see where it all happened back in the 1700's Downtown Boston is very historic and it is interesting to see the old with the new. Our tour guide was very informative and it helped that she was cute!!! We saw Paul Revere's house, the Italian quarter, the meeting hall, the State house where the Declaration of Indepence was read.
AND...we got to see and try out the famous Pub "CHEERS" from the TV show. It was neat to see there and see everything as we saw it on TV, including the famous window by the stairs. We didn't see Norm or anyone else of that show unfortunately.
Came home and fuelled the truck for 8.5 gallons @ 2.699 Another successful day. Drove a total of 566 km in the last 2 days.

OCTOBER 24 Tuesday, Cloudy and Cold

It was only 6*C again last night. We left by 10 a..m. after dumping and stopped in town for a Post Office then onwards west and south on Hwy 6. we hopped on I-95 by Ferndale then entered Rhode Island and through Providence. We reached Connecticut an hour later and stopped at a info centre where we met this guy Steve who gave us some good info and also knew the owner of the campsite we were planning on staying in Madison.
Arrived in Riverdale Farm Campsite at 3 p.m. and set-up. $93 for three nights including a full tank of propane which was pretty good. we have full hook-up and WIFI and cable. Unloaded the kayaks and readied everything for our trip to NY tomorrow.
This is Madison county ( movie Bridges of Madison county) and incredibly picturesque. Actually it was all the way down. We drove by Mystic, famous for its pizza as per the movie but no time for one now.

OCTOBER 25, Wednesday, Sunny and windy

Today, we went to Mahattan, New-York! What an icredible city. I can understand why they love it as we fell in Love with New-York!
We left our site and drove to New-Haven where we took a train to Mahattan @ $32 for both. We met a lady on board who gave us some very good info and 2 hours later we were in the mist of Grand Central Station and the skyscrapers of Mahattan. WOW! We took a taxi to GROUND ZERO then walked to Battery Park where we saw the Statue of Liberty, from far away mind you. Ground Zero was a bigger than I thought and the memorial was well done. We both shared a tear seeing all this devastation and the list of the names of the people who perished in that horrific moment.

We then walked to WALL STREET where we saw the NY exchange and some beautiful highrises. and took anotehr taxi back to the Empire State building. The taxi drivers were all marvellous and more than willing to share their town with us. We saw the Brooklyn bridge, Brooklyn across the river, teh United Nations and Trump's tower. It made it even more interesting. We went up to the 86th floor and saw New-york form above (SEE PICTURES) The cost was $32 and there were line ups everywhere. It was very windy and cold up there so took some quick pictures, took a moment to reflect then headed down. From here, we walked 43rd and then 6th (the avenue of the Americas) to TIME SQUARE. What a strange feeling to be standing here. We also saw the N.Y. public library, a beautiful building and walked Broadway part of the way.
At 42nd and 6th we stopped at Vigil's and had a beer and snack and saw New-Yorkers in their environment. The bartenders were all friendly and chatty. We left there in the mist of rush hour. People elbow to elbow yet we managed to walk fairly fast back to Grand Central.
We took the train back, an express, and the drove home to Tucker. He went straight for the first tree as soon as I open the door then came over to greet us. Poor little guys, he was bursting a tthe seams.

We both wish we would have had mopre time to spent there but it is expensive and we do have a limited budget. It was an AWSOME day for both of us.

OCTOBER 26, Thursday and sunny

We spent the day here doing laundry, writing e-mails and bringing this blog to date and downloading pictures. I've been sitting behind this screen for about 3 hours now...time to call it quit.

Bye for now and check out all the new pictures.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

October 14 to 19, 2006

Well, this is our last entry in New-Brunswick and Canada for that matter. Tomorrow, the 20th, we move into the U.S. of A., more specifically Maine and head south!!!!!

It's been a very quiet week and not much to report. Yesterday it poured rain all day and we had dinner with Tena and Al as they left this morning for the States' side.
We went to Fredericton on Tuesday for the day. We took hwy 102 north along the St-John river. It was a very pretty and scenic drive. I wanted to see GageTown and the Army base there but found out that the Base is actually 36 km north of the village in a suburb of Frededicton called Oromocto ( 5-7 km from the city).
Gagetown village was very small and not much there beside a pub and an old Post Office building.
Fredericton was also a disappointment for both of us especially being the capital of New-Brunswick. The downtown was quaint but not very big. We walked the whole thing in an hour and a half. There were nothing going on (being so late in the season) so we left and headed back home.
As a footnote, we drove into the Army Base as there were no gates to be seen anywhere. I saw where the Engineer Squadron was so that made my day.

We've done all our last minute preparation and the laundry, now we are bringing this and our pictures to date and that's it.

Talk to you all on the State's side

Yes, I downloaded a few more pictures. If you are interested, click on the link a the right side

Friday, October 13, 2006

October 8-13, 2006

OCTOBER 8 Sunday

Another sunny day. Said our good-byes to Tena and Al as they are going to the other side of Nova Scotia, the Annapolis Valley.
Washed the thruck and vacuum the inside. Went to fuel, get some propane ($1.09/litre, bloody highway robbery) and fill the air bags.
Val made a wonderful Thanks-Giving dinner consisting of a roast chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots and turnip mashed, and salad. It was DELICIOUS!

OCTOBER 9/06 Monday

Happy Thanks-Giving day! We left our campsite this morning for New Brunswick. We went up Hwy 213, then 102 to N.B. which then turned into Hwy 1. We drove to St-John, a 6 hours ride including a stop for lunch. It is a warm day....24*C.
When we arrived in St_John, we got lost trying to find our campsite but finally found it but not until we were sent on a wild goose chase for another campsite which turned out to be closed.
A nice place overlooking the city and the harbour, near a bluff, the park is call ROSEWOOD PARK and it cost $115 for one week. Set up and then had a happy hour. Found an airbag on the driver side leaking so will have to get that looked at tomorrow.

N 45*17' W66*03' Alt: 157' Distance today: 513 km

OCTOBER 10, Tuesday

Up at 7 a.m. Sunny again but windy. Got down to 6*C overnight. Found a garage called SPRING WORKS for the air bag. They have to order another one so will be here tomorrow.
Went into town and walked the whole downtown. Full of old building built in the 1700's and 1800's. Very historic. Had a beer in an old pub then went home to find Tena and Al are here too. They came over for happy hour and stayed for dinner.

A good evening overall and to bed by 11 p.m.

OCTOBER 11, Wednesday

Sunny again but the forecast is for rain tonight and a wind warning. Took the truck to SPRING WORKS and a half hour later I was on the road again.

We went to see the reversing falls today which turned out to be very interesting. The tide is sure powerful and rises and falls 32 feet overall.

Phone BCAA to make sure our medical insurance is to date for the States. Our plans are to stay here until the 20th when the park closes then move to Calais, Maine and stay there for two days then head south. That is when our medical insurance will be good and in full force.
Also made an appointment for Tucker to get him checked out.

OCTOBER 12, Thursday,

IT is a miserable day...Rain and winds gusting to 60Km/hr. Stayed home all day and read our books. Took Tucker for his appointment at 7 p.m. and all is fine except for more pills for his itching.

OCTOBER 13, Friday

Let's hope it is a lucky one. It was really foggy this a.m. but the sun is out now (3 p.m.) It was a warm night too. 15*C at 8 a.m. this morning.

We are sitting a tthe Market place where we have access to WIFI and writing this.
Also downloaded the rest of my pictures. If you notice that some folders are gone it's because I have used all my allocated space so had to make more room for the new pictures. Sorry if you missed the old ones.

Bye for now. Probably won't write in here again until we get further down the States.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

October 1 to 7, 2006

If you are wondering why I haven't placed any maps on my log, it's because I can't get mapquest to open properly. I am not sure if it's because of the connection or the web site!? Will try again later to download them and bring my blog to date.

OCTOBER 1, 2006 Sunday

Cloudy today. We packed and left our site by 9:10 a..m. Took hwy 4 south. Nothing spectacular. We stopped in St-Peters for brunch then again at the Canso causeway to take more pictures. Once across we took hwy 4 again to check out our friends', the Tate's, old campsite which they used to own. Unfortunately, we never found it and kept going to Hwy 102. It is possible that the new owners have changed the name!??????
Anyway, 6 hours later, we arrived at our campsite, Wayside Camp @ $17/night with full hook-ups thanks to PASSPORT. When we arrived in Halifax, we took the wrong turn and ended up going on Hwy 333 which follows the coast. It was tortuous and rough. It took longer and being tired already didn't help either. Now we are here and can relax. we took the site for a week. It's time for a Miller! We are across from a beautiful bay and the ocean. we intent on kayaking while here.

N 44*34' W 63*54' Alt. 17 feet, dist. today: 481 KM.

OCTOBER 2, Monday

Cloudy and raining. Going to do some shopping and fill one of the propane tank.
After shopping, we came home and I had a small snooze....3 hours later, discovered that our friends Tena and Al have also arrived. Will see them in the next days. The Bounder that was in Louisbourg is also here. A real "deja vue"
Rained on and off all day and it is very windy

OCTOBER 3, Tuesday

Slept until 9:30. WOW! I think all this driving is catching up to me. I hadn't realize how tired I have been.
We left at 10:30 and I stopped to make an appointment for an oil change tomorrow. We followed hwy 3 to Hubbards then south on 329 to Bayswater where the memorial and enternment of the people on board flight 111 took place. From what we were told and what we can see, it is a mass grave as some people, only parts of their bodies were recovered. It was small but very profound. The circle is lined so that the lines make a triangle with the other memorial at Peggy's Cove and the actual sight where the plane went down on the horizon. It list all the names and there were little mementos like a picture of a young lady, a small baby boot, some little toys. We both shed a tear or two. Very moving and emotional! It is situated at N 44*30' W 64*04'

From here we drove on to the other side of the peninsula and headed north again along Mahone Bay. It was very beautiful and incredibly picturesque. We drove through Mahone Bay village, a quaint and touristic place. They were having a scarecrow festival and pratically every house had one or more scarecrow. It was really well done (see pictures on the link at right) Lots of neat old houses too.

9 KM later we arrived at our destination....Lunenberg, the birth place of the sail boat Blue Nose and where Blue Nose II is also located. We visted the museum and took lots of pictures. Unfortunately, we were not able to go on board but I was happy all the same. Walked along side her on the dock and could see her deck. The booms were on the dock as she was going through a re-fit by the looks of it.
In the museum, we were given a demonstration on how a boat is launched. It was a model about 4 feet in lenght and they had a small basin full of water and everything was to scale. I participated in the launching and it was thrilling and fun. I enjoyed the visit and all the display. It was well done and big.....3 floors full of exhibits. A memorial to all the fishermen.
We walked in the village for a while then headed out.

Back in Mahone Bay village, we stopped for a brew and fish and chips. Got back home at 7:30 p.m. A really good day overall and lots of pictures to download

OCTOBER 4, Wednesday

Cloudy this morning. Got the oil change at $98. and the sun finally came out at noon.
Downloaded pictures on our website while Val did her laundry and vacuum.
At 2 p.m. we went out kayaking in the Bay and the one next to that. Lots of beautiful houses on the bluffs but didn't have the camera so no pictures. Came home around 4:30 and had a happy hour with Tena and Al.

OCTOBER 5, Thursday

Up at 7:30 and it is pouring dogs and cats out there. It finally stopped at lunch time so we went to Peggy's Cove and did some sightseeing. we saw the second memorial to Flight 111 then headed into the village consisting of 40 habitants and almost as many houses and shed. A fishing village and a quaint little harbour. The surrounding area looks just like Northern Ontario. Rocky and small shrubs. It is a protected conservation area.

In Halifax, we stopped at an info centre and got some directions on what to see and do. From here we drove down to the harbour and looked around but didn't stay. We took hwy 102 back to our site and called it a day.
Mail was waiting for us and my cell also arrived from Quebec...Thanks Gaetan! Will get that functionning tomorrow. It all got here quite fast.
Figured out that if I sit in the bedroom, WIFI works great!

OCTOBER 6, Friday

Up at 8 a.m. It is sunny but very windy and cool. Only got as high as 12*C today. Before going to Halifax, we stopped at the mall on Hwy 102 and got my cell re-activated. While there, we met a local couple from Darthmouth and discovered that her name is Valerie and that she is from Scotch Creek, next door to our home base! WOW! What a small world. we've had a lot of encounters like this. It's incredible.

In Halifax we visited the Citadel first. It was interesting but not as good as the one in Quebec City. Maybe it's because everything is cut back due to the lateness in the year!? Not sure but we did see soldiers in Kilt playing the bag pipe and drums. Also followed a tour guide around and visited the museum. It was interesting. We also saw a film on the history of Halifax and the explosion that took place in the early 1900th

From here, we went to take the Alexander Keith's brewery tour. That was a lot of fun but not what we expected. All the same we enjoyed it and would recommend it. The brewery itself is no longer there in town but has been moved in the outskirts. The building was very old and survived the explosion. We tasted a couple of beer and after the tour, we went to the local pub for another one. Came home and relaxed.

OCTOBER 7, Saturday

Up at 8 again. It's sunny and a bit warmer and no winds to speak of. we went back to the mall on Hwy 102 and shopped Costco and Walmart. Bought some groceries and a few otehr little things then headed for downtown Halifax. We walked teh board walk to Pier 21 and back. Visited anotehr brewery (Garrison) and tasted 4 different kind of beer for $3. worth it. It was a good beer and a local one. From here, we wobble to Pier 21 which was host to the Queen Mary II. Didn't go on board but look at her from a distance. It is a HUGE ship. We visited Pier 21 which was a reception area for immigrants coming into Canada back in the late 1800 and early 1900's There is even a log full of names of people that immigrated in Canada, listing all their belongings and their family. My name was not in there but Val did see Heathman's We bought a jacket each (just what we did/didn't need!!!) What the heck...we will never be back here again.
Walked back and stopped to watch players from the play "DRUM" practicing and then headed for the truck and came home.

Another good day. Tomorrow, we are planning on washing the truck, do a wash, bring this blog to date and generally get ready to leave for Monday morning. We are headed for St-John in New-Brunswick and will be there for 10 to 14 days.
See you there!

Sept 25 to 30, 2006

SEPTEMBER 25, Monday,

WOW! Did we ever have a windstorm overnight! Had to get up at 4 a.m. and put the awning down and away. Our neighbor, who was under a tarp and tent, had his tarp shred to pieces but luckily the tent stayed up.
Right now, it's cloudy and windy but not as strong. It was, however, a warm night. Never went down below 14*C
Decide to stay another night. Got my mail today. YIPEE!! Val is doing the wash and I checked all the bills. Also checked our e-mail.
Still windy and it's starting to cool off.

SEPTEMBER 26, Tuesday

Up at 7 a.m. We are taking the 11 a.m. ferry off the Island and onwards to Nova Scotia.
We left by 9:20 and were one of the first ones to arrive at the ferry. Third in the line up @ $93 for the crossing. We loaded at 11.a.m. and the crossing took an hour and a half. One of our neighbours at Murray River is also on board. We sat together and chatted and got to know each other a bit better. They are from Alberta, Tena and Al are their names.

We arrive don the other side at 12:30 and followed hwy 106 thru Pictou then Hwy 104 at New Glascow.
We stopped at an info centre in Antigonish and got some good info on Cape Breton Island and what to see. We crossed the Canso causeway into Cape Breton and arrived at our site in Baddeck. We are one km from the turn off to Cabot Trail.
After dinner, we went into town to the Tissle Pub as we were told that was going to be Celtic music. No such luck. The place was almost empty. We got talking to a group of people who were here for a wedding and found out that one of them was from Chase: a lady of 86 years old. Her son was from Belgium and some of them were from Edmonton.
Came home after a beer. It's pouring cats and dogs right now, very strong rain too. Time for bed

N 46*05' W 60*51" Alt: 156 feet Dist. today: 280 KM

SEPTEMBER 27 Wednesday,

It is sunny again. Weather changes really fast here it seems. Left at 10 a.m. for the Cabot Trail. Took exit 7 and headed North East to the coast and the gulf of St-Lawrence. We followed a valley to the coast with mountains on both sides. We arrived at Margaree Harbour. Stopped and looked around the village and took a couple pictures. This place was supposed to have the oldest and longest wooded bridge but it was replaces about 10 years ago with steel and cement. Oh well!!!
Headed north along the coast and our first stop was Cheticamp village. The coast was/is absolutely gorgeous. Up and down and around we went. The village was wonderfully quaint and we had a coffee at the local Horton and ate our packed lunch.
Talked to a couple locals and got to hear the accent which is very distinct. Bought a couple CD's with local music. This is an Acadian town. 20 minutes out of town, we climbed to 1500 feet over French and McKenzie mountains. we zigzagged down to Pleasant Valley then headed inland east to the top of Cabot Trail. At Cape North, we headed north to Bay St-Lawrence where the road ended overlooking the Gulf. N 46*00' W 60*28".
We came back to the village of Cape North and headed south and west. We climbed again over North Mountain into Ingonish Beach; a beautiful beach with white sand and protected from the ocean. We had our first glimpse of the Atlantic ocean. I can now say that I have been coast to coast, ocean to ocean!
We visited the Keltic Lodge and the golf course ( rated 64th in the world and #2 in North America). We spent about a half hour here then headed out.
The rest of the trip was a bit anti-climatic. The road was narrow, windy and poorly maintain. The only other place worth mentioning is ST-ANNE (20 minutes form Baddeck) where we had a beautiful view of a wondeful bay.

As a footnote, we saw the ferry for NFLD going across the Ocean out of Sydney. We also saw Sydney in the distance. The west side of the Cape was definitely the best for scenery.
Got back at 6p.m.

SEPTEMBER 28 Thursday

Looks like another nice day. Sunny and warm. We went into Baddeck and explored. We visited the Graham Bell museum. He lived here in his retirement and loved the country side and the town. He continued to invent more stuff and work on his hydro plane. we bought a couple more souvenirs for the house and got some groceries. Also checked for our e-mail.
Came home and had a happy hour with Tena and Al who are also staying at the same campsite. They are members of PASSPORT like us.

It sprinkled rain in the evening for a while but soon stopped.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2006 Thursday

Cloudy but warm today. 14*C right now at 10 a.m. We packed and left by 10:20 and arrived Louisbourg at 12:30 at "Hidden Treasures" campsite where all the treasures are hidden. Al and Tena are also here along with a Bounder from BC. This is another Passport camp but in fairness to the owner, he just bought this place and already is doing some improvement.
We have been here 4 hours and haven't seen any signs of any owners. We ran out of power and thank goodness for a friend of his who was on site, we got the power back.
It's very windy again and a slight drizzle is falling.

N 45*59' W 59*59' Alt: 17' Dist: 113 KM

SEPTEMBER 30 Saturday.

We went to the fortress today. Took over 170 pictures. Thank god I don't have to pay for any development or it would cost a fortune.
Louisbourg fortress was a very nice fort and very well done with local volunteers dressed in the era's clothing. It was rebuilt in the 60's as it had been destroyed by the english in the 1800's
In the summer it is very busy and there are more volunteers. As it is, we are on their last day of full demonstration so we are lucky. We got to see a change of the guards and the firing of the noon gun
We visited a bakery where the baker makes her bread in an old oven heated by coal and wood. We bought a loaf of bread from her.

From there, we went to Main-a-Dieu which is the Eastern most driveable point south of the Gulf of St Lawrence. N 46*10" W 46*00'

Came home and decided to leave in the a.m. this place (campsite) is not the best, that is for sure. We paid $36 for two nights ( owner showed up today).

Sunday, September 24, 2006

September 21 to 24

Sitting in Founders house again, bringing this log to date. 45 Minute drive from Murray River.

SEPTEMBER 21, Thursday, sunny

After packing, we left for Murray River so that we are closer to the ferry in Wood Islands. We arrived at our site in River Camping and paid for 3 nights @ $11/night. Passport again. We are waiting for our mail and will do the East Cape while here and hopefully some kayaking. Fuel in Murray River @.98 cents X 86 L. Looked at a couple of quaint little shop in the village than called it a day. It's cloudy now and cooled off.

N46* 01' W62* 36' Alt:47' and a distance of 105 km for today

SEPTEMBER 22, Friday, Sunny in a.m. and cloudy and rain in latter part of day. Strong winds

Left at 11a.m. for the Cape and drove along the Bay on Hwy 17 Some of the little villages we saw were Montague, Georgetown, Souris (where the ferry to Islands of Madeleine is situated) and stopped for lunch at the "Singing Sands Provincial Park" It was still very windy so didn't stay long. The sand on the beach is formed by the sandstone and silica which creates a sensation of hearing the sands singing.

Arrived at the East Cape N 46*27' W 61*58' Took a few pictures (see link) and walked around the cape. This is where the tides of the Gulf of St Lawrence and the Straight of Northumberland meet which creates some formidable waves, we are told. There was a spit which was being covered but you could see it anyway. A lot of shipwrecks here too.
We went up to the top of the light house and looked around. The light house was built in 1867 and was moved twice due to the erosion of the Cape.
Drove back along Hwy 16 for a while on the north side of the island then cut across to Hwy 4 and home. Arrived back at 5:30 p.m. where we found two new neighbors.

SEPTEMBER 23 Saturday, Cloudy and cool

Looks like we will have to spend an extra day here as our mail has not arrived yet. I phoned home and it was mailed over a week ago.
It rained last night And again this morning. Windy again.
Took a drive to Murray harbor and the light house where the distress signal from the Titanic was first heard and relayed to New-York.

There is a 70 miles long yard sale happening locally. This is an annual event and reminded us of home and our yearly yard sale in Logan Lake.

Spent most of the day reading.

SEPTEMBER 24, Sunday. Cloudy, forecast for rain again

Not much happening. We are in Charlottetown for something to do and decided to bring this log to date and download our most recent pictures.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sept 16 to 20, 2006

I am now sitting in the Founders' house writing this blog. It is Sept 20th. I feel quite proud of being a Canadian after seeing this place, the birth of Canada. Our history is more interesting than we give it credit. I feel honored to be sitting here, in this historic town, and write my blog.

Let's go to the beginning shall we:

Sept 16, Saturday, sunny and warm

We left Shediac by 10:30 a.m. and drove Hwy 15 to 960 then headed for the coast. We arrived at the Confederation Bridge around noon. What a site!!!!! AWSOME!!!! Took a few pictures and then drove across the 13 km. long bridge and we arrived in P.E.I. We stopped at the info centre which had lots of things to see. IT was a village in itself. Got info on PEI, looked around at all the neat things then headed for our campsite in Borden-Carlton. $12.50 a night (Passport).
After setting up, we drove to Summerside, 25 km away, looked around and bought a few groceries. Came home and relax.

SEPT 17, Sunday, Sunny

Up at 7 a.m. Had a lousy sleep as we are near the hwy and it was very noisy over night. Decided to move on to another Passport campsite north of here. Packed and drove up Hwy 1 E to Charlottetown and stopped at a info centre, then we followed Hwy 2 W, then North on Hwy 7 to Oyster Bed Bridge.
A really nice campsite by the Rustico Bay. Nice view to boot. Price is right @ $14/night we paid for 4 nights. Set up on site A35.
We met the brother of another guy and his wife whom we had met in Moncton and again at Borden-Carleton. What a small world this is.
Left our site at 3 p.m. and headed on Hwy 6 along the coast for some sightseeing. In Cavendish, we saw Anne of Green Gable but didn't stop then headed for Avonlea and got to go in for free as it was almost closing time. Returned home via hwy 251. This is such a small Province. Actually smaller than Vancouver Island. One can drive from one end to the other in less than 300 Km. Everything is only a couple hours away.

We have a racing track next door and there is a big race going on. Very noisy but after dinner, all was quiet and we had a marvellous sleep.

I like PEI very much...It is quaint, small, tranquille, and easy, lay-back living.

SEPT 18, Monday, Cloudy and windy with a few sunny break

After making a light picnic, we headed out to the North Cape. Followed hwy 251 then 224, 254S adn then North on hwy 2. Country side is absolutely delighful. It's like a fairy land with its undulating hills and farming field of potatoes and veggetables. There are a few dairy farm too.
As we got further north, the clouds became more omnimous and it was raining by the time we got there.
We stopped at Jacque Cartier National Park where he apparently stopped for a while, then on to Tignish and visited the fishing village and walked the beach. It is misty and very windy.
North Cape was a short 10 minutes away. We looked around the info centre and than drove the back roads along the cape. From here, one can see the three side of the cape, the St-Laurent Gulf surrounds it with the Straight of Northumberland on the east side. They had to move the light house something like 8 times due to the erosion of the cape. It is all sandstone, very red and very fragile. There is also a 2 km spit which was being cover by the high tide when we got there.

After eating lunch, we headed south along the East coast on hwy 145 then cut across to hwy 2 in Campbellton. We stopped in Summerside for a few groceries then headed home. Arrived back at 5 p.m. Set up the dish and watched the tube.

SEPT 19, Tuesday, Sunny

Very windy again today but warm. Today we went to Charlottetown and visited the sights there. Drove down hwy 6 where we saw a scarecrow that was really neat and well done. Took a picture of it, then drove on to town. Charlottetown has a population of only 35 000 people.
Small yet the biggest town on the Island.

We visited Founder's house where we saw the most intereting display of the events that took place around the birth of Canada confederacy. It was very impressive and made us feel proud to be Canadians. Our history is more interesting than we give it credit for.
From here we walked the town....Water St, Queen St and a few others. It reminded us a lot of Victoria but it does have more older building of the 1800 era. Somewhat like Quebec. We visited the Provence House where the discussions of formong Canada took place and saw where the present government sits.
From there, we walked more of the town then went for a well deserve beer and snack at the "Merchantman Pub", an old building where the food was good and the service excellent.
Got back home around 5 p.m. and relaxed and reminisced over our day.

SEPT 20, Wednesday, rain, clouds and windy

It rained all night but it is very warm this morning. Also very, very humid.

We are in town a the Founders Hall where they have WIFI and we are going shopping so see you all later.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sept 9 to 15, 2006

SEPTEMBER 9, Saturday, cloudy/rain

Decided to stay another day. Will work on my blog. Downloaded more pictures which took almost 2 hours. It's 2:15 and raining A good day to read

SEPTEMBER 10, Sunday, sunny

A gorgious day. There are white caps on theocean. Left at 9 a.m. and headed southwest. Stopped at the National Parc of Ristigouche and looked over the exhibit there. Very interesting historical facts on the sinking of the french fleet ( 3 of them) by the english.
After an hour there, we headed back to Pointe de la Croix and crossed over the Petitcodiac river into New-Brunswick. Stopped at the info centre and looked over the town of Campbellton. Very nice people and helpful.

Drove along the coast north-east then south to Miramichi formely known as Chatham. THe drive was not that interesting as the road doesn't really follow the coast but is more inland.
At Miramichi, we crossed the bi-centennial bridge, headed 10 km south and found our Passport campsite, "All Night All Day" in Black River Bridge. Cost was $25 (week-ends including Sunday) for tonight then 12.50 during the week.

Oh yeah, we moved our clock one hour ahead to Atlantic time. We are now 4 hours ahead of BC.

N46*58' W65*19' Altitude: 112, Distance: 367 km (includes Gaspe drive)

SEPTEMBER 11, Monday, sunny

A cold night, went down to 4-5* C Left with the trauck only at 10 a.m. and went ot eexplore Miramichi. Visited the downtown and took a few pictures. Spoke with a woman who was very informative about the area and drove north along the shore to an Island called "Middle Island" IT was used in the early days as a quarantine centre for the people coming in from Europe. A lot of Irish died here due to fever and other disease and were buried in mass grave. Now there is a memorial dedicated to their saga. There was also a local doctor byt eh name of Vondy who died of the same fever from treating the sick there. He was the only one that volunteered to look after them. He paid the ultimate price.

From here, we followed the shore line (hwy 117) which turned out to be somewhat boring too. At St-Louis De Kent, we turned onto Hwy 11 and continued south to Bouctouche. That was really interesting. We saw the Irving Eco Centre and walkway (2 km long)) over this dune. Irving is the principal oil company here in New-Brunswick. The village itself was very quaint and lots of old building from the early days.
Drove back to our site and by 20:30 we had dinner and were sitting relaxing. A very interesting day overall

SEPTEMBER 12 Tuesday, Sunny

Another cold night. Down to 2-4*C Up at 8 a.m., packed and left by 10:30 went south on Hwy 11 to Shediac, the Lobster Capital of N.B. and only 20 km from Moncton.
We arrived at 12:30 at our site, Etoile Filante, another Passport member at $68 for 4 nights. We set up camp at site 66, with full hook-up, cable and WIFI.
Very windy today, our thermo shows only 18*C and it's 3:50. Went into town to buy some necessity such as milk, beer and wine. Bought a couple of lobster at $8.99/lbs cooked. This is a very nice town and very tourisque. definitely a destination place.
Met two couples from BC. One from Slamon Arm and the other from Surrey. Had happy hour together.

N46*13' W64*3' Altitude: 17' Dist: 110 km

SEPTEMBER 13, Wednesday, sunny

Said good bye to our new friends whom were headed out this morning, washed the truck and Kenzie.
At one p.m., we headed out and went to see "Magnetic Hill" in Moncton. Kind of a interesting site with lots to do such as a zoo and little train, a real tourist place. The hill itself was disapointing. A short one. Magnetic hill is an optical illusion. You are actually going down a small incline then up another small incline. When you look at it, it appears to be all one going up but in fact, it is an illusion.
From there, we went into town and walked the old downtown. Lots of interesting buildings. We also watched the "bore" come in on the river bed. The tide was out and the river banks were all mud. IT made for an itneresting view. The "Bore" is a tidal wave coming up the river. It precedes the high tide coming in. It can be anywhere from 1 to 4 feet high. The one we saw, was about 2-3 feet. (see pictures)
Drove on to Hopewell Rock, south of Moncton and saw the "flower pots" at high tide. Then it was onwards to Bay of Fundy National Park then home. Alma at the entrance of the park was a really quaint fishing village , very picturesque.
Arrived back a tour site at 7 p.m. and had steak and lobster (fresh). The park is almost full again

SEPTEMBER 14, Thursday, cloudy wiht sunny breaks

Up at 8:30. After a good shower and breakfast, we headed for Hopewell Rocks again but this time at low tide.
We walked the whole beach and saw each rock form the bottom. A different perspective from yesterday. All I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW! It was absolutely beautiful and awsome. Check out the pictures. They don't do justice but will give you an idea.

Came home and realxed for the rest of the day. Tomorrow, we move on to P.E.I. I called and made reservation in two differnt site for two time frame. Also called to have our mail forwarded to the second camp south of Charlottetown. We are looking forward to that.
Weatehr has been great so far and the forecast is for more for the next week

Saturday, September 09, 2006

August 31 to September 8, 2006

AUGUST 31, Thursday, Sunny but a lot cooler

Took Tucker out for a haircut then went for a drink a the local terrasse while waiting. Came home and loaded the top bars on the truck, washed it, packed the kayaks and golf gear.

SEPTEMBER 1, Friday, Sun and cool

Helped Gilles all day today then sat by the fire in the evening. A quiet day

SEPTEMBER 2, Saturday, Sunny with clouds

Johnny, Ginnette, Andre and Peter showed up in the afternoon and the party began. Had lots of laughs and recalled lots of memories. Had a good dinner which felt like a typical old family meal. We had chilli by Val and roast pork by Lise with all the trimmings.
Sat by the fire afterwards and didn't go to bed until 1 a.m. Johnny and Ginnette slept over in our rig.

SEPTEMBER 3, Sunday, Clouds and drizzles

Had a good breakfast then helped Gilles with the house some more. Peter left in the afternoon. We had pizza for dinner....nothing beats a good Quebec pizza!
Sat by the fire and it was party time again. Went to bed at midnight and Johnny and Ginnette stayed over again.

SEPTEMBER 4, Monday, Cloudy, drizzles

Therese, Michel and Christiane showed up late in the morning and we had another small party by the fire. It drizzled on and off all day but we still managed to have fun. Everyone left by 9 p.m. as Gilles had to leave for work. Said our goodbyes to him then went to bed by 10:30

SEPTEMBER 5, Tuesday, Cloudy and some sun

What a wonderful week-end we had, it was a great send-off! Went for last minute groceries, put away the rest of the stuff, dumped and cleaned the sewer line For dinner, we went to St-Hubert BBQ restaurant with Gaetan and Diane, then went to their place for a coffee and left at 10 p.m.

Chatted with Lise for a while then went to bed. This is our last night here and I feel really sad about leaving. We had a good time and it was great spending so much time with my family. Thought a lot about my parents and wished they had been here.....I miss them!

Took lots of pictures and everything is downloaded

To date, we have put in 81 hours 6 minutes of driving time on the road for a total of 6403 KM. All this time and mileage excludes anything done here in Quebec.

SEPTEMBER 6, Wednesday, sunny with some clouds

Got up at 7 a.m. , had a coffee then went to say bye to Lise and Anthony. He was really worried that he was going to miss saying good-bye!

After packing the last minute stuff, I checked the wheels as my brothers had pointed out that they were awfully close. Sure enough there is a problem. Drove to Lucien and they replaced the springs without charge as they had collapsed. Not sure how or when. Anyway, we never hit the road until 3 p.m.

Past Quebec city, we entered into unfamiliar territory. The drive was really beautiful with lots to see. The St-Lawrence valley is gorgeous.
We stopped at Wal-Mart in Riviere-du-Loup. There are a dozen rigs here already. I am ready for bed

N 48*49' W 69*33' Altit: 190' distance 356 km

SEPTEMBER 7, Thursday, sunny

Up at 6;45 and on the road by 9 a.m. after having a Mcmuffin . The night was cool at 12*C Fall is here.
We followed hwy 132 now, all the way. Stopped in Rimouski for a look around. Then it's off to Mt Joli where we turned away from the river and headed inland to the far side of the Gaspe peninsula.
We stopped in Causapscal for lunch and purchased a couple of souvenirs. Left an hour later and arrived on the coast of Bay de Chaleur and Carleton at 3 p.m.
We are on a spit with an absolutely gorgeous view of the sea and New-Brunswick on the other side.
We are a very fortunate couple. The moon came out later in the evening adding a very romantic side to things. We met a couple from Saskatchewan on their way home from Gaspe. Went for a walk on the beach and headed for a much needed rest in bed.

N48*05' W 66* 07' Alt: 26' Distance: 367 KM.

SEPTEMBER 8, Friday, Sunny

Af ter a good night, we hit the road again at 9.a.m. with the truck only. Packed a lunch and drove to New Richmond for our first sightseeing tour, the Gaspesian British settlement but the blooming place was shut down for the season. Drove on to Bonaventure where we visited the Acadian site and learned about their history. A very interesting but sad history with a major epic of survival, courages and perserverance.
People are extremely friendly and eager to help us find our wayher in Gaspe region. There were no problems with english either.
From here we drove on up the coast. The scenery was absolutely incredible....very hard to describe but it was worth the trip. Rolling hills and quaint little houses. I love the Quebec look. The mountains are beginning to show the colors on the trees.

We reached the crest of a hill to be met by the most incredible view....Perce Rock!
A life long dream has come true finally.

Perce is at Lat N48* 31' Long W64* 13'. I always thought it was the furthest point driveable but found out later that Point St-Pierre is further: longitute W64*11'

Perce has a population of 3600 friendly people. The National site was filled with colorful buildings and the view was absolutely incredibly spectacular. This is where I finally found my Quebec flag mounted on a wood pole. Been looking for one since I got here. Also bought a couple of souvenirs.
We spent an hour here then drove on to Gaspe.

Stopped for lunch in Barachoix by a neat little bay with a view of the rock. Arrived in Gaspe to another breathtaking view/site. Very quaint little town of 15000 people situated at N48*49' W64*29' We went to see the museum and the place commorating Jacques Cartier and his Cross

The ride here was something else. Grade on the road as steep as 15% (glad I didnt take "Kenzie" through this)

We headed back to Perce where we dinner and paid a fortune then drove into the sunset and home. Arrived at 9 p.m., tired but the day was worth it.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August 22 to 30, 2006

Last entry for this month and before we depart Quebec for the Maritimes. It's been a busy 9 days and very enjoyable. The weather has cooperated for most of the time although we've had a couple of heavy days of rain.
I have downloaded lots of new pictures in my "pictures" link on the right side, so without further delay, here is my blog:

AUGUST 22, Tuesday, cloudy with sunny period

Finished off putting siding on the side of the house as instructed by Gilles before he left for his regular work; installed the vent cover on "Kenzy's roof (our fifth wheel); went for a walk with Val and Tucker in the neighbourhood; called my sister Therese in Montreal and made arrangement for going there tomorrow; wrote some e-mail and called Andrew about some financial business, however he is on holidays so will have to do that later.

AUGUST 23, Wednesday, sunny with some clouds

Got up at 9 and left for Montreal at 11 a.m. Stopped in St-Hubert to pick up my call only to find out they replaced with a new one and lost all my number entries, downloads and pictures. BUMMER!!!!
We arrived at my sister's place around 2 p.m. and had a quiet balance of a day

AUGUST 24, Thursday, sunny with some clouds

Left the house around 11 a.m. and drove to the marina where we parked and bicycled from there along the river until we reached the ferry along Hwy 20 (trans-canada) and went over to Charron Island. From there, we cycled to three different islands via a small ferry and foot bridges. The "Isles de Boucherville" consist of 6 small island one of which is Charron. The only way on is by ferry and there is no cars. We followed a path circling each Island and along the St-Laurent River. We had lunch a the far one (isle Grosbois). The whole trip took us 4 hours to do. IT was a great day with no incidents and lots of laughs. The trails were hard packed with small gravel and the scenery was gorgeous and fascinating. The floral was incredible with some tall grass (about 8-10 feet) called "Rosee d'eau" or "water reed". The trail on the Islands was 28 km long with toilet stops and lots of picnic area. There were quite a few people out too.

We returned along the same way after taking the ferry back and went home for happy hour and a great dinner. Michel was home went we got there and he cooked his famous "fish & chips" YUM-YUM

AUGUST 25, Friday, sunny

Another beautiful day for biking. We left Therese house by bike and followed this path behind her place which took us to Chambly. We followed the canal for a while and had lunch about a quarter of the way down the path along the canal. Very nice and peaceful.
When we got back to Chambly, we watched the bridge open and a boat leaving the lock and 4 more come in. Always a fascinating show to observe.
We did a total of 35 KM in 5 hours.
Came home for another happy hour and dinner. Michel is working OT. My brother Pierre and his girlfriend, Chantal, came over and we had a good Montreal pizza for dinner. Johnny and Fred came over around 9 p.m. for a short visit and Michel got home shortly after. Everyone left by midnight.....to bed!

AUGUST 26, Saturday, sunny

Today we went to Canal Lachine and Michel came along. We parked in the Old Montreal Port and cycled from there on a paved path. Another 35 km which took us 4.5 hours. We had lunch along the way. Weather was great and temperature just right for cycling a long way. Along the way, we eencountered a group walking for cancer. There were hundreds of them and made the ride difficult with all these people on the path. Thank goodness it was just for a short way.
At the end of the trail, we came upon Lake St-Louis which is part of the St-Laurent. Sat around for a few minutes then headed back.

Another pizza for dinner and Pierre and Chantal came over again then Andre and Pauline who gave Val a jar of "creton" which she adores. More laughs, beer and a late night.

AUGUST 27, Sunday, RAIN!

We left Therese's house and headed back to Drummond'Ville. Upon our return, I had to go fill both tanks of propane as I had left the furnace on the whole time we were gone. DUH!!!

Had dinner with Gilles and his family and went to bed by 10 p.m.

AUGUST 28, Monday, Cloud and sun in afternoon

Still having problems with my cell. I dont' seem to be getting a good reception even in town. Went to TELUS office in town and they checked it but, of course, it would not act out in their presence.
Had dinner and went to bed early

AUGUST 29, Tuesday, Cloudy with some sun

Went to visit my sister Christiane and call the 800 number for TELUS . After a discussion, they agreed to take back to Motorola and get it checked. I got my old cell hooked up and gave me acredit of $25 to pay for the mailing, ect.... I will have my brother Gaetan mail it to us when it is ready....no, I am not spending another two weeks here.
As I knew it, my cell worked really well after that.

AUGUST 30, Wednesday, Sunny but very cool.

Went to St-Hyancinthe to get our wine bladders filled but they only accept bottles so we got a 40 onze of vodka for 33.50 $ and a box of wine.
Right now, Lise and Val are getting the dinner ready and it's relax time.

We will be leaving for New-Brunswick on Tuesday the 5th. I have checked my books and most of the camp site close around the 30th of September with a few staying open until October 15 on P.E.I.