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Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 22 to 31, 2008 Geralton & back to Quebec

AUG. 22, Friday, Geraldton

Cloudy and rainy this morning but cleared up a bit in the afternoon. Val went into town this morning to help decorate the hall for this week-end's festival.
In the evening, we went out for the traditional Friday night family dinner.

AUG. 23, Saturday

I took Val to the Civic Centre as she volunteered to help during the festival and then I treated myself to a breakfast.
In the afternoon, I joined her then we came home around 3:30 p.m. The festival consisted of local Arts & Craft and an area for the kids to play. It was very small but kind of quaint.
Later in the afternoon, the whole family came over to Chris and Dorothea's place and we had a BBQ. Even Aunty Audrey made it (83 yrs old). As usual for a picnic, the sky covered up and the wind picked up but we had a good time all the same. Everyone left around 8 p.m. and we watched the Olympics afterwards. To bed by 11 p.m.

AUG. 24, Sunday

The day started cloudy but cleared up to a beautiful sunny day. We went to see a local horse show where Dorothea and her daughter, Michelle, were doing some volunteer work. We spent about an hour there then went back to the Civic Centre where I dropped off Val. She was doing more volunteer work with her sister Kathie. I went back to the house and took Tucker out for a walk then read.
Val came home around 4 p.m. with Chris and we got dinner going. We ate without Dorothea as she didn't get home until 7 p.m. and we had no idea when she would be home.
Dori and Kathie came over in the evening for a visit. They stayed for about an hour then went home.

AUG. 25, Monday

A sunny morning. Everyone is gone to work this morning. It is a very chilly morning: 7*C at 7 a.m.
We went into town and got some groceries for tonight but then heard later from Chris that Dorothea is bringing home more Pickerels, a delicious local fish. Looking forward to that one. We saw Kathy at her office and went for lunch with her at Popeye. Louie, her husband, met us there. We came home and I washed the truck which was well overdue.
After dinner, Val went with Dorothea and Chris flying in his plane. I met them at Kathy and Louie's place where we spent the evening.

AUG. 26, Tuesday

We went golfing later in the morning today. We played 9 holes and I was quite happy with my score.
We cooked dinner for the hard working people then Val & Chris went for a walk with all the dogs on the Interpretive Trail. Dori and Kathie joined them. Dorothea and I stayed home.
We were all in bed by 10 p.m.

AUG. 27, Wednesday

Val did the laundry this morning and I started to get things ready for our departure. We went to town to pick up a few groceries for dinner tonight as Dorothea is cooking a roast dinner. Her daughter Michelle and her husband Bill also shared in the feast. And a feast it was....delicious!

AUG. 28, Thursday

Our last day here. Val went to spent the day with her sisters and I drove over to pick up the homemade wine we had ordered before coming down. As I got there, all was ready as the guy had already bagged the wine which was awfully nice of him.
Drove back to town, picked up some money then went back to the house and loaded the kayaks, the bikes and some of our stuff.
We went to Dori for dinner. Chinese food and it was very good. Dori and Paulo's daughters (Christine, Ashley and her fiancée Steve) were also home. We had a very nice visit and came home around 9 p.m.

AUG. 29, Friday, On the road again

Got up at 7 a.m., said our goodbyes to Dorothea and hit the road. ( we said our goodbyes to Chris last night as he left for work earlier this morning). We headed East on Hwy 11 to Hwy 655 where we headed south to Timmins. We stopped to visit the "SHANIA TWAIN" museum. It was awesome! Very well laid out and most of her dresses, shoes and awards were here on display. There were lots of pictures of her but none of her family (husband and son). She did have a hand in the making of the museum and her life story is there for everyone to read. She is a very tiny woman. Much smaller than I realized. I took a couple pictures even though we weren't supposed to. We were there for about an hour than left. We got on 101 and headed East to Hwy 11 then south.
We arrived in North Bay around 8 p.m. and got a motel for the night. A good day!

AUG. 30, Saturday, Quebec

I got up at 6:30 a.m., showered and took the truck across the street to fuel up and got us 2 coffees. We left the motel by 7:45 a.m. and headed south on TCH 17 (Trans-Canada Highway). After a stop for brunch, we drove on through Ottawa and hit the old HWY 17 to Hawkesbury. Stopped for more fuel then got on 417 and 15 minutes later we were in Quebec on hwy 40. Across Montreal, south on 25, across the tunnel to 20 and finally arrived home around 3:30 p.m. We hit rain in Montreal and again on the hwy 20 but it was sunny we got home.
We visited with Gilles and Lise for a while, had dinner and unpack. It rained in the evening. We went to bed early. It's been a wonderful 3 weeks and a good trip back. Now we deal with the repairs on the trailer next Tuesday and start thinking about our trip south; we have 7 weeks left here.

AUG 31, Sunday, wash day!

Ohhhhh, it was so nice to sleep in our own bed!! It is sunny this morning so will wash the rig and pack most everything. Tasted our new wine yesterday and it passed the test.

Washed the roof and all sides on the rig....it was overdue. Packed most of the stuff and we are just about ready to leave tomorrow for Montreal. Went into town to fuel the truck and put air in the tires.
After dinner, we sat by the fire with Gilles and Lise and talked into the late night.

Friday, August 22, 2008

August 15 to 21, 2008 Geraldton, Ontario

AUG.   15,  Friday,
We went for a walk in the a.m. and to the golf course for dinner with the whole family in the evening.  This is a weekly thing here.  Kind of neat!
AUG.   16,  Saturday
Sunny again.  I organized files on the computer in the morning.  Just after lunch, a couple (Louise and Dave, friends of Chris & Dorothea) came over to talk to us about full-timing.  They sold their house and bought a 40 foot 5th-Wheel and a 350 Chevy. dually, diesel.  They had lots of questions and we gave them as much info as we could.  They went home about an hour later and we promised to keep in touch.
Dori came over in the afternoon and everyone (Dori, Val, Dorothea, Chris) went kayaking around.  There was only 4 kayaks so I stayed back and took pictures.  This was Dori's first time in a  kayak.
For dinner, we had BBQ Pork Chops then watched the Olympics in the evening.
AUG.   17,  Sunday
We went for a hike in the afternoon.  Drove down this logging road then hiked or should I say, bush-whacked for about an hour and got to a point on the lake.  Stayed there for a few minutes then walked back.  Once home, Val went into the lake to cool off and I showered ( I am not much into cold water).  We were gone for about 2 1/2 hours. 
Kathie came over for a visit.  It is very warm tonight and we have quite a lightning show but no thunder
AUG.   18,  Monday
I spoke too soon.  We had a horrendous thunder, lightning and rain storm around midnight while in bed.  Actually woke us up.  It finally quiet down a good hour later.
We got up to clouds and very cold temperature.  Never went over 60 the whole day but it did clear up in the evening.  Everyone is back at work now.  Dorothea was off last week but now it's back to the routine for her.  We have the house to ourselves.
We went for another hike again in the evening but a more gentle one  in the Provincial Park nearby.  There were Val, Chris, Dori, Ashley, Kathie and all the dogs of course.  Mosquitoes were quite bad so we made it a short one.  Came back to the house for a desert and a quick visit.
AUG.   19,  Tuesday
Sunny again today and warming up quite nicely but the wind is cool.  I went for a haircut this morning then we met Kathie, Dorothea and her daughter Michelle for lunch.  Afterwards, Val and I took a drive towards Wild Goose beach and looked around the area.  Came home and got dinner ready for the poor working people
AUG.   20,  Wednesday
Another sunny day and much warmer.  We went cycling to town through the golf course and then on the way back, down a neat little trail along the lake.  It was a 2 1/2 hour trip with a stop for a hot dog and fries.
Came home and prepared dinner after going for a swim in the lake and after dinner, we went on a boat ride with the neighbours, John and Marlene.  A neat couple who are thinking of buying a 5th wheel and truck and go south in the winter.
APR.   21,  Thursday
Got up at 8 a.m. to a sunny day.  We went into town for more groceries and stopped for a hamburger and fries.  We drove to a the campsite where Louise and Dave are staying but they weren't home ( they are the couple full-timing for the 1st time).  We came home and prepared dinner then Tucker and I and Chris went for a long walk; Val is in town with Dori and Kathie decorating a hall for the week-end's festival.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 8 to 14, 2008 To Ontario

AUG. 8, Friday, getting ready

Got the truck ready for our trip to Gerarldon, Ontario. Loaded the kayaks, the bikes, life jackets, golf clubs and enough food for Tucker and all his toys, of course. It is cloudy but the rain is holding off.
In the evening, it rained so no fires.

AUG. 9, Saturday, golfing day

Got a call last night from my brother Gaetan that he wanted to play golf so got up at 7 a.m. to be on the course by 8:30 a.m. There were the 2 of us and two of Gaetan's friends. The sun came out for us later in the morning and we had a very good game although I won't be bragging about my score!!.

That evening, we sat by the fire at Gilles' and told tall stories. Good way to end this day

AUG. 10, Sunday, on the road

Got up at 7 a.m. and were on the road by 9 a.m. after saying our goodbyes to Gilles and his family. Stopped at the bank on the way out and for breakfast then we headed West on hwy 20, through Montreal on Hwy 25, 440, 13 and 640 then west of Montreal,, we got on hwy 148 and headed north-west to Hull and Ottawa.
We stopped in Ottawa for lunch and looked over the Prime Minister house on Sussex street.
Got going again around 3 p.m. and arrived at North-Bay around 8 p.m. The drive was very scenic and not much traffic which was nice. We stayed at a motel "8" for the night.

AUG. 11, Monday, to Geraldton.

We were on the road by 9 a.m. and stopped for breakfast at Lake Marten, about 2 hours from NorthBay.
The scenery was somewhat boring, especially between Hearst and Geraldton. The road was also much better than it was the last time we drove through here.
We hit rain in a couple places but otherwise, it was mainly sunny the whole way.

We arrived in Geraldton around 8 p.m. after stopping in Longlac for dinner. We went straight to Chris (Val's brother) and Dorothea's house. A beautiful place and he did an excellent job building it. The last time we were here two years ago, there was on the house frame.
Went to bed early after having a little chat with Chris and Dorothea.

AUG. 12, Tuesday, Geraldton

Sunny and warm today. Val went kayaking with Dorothea for an hour then we went into town for lunch and met with Kathie and Dorie (Val's sisters) Louie (Kathy husband) and Dorothea. A chatty lunch hour then we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things and called our doctor's office inn BC to find out about our meds. They've already faxed over the prescription so that's one less worry to deal with. We also went to the drugstore where we met Val's niece, Ashley and her fiancée, Steven. They make a handsome couple, especially with her 5 months pregnant.
Geraldton is much more depressed than the last time we were here. There are more stores closed and houses left empty. It is becoming a ghost town! Much of the industries that were here are either closed or have gone belly-up. There is a large Indian population here too. Most people are employed by the feds or Provincial gov't via offices. There is a lawyer office and the doctor comes here once a week and the vet, once a month. Although there is a medical building, if there is an heavy duty emergency, one has to go to Thunder Bay, 2.5 hours from here.
Dorothea cooked us a marvellous dinner then the whole family came over. We gave Ashley her bassinette which we had bought back in Drummond'ville and she was quite happy about it. We have yet to see her little sister, Christine.
It rained heavily in the latter part and in the evening.

AUG. 13, Wednesday, berry picking

Got up to a beautiful sunshine and warmth. So nice!! After a lazy morning, Louie called and invited us to go pick berries so we went blue berry picking in the afternoon. We drove onto this back road for about 3 miles and found a marvellous place full of berries. This is bear country so as we picked, our ears remained tuned to the noises around us and our nose to the smell, just in case!
Anyway, we picked 4 big ice cream buckets full within an hour then came home to clean them and get them ready for pies and muffins. We went back into town and picked up some wine. Just as expensive as Quebec and the choice is limited.After dinner, we had blue berries and ice cream....hummmm, humm!! Delicious.
In the evening, Chris and Dorothea went flying in their homebuilt plane and Val and her sister Kathie went to visit an aunt. Tucker and I stayed home and went for a walk then read our book.

AUG. 14, Thursday, Sunny and warm once more

Got up to a good cup of coffee and freshly made blueberries muffins. We are spoiled! We've been keeping an eye on Quebec and note that the rain hasn't really let up. There is a low which just won't go away, bringing clouds and rain.
Val and Dorothea went into town in the afternoon and Dori came over later. We had T-bone steak for dinner. Haven't had one of those for ages. Watched TV in the evening.(the Olympics).
I POSTED MORE PICTURES. Follow the link on the left side to Picasa

Friday, August 08, 2008

August 1 to 7, 2008 Week in review

What a boring week! We spent most of our days in the rig as it rained and rained and rained. actually, we had one day of sun when I quickly cut the grass then that night, it rained again.

I finally heard back from Fleetwood and they've agreed to reimburse me the money for the tire and they have instructed St-Cyr (and they've agreed) to reimburse me the $100 they charged me for opening an account with them. Talking of St-Cyr, heard from them yesterday and they have received the parts so an appointment has been set up for September 2.

We've decided to go to Geraldton this coming Sunday, the 10Th. We will be there for 2 to 3 weeks hence the late date for the appointment. I think it will be nice to get out of here and move again. I have to admit that I was getting really down with this weather. I hope it doesn't follow us to Ontario. The forecast is for sunshine the whole coming week there and rain here until at least next Wednesday.

Oh yeah.....I received the satellite receiver that I ordered from Star Choice a week ago. Considering the girl told me 3 weeks to delivery, that's pretty good.

Been reading our friends, Glenda and Terry's Blog and it's neat to read about the places they have been to which we saw 2 years ago. Brings back memories! They are taking the ferry to Newfoundland tomorrow, I believe, which is a trip we haven't done yet. Maybe in the future!???

Gilles came home yesterday for the week-end and we sat under the awning chatting and reminiscing....don't know what brought those subjects up!? Anyway, didn't get to bed until 11 p.m. Good times!

Val has been writing a bunch of e-mails to friends this week.

Last week-end, August 2, we attended a party at my sister Christiane. It was a lot of fun even though it rained all evening. We had set up tents in the yard the day before which helped tremendously. Her partner's family and ours met for the first time. A good bunch of people and it went on until about 1 a.m. The rain held off until after dinner which was good. Thank goodness it was warm.