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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Friday, July 31, 2009

July 24 to 31, 2009 Gateway

JULY 24, Friday, shopping day in Salmon Arm
Val wanted to stay home today so I went to Salmon Arm on my own. I picked up the mail, downloaded our e-mail and uploaded the latest on my blog. I picked up a few groceries as ordered then drove to Chase to turn in our video and pick up a new series. I gassed up the car on the way home @ 1.01
Called Jeffrey and the kids about us coming down to the coast and pick up Jeff’s boat for a couple weeks. Later in the afternoon, Berwick called and want Val to come in tomorrow for work. We discussed our options and decided that I would go down on my own.
BBQ’ed steaks for dinner. It was another hot one today....35*C

JULY 25, Saturday, to the coast
Val went to work at Berwick this morning and I left for Vancouver. The trip down was uneventful, hot and humid on the coast. I first stopped in Logan Lake where I picked up a DVD full of pictures and documents from my old drive, cost...$70. He told me that the DVD was only half the disk and to look at it and he would continue with the process if necessary. I went to the pub for “Bull’s Ribs” then a quick visit with the Kirkby’s then onwards to Chilliwack. I stopped at Rochelle and Kevin for a ½ hour and learned that Kevin just bought himself a motorbike. He is quite happy about it but can’t say the same about my daughter, Rochelle. The traffic into Vancouver was very heavy, especially near Langley. In Port Moody, I met Jeffrey on his boat and while there we had a horrendous downpour for about an hour but we were inside a restaurant eating dinner.
I sat with Jeff on his boat for about an hour than went to his place for the night; Jeff stayed on the boat.

JULY 26, Sunday, back to north Shuswap
Sunny with clouds and warm! I got up around 8 a,m, went to “Tim Horton” for a breakfast sandwich and coffee then met Jeff at the marina. We went for a boat ride to Deep Cove on the North Arm and back. Upon our return, we took the boat out and Jeff took me through all the nitty gritty of the boat. We then hooked up the trailer to my truck and after saying good-bye, I left with the boat in tow. I stopped in Chilliwack to see if my grand-daughter, Hayley, wanted to come stay with us for 2 weeks but she wasn’t interested. I guess we are just too old and boring for her. Kevin was gone for a bike ride so I visited with Rochelle for a few minutes then left for home. The drive back home was uneventful again although the traffic was heavy to Hope but thinned out in Hwy 5. I arrived home around 6 p.m. A long day! Val had dinner on then it was relax and beddy-bye early

JULY 27, Monday, Gateway

Val went to work this morning and I washed the back side of the rig so that takes care of that. I also went over the DVD; there are a lot of documents but most are useless. The process picked up everything off the hard drive including bits and pieces of deleted items and files in temporary folders. The same is true for the pictures so I began first by downloading everything on the hard drive then going each and every picture, deleting what was no good but managing to keep some good ones.
In the afternoon, I drove to Scotch Creek with a neighbour and put the boat in the water. Jack took the truck back to our site and I drove the boat to Gateway’s dock. I took Jack and his wife Mim for a ride out and we went for a swim. Water temperature: 76*F, pretty nice! Jack allowed me to moor the boat on his buoy in the harbour for the next ten days while I have the boat. We came back in and had a beer on the beach and Val showed up so we went out again, the two of us, and drove to Don and Joanne’s cabin where we docked and visited for a few minutes. The wind picked up so it was time to go back.
I think I had too much sun today as I fell really dizzy early in the evening and must have drank a gallon of water (felt like it, anyway)
It was another hot day, 39*C!

JULY 28, Tuesday, Gateway
I was up at 5 a,m, this morning because of a headache and a sore knee. I think I got a mild case of sun stroke being on the boat so long!? Anyway, I continued sorting the pictures; there are a lot of good ones but unfortunately the process lost the dates and file names that I had put on. At least I am getting some good pictures back. Did I mention that I have to sort through over 9,000 pictures!? YES, NINE THOUSAND! This is going to be a slow process.
Early in the afternoon, the inspector form Camping Country RV showed up as scheduled and we went over the damage on the main slide. As suspected the rubber seal and the rubber roof on the slide will have to be replaced. He also discovered that there is a ¾ inche difference in elevation on the top wall entrance for the slide. This is the same problem I had with the small entertainment slide a while back. As usual, another black mark for Fleetwood. I will contact them to see if I can get financial help but not holding my breath as I am told they are bankrupt!?
In the afternoon, I went for a boat ride.

JULY 29, Wednesday, Salmon Arm for eye exam
I got up at 7:30 feeling refreshed! I continued with the pictures for a while and so far, I have managed to save over a thousand of them. It will be fun to sort out all that mess.
I went to Salmon Arm in the afternoon for an eye exam. Apparently my vision has improved so I need new glasses. I went to World Vision to get new ones at a saving of over 200$ so it does help to shop around! Got home around 5 p,m. and Val was home already. Another hot one, 39*C (over 100*F). The A/C hasn’t stopped all evening. We are going to be glad when this heat wave is over.

JULY 30, Thursday, Gateway
A quiet day, I watered the plants then went to Scotch Creek for some beer. My son Jeffrey arrived around four and wanted to go for a boat ride so we went for about an hour then came home and had BBQ’ed steaks.

JULY 31, Friday, Gateway
We had to go to Salmon Arm for Val’s eye exam so Jeff went boating on his own. We got back at 4 p.m. and after putting the groceries away, we went for a dip on the boat. The water is wonderfully warm, 76*F so very pleasant to swim in. Afterwards, we motored to Blind Bay for dinner at the local pub on the water. Food was good and the waitresses very cute, so said Jeffrey! WE came home and joined our neighbours for a birthday party. A great day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 17 to 23, 2009, North Shuswap Lake

JULY 17, Friday, shopping day
Val went for a walk first thing this morning with Donna and her sister. Theresa and Ron are out for the week-end. We went to Salmon Arm to check our mail, e-mail, banking and groceries. I finally got my refunds for the RV insurance for our travel to Mexico and my medical refund. There is a cheque on the way for the laptop hard-drive so that will be the end of our refunds till next year. Lots of traffic on the highway today, a combination of the week-end coming and holidays I guess. A hot and sunny day today, near 35*C!
For dinner we went over to Donna and Marcel’s place for a BBQ with their family. We had a great time and sat by the fire in the evening. We went to bed around 11 pm

JULY 18, Saturday, Gateway
As we were watering the plants around back, two families of quails came rushing by. They were quite need to watch, especially the young ones. I took a couple pictures then we carried on. We took a drive to Scotch Creek to turn in our empty bottles and can, fuelled the car @ 1.01/Litre and exchanged a bunch of books at the local bookstore. Val couldn’t find any of her titles/authors but I did find and exchange 4 new “Coonts” book. I am really liking this writer.
At 4:30 we, us with Ron & Theresa, drove to Salmon Arm golf & country club to have dinner with Donna and Marcel and another couple. It was a sea food dinner with Alaskan King crab legs and a variety of other dishes including Salmon, Mahi Mahi and Cod. All this for $19.95 each. It was DELICIOUS! The place was packed and as we left, we made reservations for Aug 22 for eight of us as they are having whole pork roasted over an open fire. Donna was saying that it is worth every bite, looking forward to it.
On our way home we got “moon” by a guy riding in an old Ford truck. We watched him mooning every vehicle he went by. He (the passenger) would sort of stand up and stick hi bum out the rear window of the pick-up and wiggle his butt up and down and right to left. It was hilarious! We followed him for a while and watched but he finally turned off at Blind Bay.
We came home and watched a couple episodes of “WIRE’, an HBO movie series about gangs and cops in Baltimore, Maryland then went to bed.

JULY 19, Sunday, Gateway
Another lazy day, we read, watered the plants and visited with our neighbours. Donna and Marcel went home after dinner and we watched another series of WIRE then it was to an early bedtime as Val has to work tomorrow.

JULY 20, Tuesday, Gateway
Not much to report...our neighbours, Ron and Theresa, went home to the coast, Val went to work and I did little things around the house.

JULY 21, Tuesday, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!
We had a heart stopping moment of excitement today! We went to Kamloops to get the insurance on the truck and to Costco to purchase a couple of items. We also went to a window garage to see about getting the window tinted on the car but the guy wanted $400, so told him to forget it and drove home. As we were getting closer to Chase we could see grey smoke in the distance and we both thought that whoever it was, had to be crazy burning on such a hot day and with the conditions being so dry and all. As we got closer to our park, the smoke looked like it was coming from or near our place. As we arrived, we could see the smoke coming from the side the hill where all the cabins are so we drove up and discovered that the fire was actually in the gully next to our park and just behind some houses there. A bomber and 3 helicopters fought the blaze for about 3 hours. The Bay by our park was full of boat looking on and the road in and out was blocked for about an hour as they fought the fire. It was quite spectacular! They did put it out without any damages being done to any houses but it was a scary moment for everyone. We had friends call us or e-mail us afterwards asking about it as they had heard on the news. That’s not the kind of excitement we enjoy and hope not to repeat it, especially with the big fires in Kelowna and houses being burned there.

JULY 22, Wednesday, Gateway
I finally got off my butt and washed the back of the rig. It was overdue! Val went into Sorrento to get her meds refilled. Heather from lot 2 came over in the afternoon and gave Val and me a haircut.
It was another hot day...35*C (98*F), BBQ tonight!

JULY 23, Thursday, Gateway
Val went to work today and I washed the side and front of the rig in the morning and the truck. It is clouding over but still very warm; 28*C right at noon. Got a call from the computer guy in Logan Lake that he has retrieve one DVD full of pictures and documents from the old hard-drive so I made arrangements to pick it up Saturday. He said that there is still more to retrieve so he is continuing with the process but in the mean time, we can check the files on the DVD. Some good news finally!
Val called to say that she is stuck at work and will be coming home late as the power is off and the garage door cannot be open.

Friday, July 17, 2009

July 8 to 16, 2009 Gateway Lakeview

JULY 8, Wednesday, Salmon Arm
I had a doctor’s appointment today so I went to Salmon Arm while Val worked on beautifying her garden. While in S.A. I picked up our mail and uploaded my blog and did some banking.
The rest of the day was spent around our lot. It rained on and off most of the day.

JULY 9, Thursday, more doctor appointment
Today was Val’s turn for the doctor so we both drove back to Salmon Arm. Afterwards, we went shopping for groceries then took a drive around Wood Lake on the way back to investigate the place. It was interesting but a bit out of the way and gravel road part of the way. We stopped in Sorrento to pick up our drugs then came home. Val put the groceries away then it was dinner time and we watched a movie in the evening after taking a walk around the park with Tucker.

JULY 10, Friday, Gateway
I went to Scotch Creek in the morning to fax a copy to Performance Service about my laptop crashed hard drive then picked up some wine and beer for tonight. We spent the day working around the yard and I fixed our little fence (strengthen it) and installed a screen under the stairs to serve as a shoe rack.
Donna and Marcel came over for dinner. We first sat outside for a Happy Hour drink and John and Helen joined us for a while. After dinner, we sat outside again for another drink. Our neighbours, Dan and Lorie arrived from Kamloops and joined us and a bit later Brook and Karen came over so we had a very nice evening. We all went to our respective home by 11 p.m. It’s been a sunny and warm day!

JULY 11, Saturday, Gateway

Sunny and hot again today, it went up to 35*C. We went to Scotch Creek to check my e-mail but the internet was down so we had a couple of ice cream and came home. We went up the hill, visited with Brook and Karen then we came home and BBQ hamburgers for dinner. After dinner, I got a fire going and we sat outside and enjoyed a glass of wine. Donna and Marcel came over for a quick visit.

JULY 12, Sunday, to Logan Lake
I had a craving for the famous BULL’s RIBS so drove to Logan Lake to the Kirkby’s. From here, we went over to the RV Park and visited with another old friend of mine, Roy Steinhauer whom I hadn’t seen in five years( Roy, Lynden and I have known each other since 1973). The six of us went over to the Black Bull’s pub where I had their famous ribs as an appetizer then we had dinner there too. Another couple joined us for dinner. We all went back to the Kirkby’s house for coffee then we said our goodbyes and came home arriving around 9 p.m. It was a great day with good friends.

JULY 13, Monday, Gateway

Val went to work at Berwick this afternoon (3 to 11). This is her first day of orientation. I stuck around the house, cooked my own dinner (poor me) and water the plants in the evening. Another hot day and the A/C has been on since early afternoon. The wind picked up in the evening and cooled the air somewhat.

JULY 14, Tuesday, Gateway
Another warm and quiet day! Downloaded my mail and called Country Camping to find out why they didn’t show today. More excuses! That is one problem being this isolated, I don’t have many choices to choose from unless I am willing to go out way out of our way. Anyway, Val is off today so we sat around and read, water the plants and go for walks.

JULY 15, Wednesday, Gateway
Val went to work this morning. More orientation and I spent the day walking Tucker, downloading our mail and sweeping the leafs which had blown in from the strong winds we had yesterday. BBQ’ed for dinner then we had another relaxing evening.
It’s been a hot sunny day again.

JULY 16, Thursday, Gateway
Val went for her second orientation day. I went to Chase and bottled our wine which is finally ready. Came home around 1 p.m. after picking up a movie for tonight “Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood”; not bad but not quite my “forte”. Another hot day with A/C on most of the day.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

July 1 to 7, 2009 Gateway Lakeview

JULY 1, Wednesday, CANADA DAY!
And a beautiful day it has been, warm and sunny! We went cycling, looking for ferns for Val’s garden. On our return, we took the wheel-barrow to the hill behind our place to get some wild plants and transplanted them behind our rig

JULY 2, Thursday, Gateway
Just another quiet day at home. The excitement of the day was using my truck to move my neighbour’s trailer back a couple feet. Oh yeah, I also ordered Terry and Mike Church’s new book on Mexico.

JULY 3, Friday, Salmon Arm
We went shopping in Salmon Arm. We picked up our mail, check the e-mail, got the groceries then we went to Canadian Tire to pick up a couple of bag of fertilizer and 3 flower pots. On our return, we had happy hour with Donna and Marcel and played a few games of “Sequence” with them after dinner

JULY 4, Saturday, Gateway
Val and Donna went to Sorrento to the farmer’s market and I went to Chase later to check on our wine and order another batch, stopped at the bank for some cash then came home. The girls were here already. Val planted flowers that she got from Donna’s house and filled her pots that we bought yesterday. It’s been a very hot day, it went to a high of 34*C (98F) and no wind to speak of. The A/C was going full blast until early evening.

JULY 5, Sunday, Gateway
Another hot and muggy day! Just stayed home and visited with neighbours and tried to stay out of the sun. We watched the last of “Deadwood” in the evening. Most of our neighbours have left for their home.

JULY 6, Monday, Gateway
It is raining and much cooler finally! We stayed inside and read most of the day. I made a few phone calls and faxed a couple of letters.

JULY 7, Tuesday, Gateway
We went to Chase to buy a few things then to Sorrento to check on insurance for the truck. No one seems able to beat BCAA’s price so I guess I will stick with BCAA.
In the evening, we were invited by one of our neighbour over for a drink. John and Helen bought a chalet on top of the hill with a view of the surrounding lake. We had a glass of wine and chatted about our travels. It was a very nice evening.