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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Monday, December 31, 2007

December 26 to 31, final entry for 2007

DEC. 26, Wednesday, sunny

We called Val's sister and her husband this morning and chatted for about 20 minutes. Wonderful SKYPE! Not much today, we sat and read, went for a walk and Val did her vacuuming. We had 'hot chicken sandwich" for dinner, my favorite with St-Hubert BBQ sauce

DEC. 27, Thursday, sunny

We went to the beach today after Val did her exercises. We drove towards San Jose and checked out a few beaches. Found one near a hotel where we could potentially launch the kayaks. That's one of the problems about this area, there is a big and powerful surge that makes it really hard if not impossible to launch a small craft. Anyway, we found a fairly quiet beach and spent about an hour there sunbathing and reading, and watching the bikinis go by of course!!!
Afterwards, we went over to the golf course in San Jose near my old condo and checked out the prices. We won't be golfing here....$69. each and that's after 2 p.m. for 9 or 18 holes.

We drove back home and as I was doing a left turn on a left turn signal, this guy with California plates came out of nowhere and damn near hit us broad side. If Val hadn't yelled and if I hadn't had fast reflects, we would have hit. That's the last thing I need here; an accident! Anyway, after my heart began beating again, we drove into our lot and parked. That's enough excitement for one day.

Called Fleetwood and spoke to Paul's boss as he is away on holidays again. He assured me he would talk to Paul on Wednesday and to call back Thursday and he would have an answer.

DEC. 28, Friday, sunny

Not much today. Val did her exercise and I walked Tucker then we read. This is a really quiet park. There are about 12 campers as one left this morning and another yesterday. Everyone stick to their site and don't socialize much. They are friendly but they stick to their site. No happy hour here! The only guy that's over regularly is our neighbor George who is by himself as his wife had to go back to BC due to family affairs.

After Val cleaned up, we went cycling towards town. We saw this beach form the highway and tried to get to it by going through this hotel but they refused us entry. The place was like Fort Knox. Anyway, we headed back after stopping for a beer and tacos at this road side Mexican restaurant.

DEC. 29, Saturday, sunny and warm

We went to Todos Santos today! We invited George to come along and drove highway 19 north. Todos Santos is approx 69 KM from here. It is a small and typical Mexican village. A farming community where they grow vegetables and sugar canes. It is also a village that was adopted by some Californians looking for a small place where they could indulge in their art of painting and crafting. Thus it has become a popular little place to come to and shop. There is a small RV park which we investigated while here but would not stay at....too small and falling apart.

Anyway, as we drove down here, we stopped at a small beach and explored the shore and took some pictures. We then saw some rver's not far in a field so we decided to go over and check out these boon-dockers. I put the 4X4 on and we drove onn this trail and found our way across a gully and then into the RV'ers site. There were about a dozen here, mostly B.C.'ers and a couple of Americans. From here we went to another beach call "Playa Los Cerritos". A beautiful beach full of white sands, bikinis and surfers. There was a couple of bar/restaurants and it was BUSY!!!!! The surf was nice and high and the water was full of swimmers and surfers. This used to be an RV park but they closed it and turned it into what it is today. I guess there is more money to be made this way. There were some houses and more being built.

After looking around, we carried on to Todos Santos. we had lunch in "MIGUEL", a small, funky mexican restaurant where there were a lot of people, mexican and norte americanos. We had a wonderful chili filled with pescaros (fish) and camaron (Shrimp) It was delicious and was wahed down with a couple of cerveza (beer).
Afterwards, we walked the main street where all the gadgets, art and paintings are. George, all of a sudden, got hit by the "Montezuma Revenge" and spent the next 30 minutes running to the bathrooms. Poor guy was defintely not feeling well so after purchasing a new pair of sandals for Val ( hers broke apart while walking), 2 small lizards for mounting on our wall above the mirror and a very beautiful table cloth and 4 matching napkins, we left and brought George back home. He went straight to bed once we got here. Poor guy! really feel for him!

DEC. 30, Sunday, sunny

We stuck around home today. Val did some cleaning and I washed half the rig as it got too warm to carry on. this trailer is bloody big to clean!!

George is feeling a bit better but venturing far from his trailer, just in case. We learned that a few people here have been sick with one guy getting salmonella poisonning. He had to go to the local clinic. Serious stuff.

Another rig left today. a small family and the guy had to return to Utah to work.

DEC. 31, Monday, sunny with cloudy periods

After Val did here exercise, we went shopping for groceries at wal-Mart and Costco. We had lunch in town at another little mexican restaurant. I am really amazed at the amount of gringos here and they seem to treat mexican with contempt. Anyway, after all this we headed home and had happy hour. I bought margarita mix and tequila at Costco so we had a couple of Margaritas. George and Norm, both single guys, came over and joined us for a few drinks. We had a good chat and fun then it was time for dinner.
Now, it's 8:30 p.m. and waiting for the New-Year! Hope it is better than 2007 but not as good as 2009.



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

December 21 to 25, 2007, in Los Cabos

DEC. 21, Friday, sunny with cloudy periods

Wind was blowing more than usual today. Val did the laundry and I put up the rest of the toys up around the rig. Got the X-mas tree up and the illuminated palm tree. They look great all lit up.

In the afternoon, we gave Tucker a haircut and a bath. He was really good putting up with us and our mistakes and even now, looking a bit scruffy, he isn't mad at us. What a good guy!
It was cooler in the evening but still nice enough to be able to sit outside. We had a very nice sunset

DEC. 22, Saturday, sunny

Sent an e-mail to UPS in Salmon-Arm to have our mail forwarded to Phoenix. It's 9:30 a.m. and already 70*F

Went to Cabo San Lucas for a bit of sightseeing and some groceries. Afterwards, we went to San Jose del cabo to look around. Everything has changed and grown. I saw where my previously owned condo was and that also was hard to recognize. Everything has been built up so much. There is also a small golf course whcih we will try out as it isn't expensive.

We also stopped at a couple beaches to check them out.

DEC. 23, Sunday, overcast

Much cooler today and it looks like it's going to rain but it didn't. We went to San Lucas and walked the tourist harbour and usual routes. Everything has grown and changed. It is no longer the little sleepy town I knew from the early 90's. Even the famous "Iguana bar" was gone....too bad! The harbour is now full of hotels and highrises and gone are the little stands that sold little trickets. It's really too bad.

We had lunch in a small bar than I found a car wash and got the truck washed then we came home.
Val made her famous meat balls for dinner...Yum....Yummmm!

DEC 24, Monday, Cloudy and sunny

X-Mas Eve! WOW!!!!
Took Val out for breakfast this morning and although we had a very nice meal, Val got hit by the "Mexican curse" and had to run to the bathroom where she remained for most of the day.

The restaurant was really nice with a nice view. We even watched a cruise ship come in to the harbour of San Lucas

In the latter part of the day, we called the kids and wished them a Merry Christmas. We also learned that Val's daughter, Joanne is pregnant and due next August. Fantastic news.

DECEMBER 25, Tuesday, sunny and warm


I slept in until 8 a.m. which is highly unusual for me. It felt great. After breakfast, we walked around the cmap grounds and wished everyone a Merry X-mas and met all our neighbours. In the afternoon, we called my family by in Quebec and also Jeffrey whom we hadn't been able to get a hold of yesterday.
A great day and a great dinner. Val cooked a turkey and all the trimmings. It was delicious.

Friday, December 21, 2007

December 20, 2007 In Los Cabos

DEC.  20,  Thursday, sunny and clouds   
Here we are in Los Cabo at Villa Serena RV Park, near Cabo San Lucas.  We will be here for a month of relaxation, fun and sightseeing.  Cost is $392. u.s. which is cheaper than I originally anticipated.  There was another Park we wanted to go to nearer San Jose del Cabo but unfortunately it was destroyed by the last hurricane that came through and it is still under repair.  Actually, a few of the RV Park have been damaged quite extensively.  This one seems to have  been either spared or they quickly repaired everything as there is no evidence that we could see.
We left this morning around 9:30 a.m. and had no problems getting on Mex 1.  We drove over and through 3 passes and climbed to 2000 feet at some places.  Went by Los Barilles and then around 12:30, we crossed the Tropic of Cancer at Parallel 23* 27' and formally entered the Tropics.  We stopped for the obligatory pictures.  There's a big white ball in the parking lot which wasn't here the last time I was here.  There was also a bar which was closed.  Took a few pictures and left.
Drove through San Jose via a new 4 lanes highway.  This place has grown tremendously.  I hardly recognize anything but this is for later.  We drove on towards Cabo San Lucas via the 4 lanes corridor highway and found Villa Serena on the left.  Had to make a U-turn and come back to it.  WE ARE HERE!!!!!  Yiiippeee!!!   It is a balmy 80*F (25*C), cloudy and humid. The RV spaces are wide and easy to back in.  Full hook-ups of course.  There's also a small bar/restaurant on site.
We went to Wal-Mart for milk, cerveza, water jugs and also bought a 5 gallon tank for spare fuel for the return trip.  People here are very friendly and eager to meet us.  A nice welcome.
While here, I want to get an oil change as the motor worked extra hard coming down all this way.  Total mileage since we left home is 10378 km or 6486 miles (this includes all sightseeing side trips) and 2212 km (1382 miles,includings all side trips) from San Diego CA to Los Cabos, Baja. 
N 22* 54' 22"            W 109* 51'47"
Alt: 224 feet
Distance today was 214 KM at an average of 36 MPH
Total time: 5 hours
Life is but a journey filled with adventures

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 16 to 19, 2007

DEC. 16, Sunday, sunny

Up early and, after saying our goodbyes to everyone, we got on the road heading for Mulege from Guerrero. Made arrangement with Ronald and Louise to meet again in Mulege (mooh-lah-hay)
We headed east on Mex 1. It was fairly straight and flat until we reached St-Ignacio. The desert had little vegetation. We began to find more rolling hills and around a corner, we found ourselves again in front of yet another military check-point. These are getting boring but I guess with that much gun power, the bandits stay away, right!? This time they stopped us and asked us a bunch of questions. We said "no comprende" and they waved us through. He did try to open the back door to the truck but Tucker was right there and he backed off ( the soldier) It was kind of funny in a sense...Tucker just wanted to lick him. 2 miles further we came upon St-Ignacio where I fuelled: 61.732 Litre @ .567 Sure can't beat these prices. St-Ignacio is an oasis with hundreds of date palms. We did buy one bag of dates and they were really good. It is a small village and very typical Mexican style. Further down the road, we came upon the "Three Virgins", an extinct volcano, last erupted in the early 1800's although we did see a couple plumes of what looked like steam from the side of it.
A bit further we came upon an escarpment where the whole valley opened up on us and we began to descend to the sea of Cortez or the California Gulf. The hill consisted of grade between 4 to 12 %. It zig-zag down and I had to gear down to first gear and the Jake was working full time. I still had to use the brakes once in a while. IT WAS STEEP!!!! The hill is call "Custa del Inferno" ( the hill from hell) and it wore its name well!! It will be interesting to climb on the way back!??
We arrive in Santa Rosalia safe and sound after following the sea for about 5 km. This is where one can take a ferry to the mainland. You end up in Gaymas but it is expensive.

An hour later, we arrived in Mulege. Our campsite, Villa Maria RV Park, was situated about 1.5 miles from the town along a small river which disgorges into the sea. It consist of 7000 people and all are very friendly to RVer's. We barely got set up when 2 Mexican showed up with all the wares for sale. GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!
Our new friends arrived an hour later and after they set up, we all went into town with our bikes by following a trail along the river. We went to the bank and got some cash and found a laundry where we can wash our clothes tomorrow as the one is the campsite is not working. We had a beer than headed back. After dinner, Ron and Louise came over for a visit. We chatted and told stories than it was time for bed.
There is another camper beside us. A single man with a van. Friendly guy and informative about the region. We paid $20. per night which seems the standard price for any camping in the Baja.

N 26* 53' 50" W 111* 57' 51"
Alt: 3 feet
Distance today 280 KM at an average of 40 MPH (60KPH)

DEC 17, Monday, clouds/sun
We all went into town to do laundry. We took my truck as I had to drop off one propane tank to be filled and get fresh water. After laundry we wandered through town and looked into a few shops. Ron and Louise went to use the phone and we all met in this little side street cafe where we had tacos and beer. Louise speaks fairly good spanish so it's a great help.

After lunch, Ron and Louise decided to walk back to the site so we drove back and checked out a couple of other rv places. From here, we drove to Los Cocos, a beach along the Bahia Conception where a fellow we met at the laundry, was staying. WOW! What a beach. White sand and calm blue/turquoise water. We chatted for a while and through our conversation, I found out that he knew Pat Muldoon, a friend of mine from my previous life! What a small world, I keep saying.
Came back home, dropped off Val then headed back into town to pick up my propane tank. Cost: $20. for 30 lbs.

There is now 2 other rigs here. Canadians we met back in Guerrero. We had happy hour together then Louise made Val and I sushi for dinner. It was absolutely delicious! We had a few more drinks afterwards with more stories and laughs than it was bed time again.
A very nice evening and we exchanged addresses and e-mails to keep in touch. We also made arrangements to meet again in January on our return from Cabo.

DEC 18, Tuesday, sunny

We left at 8:30. It was hard to leave Ron and Louise but we had to. We drove along the Bahia Conception for about 12 miles then headed inland. This area is absolutely gorgeous and pictures don't do it justice! We are looking forward coming back this way.
The road to Loreto was easy rolling hills then we headed west towards the Gigante mountains. We began climbing and at some points, I had to gear down to first as it was so steep. We even met 2 cyclist climbing this hill and they didn't look very happy. There were a few switch backs and at the top (2500') we found ourselves driving along a plateau and slowly make our descend towards CD Insurgente which is situated in a fertile valley. Just before we got there, we again had another military check point. this time the soldat wanted to check the inside of the rig which I unlocked for him but didn't take the slides out. He seemed happy just to look in the bedroom. The second sldier took my name and license plate on a piece of paper. We stopped in town for lunch and took on fuel: 56.442 litres for $32. From here, we headed south to Ciudad Constitucion and a 4 lane highway....LUXURY!!!!
About a hundred kilometre later, we found ourselves in rolling hills again and narrow roadway. We finally turned left and began a long descend towards the Sea of Cortez and LaPaz, capital of Baja. Yet another military check point as we arrived near the city.
Casa Blanca RV park was $20 per night with full hook-up (sewer, low water pressure and 15 amps power). It is a nice park, well secured and within walking distance to the harbor front. The place is almost full...mostly Canadians again.

N 24* 07'51" W 110* 20' 31"
Alt: 19 feet
Distance today 483 KM in 8 hours, our longest yet

DEC. 19, Wednesday, cloudy/sun

Got up to a balmy 50 degree F. We went into town in the morning to mail a letter and get more cash. We then walked the water front and Val bought herself a nice little sleeveless top.
From here we drove south to a neat little village where we saw this pretty little church. We looked around then decided to drive on to Los Barriles and I am glad we did. Found out that the site we were looking at is too small and full as it is. There is no other suitable site so we will definitely have to go to Jose del Cabo tomorrow.
Came back and fuelled in LaPaz: $53.30 for 94.014 Litres. I think I was almost empty!?

Tomorrow, we leave for the Cabos, our final destination before heading back north.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

December 13 to 15,2007 to Guerrero Negro

DEC. 13, Thursday, sunny

We left around 8:20 after dumping. Stopped on the outskirt of town to fuel up then drove on south on Highway One. The road was very good all the way and wide until San Quintin where it became a bit more narrow. I should mention that the famous "TOPES" here are not like the mainland but consist of a dozen small rumbles followed by a gentle hump! Very interesting but also very frustrating. They are well marked and one is better to heed the warnings. Not sure which is worse!?
As we drove, we went over a lot of rolling hills. Nothing too steep but enough to slow me down. The road follows the contour of the mountains so lots of curves. Averaging about 38 MPH ( 60 KMH) We encountered our first Military check-point near Santo Thomas, approx 1 1/2 hour from Ensada. we came back to the Ocean again as we approached San Quintin. Very pretty with sand dunes and brushes. We stopped in San Quintin for lunch at a Pemex. Nice thing about them is that they all have BIG parking areas so lots of room to manoeuvre.

As we drove to San Quintin, we saw a lot of cactus farms. They were neat and planted in rows. As Val said, it was precise like a military cemetery. After lunch, we drove on and climbed again and then headed south on a plateau. We drove for about an hour then it opened up to a very nice valley. We went down at "very slow", Jake on, through switch backs and then across the valley to another mountain pass. At the top, it began going down again with switch backs all the way down into El Rosario.

It is very cool here. Never once did we go over 60 *F (15*C) during our whole drive. Rosario is a small village, muddy form the recent rains we had and rumble strips through the whole village. We found our camp site for the night on the East side of town, behind a small motel call "Mount Sinai". We paid 150 pesos for the night for sewer, water with no pressure and 15 amps electricity. The camping area was a half dried up mud flat with cement pads. As we were the only one here, we had our choice of where to park.
Another camper arrived with BC license plates. We met the driver, Tim, who was headed for Los Barilles, south of La Paz. His wife was flying down to meet him there. He said he left BC on Monday.....WOW! As we were chatting, another vehicle came in. A van with a young couple form Alberta. Yet later, another truck came in with Washington plates. So we had company!
Tim and us went to a local restaurant for supper. A neat place called "Mama Espinosa Place". They really good sea food. I had Burritos los logasta ( lobster) and Val had the same. The whole thing with beer cost us $40. us. I also filled up here 65.284 Litres @ .57 cents a litre.

Came home and read for a while then headed for bead. Early start schedule for tomorrow as we head for Guerrerro Negro. It's been a good day!

N 30* 04' 02" W 115* 42' 57"
Alt: 146 feet
Distance today 249 Km ( 150 miles) in 5 hours at an average of 58KPH (35MPH)

DEC. 14, Friday, sunny

We woke up to heavy dew this morning. Everything is soaked outside. We packed and hooked up the fifth wheel, ready to leave by 07:30 a.m. and.....no power to the motor for the lifting the legs. Checked everything and can't find any loose wires, checked the fuses inside and all is well there. Went into town to find a mechanic and brought someone back. He looked at it and shook his head negatively. Tried another place to no avail. Even stopped another BCer going by but he wasn't mechanically inclined, so he said. Back to the rig, I prodded in the small enclosure where all the wires are and BINGO!! Found a fuse. Of course, I had checked all my papers on the trailer but there was no mention of any fuse other than the ones in the main box. Got that changed and VOILA, the legs went up and we were on the road again by 8:45 a.m. We had no shower this morning as there was no water pressure to speak of so decided to wait until we got to Guerrero. WHAT A START OF A DAY!!!

We had been told that this section was going to be the most scenic and it was true. WOW! WOW! WOW! is all I can say. It was beautiful. The road was narrow but good, the mountains were bigger and higher and the road followed a valley for a while until we climbed to over 2500 feet and came on this plateau which was covered with all kinds of cactus, some unique only to the Baja. There were cholla, cirio or boojum tree is a unique cactus that looks like an upside down carrot and unique to the baja, we also saw guaves, bolla, sanguaro. We were driving through the Sonoran Desert Vegetation sector. The road in these parts and all other parts for that matter follow the contour of the land so there is a lot of curves and hairpin turns. They were however well marked and as long as I paid attention to the signs, there was no problemo.
We went through 2 military check point but were never stopped. What I hate about these is the fact that they force the traffic to get off the road and go around on this gravel road full of potholes, and not small ones either. One has to deal with the drop off from the road and getting back on so it is slooooow drive. They are all young boys and everyone has a rifle at the ready. I wonder if they have ammunition!???

We stopped at Cantivina for a break and had breakfast here. It was good. We had nothing exciting, just nuevos c/jamon (ham and eggs) scrambled. Coffee consisted of instant maxwell house. We drove on and came into an area covered with boulders, small, big and huge. It was really strange. Then we came upon this huge dried up lake and followed that around and then the road a slow descent and got straighter as we went which allowed us to put the hammer down and get up to a speedy 100 kmh. I was becoming concern with the fuel situation. We were down to les than 1/4 tank with only 54 km to spare before empty when we finally arrived in Villa Jesus Maria where there was finally a Pemex with diesel. Filled up @57 cents a litre. Took on 87.005 litres. That's the problem with having a small tank. We had covered 315 km by now.

We crossed the 28th Parallel about 30 km down the road and although we went around this traffic control circle, we didn't have to stop except to pay 20 pesos to have our tires spary for insecticite!????. Yes that is true. This place consist of a HUGE Mexican Flag, a military base, some communication tower and a BIG metal ensign of an eagle however seeing it from a distance, it looks like a U magnet rod. About one km down the road, there was a military check point and again we were not stopped. Guerrero Negro was another 40 km and we finally arrived at our campsite, the MALARRIMO Hotel and RV Park around 2:20 p.m. or 3:20 p.m. local time....we changed time when we crossed the 28th.

The place is half full. Most are here overnight only. The BCer's we had met in La Buforora are also here. One of them, with the motorhome, was driven off the road by a commercial truck who they figured was asleep behind the wheel as he was half way across into this lane. Anyway, he had to go off the road and did a lot of damages to the underside. One has to understand that going off the road on this highway is a big thing as there is a sharp drop off of at least 1 to 3 feet and some places, even more. He was able to come back on the road on his own and limp into here. The truck driver never stopped of course, no surprise there. Our neighbours are from Alaska and he's very chatty. Mid age couple living as full-timers.

N 27* 58' 05"
W 114* 01' 49"
Alt: 19 feet
Distance today 368 KM in 5 hrs and 45 minutes

DEC. 15, Saturday, sunny and warmer
Tried to get propane in town but they don't have the hook-up for our tanks. Oh OH! We went for a tour sightseeing the town and the old lighthouse which was actually north of the 28th and on a dirt road. There was an abandoned old salt mine and a couple of small crosses where 3 people died. Came back through town after going to another road that took us to an active salt industry. The dry the sea salt than turn it into useable salt and export it to Canada and the U.S.
Through town, we stopped at a side road diner and had fish tacos. Delicious. Tomorrow we head south to Conception Bay
I am sitting in the motel bar writing this and sending it via WIFI. Modern techno. We met a few Canadians here too. One couple we seem to be connecting with and have made arrangements to meet again in Mulege (mooh-lah-hey). They are from Yukon of all places and are both french but speak excellent english.

Life is but a journey filled with adventures

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December 10 to 12, 2007

DEC. 10, Monday, sunny

We were up at 7 a.m. and ready to go by 9 but first I had to call Fleetwood to see where we were at. I should have known better than to expect anything but disappointment. This is getting to be a very frustrating exercise. Either that guy at Fleetwood is stupid, incompetent or he is playing games with us. It's like talking to a dummy. I think it's time to seek help from Trailer Life or Good Sam.

Anyway, we got on I-5 and headed south by 9:15. A half hour later we crossed into Mexico at Tijuana. We were not stopped at the border so headed on south onto the 4 lanes highway through town. The road to Hwy 1D was very well marked and it was a pleasant and easy drive to get through Tijuana. Unfortunately, with all the excitement and stress we forgot to take pictures of the border but did manage some of the drive south. Past Rosarito, we got on 1D and drove through 3 toll booths between here and Ensanada. Total cost was 163 pesos ( approx $15 us)

The scenery down was very pretty. We stopped once along the highway ( in a populated area) and had no problems all the way to Ensanada. Driving through town was not difficult at all and we saw no topes. We found our campsite thanks to Church's book and were parked by 11:30 a.m.. Cost was $25/night. The park is dirt with cement pads for patio. Each site is separated by a cement curb and there are lots of trees. We are near the port and downtown. We have 15 amps for electricity and water and sewer hook-ups. We are not using the water for obvious reasons. There is also cable TV but we can only get one English channel. There was a cable in the tree about 75 feet from our site which I had to pull part way to us then hook up my two TV cable extensions to it so it would reach our site. WELCOME TO MEXICO!!!!

There is two other rigs here. One is a single guy headed for San Quintin in a Terry trailer ( he left the next day) and the other is a young couple of about mid 20's with a baby of about 2 yrs old. They are from Salt-Spring Island in B.C., Canada, and are driving a camper van ( they left that afternoon). They are on their way to Cabo San Lucas where their parents will meet them for Christmas. He's taken maternity leave and she doesn't work.

We went into town as to find the immigration office which was easy and so was the process however we had to go to a bank approx. 5 blocks away where we had to get papers stamped and pay 100 pesos. Then we had to return to the office and after filling our tourist card, we paid a further 430 pesos to another bank within the building. Total cost: approx $53. us for both of us. After that we walked up the street to a big Gigante (pronounced higante with emphasis on the "h").

Came home, had dinner and relaxed. I am still FUMING over this Fleetwood stuff.

N 31* 51' 02" W 116* 36' 47"
Alt: 52'
Distance today 160km

DEC. 11, Tuesday, RAIN!!!!!

Yes we woke up to more rain but it did clear up in the afternoon. The park is drowned in pot holes. We used the camp's shower facilities which surprisingly, has hot water. After breakfast, as we were leaving, we looked for the camera and couldn't find it. That's when it dawn on me that I left it at the Gigante grocery store. We drove up and after finding someone that spoke english, we were told that yes they had our camera which I had left in the grocery basket. What a LUCKY s.o.b. I am!!! God was definitely smiling on me this day. I tried to leave reward money for the girl who found it but they refused. We profusely thank them all and left. Mexico is living to my impression that is safer and more honest than our countries combined!!!

After this excitement, we went into town for some sightseeing and get info from the Info Centre. We walked what is call the touristica area with lots of shops and stopped at a bank to get more pesos. We went along the port and looked over the fish market where we bought fresh fish for dinner. We stopped at a little stand and had fish tacos, of course.
After this, we went for a drive to La Bufadora Point. Along the way we fuelled for $0.67 cents a litre found a Wal-Mart and Costco on Hwy 1. La Bufadora is a blow hole at the foot of a cliff where the ocean comes into and a narrow crevasse causes the wave to break and blow back into a showery mist. I understand that it is best to see it at high tide and when there is waves. We did see some blow back however. There was the obligatory row of huts selling everything from blankets, to hats and jewellery. Val almost bought a bracelet for "almost free" but she resisted. They were really persistent and I am proud of her for not succumbing to temptation.
Along the way here, there was a few mud slide across the road which made the drive all the more challenging. The road was curvy and hilly with a zig-zag down drive into La Bufadora. We even met three couples form BC and Alberta (they were all related). We chatted with them for a while then headed on back home.

Good dinner of fresh fish prepared with Love by Val. Delicioso!!!


DEC. 12, Wednesday, sunny

Today is computer day and getting ready to leave tomorrow. I have planned out our intiniary and hope to be in Cabo San Lucas by December 19. We bought a phone card yesterday and I will call San Jose to make reservation for a month. That's near Cabo. I am planning on driving directly to the Cape and along the way, mark out site we would like check out and stay longer on the return trip. I also need to wash all the window onthe truck so that I can see the road properly.
Val did her exercise like the good girl she is and I am being lazy like the bad boy I am. Went for a walk around town. It is sunny and warm but not too much. Enough to wear shorts, barely!

Life is but a journey filled with adventures

Sunday, December 09, 2007

December 7 to 9, 2007

DEC. 7, Friday, raining

Rained overnight and most of this a.m. It s now 10:30 and it just finally stopped! Val did her exercise following a tape/cd she bought. I downloaded skype, installed it and bought user-time for $14 cdn. For those who haven't used this system, it cost .02 cents per minute to call from the US to Canada. I like it because it is stable and reliable providing one has a good connection, of course.

We went into San Isydro, near Tijuana and got some info on the crossing and also bought $200 worth of pesos. From here, we drove to Coronado peninsula where the 3rd Fleet is located however all the Aircraft Carriers were out, probably in the Gulf near Iraq and Iran!? There is also a big old hotel where presidents and big name Stars have stayed. We did more sightseeing then came home. Stopped to get milk and butter and also bought a locking cap for the truck

DEC. 8, Saturday, more rain

Yes, more rain overnight and again, it stopped later in the morning. It is really cool too....59*F ( 14*C) We went sightseeing again. Drove to a local Info centre, got a map of San Diego and some pamphlet. Drove to Pomona Point where there is a big Naval supply base, a lighthouse and one of the busiest Coast Guard Station. It was really interesting and even did some walking on the beach looking at rock formation and tide pool.

We also found a beach for dog where there were at least a couple dozen dogs out. We let Tucker roam free and he had a wonderful time sniffing and meeting new friends. He ran like crazy, chasing or being chased and I think he was very happy at the end of this outing. We went into a local restaurant near the beach and had Mexican coffee and burritos. From here, we visited the water front in downtown and finally came home after stopping to buy beer and wine for Mexico.
A very nice day indeed even if it was cool. At least it didn't rain on us

DEC. 9, Sunday, clouds and clearing

We had sunshine when we got up but it is cloudy right now. At least the rain has abated. This is our last day here. Tomorrow, we enter Mexico at Tijuana and head south to Ensada where we will spent 2-3 days.

Val did her laundry this morning and made a bunch of calls to her family then we headed out. We went to WAL-MART first then to Balboa Park. That was a really beautiful and neat park with lots of museums and fancy buildings built roman style. We walked around the park then headed to "Old Town" where San Diego was originally built. I had been here before and not much has changed. It's an old colonial Spanish style town. We had a beer here then headed home.

We are home and it's time for supper then we get ready for an early start. I have downloaded a bunch of pictures so check them out

Life is but a journey filled with adventures

Friday, December 07, 2007

December 4 to 6 In San Diego, CA.

DEC. 4, Tuesday, sunny

Got up early, showered, packed and left by 9:15 a.m. Drove I-10 west to I-60, got off at Mtn View in Chino and arrived at McBride RV Repair shop on Oaks St around noon. Checked in and were told they will get to it first thing in the morning which was fine by us. They gave us a site with water and electricity (30 amps) and then we went for lunch in Chino at Riverside cafe, a neat little yuppy place.
It is sunny and warm, around 79*F ( 23*C). Checked out a couple of other places then came home and read.

N 34* 00' 11" W 117* 40'37"
Alt: 707'
Distance today 154 KM

DEC. 5, Wednesday, sunny

We got up early again and left our rig by 8:30 a.m. so they can start on it. These folks are the nicest people we've ever met. They all bend backward to accommodate us and the staff in the office are polite, friendly and most helpful. What a pleasant atmosphere! Fleetwood should take lessons from these guys!!!
We went to the local airport for brunch as it had been highly recommended by Dennis at McBride. It was very good. From there, we drove to Prado Park, a Regional Park which turned out to be very nice with a couple of small lakes and we gave Tucker a good run. He enjoyed it. We also visited an old farm built in the 1800's and built of adobe bricks. Also visited a huge mall but didn't buy anything.
In the latter part of the afternoon, we went back to the airport and had a beer in the lounge/bar. People were friendly and the waitress was cute!!!! You should see the size of a mug of beer....HUGE!!!!!!
Came home and learned that they have another hour of work to do in the morning then we can be on our way. We had dinner and spent the rest of the evening reading. In bed by 10 p.m.

DEC. 6, Thursday, sunny with some clouds

Up early again and left while they finished the job. We went to a local restaurant, had coffee and read for an hour then drove back to McBride and after paying our bill, saying goodbye to everyone and paying them compliments on their hospitality, we left and got on Hwy 71, south to Hwy 91, East to I-15 and turned south. About an hour out we remembered that we left our spare set of keys at McBride. We called them and the will send them via FED-EX overnight.
At Hwy 52, we headed west to I-5 then south to our site, Santa-Fe RV Park. It is situated right beside the freeway so very noisy. Sites are tight and it is expensive; $30 per night including taxes and that is with PASSPORT AMERICA.
After setting up, I had to go to town to get some propane. Paid $35 for one tank....highway robbery!!! I knew it was expensive here but this is ridiculous. We are here until Monday morning. It is cooler now and the clouds are getting thicker. The forecast is for rain for tomorrow.

N 32* 49' 38" W 117* 13' 54"
Alt: 122'
Distance today 180 KM

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

December 1 to 3, 2007, preparing to leave

DEC. 1, Saturday, sunny with cloudy periods

Very windy and gusting to 40 mph. Trees are actually bending over almost in half at times. It lasted most of the day and finally abated totally early evening. The rain abated early this morning and now we have warnings about flash floods everywhere. Joy of living in the desert, I guess.
Blanche and Garry from Harrison Hot Spring in BC came over to chat about HTR. We had a nice visit. They had been to the Baja so we picked their brains on what to expect and where to camp. We met these folks back in Desert Hot Spring.
After they left, we went for a drive into town then came home and relaxed.

DEC. 2, Sunday, sunny

Not much happened today. Val did laundry and I washed the windows on the outside of the rig. Also changed the filter on the main water line in preparation for Mexico. We finally have WIFI connection after being out for 4 days.
Went for a walk around the park and to the club house. They had a Arts & Craft fair (small one) on the patio so we looked at that then came home and read

DEC. 3, Monday, sunny

It is getting warmer which is good. This past week has been fairly cool dipping to a low of 69*F ( 14*C)
Called Sears again this morning and they finally returned my call around noon. We have the authorization to proceed with the repairs so that's good news.
Called Fleetwood since he didn't return my call and got some excuse about month end audit but he promises to call me back as soon as he finds out.
Mailed our Christmas cards and wrote to RV Times about an ad in their magazine. Also drove to a RV place and bought an in-line water filter for under the sink.
Loaded all the toys and got ready for tomorrow. This is our last day here. Blanche and Garry came over to return some papers I had loaned them and we had happy hour.
We had a nice dinner, watch the TV for a while and went to bed.
Catch you all next time, we are ready to go!

Friday, November 30, 2007

November 25 to 30, in Indio

NOV. 25, Sunday

Sunny but there is a light cloud cover today, temperature only went up to a high of 70*F. Not much happened today. Val went over to the club house and I watched the Canadian football Grey Cup.

NOV 26, Monday

Val went over to her exercise and I got on the phone about these estimates for the damaged caused by Sears. I called another repair shop and got excellent service. Their estimate came in at $1000 lower than the Fleetwood dealer in Colton....Go figure!!!
I called Mexico Bob and ordered our insurance for Mexico at $350. then we went into Indio at Lowe's to purchase a small portable and battery operated lamp for BBQuing at night. I saw one at one of our neighbours and thought it was the coolest thing. It can either be clamp to the table with its own clamp or use the magnet attached. From here we went to lunch at a local restaurant/pub built like a castle....really neat!

Purchased fuel for $50. @ 3.539 then came home, BBQ and tried out my new lamp....works like a charm!

NOV 27, Tuesday,

Cloudy and cooler again....upper 60's. The forecast is for rain later this week and cooler still. Went to a geo-caching session and then came home with our mail. It was all damaged and ripped open. Hope I didn't lose any mail. We got the cheque from Fleetwood for our fuel expense to La Grande back in September and I got short changed. I will have to call them again. BLOODY HELL!!!!!!
At 3 p.m., we went to the club house to have our picture taken for our new membership card.....new procedure....I guess some people were loaning their cards to non-members. REALLY!!!!!!!!??????

NOV 28, Wednesday, cloudy in the low 70's

Val went to her exercise classes and I went to another computer session, on "why your computer runs slow" It was interesting and I picked up a couple of new tricks.
Made a call to Fleetwood to find out why I didn't get the whole amount, got the usual excuses with the promise of looking into it and getting back to me.....yeah right!!
Went to Desert Palm to JC Penney where I found and bought 3 bottles of my after-shave, "Royal Copenhagen", YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!! This stuff is getting harder and harder to find.
Val is cooking lasagne tonight....yummy....yum!

NOV 29, Thursday, cloudy and cool

After Val exercise, we went to the Salton sea, approx. 35 miles south of here. We took Hwy 111 and drove the East side of the lake. We first stop at a National Refuge Park Headquarters where we saw a film on the history of the sea and what is being done to conserve it. There were camp site there with electricity and water; and a beach with white crunchy tiny sea shells that looked like white sand. The lake is 240 feet BELOW the Ocean level.....that's mind-boggling. It is approx 35 to 40 miles long and 15 miles at its widest spot. The maximum depth is approx 20feet. It is much saltier than the Pacific Ocean due to algae growth and the run-off's. It used to be part of the Sea of Cortez approx. 100,000 years ago. (SEE PICTURES)
From here, we drove on south and stopped in a small town named Niland for lunch. The food was great but the people were sort of.....eccentric!? We carried on without getting mugged and stopped at a couple of other refuge. We saw lots of white and brown Pelicans, snow geese, Canada geese, egrets and hawks. Even saw a wild rabbit but no snakes.
For the trip back, we took Hwy 86 on the west side of the lake and came home. We were gone for approx 5 hours.

Once at home, I called the Sears adjuster about our claim but only got his answering machine so left a message.

NOV 30, Friday, Cloudy and rain

Yes, we got rained on today with lighting as a side show. It got heavier as the day wore on and there were lots of "flash flood warnings" out. We even went without power for a good hour in the evening.
Called Sears again today and no call back. I am starting to get stressed out with this mess!!!

Anyway, I attended another computer session on WIFI and Val went to her exercises. This session was about an antenna that improves the reception of your connection by 20 folds. I actually tried it and it worked. Whereas before I was getting maybe 20-40% of the signals, now I get 80 to 100% Quite an improvement! Needless to say, I bought one that came with 2 antennas ( a short and a tall one) and an extension with a booster on it.
This valley is really drabby when it rains. I can see now why I wasn't impressed the first time we drove through here back in 2005. We went to Costco and Wal-Mart to spend more money that we don't have.
I also made a tentative appointment with McBride RV in Chino for next Tuesday. I am anticipating that Sears will approve their quote and we will get the Ok by then. Keeping our fingers cross!!!!!!

Life is but a journey filled with adventures

Sunday, November 25, 2007

November 21 to 24 Thanks-Giving in Indio

NOV. 21, Wednesday, sunny

Got up early and went to a computer session where a new program was being presented/discussed. It keeps track of all expenses and automatically calculates the US and CDN $ Dollar exchange on each expenditure. I got a free disc to download and I have 30 days to play with it so will try it and let you know. We also bought 2 tickets for the Thanksgiving dinner and went on the waiting list for 2 more cancellation.

Got a call from the Tate's around noon that they had arrived at their site and would be over shortly. They got here about 2 p.m. and we caught up to all the news from home. Rick bought himself a new "TOM-TOM" GPS and seems very happy with it. It does have some interesting features. We went over to a flea market about 4 blocks from here. It was all Mexican run and we didn't find anything that we needed. We came home and had dinner together at our place and chatted some more afterwards. They went home around 8:30 p.m.

Very windy tonight and cooler than usual.

NOV 22, Thursday, sunny and windy (Santa Anna winds)

It's really cool this morning. Had to put a jacket on to take Tucker for his morning walk. We picked up Rick and Pat at their site in Indian Wells than drove to Palm Spring to the Palm Canyon, owned by the Agua Caliente Cahuilla Indians. (pronounced Kaw-we-ah)
Palm canyon is considered the world's largest California Fan Palm Oasis. It is a rocky, desolate place yet very beautiful with all the Fan Palm trees on the canyon floor. There are hot water springs coming out of the ground. One can really smell the sulfur but we are told it is drinkable although we didn't try!!! The canyon walls are rocky and bare yet it does sustain some vegetation such as small cactus and fire brush.

We paid $8 each to get in the park which is Indians operated and owned. We drove up on a paved road to the start of the canyon and at one point, we had to go around this rock outcrop coming over the road. I wasn't sure if the truck was going to make it, but it did! That was when we realized why there was a lot back a way that said "RV DROP-OFF, DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER". We drove up about 800 feet to the Visitor Centre where they had a concession with food,drinks and souvenirs (very expensive). Maps of trails in the area were available for free. Lots of people here. We walked down to the Palm oasis and then up the canyon floor.
The palms followed the floor of the canyon and there were trails interjecting as we walked up. The trails were anywhere, from 2 miles to 15 miles long depending on the time and shape one was in and one could take any of them. We took a trail returning to the lodge which turned out to be approx. 3 miles long, up the canyon walls then along a ridge and back down. It was very warm but we had the winds and lots of water which was a good thing. We walked along a very desolate desert scenery interjected by cactus and small shrubs that looked like they were on their last leg yet were surviving in this arrid climate. We kept a watchful eye for rattle snakes but didn't see any. The trail took us approx. 500 feet higher than the canyon floor and at some points along, we could see the palms at the bottom of the canyon. (SEE PICTURES) It was very beautiful, and we got plenty of exercise. We finally arrived back at the Centre, had a drink and left.
We drove over to another canyon, the Andreas' where we met up with a guide who was very interesting and with a good sense of humour. This canyon was larger than the previous one and the rock formations were really interesting.
We had to return as we had a dinner to attend to. Dropped off Rick and Pat back at their site, drove back to ours, had enough time to wash then attended the dinner. Turkey and all the trimming. Afterwards, I went home and passed out on the couch, tired from a very strenuous day.....just not use to that kind of exercise.

NOV. 23, Friday, sunny and windy

Attended another computer session early this morning. This one was about a gadget to amplifies the reception of the WIFI signals. Had to leave half way through but will definitely investigate more.
We have T time this morning with Rick and Pat at the Indio municipal golf course. An 18 holes, executive, for only $18. Can't beat that! It was a very nice course and we had fun even with the strong winds....we seem to attract those whenever we play golf!?????
Afterwards, we drove to "BEST BUY" where Rick bought a new laptop, a Toshiba like mine with built-in WIFI. I looked for this WIFI gadget on the signal reception but they didn't have any.
We went to their site and had happy hours together. We left around 6 p.m. after saying our final goodbyes ( they are leaving for Yuma tomorrow) and we came home and relaxed

NOV 24, Saturday,

The winds were really strong overnight. I could hear the flags flapping against the front of the trailer. The small tables outside were blown around too.
Went for groceries today....and $200. later ( I guess we were really down on everything) we came home, put everything away and read and relaxed some more. The winds finally abated later in the afternoon. Also heard on the news that L.A. is getting more fires fanned by the winds. What a place to live!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November 18 to 20, in Indian Waters, Indio, Ca.

NOV 18, Sunday, sunny of course

After doing the laundry and checking e-mail, we had lunch and went kayaking on the Colorado river. We went down stream for about 1 mile amongst little islands. We had to get out and walk through a couple spots which were too shallow. Got back on the main river and crossed over to California side to check out all the fancy houses on that side. The current was very strong on this side so we went back to the Arizona side and headed for home.
We were gone for about 2 hours and it was a lot of fun.

We cleaned up then had "happy hour" with our friends Bill and Vicky. We usually sit in the back where there is lots of room and within sight of everyone but other than the Canadian who left a couple days ago, noone has joined us even with our effort to invite them. Their lost!!

Watched the Patriots destroy the Buffalo Bills in the evening then went to bed

NOV 19, Monday, sunny

Called teh RV place in Colton again and after more run-around, I got hold of the manager and complained and all of sudden, I had all kinds of good service.
We went into town and I got a haircut then we came home and realxed at the pool with Bill and Vicky

NOV 20, Tuesday, sunny with some clouds

Loaded everything, dumped and after saying our good-byes to our friends, we left Colorado River Oasis Park in Arizona, crossed the bridge into California and headed for Indio.

Two hours later, we drove into Indian Waters RV Park. A beautiful place, well manicured, and friendly people. This site is part of the WHR and free to us. We will be her for 2 weeks. We set up, went exploring the club house and tried to sign up for the Thanks-Giving dinner but it is full so we put our name on the waiting list. Now the fun begins

N 33*42' 24" W 116* 12'47"
Alt: 7 feet
Distance today: 164 KM

Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 14 to 17, In Colorado River Resort

NOV 14, Wednesday, sunny

We hung out at the pool today and met people from BC. Met them again at our site for happy hour.
Got a call later about our HTR membership. I think they will buy it....will see

NOV 15, Thursday, sunny

Started a new diary book today. We went to Quartzsite area to see Petroglyth with an organized group from our park. It was interesting and we saw caves but no critters. From there, we went into town and had lunch then went to the Oasis book store where we met the owner, an eccentric fellow who walks around naked except for a small turquoise pouch to cover his privates. Very friendly, intelligent and he knew his books. Took a couple pictures. Val was sooooooooo exxxxxcited that she bought a couple books!!! hihihihihihhiihiihihi!

Came home, went to the pool then had happy hours with our neighbours, Vicky and Bill whom we've become friends with.

NOV 16, Friday,

Of course it's sunny!!!!!!
Washed the rig early this morning....it was overdue. Caught up with the internet and downloaded some pictures and answered some mail. Made a call to have our mail forwarded to Indio for next week.
Went swimming in the p.m. with Vicky and Bill. At 4 p.m. the four of us went to a local bar that was celebrating their 35th anniversary. There was a smorg full of good food and it was free. The best part though, was the price of booze.. we spent $22 between the four of us for an evening of drinking beer and a lot we drank!!!! Isn't it amazing!!!!???? Can't beat that! There was even a band playing rock and roll music and we danced the night away. came home around 10:30 p.m. feeling no pain.

NOV. 17, Saturday,

Washed the truck early this morning. Went back to Quartzsite and walked around. Bought a couple of knick-knacks that I couldn't do without then we had lunch and drove back to Blythe for some groceries. Met the gang for happy hour and then we all went for dinner at the club for $6. each. We had meat loaf, mashed potatoes and vegetable and desert of course. We all sat back afterwards at the club and chatted until 8:30 then came home.
A fine day, by all standards!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 12 to 13, 2007 To Colorado River, Arizona

NOV. 12, Monday, sunny and very warm

Val went to her exercise class first thing in the morning then we headed for Desert Hot Spring to buy last minute groceries. Came back and had lunch then we went cycling around the neighborhood. Checked out an R.P.I. park just down the road...very nice and may be worth exploring some other time.
Came back home, put everything away and loaded the bikes and kayaks, had dinner then read a good book and relaxed.

NOV 13, Tuesday, another sunny and warm day
We left the park around 9:15 after saying our goodbyes to our neighbors. Drove down Dillon road to I-10 and headed east slowly but surely. Made a couple stops and turned a 2 hours drive into a three hours thing. Scenery very desert like, crossed the Colorado River and found our campsite which turned out to be very near the freeway. We are in Arizona and we can actually see the I-10 bridge from our site and the town of Blythe in California.. We are backed to the river and we look forward to kayaking some. We are at site 106 in Colorado River RV resort, a WHR park but we are here under AOR. so paid $8./night
After setting up, we went exploring the town of Blythe, bought some beer and came back into Arizona and drove through the village of Ehremberg, almost a ghost town. We stopped at a bar and had a beer. $1.50 for a MUG of beer......YES $1.50
Surroundings are very much desert like!

N 33* 36' 36" W 114* 31'35"
Alt: 241'
Distance today: 197 KM.

Monday, November 12, 2007

November 5 to 11, 2007, friends visit us in Desert Pool Park

NOV. 5, Monday, Sunny

Not much happened today. We decided to play it lazy so stayed home and read, went for a walk around the park and met some of our neighbors

NOV. 6, Tuesday

Went into town and got some groceries than we drove around and checked out a bunch of stores as Val wanted a noodle for the pool. Couldn't find anything. Everywhere we went, we were told that they are stocking for winter and all the summer stuff is put away

NOV. 7, Wednesday,

Sunny again and warm. Finally found a noodle right here in the park. They have a small flea market here every Wednesday and this is where we found it. I also bought a string of lights.
Waited around for what I thought was going to be a Sears rep. but in fact, turned out to be the guy that did the damage to the wall. ( I have downloaded a picture of it on the Picasa link) He wrote his statement and after he left I called Sears to find out what the heck was going on and was told to call back tomorrow to see what he had to say and where it would proceed form here.

NOV. 8, Thursday

Called Sears again and was told that the guy admitted to the damaged and that now I had to get an estimate of the repairs and that they would pay for it. That's good news but after making numerous calls to local people, I couldn't find anyone to come out and do this kind of repairs. I called a Fleetwood dealership about 50 miles from here and they are willing to do the repair so I took some pictures and send them to their e-mail. Now we wait

Glenda and terry arrived today around noon. After they set up we met them and caught up to all the news then went over the pool to cool off. It is very warm today. We had them over for dinner and sat around afterwards and chatted some more

NOV. 9, Friday, cloudy

It is cloudy today and we have a very strong wind form the West. It's blowing sand everywhere. we went golfing with Terry and Glenda at a local 9 holes executive course called Sands RV & GOLF Resort. Very nicely groomed and manicured. We had a good time. I did pretty good considering how little I have played. We came home and they had us over for dinner tonight. More chatting and laughter.

NOV. 10, Saturday, sunny

We had quite a strong wind again last night and I'm glad I put up the awning before bed.
For a change, we went golfing again at the same course. We did the same score as yesterday. Incredible! Afterwards, we went to town and had tacos and pop then came home and dropped off the clubs and went to visit an Oasis park not far from here. It was very impressive and we walked the whole length which took us to another Oasis with a small lake and a sand dune. We small some of of the local gritters and the girls even saw a rabbit. It was well done. The trail had lots of signage which explained the foliage and I didn't realize it but we were right on top of San-Andreas Fault.
Came home, had a drink then we went for dinner at the club house. Terry and Glenda had a free dinner for listening to the park's sale pitch and after, we stayed for the Karaoke. Almost had Val convince to go up and sing but she restrained herself

NOV. 11, Sunday

T & G. left around 9 a.m. They were headed for Mesa near Phoenix, about a 6 hours drive. We said our good-byes. Val did her laundry today and I relaxed. My knee is really bugging me and hurting. I think I overdid it on the walking the past 3 days.

Monday, November 05, 2007

November 3-4, 2007

NOV 3, Saturday, sunny

We went to the air show in Coachella, about a 1/2 hour drive from here, on the East side of the Valley. One thing about this valley....everything is spread out and what seems like next door on the map, turns out to be miles away.

The air show was interesting, small and quaint. There were quite a few planes on display, mainly vintage stuff from the WW II era and the 50's. When we arrived, a group of sky-divers were coming down with smoke trailing behind. It was neat to watch. Then we had a aerobatic flight with a bi-plane then another one with a mono plane. We had lunch there and then watch the California Patriots, four pilots with their jets, do some aerobics. It ended with them making a heart in the sky with an arrow through it. They were good and we enjoyed the show. It was hot on the tarmac and we took advantage of every shadows we could find as did everyone else.

We came home and got ready to go listen to a lecture on MASA, a medical air lift service, and a free spaghetti dinner. Met a couple who are also full time, had a nice chat then came home.

Oh yeah! On the way home form the airshow, we drove through Indio and had a peak at our next site for Nov 20 to December 4. It looked like a very nice site and we look forward camping there....it is closer to town then this one but no one is complaining!!!

NOV 4, Sunday, cloudy, clocks moved back one hour!

Cloudy today but still very warm....got up to 92*F (32*C). We had planned on staying home today but because of the cloud cover, we decided it would be a good day to go see the Flea Market in Desert Palm. It was very interesting and lots of stuff... We ended up buying a pair of shoes and sandals (needed) and a small kitchen item and some homemade BBQ sauce. We had lunch there (hot dog and pop) walked around some more then came home after stopping at a local Sports Bar and had a brew and joined in the cheering of the local football team on TV.

Very warm in the trailer. Thank goodness for the A/C. Watched more football then went to bed early.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

November 1 & 2, 2007

NOV 1, Thursday, sunny and hot

It got up to 92*F today (33*C)....a wee bit warm! We went grocery shopping and also stopped at a Visitor Centre to get information on the area. Came home with an armful of brochures.

We then took a drive down Dhillon road, after unloading the groceries, and came upon this Oasis call "Lost Oasis" It is approx 10 minutes from our resort. We stopped and took a walk around. The park office was closed but what an impressive place. The palm trees are huge and old. The place reminding us of a pre-historic jungle. There were paths that we could walk on and lots of water. (SEE PICTURES). WE didn't stay long but will definitely come back.

We took Thousand Palm road and went south then turned on Ramon road which took back to Palm Spring. It was quite a long drive, I didn't realize it was this far. We fuelled in Palm Spring: 21.809 Gal @ 3.439. Came back home and had dinner then relaxed.

I checked the bank rates and discovered that our dollar is now worth 1.07!!!!! WOW!!!! We are actually making some savings here. That's great!

NOV. 2, Friday, sunny and warm again

The forecast is for the Santa Anna winds to blow today so put up the awning before leaving. These are very strong winds from the North-East and can create dust storms.

Today, went to Joshua Park. We took Hwy 6 north to the village of Joshua Tree where we stopped at the park rancher info centre and paid the entrance fee ($15), got some info and entered the park. This was a very beautiful park. We saw forest of Joshua trees and rock formations unsurpassed anywhere. The park consist of 2 desert: the Mojave on the northern section and the Colorado desert on the southern section. They are very distinct and different. The Joshua tree is found in the Mojave side. That's where most of our pictures are taken.
We are also very near the San Andreas Fault which explains the rocks and boulders. It is hard to describe and the pictures I took don't do it justice. Suffice to say we were both very impressed.
We saw rock climbers ( a paradise for them here) and lots of campers but no big rigs or trailers here as it is very tiny in space. We took a drive to the "Keys look-out". We climbed to above 5000 feet and arrived at this lookout. WOW!!! WOW!!!! Very impressive. One can see for miles and miles. We saw the Salton Sea in the south, and the Palm Spring valley in the west. (SEE PICTURES). From here, we drove on to Twenty-Nine Palm, a small village on the north east side of the park. There is a very big Marine Corps base near here and a huge exercise area for them to practice battle warfare. Took a couple pictures and drove back in the park and took the southern route which brought us to the Colorado desert and where the Cholla cactus are located. IT was very impressive again. Drove on through the desert, through miles and miles of nothing but rock, sand and shrubs and cactus. Finally arrived at I-10 and headed back home via Dhillon road, which was quite neat as it is full of small hills which causes us to lift up from our seat as they were closed together. It reminded me of my child hood when dad would drive through this place and cause that same effect. It was fun
Arrived back at our site around 6 p.m., in time for happy hour and dinner.
Tomorrow, we are going to flea market and air show.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 29 to 31, to Desert Hot Spring, California

OCT 29, Monday, sunny and warm

Left the campsite around 8:45 a.m. We drove east to I-5 where we turned south and then headed to Hwy 99 to Salida. Found the Don Gamel, a Fleetwood RV Dealership with no problems, thanks to Miss Daisy, our GPS. Got there around 10 a.m. and 2 hours later we were on our way again. They were extremely friendly and helpful. All that was required was a brake adjustment and Fleetwood covered the cost.
We headed south on 99 to Barkersfield then turn East on Hwy 58. We climbed to over 4000 feet from a low of 200'. As we neared the desert, we saw the hills full on huge windmills turning in the wind. These mills are used to provide electricity and are very prominent in California and Arizona as we noted in our travels. We entered the Mojave desert and descended to 2100' and finally turned north on Hwy 14 which was to take us to our campsite for that night but we ended up missing the camp and went up north 40miles out of our way looking for this stop sign P.A. said was supposed to be there.

We turned around near a canyon and found a store open and got directions. Miss daisy was out to lunch on this one! Drove to almost Hwy 58 and finally found our campground, paid our $12. and went to bed after eating supper.

N 35* 07'46" W 118* 07'01"
Alt: 2835'
Distance today 582KM

OCT. 30, Tuesday, Sunny and hot

We left around 11 a.m., no rush today as we have a short distance to cover. Headed east on Hwy 58 to Hwy 395 where we turned south. I was in need of fuel so stopped in Boron where we found the gas station still using a hand pump to gas up cars....no diesel so carried on the corner of 395 and 58 where we found a Pilot Station. Almost got into an altercation with this Californian who wouldn't move his car from the pump and when I went to knock on his window, he started to scream at me about not disturbing his pump as his wife went in to get the change!!!!? I decided that this guy was short of a brick and waited for him to move....probably a wise choice looking back at it now!
Anyway, after taking on only $35 worth (3.499/Gal here), we carried on south on 395. Very desolate but good roads and very rolly. After Adelanto, we got on I-15 and climbed to 4200' then descended to 800' in the San Bernadino valley, all in a matter of 60 miles. It was a beautiful drive (CHECK OUT THE PICTURES).
Turned East again on I 215 then I-10. Stopped for lunch around 1:30 p.m. and arrived in Desert Hot Spring around 2:30.

Checked in Desert Pool RV Resort where it is free for us through our membership with W.H.R. We set up and now it's time for a beer and relaxation. We will be here for two weeks.

N 33* 55' 26" W 116* 26' 01"
Alt: 1052 feet
Distance today: 274 Km.

OCT 31, Wednesday, sunny and hot

I have the A/C on right now and Val is at the pool. I set up the Dish for satellite TV, hooked up what I miss yesterday, put out our little goodies, the lawn chairs and the awning. Sears showed around noon and fixed (I think but time will tell) our microwave and managed to damaged the side wall doing it. DAMN!!!!! I am beginning to think this trailer is jinx for us. Anyway, we called Apollo and left a message for them to call us in the morning.

Tucker is nipping at my heels...time for walk! See you all later.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 25 to 28, 2007, at Delta Shore RV Park

OCT. 25, Thursday, sunny

Another beautiful, sunny day. I called Fleetwood again this morning as they never returned my call. As suspected, there was another excuse as to why my cheque hadn't been mailed but he (Paul) promised to have in the mail by the end of this week. At the same time, I asked him about a dealership nearby where I can get the brake system on the trailer looked at. As stated earlier, one axle doesn't seem to have any brakes and I suspect a broken/cut wire.

I also called our reservation system with WHR to reorganize our plans. Ramona Park has burned down due to the fires near and around Los Angeles so that threw a wrench into our travel plans. We are now still going to Desert Hot Spring but then to Ehremberg in Arizona then back to Indio California. We will now enter the Baja around the 4th of December instead of the 11th as planned.

In the afternoon we went to Lodi to look for parts for the BBQ and a look around. It is approx. 20 miles from here. We went to Lowe, Wal-Mart and a local store qith no success on the part. Val did some shopping while in Wal-Mart

Came back home, had dinner and relaxed

OCT 26, Friday, sunny

A lot cooler today. Didn't get much above 75*F but who is complaining. Val did the laundry and I did a couple of minor jobs that required attention around the trailer. I reorganized the basement, put a hook inside for the broom and repaired the bottom of the laundry drawer; it was coming apart ( another Fleetwood quality product)

We went to Fairfield today Approx 25 miles from here and finally had success about the part for the BBQ at Camping World store. Had to buy a few extra "must have" items too. :-)

OCT 27, Saturday, cloudy/sun periods

Fixed the BBQ and it works very nicely now. Put up our new map of the USA travels outside the trailer.

In the afternoon, we went cycling around the levee (dike) Took a couple of pictures and looked around a few shops but din't buy anything. We stopped for a beer on the return then came home and had steaks on the BBQ....Delicious! The park is wuite fulll right now. Lots of kids around and they are having an Halloween party for them later in the afternoon with a dance for the adults in the evening. Read and answered our e-mails then went to bed

OCT 28, Sunday, sunny again

Today, we are packing in preparation to leave tomorrow. We have to be in Modesto, about an hour from here, for 10 a.m. to get the brakes on the trailer looked at.

Went cycling again in the afternoon then loaded them away.

DOWNLOADED PICTURES, see our link on the left (Picasa)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 24, 2007---- In Elston, California

OCT 24, Wednesday, sunny

Got up at 7 a.m. and after a good breakfast and toiletry done, we began packing. It is sunny and already warm at 9 a.m. We dumped our tanks at the entrance way as we had no sewer at this site then we hit the road around 10:15 a.m.
Drove on Hwy 101 for approx 42 miles then turned left on Hwy 116. We drove through some rolling hills and after turning on Hwy 12, we arrived in the Napa Valley. Absolutely beautiful! Hills upon hills of vineyards with the houses built like castle and the typical ranch/hacienda. The season for grapes is over now and the vines are changing into their fall colors which makes the hill side even more colorful. Took some pictures but haven't downloaded them yet.

Drove through Rio Vista and finally arrived at our campsite, the Delta Shores RV and Marina Resort. We are in the shade and it's a good thing as it is 85*F (25*C). Time for a beer!
This is a nice park. We are beside a dike holding back an arm of the Sacramento River. We are surrounded by the Sacramento delta. We are between Sacramento and San Francisco, approx 20 miles from I-5 Will take pictures and download them today hopefully.

We've been watching the fires near and around Los Angeles and San Diego. Over 10, 000 home have been lost so far and nearly 100, 000 people have been evacuated. It is the BIGGEST fire in history according to the media. What worries us is there is a fire in Ramona, a place we intent on going before entering the Baja, in December. Hopefully, it will be put out soon along with the rest of them....very sad indeed!

N 38* 06'47" W 121* 35'18"
Alt: -5 feet ( yes minus as we are behind a Dike)
Distance today: 194 km. ( 120 miles)

Monday, October 22, 2007

October 19-23, Geyser City, California

OCTOBER 19, Friday, clouds and sun

Went to Crescent City today for groceries and lunch. Washed the rig and the truck and it rained in the evening. Oh well!! At least I got the bugs off the front ends.

OCTOBER 20, Saturday, clouds and sun

It really poured last night. Even had lighting and thunder. Watched college football then Craig and I went for 9 holes It was a very nice little course and even had 5 deers munching on the fresh grass. Very wet course too. Cost $20 for 9 holes and a cart; not bad.

OCTOBER 21, Sunday, IT IS SUNNY!!!!!!!!!

We packed and left around 9 a.m. after hugging and saying good-bye to our good friends. We hit Hwy 101 and stopped at a campsite along the way to dump. Carried on southwards and stopped in Hyak for a leash for Tucker and some food. It is so nice to see the sun again. It's also getting warmer. The funny thing is that neither one of us can remember driving through here 2 yrs ago!? OLD AGE!?????

We arrived at Cloverdale at our campsite, Russian River Resort. No cost through R.O.D. A very tight area and surrounded by mountains. We are approx. 86 miles ( 90 KM) from San Francisco. We will be here for 3 nights

N 38* 50' 46" W 123* 01'24"
Alt: 389'
Distance today: 460 km

OCTOBER 22, Monday, sunny

Called Fleetwood about our money. Got some excuse about month end but he is supposed to get back to us. Updated our banking and downloaded more pictures. Also answered a couple of e-mail

Went into town, fuelled 14.71Gal @ 3.399 then we went for a drive to Sonoma Lake, the main watershed for the surrounding valley and carried on over the mountains and to the Pacific. We came out at Stewart Point. Drove HWY 1 south and what a drive! WOW!!! Curvy, winding and slow going but the road is good. Went through a couple of neat villages and finally turned off on HWY 116 and came back home. Miss Daisy did a good job returning us home. It was a beautiful drive.
Got home at 6:30 p.m., time for a beer, dinner and relaxation.

OCTOBER 23, Tuesday, sunny and warm (80*F)

Washed the windows today on both the rig and the truck, Val did her vacuuming then we drove to Santa Rosa, approx 30 miles from here and went shopping at "TRADER JOE" where we bought 12 bottles of red wine for $1.99 each....Can't go wrong with them prices
Took on fuel 18.505 Gal @ 3.459

Now we relax and tomorrow we head for Isleton, south-east of San Francisco, for 5 nights. It is on the water or near water, I have read!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 14 to 18, 2007, in California

OCT 14 Sunday, foggy

We left at 8:45 a.m. and drove south on 101 to Bandon, Oregon, where I fuelled and it was time as I was running on fumes. Took on 26.201 Gal @ 3.379
Scenery along the highway is absolutely gorgeous. The shoreline is rugged and the waves are pounding on shore. Stopped in Brookings, the last town before California and had a quick bit to eat and fuelled again before entering California where everything is much more expensive: 7.363 Gal @ 3.259
Approx 10 miles into California, we turned north east onto Hwy 197 then 199 to Gasquets and to our friends Craig and Cathy's place. Arrived around 2 p.m. and Craig was waiting for us on the road in. He guided us in and we parked behind his house and right beside the runway for local airplanes. Had happy hour after setting up and caught up to all the news. It is sunny but not supposed to be for long. The forecast is for rain for the week. BOOO!!!

N 41* 50' 45" W 123* 59' 43"
Alt: 390'
Distance today 294 KM

OCT 15, Monday

Got up to rain and it is here to stay. Went back to Brooking today to get some groceries, get an oil change and both my truck and Craig's as he needed it too. ( We drove 2 trucks in) Went for lunch at a Mexican restaurant then came home.
Had a very nice dinner then we watched Monday Night Football. went to bed around 10 p.m. and I now have a cold! BOOOO!

OCT 16, Tuesday, rain

Stayed home, read and slept. Not much else as it is raining and windy

OCT 17, Wednesday, more rain with a mixture of sun breaks

Went to Crescent city and got a haircut for Tucker at Cathy's workplace. While he was there, we went to the beach for a walk. Very windy but the sun is trying hard to come out. Went to a local restaurant in the harbor for brunch then picked up Tucker($30), and went home, approx 12 miles form here.

OCT 18, Thursday, rain

This rain is getting depressing. Cathy and Craig keep saying that this is totally unusual.....heard that before! Called W.H.R. and made all necessary reservations until Dec 11 then Craig and I went to Hiouchi, approx 8 miles from here to get propane for the rig and my little BBQ ($22for both). Got my blog updated and now it's time for reading a good book. Bye for now

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oct 12 and 13, 2007

OCT. 12, Friday, clouds then sun

We left Camperland at 0915 after fuelling: 36.5 L @ .959 and headed west on Hwy 1. Turn south on Hwy 13 and arrived at the border at 1007 a.m.. Almost an hour later, we were on our way south in Washington. We had no problems at the border, just heavy traffic.

Stopped for lunch on I-5 in a rest stop then crossed Seattle and Tacoma. Heavy traffic with a couple of accidents but had few delays. Turned on hwy 101 towards Aberdeen and stopped for the night at a Passport campsite we stopped 2 years ago with my brother Andre, in Elma. Took on some fuel but not a full tank: 11.59 Gal @ 3.449
It is 4 p.m., met a couple from Quebec who are planning to go to Mexico and they were very happy to pick our brains. Nice couple too. Time to relax and baby this cold I feel coming on

N 47* 00' 07" W 123* 23'17"
Alt: 86' and distance today: 390 KM

OCT 13, Saturday, fog then sun and warm

Left around 9 again and went to Aberdeen then to Illwaco on the coast. Fuelled again 6.947GAL @ 3.599 then headed south to Astoria, Oregon where I filled up 29.229GAL @ 2.799
Drove on south on Hwy 101 and stopped in Tillamook for some cheese. Stopped for lunch at a view point overseeing the ocean and arrived in Florence around 5:30 p.m.
Beautiful day and a great drive even with the heavy traffic (Saturday) It was sunny and warm.
We are now at Lakeshore RV Park south of Florence, Oregon, all set up with full hook-up for $14 (Passport) Dinner is on and all is well except for this cold that is getting worse.

N 43* 54' 31" W 124* 06' 42"
Alt: 90' and distance today: 476

Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 3 to 11, 2007

It's been a wonderful and busy 8 days. We went to watch the girls play their volleyball, had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Rochelle and Kevin's place with all the trimming and family Love on the 8th of October. Everyone was there and it was a happy time.

I helped Kevin's dad gyproc Kevin's office and we did some shopping preparing for our entry into the U.S. We also went to Vancouver to visit my son Jeffrey and spent the night at his place. Also saw Val's daughter, Joanne, her husband John and grand-daughter Jenaya.
We got together with Val's cousin, Travis and Linda and had dinner with them at the pub.

We saw our friends Phil and Betty and had a nice dinner with them too. Rochelle and Kevin left for Nova Scotia with her mom and Gord yesterday morning and today I have an appointment with my tranny specialist for a check up and we are going to Joanne again this evening.

Tomorrow, the 12th, we leave this place and head SOUTH!!! The weather has been somewhat lousy. Typical West Coast with lots of rain and some heavy winds. We did have a couple days of sun however and temperature wise, it's been hovering around 15 to 18 degrees celsius
Our next entry will be in the U.S., probably at our friends place in California. We hope to be there either Sunday or Monday


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October 1 & 2, 2007 The PLAN!!!

Here we are in Chilliwack having a good time with the kids and grand-kids, being part of their life in a small, small way.

I thought it was time I laid out our plans for the next year and half of 2009 for those of you reading this Blog and keeping track of us...... From here, on October 13, we will crossed into the U.S. via Sumas and head south to California to visit our friends Craig and Cathy. Once they get get tired of us or us of them (just kidding), we will make our way south to Cabo San Lucas in the Baja, Mexico. We will be there until at least the beginning of February when we will north and east to Phoenix to Val's cousins, Bud and Judith for a big bash!!!! After that we will south again to San Carlos, Mexico this time to visit all of our friends there. In March of 2008, we will head north and east to Quebec and North Ontario where we will be spending our time from May to October. Then it is south again for the winter of '08-'09 (don't know where yet) and back home to B.C. at the end of April of 2009. My grand-daughter, Vanessa, is graduating that year and we definitely don't want to miss that.

All of the above are providing there is no major financial glitches or otherwise.

Today is the second and I have been helping Kevin's dad gyproc the office. Rochelle and Kevin bought a new house in Sardis. It is very beautiful and much, much bigger than their previous one. Actually Kevin is complaining that he can't keep track of the what the girls are up to which they love!!! It has a detached double garage which Kevin will use as his shop and office. It feels good to be doing something other than RVing.

We are back at our site in Camperland and it is pouring right now....typical west coast weather!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 24 to 30, 2007 to Chilliwack, BC

SEPT 24, Monday, sun and clouds

Went to Salmon Arm to pick up a parcel, our mail and some groceries. Stopped at the vet to pick up some 'Advantage' but he had to have an exam first so we gave to go ahead and found out that he had two very bad teeth and abscess on top of that. Decided to have them extracted otherwise we would have had problems on the trip. He spent the day at the Vet. The poor little guy was pretty sore and sad when we picked him up, but he's a trooper and recoup once home.

Started to reload all our stuff and get ready to leave. We went to Dan and Heather's place to say our goodbyes over a glass of wine.

SEPT 25, Tuesday, cloud and sun

Went to Chase to pay for our storage insurance then came home and wash the rig and the truck and the car. Put the car in the compound for the winter.

SEPT 27, Thursday, cloudy

Put a few more things away and brought out the kayak to be cleaned. Relaxed the balance of the day and it rained in the evening

SEPT 28, Friday, cloudy drizzle

Went to town and did the Internet thing. also took Tucker for a check-up. Went to our doctor's appointment and picked up our one year supply of meds.

Came home and loaded the kayaks on the truck, sat dish and the balance of small stuff. Ron and Theresa came over for a drink and stayed for dinner. We had a very nice evening.

SEPT 29, Saturday, sunny and cold

WE got up to -1C temperature this morning. Fall is definitely here. We left around 10:15 a.m. for Chilliwack for two weeks. Stopped in Kamloops for brunch and fuel {33.037L @.999} then onwards across the Coquahalla. The sky is now overcast. Arrived at Camperland around 3 p.m., unhooked and took the desk and shelves to Rochelle. What a beautiful little house they bought. Now Kevin has a big garage to work in and his dad is building an office attached to it. We visited with the girls as Kevin is at a retreat and Graeme has moved out on his own.
Came back to our site around 9;30 to a downpour.

ALT; 186'

Distance today: 316 KM

N 49* 11' 13" W 121* 44'29"


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 17 to 23, 2007, Return home

SEPT. 17, Monday

We drove over to Fleetwood only to be told that the axles wouldn't be here until tomorrow. I got quite angry but to no avail. We are stuck one more night.
It's cool today and drizzle for a while. Went over to the park to read. In the evening, we went to the movie theatre to see "The Brave One" It was pretty good.

SEPT. 18, Tuesday

After a restless night (very noisy in the parking lot at Fleetwood), I finally got up around 6:30 a.m. The workers are arriving and being noisy.
We are told that the axles are in so we went to Denny's for breakfast then drove around, read at the park and just plain bored! Around 3:30 p.m., Paul called to say the rig should be ready by 5. We finally left Fleetwood at 5:45 p.m. They have agreed to pay for our camping cost as well as the hotel and the fuel. At least, that helps. We now have 2 - 7000 LBS axles

Drove on to Pendleton where we spent the night at the Casino. Just before arriving there, I pulled at a Highway scale and this is the result:
Frt: 4750 Lbs; Rear: 6350 LBS; Trailer: 11750 lbs for a total GCVW of 22750 lbs. We have a pin weight of 2000 lbs

We went out for dinner at the casino and played a few machines. Called Terry and Glenda and made arrangement to meet them in Spokane at Bill's place, friends of theirs.

We fuelled before leaving La Grande 19 gal @ 3.039 then again at the casino 10.071 gal @ 2.979

ALT: 1450 feet
N 45* 38' 56" W 118* 40'20"
Distance today: 81 km

SEPT. 19, Wednesday

Left the casino around 9:30 a.m. Drove up hwy 12 and 195 north. Stopped for lunch at a road side rest area in Dusty, Washington. The sun is out and this is a very picturesque and easy drive. The hwy is really good.
We arrived in Spokane around 3 p.m., took on fuel: 23.742GL @ 3.159 then went on to Bill's place. They were waiting for us on the road ( we had called) then drove in their backyard. They have acreage so lots of room. We had a marvellous visit with Terry and Glenda and Bill and his wife Georgia. BBQ for dinner then more visiting and catching up to news from each other. Went to bed around 11 p.m.

ALT: 2079 '
N 47* 39' 17" W 117* 08' 08"
Distance travelled: 340 km

SEPT. 20, Thursday

We left at 9 a.m. after Glenda cooked us a nice breakfast and drove up Hwy 395 north all the way to the border. Another easy and pretty drive. Crossed the mighty Columbia River at Kettle Falls and crossed the border around noon. No problems crossing and from here we took Hwy 3 to Greenwood. We called Brenda and Al to let them know we would stop for coffee. Checked out the new RV lots in Greenwood and found them too small and too crowded. Drove on to the Al's place in Midway. The sun is still shining.
We had a nice visit with Al and Brenda and hit the road around 3 p.m. We fuelled at Rock Creek 73.60L @ 1.019 then turned north again on Hwy 33 to Kelowna and Hwy 97. We stopped at Enderby on Hwy 97 for dinner and drove on home. Arrived at 9 p.m.
A loooooong day and it's nice to be back "home"

ALT: 1190'
N 50* 54' 19" W 119* 33' 12"
Distance travelled
: 586 km

SEPT 21, Friday

It rained all day so we stayed inside and read. Got a call from Kevin that Graeme blew the engine in Edmonton and would I go with him to pick it up...OF COURSE!

SEPT 21 & 22, Saturday and Sunday

Drove to Kamloops and opened a US account at my bank and got $500 U.S. for the cost of 11$ Pretty good. Met Kevin at the Versaille truck stop and we drove to Edmonton, approx. 400 miles. Arrived around 10 p.m. and stayed at a friend's house.
The next morning, we drove to Stoney Creek, just outside of Edmonton and loaded the car in the enclosed trailer. We were able to start it and drive it on so the engine is not blown but it does run extremely rough. Sounded like the water pump, definitely!?
We drove back and Kevin dropped me off in Kamloops and he went on to Chilliwack. I got home around 7 p.m., had dinner and then fasted for my blood test tomorrow morning.

SEPT 23, Monday

Went over to the clinic in Chase for my blood test then we went to Salmon Arm to shop for groceries,, checked the mail and stopped at the RV lot to check on the deal for the Carriage. They want 34K$ difference so we forgot that and went home. Now we can go on with our life, make this trailer "our Home" and get ready to leave next Saturday for Chilliwack and our trip south!
I stated to load our stuff and in the evening, we went visiting Dan and Heather to say our goodbyes over a glass of wine.

Life is but a journey filled with adventures