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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 26 to 31, 2009 San Carlos

MAR. 26, Thursday, Kayaking

We went kayaking to SHANGRI-LA beach. Joyce and Bill came out with us and Joyce got to kayak and LOVED IT! We had to cut it short as the wind came up and the sea became too choppy.
I had a long siesta ten we had Happy Hour at Gaylard & Carol, our neighbours. Fisherman Bob and his wife Carol were also out.

MAR. 27, Friday, routine stuff

Val went for a double class of TAI-CHI then we both went to the library to exchange books. After lunch we went to GUAYMAS to get wine and a couple things then drove back to San Carlos and stopped at TONY for some vegetables and Chili Rellenos( a Anaheim Chili filled with cream cheese and fried over Mesquite wood in a batter) Absolutely delicious! We then went to the bank to get DENEROS (money) then to the lot to make arrangement for Saturday.
We came home and went to the Best western hotel for a margarita with Bill and Joyce. For supper we had the Chili Rellenos with shrimp Yum! Yum!

MAR. 28, Saturday, Saying goodbyes to the LOT gang

We went to Guaymas in the morning then had a quiet day until 3 when we went to the LOT for our final Happy Hour with them as they are leaving Monday. Tears and hugs were exchanged then we came home. Val is so emotional when it comes time for good-byes, bless her heart!

MAR. 29, Sunday, San Carlos

We went for breakfast at ROSA CANTINA where we met Linda and Bill from the LOT. We had a nice chat then came home and went cycling.
The park has a lot of people now as a caravan came in and more people from the south.

MAR. 30, Monday, more goodbyes

I bought another kilo of shrimp this morning. Stocking up for our departure. Val did more laundry and I had a snooze.
For dinner, we went to THE PALAPA, a Greek/Mexican restaurant on the beach with Joyce and Bill, Gaylard and Carol. The food was pretty good and we had live music, not too loud, just the way I like it. We had a good time then came home. Couldn’t watch the sunset as it was cloudy. This is Joyce and Bill last night in Mexico.

MAR. 31, Tuesday, a cloudy day

The caravan left at 7:30 this morning. Joyce and Bill left at 8:30 after saying our goodbyes. There is a BIG hole where they were parked. We have 9 days left to our departure.
Val went for her TAI-CHI lessons then later in the morning, Peter and Marg came over to say goodbye also as they are leaving in a couple days for home in Alberta.
We went for tacos at ERNIE’S then a walk on the beach. The park is back to being almost empty again. Sunny and windy this afternoon!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 18 to 25, 2006, San Carlos

MAR. 18, Wednesday, cleaning day

Finally got my bike back and NOT fix. I took it to a tire shop and they fixed it for 30 pesos in about 10 minutes.
Val cleaned house the house then we went for a hot dog at EL CHEQUE. Craig, Cathy and Bill, Tammy showed up so they sat with us.
In the afternoon, we met them all at SOGGY PESOS on San Francisco Beach. We had a couple beers, enjoyed the sun and had a nice chat then it was time to say GOODBYES to Craig and Cathy as they are leaving for the States tomorrow.
We came home to find Joyce and Bill, Dennis and Marilyn sitting out for happy hour so we joined them. In the evening we had a pleasant surprise as Audrey and Marcel finally downloaded SKYPE and called us. We chatted a lengthy time then said bye and it was time for bed.

MAR. 19, Thursday, shopping day

Oh OH! I think Marcel found a new toy as he called me at 7:30 this morning just to chat.
We went to Guaymas to shop for a Mexican broom and some groceries. We also took a drive to the Port to check it out and see all the work they are doing there then we went for lunch. Afterwards, we drove to MIRAMAR and visited with Colleen and Mac. They are staying at an RV Park situated on the grounds of a big hotel. They have access to their pool and patio which has a very nice view of San Carlos and the sea of Cortez.
Came home around 3 p.m., put the groceries away and I dumped all the sewer tanks.
Joyce had us over for dinner. She cooked New Mexico BURRITOS and they were DELICIOUS.

MAR. 20, Friday, rig wash day

Or so I thought! AS it turns out, Joe had changed our wash day to Saturday without informing us. I got up early to move everything away from the rig and so when I found out, I was really put-out and told him so. He was very apologetic and reimbursed me half my money for the wash which made me feel a bit better. I put everything back until tomorrow. Val went for her TAI CHI classes
Dennis and Marilyn brought Garry and Virginia over for a visit and we had a nice chat. They are here until mid April so will get a chance to visit them again. Later in the afternoon, we all went to Garry’s place in LOMAR del MAR and it was a very nice little place it was. They have a great view of the sea once you go on the top patio. We had a very nice happy hour then came home

MAR. 21, Saturday, SPRING has SPRUNG

First day of spring. I had a lousy sleep as THE GENERAL was really loud tonight and woke me up a couple times. Then this morning, this jerk started his rig really early and had no muffler or at least sounded like it and decided to rev it up.
We went to the Marina and picked up a card for Hayley’s birthday (my grand-daughter) and bought coffee at EVIE. We also stopped at ROSITA MARKET for a few things and at TONY’s for veggies and fruits.
Happy hour at Joyce and Bill.
Oh, and the rig wasn’t washed as we had no water pressure all day.

MAR. 22, Sunday, Routine stuff

I washed the awning this morning as we have lots of pressure of course. Val went for a walk with Linda form the LOT the Val, Marilyn and Joyce spent an hour teaching each other how to crochet.
A few rigs came in today heading north.

MAR. 23, Monday, Rig is washed

Got the rig washed this morning but not without an incident when this guy came over and began giving VICTOR a hard time because he thought he was supposed to be first. I told him to take his beef to the office.
Val did the laundry ten we went for hot dogs at EL CHEQUE.
It was very windy this afternoon and even had a couple of twisters

MAR. 24, Tuesday, More routine

HAYLEY’s Birthday! Happy Day kiddo! Val went for TAI-CHI and then we went cycling around town then stopped for a hamburger. From there we went to the LOT for a visit.
Came home and had a long happy hour with Marilyn and Dennis as they are leaving tomorrow. The park is full again with people heading north from the south.
Again it was windy today and stopped around 5:30; a pattern for the last 3 days

MAR. 25, Wednesday, San Carlos

It was a noisy morning with everyone rushing out of the park, hooking, cursing and yelling…Good grief!! I’ve never seen it like that.
We went for a drive to Playa Cruz the other side of EMPALME and we walked the beach. We were the only one there. We drove back home and went looking for a pair of sunglasses for me as mine are all scratched.
We went to CHARLY’s ROCK with Joyce and Bill. They’ve decided to leave next Monday. Windy again today!

Friday, March 20, 2009

March 11 to 17, 2009, San Carlos

MAR. 11, Wednesday, San Carlos

I made a few phone calls including one to BD Diesel in BC and got some numbers for Arizona. I called one in Phoenix and they wanted $120. US per hour so I called Tucson and they said $70 so guess which one I am going with. They want me to call back about a week before I come up.
We went for a bike ride into town and cycled around. We found Wayne and Glenda’s place but they weren’t home.
Later in the afternoon we went to the lot for happy hour. Joyce and Bill, Al and Brenda also came. We had a good time of course and came home around 6:30 p.m.

MAR. 12, Thursday, Kayak day??

The four of us loaded up to go kayaking and drove to Esmeralda Beach but the wind was blowing like crazy so we drove to SHANGRI-LA and found the same there so we decided to come home then went for a hot dog at EL CHEQUE to feed our disappointment!
The rest of the day was spent reading and visiting

MAR 13, Friday, Routine, routine!

Val went for TAI-CHI lesson and I attended another RV Seminar at the Palapa. Afterwards, we went to the lot for a few minutes then went to POPEYE for a hamburger. We had heard it was the best place for that. Although they were good and cheap, I had tasted better but we would go back as the price is right.

Joe and Luis, a Mexican welder who did work on Lynden boat rack, showed up and I got him to take measurement to make a suspended shelve in the basement. He took all the measurement and said he would be back MAYANA. I also asked him about making a drawer for my batteries but due to the tightness in the compartment, he doesn’t think it’s possible.
We had happy hour at Al & Brenda then went for dinner. In the evening we had a fire and Brenda served everyone a raspberry cheese cake. DELICOUS!

MAR. 14, Saturday, San Carlos

Sunny but very cool today! Had to wear a jacket this morning. Luis showed up and quoted me $55 US to build a suspended rack for the basement so I gave him the go ahead.
We went down the road where a guy from Chihuahua was setting up his wares in an empty parking lot. He had all kinds of things such as pots, mirrors, baskets and trinkets. He sold a lot while we were there and Val bought a dish, of course. He’s going to be around for the next two days.
At noon, Joyce, Bill and we went to the Ranchitos School for Carne Asada lunch and Mexican dancing provided by local kids and teenagers. I took lots of pictures of course as some were so darned cute with their outfit on. They represented different dances from different States. It was a success and lots of people attended. This is a fund raising event for the local school as they don’t get much money from the government.
Cathy and Craig came over for a visit in the afternoon. A lot of people are packing to leave tomorrow. The place is getting emptier and emptier. Now we get mainly people coming from the south, staying one or two night then heading north.

MAR. 15, Sunday, beach day

We went to the beach with Brenda and Al and spent a couple hours there. We then had a two hours Happy Hour as they are leaving tomorrow. Val cooked chili for dinner then we had Al and Brenda over for ice cream and strawberries that we bought this afternoon.
Later, we made phone calls to Audrey and Marcel and finally got hold of them. We had a nice chat.

MAR. 16, Monday, New rack installed in basement

Al and Brenda left around 9 a.m. Luis, the welder, came over to install the suspended rack in the basement. He did a very good job for $55. US. Later in the morning, I went to pick up my bike but it was closed so we stopped at JACK SNAX for a hamburger
Dennis came over for a visit in the afternoon then we all went over to his place for Happy Hour as Linda, Marilyn’s friend, is leaving tomorrow.

MAR. 17, Tuesday, Happy St-Patrick’s Day

We went to the Lot for a visit but they were having their annual meeting so we didn’t stay and came home. Tried to pick up mybike throughout the day with NO success.
I got propane for the rig and our small tank filled too, all for 168 pesos (approx 14$cdn)
At 4;15 we went to CLUB PORTIVO for the annual St-Patrick’s dinner. The gang from the lot were already there and so was Wayne and Glenda. We had a marvelous dinner consisting of cooked cabbage, corned beef, carrots, boiled potato and a salad and dessert. Beer and wine was only 15 pesos so cheap.
We came home with full stomach and visited with Joyce and Bill for a while.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 6 to 10, 2009, life in San Carlos

MAR 6, Friday, library day

Val went for TAI-CHI classes while I caught up to my blog. It is cloudy and cooler today but not complaining mind you!
We went to the library and exchanged a couple books each. Not much else happened today except reading, relaxing and doing minor chores

MAR 7, Saturday, shopping

Another cloudy day! Val did some laundry this morning and I went to get the truck washed inside and out. While there, the LOT GANG drove by and invited me for a hot dog. How could I refuse? Afterwards I drove to the computer store to learn that he wasn’t able to retrieve any of the files so now my last chance is TOSHIBA once I get home otherwise, there goes over 7000 pictures of family and travel. How maddening!
We went to Guaymas in the afternoon to shop for some groceries than came home, had Happy Hour with Joyce , Bill and Dennis. The park is presently almost full…a caravan came in last night.

MAR. 8, Sunday, IT RAINED!

Yes it rained in the afternoon! It was a small drizzle but rain all the same. It didn’t last long, maybe a half hour and that’s it.
We went out for breakfast this morning at ROSA CANTINA then drove to the LOT for a visit and learned the sad news that ANDY, Craig and Cathy’s dog, passed away last night. He had two seizures than just laid down and stopped breathing. Needless to say everyone is very sad.
We came home after visiting for about an hour and Val went for a walk with Joyce. It was a very cool day, barely reaching 69*F (18*C) No happy hour today, everyone stayed inside.

MAR. 9, Monday, Doctor visit

I went to Guaymas to get a disc copied then we took Tucker for a haircut and I went to see the doctor about a rash on my right arm. I had the same problem about 2 years ago. When we got back, we found that Al and Brenda had arrived from the south so they parked just behind us.
We had happy hour together including Joyce and Bill then it was time for dinner and a quiet evening at home.

MAR. 10, Tuesday, San Carlos

Val went for her TAI-CHI classes in the morning then it was a quiet day at home. I made a couple of calls for the truck repair while in Arizona . We met AL and Brenda for a hot dog at EL CHEQUE then at 5:30 we all went to FROGGY’s PUB for a pizza ( 2 for 1). Steve met us there then a bit later Linda arrived and so did Craig and Cathy. We came home around 8 p.m., watched a bit of TV then went to bed. It was sunny and warm today not too hot

Friday, March 06, 2009

March 1 to 5, 2009, San Carlos

MAR. 1, Sunday, a chili cook-out

The Kirkby’s moved out this morning to Pillar beach. They will be boon-docking for a few days before heading north to Arizona.
We went to a chili cook-out at Los Jitos hotel in the afternoon. We met Joyce and Bill there and had a marvelous time. There were about 12 booths with different chili; some were good and some not so much but I tasted them all. Once this was done, we had to vote as to which one was our favorite and also the best decorated booth. We were there until about 2:30 p.m.
We came home, sat around, snoozed a bit then it was happy hour. A tough life indeed.

MAR. 2, Monday, Cycling

We went cycling to Pillar beach and visited with the Kirkby’s. They are in a neat little spot with 4 other rigs nearby. I am quite surprise at the amount of people out there actually. We then cycled to EL CHEQUE and had a hot dog and bought a beer to wash them down. From here, we cycled to the Best western hotel and checked out their campsites. It is a bit run down but cheaper than TOTONAKA, for sure. We spoke to a couple people there and they had no problems while there and actually had good power and water. Came home in time for a siesta then happy hour with Joyce and Bill, Dan and Jacqueline, another neighbor.

MAR. 3, Tuesday, Pre-Birthdays dinner

Steve dropped by to tell us about tickets being sold for St-Patrick dinner so when he left, I took the propane tank to Lynden while Val went for her TAI-CHI class at CLUB PORTIVO. I also went to the bank and bought tickets for the MARIHACHI BAND and local KID DANCES and also tickets for St-Patrick dinner at CLUB PORTIVO.
In the afternoon, we snoozed and read some more then got ready for our outing to Pillar restaurant at the hotel. They were having a special of two dinner with the second one at half price so everyone decided to take us there. There were about 16 people present. We sat outside on the restaurant patio after a very good dinner consisting of a rack of rib and Shrimps cooked in coconut juice…delicious!
We drove the Kirkby’s out to their site and had a nightcap while there.

MAR. 4, Wednesday, VAL’s BIRTHDAY

A lazy morning then we met Lynden and Charlie at the restaurant at the marina where they bought us lunch. Afterwards, we walked around then came home while L&C went to the LOT to say their goodbyes.
Val and Joyce went for a walk on the beach while I did some paperwork and adjusted the brakes on “Q” Some were really out of adjustment.
At 5 p.m., L&C came over for happy hour and a shower and Joyce and Bill joined us (for happy hour that is). My laptop froze in the evening so I shut it down and will deal with mayana.

MAR. 5, Thursday, MY BIRTHDAY

First thing I did was a diskcheck on the laptop and it froze again so I took it to a local computer shop to have it checked. He couldn’t find anything but did do a couple of little adjustment. I left my other harddrive there as he said he could probably recover my pictures and documents…sure hope so!
We went for a drive to a local fishing village and stopped at SOGGY PESOS for a beer on the way back. This bar is quite neat. It is situated on a beautiful beach on the west side of San Carlos where Club Med also has a resort. It was very windy while we were there yet when we arrived home it was hot and muggy and hardly any wind. Amazing what a couple mountains will do to block mother nature!
We had a drink with Joyce and Bill the after cleaning, we went out for dinner at LOS ARBITOS, a restaurant just outside our gate. We had a very good dinner consisting of MAHI-MAHI fish. We then came home, had a nightcap and went to bed.