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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Friday, October 31, 2014

October 27 to 31, 2014; End of another busy month

OCT  27 to 31; Work!
I got behind my blog so this will be a short version and a review of this past week.  It’s been raining pretty well everyday but luckily we’ve been working inside.  My transport duties have been very busy this week and I am really getting to know all the places where I pick up windows, doors and parts.  Audrey and Marcel also visited this week but unfortunately, I was working that day but Val got to visit with her sister and had quality time with them.  Val has been going to Graeme’s house, cleaning and painting and loving it.  I finally went and got my blood test done and that will be sent to our doctor soon, hopefully!  Friday, I was finished by 1pm and home by 1:20.  I showered and looking forward to a relaxing week-end.

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 22 to 26, 2014; visit with Ron & Theresa and more family for dinner

OCT  22, Wednesday;
I spent the day at the PO project.  We got another window frame done; this one was a curvy one which looks really nice.  I posted a picture of it on FACEBOOK!
Today is also a very sad day; a terrorist attack on our National Parliament and a soldier killed needlessly!  We have lost our innocence as a Nation!  So sad.

OCT  23, Thursday;
What a busy day and crazy in term of weather.  It rain heavily at times all morning and I had to drive into this mess.  I went to Burnaby and back to Chilliwack to unload steel doors then back to Langley to pick up window frames for the PO project and finally in Abbotsford to unload and where  I ended the work day.  At home, Val cooked us a delicious dinner then we went upstairs to our landlords where we had dessert and a nice visit.

OCT  24, Friday; end of another week!
Cloudy and cold this morning but once at our work site, we were inside so it was a bit warmer.  We finished installing the front doors with the glass inside and put up another wall at the back but we had some issue that has to be resolved by the Architect.  We also installed the last of the windows on the east side of the building.  A busy day and we were done by 4:30 pm.  Came home, had dinner and relaxed!

OCT  25, Saturday; visit with Ron & Theresa
We had a lazy morning and finally were ready to take on the day by 1 pm.  We went to Rochelle and Kevin for a short Happy Hour and visit then drove to Abbotsford to visit our friends from the Shuswap, Ron and Theresa.  We had a very nice visit and a marvelous dinner which Val got a copy of.  We left around 9:30 pm and came straight home.  We were in bed by 11.

OCT  26, Sunday; Home cooked dinner with Grand-Daughter Hayley and Ro. & Kev.
Another lazy morning watching recordings from our PVR.  I got dinner going by 2 pm and everything was ready by 4.  Rochelle, Kevin and Hayley arrived around 4:45 and we had a visit before dinner.  I think that dinner was a success and everyone liked my Shepperd Pie.  They were gone by 8 pm and I was in bed by 10 pm.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 17 to 21, 2014; Chwk and dinner with grand-daughter

OCT  17, Friday; it’s been a long week!
10 hour shifts have been hard to get used to so I am glad that it is Friday and that Monday, I will be back to normal hours for a few days I hope!  Anyway, today was an easy one; first we went to the Post Office job in Abbotsford and installed doors and finished putting the rest of the glass in the frames and putting some final touch.  At one pm I had to take the truck for an oil change then to a supplier to pick up more doors for another job next week then a couple more places and back to the “barn” as they say!  I was home by 5 pm, showered, dinner and began enjoying some well earned time off.

OCT  18, Saturday; Relaxing
We finally got going after a very lazy morning.  We went to the Mall where Val dropped off a couple resumes then back to Vedder to order more wine.  We also stopped at Graeme’s house but no one was there so we went for a late lunch at the Jolly Miller Pub.  We came home and I watched some footballs while Val prepared dinner.  I BBQ the pork chops, had dinner and watched the tube at which I proceeded to fall asleep so went to bed.

OCT  19, Sunday; Dinner with grand-daughter
It was a cloudy day with a few sunny period and comfortably warm.  We went to the Vedder River and walked the trail along the river.  They’ve done quite a bit of work on this and it shows.  There were a lot of fishermen trying their luck.  After, we came home but first picked up some stuff for dinner then began preparing for our guests.  Grand-daughter Vanessa and her beau, Shawn, showed up at 6 pm (she worked today) and we had a marvelous visit.  Dinner was also a success!  Nessa is a vegetarian so Val cooked a mixture of vegetables along with a salad and potatoe.  The rest of us roughed it up with steaks as meat ogres.  We didn’t have any games so we sat and chatted until it was time for them to leave.  It was a great day!

OCT  20, Monday; Work once again
The day began with rain but it cleared up in the afternoon and turned into a pleasant surprise!  This was also a short day for me, I was gone by 4pm.  I did some stuff in the shop, delivered doors to a local church then went to Abbotsford project with Kevin.  After leaving work, I went to a “walk-in” clinic and made an appointment to see a doctor so that I can take my bi-annual blood test for cholesterol and my sugar level.  I had to wait 2 hrs so I came home and showered then returned at the due time.

OCT  21, Tuesday;
More pick-up and delivery but all of it for the P.O. in Abbotsford then I spent the rest of the day there helping unloading then setting up for the next windows to go up.  I was back by 4:30 but had to go to COTTONWOOD RV to pay my bill and settle the storage issue.  I came home.  Val had problems with her phone and spent a good part of the day trying to get it resolved.  She has to buy a new phone as the present one is no longer any good!?

Friday, October 17, 2014

October 11 to 16, 2014; Work, work, work

OCT  11, Saturday; Shopping
Cloudy and warm; we went to town and Abbotsford to shop for jeans for me and a new laptop.  We stopped at London Drug, Future shop for some prices then drove to Best Buy in Abbotsford where I bought a new ASUS laptop/tablet.  Then, we went to Costco for some buns, pumpkin pie.  We came home, put everything away then had dinner.  A good day overall!  I tried out my new tablet and don’t like it so will return it Monday.

Cloudy with some occasional drizzles!  We slept in today (7 am) then got things ready for the dinner at Rochelle & Kevin later.  We got the pie, the buns and Val cooked some root vegetables as part of our participation.  We drove to R&K house at 3 pm and Val put the vegetables in Rochelle’s oven.  Everyone was there by 5 pm, 13 people total, and we proceeded to devour the turkey and all the other dish that were available.  It was a great success, fun, full of personal thanks and lots of Love.  I was really sorry that son Jeffrey couldn’t make it as it would have been complete.  Afterwards, we moved to the living room for more laughs and fun and dessert (Pumpkin and Apple Pie w/ice cream).  Kevin’s uncle, his wife and daughter showed up for a visit and also K&R’s tenants downstairs who happen to also be good friends with Hayley.  We finally left around 9:30 pm.

OCT  13, Happy Thanksgiving
I tried to make it a lazy morning but was still up by 7 am.  Anyway, after breakfast and shower, I went to help Graeme at his house.  Grandpa Sid was already there working on the flooring.  I helped for about two hours but then had to leave as we were going to Abbotsford to exchange the computer I bought on Saturday.  I got an ACER in exchange but still with WIN 8.02 which I particularly don’t care for.  Anyway, we left the store only to find out I locked my keys inside so after calling BCAA and waiting 50 minutes, he finally arrived and two minutes later, we were on our way.  We came back to Chwk and stopped at the MAJOR LEAGUE for a drink and a bite to eat.  It was a good day and it didn’t rain.

OCT  14, Tuesday; a LOOOOONG DAY!
We had to be at work at 7 am which meant getting up an extra hour earlier.  I spent the day at the Abbotsford job site at the Post Office and we finally got back by 5 pm.  Val had dinner on for me then after soaking in the tub for a half hour, we watched the tube for a while before going to bed.

OCT  15, Wednesday; Work in Hope
In at 7 am under rainy skies, I was assigned to Graeme today and went to Hope to installed windows at a dealership, Joe also came with us.  We loaded window frames which I had picked up earlier and took that to the job site.  We had to take the windows out (5 of them) and another crew made the frames then we installed our metal frames then the glass then glazed all the windows.  It was both interesting and a busy day.  The weather cooperated too and the sun even came out for a few minutes.  We were back at the shop at 5:30 pm.  When I got home, I took a bath, had dinner and was in bed very early.  Val also had a good day shopping and walking the trail along the Vedder canal.

OCT  16, Thursday
I went back to Hope today to deliver a huge glass for one of the window, unloaded and installed it; Kevin came out to give us a hand.  By 11 am I was back on the road to do some pick-ups in Langley, Surrey and delivered doors in south Langley.  I had one more pick up on the way home but I was 3 minutes late and the shop was closed so came home.  I was done by 5 pm.  At home, Val had made a stew so we had that for dinner and she told me about her day.  We watched the tube for a while and once again, I was in bed early

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Octobre 6 to 10, 2014; Work days

OCT  6, Monday; SICK DAY!
I woke up feeling worst this morning so had to call in sick; real bad throaty cough!  Today is my grand-son’s birthday and I sure hope I can make it tonight for the get together.  I had a snooze in the early afternoon and I felt a bit better afterwards.  I sat outside for a while and took in the sun and the warm air.  Val went to meet a friend of hers, Gill, whom we haven’t seen for many years.  Val said she had a long and marvelous day with her.  Afterwards she went for a walk on the Vedder River walkway then came home.  After dinner, we went to Rochelle and Kevin to share in Grand-son Graeme’s birthday celebration.

OCT  7, Tuesday; back to work
I was still feeling my cold so Kevin kept me on light duty.  I worked mainly in the shop and did a couple of short runs.  I came home early and had a bath again and it felt good.  After dinner, I was in bed early.  Val did more searches on a job and dropped off a few more resumes.

OCT  8, Wednesday;
It was a busy day!  It began slow but soon became busy.  I did a bunch of cuts for window frames then drove to Burnaby to pick up door frames and came right back to the shop.  I delivered the window frames to the job site where the rest of the guys were, unloaded that and loaded the old windows then I helped the crew.  I had to remind them a couple times that I am 67 y.o!  I finally got home at 6 pm and after a drink, we had dinner then watched SURVIVOR!

OCT  9, Thursday;
Another easy day!  First I had to unload door frames at a job site then drove to the “home shop” to unload the old windows I picked up yesterday.  I went back to the job and got my marching orders from Kevin and drove to Cloverdale then Langley to have the truck service.  An hour later, I drove to Surrey for a couple of pick-ups, one of which I had a hard time finding.  I got back to Chwk and unloaded the truck then went home after picking up the Jeep at “Green Acres” where I had the U-joints changed.  I came home, had a drink, then dinner.  It was a good day and sunny & warm.  The forecast is for rain for the next few days.
I called Virgin and reduced my plan then Bell TV and cancelled that for the next 6 months

OCT  10, Friday; TGIF!
It was a busy day!  First I went to Langley to pick up windows for a job in Hope.  I had to take Kevin truck and the cargo trailer.  I arrived in good times but unfortunately, the order wasn’t ready and I had to wait around for almost 2 hrs.  Once loaded I took the trailer back to the house and after unhooking, I went to Abbotsford to get the cargo truck and go to ALUMINEX to pick up a load of doors and frames for the Post Office job.  Joe came with me and once again, they weren’t ready but we were soon loaded and back to Abbotsford to unload the whole thing then home.  It was a long day and I am glad it’s the week-end!  Three days to boot as it is Thanks-Giving W.E.  Val and I sat out for a drink then had dinner and watched the tube, I was in bed early as I was tired!  It was a very nice day again weather wise!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

October 1 to 5, 2014; Work, Corn Maze and visit from Jeff

OCTOBER  1/14, Wednesday; More work
Today was only a half day of work.  I learned how to glaze windows which was interesting and easy (when you have the proper tools).  In the afternoon, I took the motorhome to the dump station and then to Cottonwood RV shop to have it winterize and get an estimate on the leak with one of the slide.  I got a call later that the leak was caused by a separation of the ceiling on the slide so after discussing the price, I gave the go-ahead on the repairs.  We had dinner then watched the tube.  Mainly cloudy today.  Unger Windows gave all their employees a gift certificate for Mark’s World.  A total surprise and very much appreciated by all of us!

OCT  2, Thursday;
I was on the road most of the day picking up and delivering.  I got back at the shop around 3 pm and unloaded what was left.  Kevin and I loaded two windows that belonged to Graeme and took them to his new house and installed them; Graeme joined us at the house in time to give us a hand.  After that heavy work, I went home to a wonderful meal and, for the first time in a long time, I had a BATH!  It felt wonderful and it relaxed the tired muscles and bones!

OCT  3, Friday;
Today was sunny and just right for temperature.  We went to a private house in Chilliwack and installed 2 windows in the bedroom then four little ones in the basement.  It took much longer than we anticipated and we were finally backed at the shop by 5 pm.
An evening of relaxation and looking forward to two days off.

OCT  4, Saturday; Days off, laundry and Company BBQ.
A busy day with lots of sunshine to enjoy!  Val did the laundry while I fixed the towel rack in the bathroom.  Then we went to town and got a couple items out of the motorhome and got a few groceries on the way back.  At 5:30 pm, we drove to the Chilliwack Corn Maze where we met Kevin and Rochelle and the rest of the workers for UNGER WINDOWS.  We had fun looking around, meeting everyone’s other half and doing the maze which turned out to be challenging and fun.  We were supposed to have a BBQ there but Kevin and Rochelle decided to have it at their house so we all drove there.  At the house, Kevin was the perfect host and made sure we were all looked after and cooked perfect steaks.  Rochelle had already cooked potatoes and made a salad.  Joe, one of the employees, is also a guitar lead in a band so he entertained us around the fire.  The whole evening was a success and it finally ended around eleven pm.

OCT  5, Sunday; visit from Jeffrey
I woke up all stuffed up and runny nose; Great!!!  I spent the day on the couch wrapped up in a blanket and had a snooze.  Val went to a shower for Courtenay and Jeffrey showed up around 3 pm for a visit, to do his laundry and got a free dinner out of it! J  Jeff had a hockey practice tonight so left around 6 pm and we watched the tube for a while.  I was in bed early after making my lunch and getting the coffee ready for the morning.