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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Friday, December 31, 2010

December 26 to 31, 2010; San Carlos, Mexico

DEC 26, Sunday, sunny, cooler
This was a fairly quiet day with everyone taking it easy by reading or as Dave did, wash the awning! Val and Louise went into town, Brenda slept the day away as she wasn’t feeling good. Dave, Al and I went looking for fire wood. We found some and brought it back to our place. I called Vanessa, my grand-daughter and we talked to her for a few minutes; we had missed her yesterday.
Val decided to have left over for dinner with the all of us and we had it outside at Al and Brenda but first, we had happy hour and played CLR, a game with dice where you gamble 3 piece of silver change, in our case, pesos! For some reasons, Val and I couldn’t lose and won about 5 pots. It was fun! Dinner was delicious with turkey, mash potatoes, vegetables and desert by Brenda which we had later in the evening. We played cards after dinner until it became too cold to be out.

DEC 27, Monday, cloudy and cooler (mid to high 60’s)
Val and Louise went for their Tai-Chi class (an extra one) and I waxed the rig where the new paintings are to protect them. We found out that Las Jaibas in Mazatlan has lots of room and cheaper than here which is good. Brenda wasn’t feeling very well today so slept most of the day away. We went to town to find her cough drops and get some milk for us and eggs for Dave.
We went out for hamburgers tonight and they were huge!!! So much so that even I couldn’t finish it all. We came home and called it quit for the night.

DEC 28, Tuesday, sunny and cool (mid 60’s)
Val and Louise went for their Tai-Chi first thing this morning. Later in the morning we went to Guaymas with Louise and Dave; Brenda has a cold and Al is just getting it. We stopped at Walmart then the Ley’s for groceries and pricing bicycles for Louise. We also drove into town centre to check out book store for a new Atlas for Mexico but couldn’t find one anywhere. I guess I’ll have to wait until Mazatlan. We came home and had happy hour with Al and Brenda. As soon as the sun went down behind the mountain, it became very cold so we had and early retreat to our house’s.

DEC 29, Wednesday, sunny & cool again
The whole day was overcast and rain was in the air although it didn’t. Val did laundry and I got the truck washed both in & out for 200 pesos ($18Cdn). We spent the day sitting around reading, Val and Louise went washing, and Louise finally bought the bike for 200 pesos; a great deal! Brenda had a haircut but she went to bed soon after due to her cold. We had happy hour at Dave & Louise. Linda and Steve came over later in the afternoon to check out what John had for sale. We called it quit early again tonight!

DEC 30, Thursday, cloudy & windy
We are being affected by a system north of us which is causing havoc in the States and causing all the clouds and cold temperature we are feeling! Val went for their last Tai-Chi exercises as we are leaving Sunday for Mazatlan. Dave and I went into town so that he could fill up before leaving and I dropped off the truck to get it wash in & out for 250 pesos (approx 23$cdn). Brenda is still not feeling all that well and stayed inside all day.
At 3 pm, D&L came with us to visit our friends Garry and Virginia; Brenda didn’t want to take a chance with her cold so both of them stayed home. We had a very nice visit and came home around 6 pm. The temperature has dropped quite a bit as the sun is down.

DEC 31, Friday, Last day of 2010, sunny, windy and cooler
So, here we are! Another year gone by; it seems only yesterday we celebrated the arrival of 2010...where did the time go!? Well, we had fun and got a new Grandson-in-law and a new grand-daughter so life is pretty rich and wonderful, wouldn’t you agree?
Dave and I went to Guaymas to pick up a few last minute things for the party tonight. We also stopped at the bank and got some deneros (money) for our trip to Mazatlan. The girls got the food ready for tonight and the sun finally came out in the afternoon. It is 64*F (17*C)
The “lot” people arrived around 6 pm and the party began. We had a marvellous time and the food was absolutely fantastic. I even BBQ’ed shrimps wrapped in bacon. The party lasted until almost midnight but we didn’t quite make it. We did watch New-York’s New Year party though. I had brought our little TV from the bedroom outside and hooked it up to cable. The only downfall was the cold which made things a bit uncomfortable but as the evening progressed and more spirit was taken in, the less we felt it!
So to one and all....HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 20 to 25, 2010; Christmas in San Carlos

DEC 20, Monday, sunny
Well, we waited for our famous “guys” until noon then went to phone them. We learned that they would come tomorrow between 3 and 4 pm. We decided to go to Guaymas to get some groceries at “Ley”. Dave came with us but Louise stayed home. We came back, put the groceries away then had happy hour with Brenda and Al, Louise and Dave. The evening was a bit warmer tonight and we had our fire going and Al and Brenda joined us. We stayed out until 9 pm. There is supposed to be a full moon eclipse tonight but I don’t think any of us will be up for it.

DEC 21, Tuesday; Foggy; 4 days to X-MAS
Did our “boys” show up??? NO, they didn’t but what else is new!? Louise finally got the trick behind cycling and had her bike going full blast, blowing smoke! She is quite proud of that achievement and so are we! Al, Brenda, Val and I cycled to town and had a hot dog at “El Cheque" then came home after stopping at “Tony’s” for bread which he didn’t have anyway. We were all home by 3 pm waiting for the upholstery guys and to ensure they didn’t disappoint us, they didn’t show up!!!....Mayana????
We had Yellow Tail fish for dinner and we got a new neighbour behind us. Happy hour at Al & Brenda until the sun went down. It was quite foggy all day!

Dec 22, Wednesday, fog, 68*F
Woke up to low clouds and fog this morning! It finally cleared somewhat in the afternoon but never warmed up more than 65*F (18*C). Our “boys” finally showed up in the morning and brought the covers for our generator and the chairs were finally delivered in the afternoon. Louise and Dave were happy about it and they do look very nice. We went into town then came home for happy hour.

DEC 23, Thursday, sunny, windy
Val went for the Tai-Chi classes with Louise. Dave and I went through the village to look for firewood and we stopped at Garry and Virginia for a while. Then it was hot dogs at “El Cheque” where we met the girls who happened to be returning from shopping.
The whole day was sunny but windy and cool. We had happy hour then went in as soon as the sun went down. The wind died down finally as the sun went down.

DEC 24, Friday, Sunny & warm
We decided to go geo-caching today so after brunch, we all drove to the first cache in two vehicles; Louise & Dave were with us, Brenda and Al following in their little jeep. Our first cache took us on a hike up a hill and an overview of San Carlos and the Sea of Cortez. The second one was again up a hill but a bit steeper and again we had a great view. On the third one we just couldn’t find a way up and we gave up and decided it was time for a cerveza! We went to Froggy’s, had a beer and margaritas for the girls then came home. It was a good day and I think Louise is hooked on geo-caching.
At 5:30 pm we all went to Charly's Rock for dinner and watch the Christmas boat parade. The meal was really great, a smorg of sort with all kinds of sea food, chicken and a few other things that I can't recall at the moment. The parade was a great success with 12 boats participating and 2 kayaks decorated with lights, navigated by Linda and Cathy. We met the four of them afterwards at the Best Western hotel having dinner there.

First thing in the morning, we called all our kids and talked to everyone then we got the turkey in the oven and began preparation for the big dinner at 4 pm. We set up three tables with all the trimmings and dishes. At 3pm the “Lot people”(Linda & Steve, Cathy & Craig) arrived and we sat around for a little while to chat then it was time to cut the turkey which was cooked to perfection (thanks to Val). Brenda and Louise brought out the mash potatoes, salads and vegetable and Linda brought sweet yams which was delicious. We had a great time and the whole affair was a total success and everyone went home with a full tummy!
Afterwards, we had a fire, thanks to Al, and we sat around telling stories and reminiscing about the past friends who were not present. We finally called it quit around 10 pm. Our neighbour, John, also joined us as he is by himself and stuck here because of a break-down with his vehicle engine.

Monday, December 20, 2010

December 16 to 19, San Carlos, Mexico

DEC 16, Thursday, foggy
Val went for her Tai-Chi this morning in the fog. Afterwards, we all went to Rosa Cantina and had breakfast. The sun eventually came out and warmed up things nicely. The girls decided to go back to town to shop around and the guys stayed home. Louise rented a bicycle for the week-end for $25 to learn how-to. The upholstery people didn’t show up again so we phone and were told mayana as they had run out of material for Al’s chairs. While the girls were gone, the three of us decided to go for a bike ride to town and checked out the car wash and a new restaurant nearby then came home after stopping at Froggy’s for a beer.
We had a short happy hour again as it cooled off quickly. After dinner, Val and I sat by our little buddy burner for a while and Al & Brenda joined us.

DEC 17, Friday, sunny and 70*
We spent the day waiting again for our famous guys. They finally showed up at 4 pm and had to take a chair back from Al & Brenda as the seam was coming apart at one place. As for my cover on the front, they forgot the tool to install the grommets; oh well...this is Mexico!
Val went to the library this morning and I had a couple pair of shoes shined by a handicap Mexican. Dave and Louise went into Guaymas to shop; Linda and Cathy showed up with the dogs and Val and Tucker went to the beach with them for a walk. He had to have a shower when they got back as he went in the sea and got himself all dirty.
At 5 pm, we walked over to Charly’s Rock to watch the sunset and have a margarita. We ended up having dinner there. Al and Brenda joined us later as he wanted to wait for the “guys” who never came back as promised, of course...mayana??? While at the bar, we bought tickets for a pre X-Mas dinner and a view of the sail past parade on the 24th.

DEC 18, Saturday, sunny

The last 3 to 4 mornings, we have waking up to a lot of dew on the truck and trailer. So much so that it dripped quite heavily. Time to head for warmer climate!?
Anyway, today our “boys” were back and installed the grommet and brought Al and Brenda’s second chair back and made a few last minute adjustments. My front cover was installed and Ruben took measurement for the cover of our new generator. He promised to be back Monday with Louise and Dave’s chairs...remains to be seen!!! Louise practice on her bike for a while.
We had happy hour then called it quit for the day.

DEC 19, Sunday, sunny and warmer
We went to Pillar and the beach today to have our pictures taken for Christmas cards/e-mail. We packed our chairs, a few cervezas, the Poinsettias, a sign saying “Felice Navidad” and drove there in two vehicles with all the dogs. When we got there, there were a few Mexican on the beach but we found a place and settled down. As we were getting ready to take the pictures, this lady kept coming in the background then told us to move because her husband was painting the scenery. Well, needless to say we said no way and carried on as he was above us on the dune and could continues without us moving. Anyway, we took our pictures which turned out OK and then moved down the beach a bit away from that couple. Val and Louise and Dave went for a walk down the beach, Al played with Daisy in the water and Brenda and I suntanned.
As the girls got back, Cathy and Linda form the “Lot” showed up with their dogs. We had a short visit then they were on their way and we had to get back to our homes as Louise was making a “New Orleans gumbo” dinner for all of us. Val had to get the rice ready and Brenda brought buns and butter.
We ate around 5 pm and the gumbo was devoured by all. IT was absolutely DELICIOUS! Made of shrimp, Italian sausage and a few other ingredients and spiced to perfection! YUM! YUM!
We sat around afterwards chatting and finally got too cold to stay outside anymore.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

december 11 to 15, 2010; San Carlos, Mexico

DEC 11, Saturday; sunny, 80*F
Val cleaned the house in the am then we went walking into town with Dave and Louise. We stopped for hot dogs of course then walked back to Froggy’s where we had to have margaritas. Back home just in time for happy hour with Al and Brenda.
Hector finished off painting Tucker on the side of the “Bear” and put our names in the front. Looks great! (Check out the pictures in our Picasa link). We bought a Mexican phone to enable us to call the kids. The number is 622 114 0843

DEC 12, Sunday, sunny & warm
Al and Brenda had a Mexican come out to give them an estimate on re-upholstering their chairs in the living room and Dave and Louise decided to do the same with their chairs. I had him measure the lower front of the trailer and after giving me a price, I went ahead with it.
After all that excitement, we all drove to Empalme to check out the open-air market. There were lots of people and lots to see but we didn’t buy anything. We stopped for a cerveza on the way out and the girls had soup while I had Cameron (shrimp) with a sauce and rice.
Came home to happy hour then we all retired early. After a discussion, it was decided that we would go to Mazatlan at the end of the month, stay there for a month then drive back here with a stop at Alamos. Looking forward to that!

DEC 13, Monday, sunny but cooler
Yes cooler! The wind had a chill in it but still warm in the sun. Everyone was waiting for the upholstery guy who finally showed up around 11 am. They picked up the two chairs from Al & Brenda then left after collecting money from both me and Al; I am getting a cover made for the lower front of trailer. I then went to town for a haircut at Maru and came home.
We went to the “Lot” for Happy Hour with the Holder’s and the Johnson’s. We had very nice visit then came home.

DEC 14, Tuesday, sunny
Val and Louise went for Tai-Chi first thing this morning then Al & Louise two chairs were picked up by the Mexican workers. The six of us went to Esparalda Beach to kayak. We packed a lunch and cerveza and the dogs and headed out. We went out while Louise and Dave walked the beach with the dogs. Daisy, Al’s dog, came out in the bay with us. He swam the whole time we were out which was about 20 minutes and did very well. She even swam along our kayaks and we held her to give her a rest. While we were having lunch, the fog began to roll in and by the time we loaded the kayaks back on the trucks, the place was all fogged in. It came in very quickly. We came back to the park only to find engulfed in fog too. The temperature really dropped and we had a short happy hour while the sun shone through the fog.

DEC 15, Wednesday, sunny & fog
We got up to sunshine but the fog rolled-in in the afternoon causing the temperature to drop down to the low 70’s. Today we waited around for the upholstery guys who never showed up, mayana maybe!?
Hector showed up and finished painting our names on the door of the truck. Looks really good! Dave and Louise also had their truck done. We had happy hour but called it quit early as the temperature was dropping even more. We had rice and camaron (shrimp) for dinner.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 6 to 10, 2010; San Carlos, Mex.

DEC 6, Monday, San Carlos; sunny & 78*
We went to Club Deportivo to find out about tai-chi for Val but it was closed. We stopped for Rico’s hot dog then we went to see a lady near the lot for the Tai-Chi lessons. While she was there, I checked the lot which was just around the corner and found both the Holder’s and the Johnson's settling in. I stopped in and visited for a while; Val joined us and after a short visit, we left them to settle in.
We came back at 4 pm with Al & Brenda and Dave & Louise for happy hour. We caught up to the news with Tammie and everyone. We came home about two hours later. We had a fire in the evening at Al & Brenda.

DEC 7, Tuesday, sunny & 84*
Warmest day yet! Val went for her first Tai-Chi lesson and I just puttered around the house. Another quiet day at home! We all went to Froggy’s pub for pizza night. They now have live music so it makes it more entertaining. We came home and I took out our buddy burner and we sat around it for a while. Our neighbours joined us. It was a nice warm evening.

DEC 8, Wednesday, sunny & 80*F
There is a truck full of trinkets, vases and pictures from Chihuahua that has set up just down the road so we went to explore it and Val bought a little present for grand-daughter Jenaya. We then walked to Tony’s and bought some groceries and lunch while there. We came home and just sat around.

DEC 9, Thursday; sunny
The four of us went to Guaymas to purchase some groceries and looked around the Ley’s and all the shops. From here, we drove to Empalme but first stopped at a little side restaurant called “the Dug Out” and had crab and shrimp tortillas and a beer. Empalme hasn’t changed much but did appear to be a little cleaner than what I remember. IT is just south of Guaymas, a small fishing village and has a few big industries also situated near the village.
We came home and had happy hour with Al & Brenda. While sitting there, this guy walked by with a dog and Al recognized him and called him over. It was Rick whom we had met two years ago in Lo de Marco and Mazatlan. He went home and got Judy, his wife so it became a big reunion for us all except Louise and Dave of course. We are having a big Mexican cook-out tomorrow and invited them over.

DEC 10, Friday; warm and sunny
The girls spent their time preparing for the dinner tonight. Al ran into Hector, a Mexican painter and told him about us and our idea. He came over and talked to us and after agreeing on the price, he began painting Tucker standing above our bear on both the right and left side of the trailer. Of course, everyone came over to see. At four, he decided to quit and go home while we had our happy hour. Judy and Rick came over and Rick brought his famous potato dish (it was delicious). At six, we ate the Mexican dish that Val and Louise prepared and Brenda brought over a salad and vegetables. It was a feast made for Kings! We had our propane burner out and after dinner, we all moved over to Al and Brenda for a wood fire. We finally called it quit around 10:30 pm; quite late for all of us! Hector is coming back in the morning; we had invited him to stay for dinner but he turned it down.

Monday, December 06, 2010

December 1 to 5, 2010; San Carlos, Mexico

DEC 1, Wednesday, San Carlos; sunny & 75*F
WOW, last month of the year and only 24 days to Christmas!!! Sure doesn’t feel like it here, what with 75*F (23*C) temperature and lots of sunshine! We took Dave and Louise around San Carlos, showing them all the sights and important places, stopped at RICO for hot dogs (just as delicious as before) and then to Marius to make an appointment for a haircut and nail painting for the ladies. We came home and had Happy Hour with Al and Brenda then went home for dinner and a quiet evening. I have a cold and not feeling to par yet.

DEC 2, Thursday, San Carlos; sunny & 75*F
Another beautiful day in paradise, it feels like we never left. Val and Louise went to their hair and nail appointment and Dave and I stayed home. I slept most of the afternoon. Happy hour at Al and Brenda then home. The propane truck finally showed up around 5 pm and we had two tanks filled. (One was a small one for the BBQ)

DEC 3, Friday, San Carlos; sunny & 78*F
I spent the morning fixing the valance on the dining room window. It had fallen down on the way down here so I reinforced it a bit more. The drawer below the couch also came off its railing and bent it so I took it apart to see if we can get another one in town. I asked Joseph if he knew of anywhere in town that sold that kind of hardware but he didn’t think so. He had a friend there that was able to straighten it somewhat so that I could put it back together temporarily.
In the afternoon, the four of us went into Guaymas and we showed Dave and Louise the sights. They were quite impressed with the area especially around the waterfront. We stopped for some cerveza and tacos and then went to check out the new Walmart. We came home afterwards and had happy hour with Al & Brenda. For dinner, I BBQ’ed pork chops.

DEC 4, Saturday, San Carlos; sunny with clouds & 78*F
We went into town to get some carneda (pork meat) and some groceries then came home. In the morning, we went to the bazaar at the marina and Dave called his mom in Canada. We had breakfast at the marina and for dinner, we went to Joey for Italian dinner. It was a two for one dinner and was quite good.

DEC 5, Sunday, San Carlos, sunny & 80*F
The warmest day yet and a quiet one at home! We read, went for walks, slept and just plain relaxed. For dinner, the six of us got together and had tacos and salad then we had a fire to complete the evening