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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 28 to 30, 2014; more work

SEPT  28, Sunday;
Another sunny day!  We got the last of our stuff from the Beaver, closed all the slides, shut down everything and officially moved in our new home.  We went back to R&K whom are now home and spent the rest of the afternoon and part of the evening with them.  We came home after having dinner at the pub and I called it a day early as I have to work tomorrow.  Val stayed up for a while longer.  It felt strange going to bed in a new environment.

SEPT  29, Monday; Back to work
I woke up to a cloudy sky and watched the fog move in and up the mountain.  It took 10 minutes longer to get to work.  By 9 am, it was raining and remained so all day.  I did a few runs then worked in the shop for a while but called it quit by 3 pm as there was nothing for me to do.  I came home and found that Val was in town doing some shopping.  She was home by 4 pm.  We had a drink then dinner then watched the tube.  I was in bed early!

SEPT  30, Tuesday; End of another month!
Works consisted of going back to Abbotsford and continue on the windows.  I was there all day except for a short run back to Chilliwack to pick up glass.  Val cooked a marvelous lamb chop dinner then we watched the tube.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Septembre 22 to 27, 2014; Work, new home and days off

SEPT  22, Monday; Work and signing a lease
We had some rain today but nothing for long.  Work consisted of one delivery then going to the Post Office project in Abbotsford where we installed the new glass that was delivered this morning on the window frames we put up last week.  It was hard work as some of the glass were as heavy as 175 lbs each.  We got back by 4 pm and cleaned up.  It was a hard day for me but it felt good all the same.
After dinner, we drove up to our new “home” and finalized the arrangements with the landlord and gave him post dated cheques for the next 6 months.  We unloaded the stuff we had in the jeep then came home to our Beaver!

SEPT  23, Tuesday;
Well, the valley showed up its true colors today and what to expect; it rained all afternoon and we got wet but we got all the glass in and were back in at the shop by 4 pm.  It rained all evening and night.

SEPT  24, Wednesday; Day off
It rained most of the morning but finally stopped in the afternoon.  We took the Jeep to “GREEN ACRES ALIGNMENT” to have the brakes done then we went to “COTTONWOOD RV” to make an appointment for the motorhome to have it winterize and to check the leak in the slide.  We then went to our “new winter home” and dropped off some more stuff.  We had a drink with Kevin and Rochelle then went to our pad for dinner and watched the tube for a while before heading for bed.

SEPT  25, Thursday
Today I did a lot of driving picking up doors and other stuff then came back to the shop and unloaded everything.  I then gave the guys a hand in cutting, gluing and set-ups for the Post office job.  I finally got home at 5:30 pm just in time to see Rochelle and Kevin off to Leavenworth, Wash. for the week-end.  Val was busy today getting more stuff together for our new place and cooked us a marvelous dinner.

SEPT  26, Friday
Rain, rain, rain!  Things to come???  I worked half a day then came home and filled our water tank, washed and put away the Osmosis System in Kevin’s garage for the winter.  Val took a load of stuff up to our “new home” and found out that we can move in this Sunday.  They also bought a new 40” TV for our place!  WOW, Luxury!  I also put VERIZON on vacation mode for the next few months.  I can only do this every three months after I paid one month.  I still need to cancel our satellite and reduce our phone plan as we won’t need so much data since I have internet with the place.

SEPT  27, Saturday, Days off
It was very foggy this morning but no rain!  We moved pretty well everything that needs to be moved.  Tomorrow will be our official first day at our new “home”.  I went to help Graeme in his new home but he was pretty well done for the day.  Val also did laundry.  Grand-daughter Hayley is staying at the house while R&K are in Leavenworth, Wash. so we visited with her for a while too.  Mom and Dad’s room looks like a tornado is living there but I am sure it will be spic and span for their return tomorrow J
It was sunny and warm today and the forecast is for the same tomorrow.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sptember 16 to 21, 2014; Work, visits and back to Gateway to winterize

SEPT  16, Tuesday; more work
Hot again today!  I spent more time in the shop doing window intersperse with other little jobs; Kevin keeps me going.  Rob helped in the afternoon.  Val went to Vancouver to visit her daughter and grand-daughters.  For dinner, I cooked me a pizza (read bought).  Afterwards, Rochelle and Kevin invited me to go along for a visit to friends Russ and Cathy.  I was in bed by 9:30.

SEPT  17, Wednesday
It was a bit cooler today and clouded over by the end of the afternoon.  I spent the day picking up doors and windows and delivering them to customers.  I had lunch at A&W which I hadn’t done in years.  Val got home early in the afternoon and had lots of stories to tell about her grand-kids.

SEPT  18, Thursday
Another busy day!  I drove to Coquitlam, Burnaby, and Surrey to pick up glass and doors then to White Rock to drop off locks for doors I delivered yesterday.  From here, it was to Aldergrove to drop off a door frame for our crew who were installing doors in a trucking garage.  I stayed there to help them to installed the last door and clean up.  We came back to the shop and unloaded the truck except for some doors which are to be delivered tomorrow.  You got to Love it!!!  I am learning all kinds of new stuff and so far, it’s fun!  The crew working for Kevin is also friendly and helpful.
At home, it was a quiet evening watching the tube after a nice shower.

SEPT  19, Friday; to Lee Creek
I went to work this morning and made the delivery then came back to the shop where I finished a job I had begun on Monday.  I cleaned the truck then signed off and came home.  I had a quick shower, packed and we left by 12:30 pm.  Half way to Hope, we realized we didn’t have the keys to the car so we had to come back.  It’s a good thing because I had also forgotten the keys to the shed and the Sea Can.  Finally got going under rain (rained all morning) and drove to Hope where we had a bite to eat.  Back on the road, we drove to Salmon Arm and picked up our mail then back to Lee Creek.  We are staying in Brook’s trailer for the night.  Val went to Heather for a haircut and I brought everything inside.  Time for a glass or two of wine.

SEPT  20, Saturday; Wine, meds and winterizing
We were up early and at it right off the bat!  I began taking things apart and ready to put away while Val went to bottle our last batch of red wine.  I turned off the water, turned off the electricity and locked the power box, drained all the hoses and winterized the washing machine.  Then it was time to put everything away that was left and lock the shed, load the car with our stuff including our winter clothes that we got from the Sea Can.  We said goodbye to our neighbours and friends and were on the road by noon.  We went to Sorrento and picked up two months supply of our meds then headed for Kamloops.  We stopped for lunch/brunch at TIM HORTON’s then headed south on Hwy 5 to Chilliwack.  Halfway up the hill, Val remembered that she forgot her purse so she turned around and I waited for her to come back (we are driving both vehicles back to CHWK).  We arrived home around 5 pm and joined the Happy Hour in progress on the back balcony.  Sid and Vera left a while later and that left us with Kevin & Rochelle and Russ & Cathy.  We ordered a pizza for dinner and ended the whole thing around 9 pm.  We came back to our rig and put our personal stuff away, sat for a while then went to bed.

SEPT  21, Sunday; CHWK!
A relaxing day for everyone!  I even had a short snooze in the afternoon.  I watched the end of a football game with Kevin in his “Man Cave”.  Val made another of her “special” dish for dinner which was delicious then we watched the tube for a while before heading to bed around 10 pm.  It was sunny and warm all day but the forecast is for changes soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 12 to 15, 2014; Gaetan & Josette leave and work begins at Unger Windows and Doors!

SEPT  12, Friday finally!  And Gaetan & Josette last day
Another busy day for me working on private home and making some deliveries.  I got off at 3:30 and came home to have a shower then we were on the road to Richmond to meet Gaetan and Josette at their hotel near the airport.  We both arrived at the same time; they had just got off the ferry and were held up by the traffic on the way in.  We had a nice visit with them hearing all about their trip to Vancouver Island then we went to the “Boat House” for dinner.  We also walked the neighborhood and it soon came time to say our final goodbyes as they are flying to Montreal tomorrow.  We hugged then left to return to Chilliwack.  We finally got to bed at 1 am.

SEPT  13, Saturday; working on grand-son’s house
I was up at 7 am and on the road by 8 am with grand-son Graeme and son-in-law Kevin to take a load of old gyproc and left over from the house to the dump.  After unloading the trailer, we drove back to the house and began to take one of the main front windows apart and prepare it for the new window.  Once that was done, we went for brunch then to the shop to pick up the new window frames and the glass.  We installed it all but unfortunately, one of the new glasses didn’t fit as it was measured wrong but we did get the other two glasses in.  We finally called it quit at 4 pm, came home, showered then Val and I went to Sid and Vera while Rochelle and Kevin went to a wedding reception.  We had dinner at Sid and Vera, went for a walk and we were home by 8:30 and to bed by 9 pm.

SEPT  14, Sunday; a day of rest!
I was up at 8 am, refreshed and relaxed!  It is sunny and the forecast is for a very warm day.  After relaxing all morning, we took the motorhome to the fair grounds to empty the tanks then to Husky to fuel up.  I also called Brook and reserved his trailer for next week-end.  We have to go back to winterized the place and get a few things we will need for this coming winter like heavy jackets and clothes.  We spent the rest of the day relaxing and reading.

SEPT  15, Monday; Back to work
Sunny and hot (32*C)!  Today, I spent the day at the shop doing a very monotonous job pacing rubber sealant in window frames.  I came home at 4 pm, showered and BBQ pork chops for dinner.  We ate on the patio, very pleasant.  To bed early!  Oh and it was payday today for me.



Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 5 to 11, 2014; Chilliwack and Gaetan & Josette visit

SEPT  5, Friday; to Chilliwack
After packing and saying goodbye to a couple neighbours, we were on the road by 10 am under sunny sky.  We stopped in Chase where I found my lost sunglasses; this is really getting to be a bad habit!!!  We continued to Kamloops where I put $250 worth of fuel in the motorhome then to Costco to buy some steaks for tonight.  From here, we followed Hwy 1 through the Fraser Canyon and eventually Chilliwack seven hours later.  We stopped for lunch in Savona then many times to take pictures or just take-in the scenery.

We had a BIG reunion at Rochelle & Kevin’s house.  My kid brother Johnny was there, also present were son Jeffrey, grand-son Graeme and his fiancĂ© Courtenay and finally Doreen (Roch’s mom) and her husband Gord.  Unfortunately the girls couldn’t be here due to work.  The BBQ consisted of steaks, potatoes, salad and lots of wine.  The place became noisier as we drank more and lots and lots of laughs.  As usual, Kevin kept everyone entertained and my brothers loved joining in.  We finally got to bed at 1 am.

N 49* 07.793’
S 121* 57.751’
Alt: 58 Ft

We travelled 251 miles @ an average speed of 48 MPH for 5 hrs.  Total time: 7 hrs

SEPT  6, Saturday; Boat ride with Jeffrey.
There were a few people with hang-over this morning!  Johnny, Gaetan and Josette arrived at our place around 11 am.  G&J are staying at Johnny’s place.  We took two vehicles and drove to Port Moody with a stop in Abbotsford to pick up Johnny’s girlfriend, Jone.  Within 15 minutes after arriving at the dock, we were on our way to Indian Arm, a long Fiord within 15 minutes from the Marina.  We went to the far end enjoying the scenery.  At the end, there are three Yacht Clubs with their own clubhouse and docks but no one is allowed unless a member.  We looked at the water fall which is quite famous in the early summer because of the volume of water but today, it was just a small creek coming down the rock face.  It is very steep here so we let the boat float free after coming to a complete stop, shutting down and we had BBQ salmon and steaks with salad.  Like all good thing, it had to come to an end so the motors were started and we cruised back to the Marina arriving around 7 pm.  We sat around for a while but then it was time to say goodbye to Jeffrey.  We drove back to our own places in Chilliwack.  We were home by 11 pm.

SEPT  7, Sunday; Relaxing day
This was relaxing day!  I didn’t get to shower until noon.  Johnny, Gaetan and Josette arrived to return the cooler; they are headed for Vancouver today sightseeing.  We were invited but I didn’t feel like driving to Vancouver today.  We did invite them for dinner tomorrow night though.  Earlier this morning, Kevin and I had a chat about work he is offering me so he explained what I could expect.  It sounds great and I look forward starting tomorrow morning at 8 am.

We went into town while Rochelle and Kevin went to a birthday party and then later a dinner invite.  We went to MARK’s WORLD for some pajama bottom as mine are worn out and new shorts for Val then it was to TIM HORTON for lunch and Sears to shop for a new comforter but no luck.  We stopped for some groceries then home for a glass of wine and update the blog.

SEPT  8, Monday;  Back to work for me
Today was my first day at work for my son-in-law Kevin with his business, window and glass!  We had to go to Abbotsford where a new post office is being built.  My job consisted of installing rubber seals on the frame of the new windows.  It wasn’t a hard job but interesting.  My grand-son Graeme was my boss on site; kind of weirdJ!  Anyway the windows are huge and it takes all 5 of us to move them in place.  We finished at 4:15 pm.
In the meantime, Val made a couple calls about furnished houses for us for the winter and I think we may have found one in Cultus Lake and Val made an appointment for tomorrow evening.
For dinner, we had Gaetan, Josette and Johnny over.  Val made her famous Meat balls with mash potatoes.  Rochelle bought some delicious Jubilee Corn from Chilliwack.  Grand-daughter Vanessa came over with her new Beau, Shawn but didn’t stay for dinner.  At least she got to see Gaetan.  This wasn’t a late evening as G&J are leaving early in the morning for Vancouver Island and we all have to work so we said our goodbyes and went to bed early (10 pm)

SEPT  9, Tuesday; Looking for rentals
I was at work by 8 am and got home at 5:15 due to a 4 car pile-up near the Vedder River crossing.  Val did some laundry and found us another place to look at on Promontory Hill; we have a viewing Thursday evening.  She cooked dinner for all of us too; what a wonderful person!

SEPT  10, Wednesday;
More work and not much else to say about the day except that it was a nice day.  We met R&K and Russ and his wife at the Pub in the early evening then came home and I was in bed early

SEPT  11, Thursday;
Today, I was given the job of making some parts pick up.  It was interesting and different to go to different places and driving a truck again, diesel to boot!  Once home, I had a shower then we went to see a place on Promontory and decided to take it.  IT is a one bedroom basement suite but with its own entrance, furnished, brand new and all for $800 including utilities, cable TV and internet.  WOW!  What a bargain.  To top it all, the lady knew our good friends Zhila and Dennis who passed away a couple years ago.  We came home happy to know we had a place to live.  I heard from Gaetan and they will be in Vancouver tomorrow so will meet them tomorrow.  That's their last day.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

September 1 to 4, 2014; End of work and Gaetan & Josette arrive

SEPTEMBER  1, 2014, Monday; Last day at work
Val went to work at 6 am and I at 8 am under a sunny sky.  My brother Gaetan and Josette are in BANFF, I am sure Josette is really taking it all in being her first time out West! 
Work was very busy right from the beginning; only 28 or so sites stayed filled in the Park out of 240 sites.  We kept 5 lanes open and shut down the rest.  We had to take out all the garbage and recycling then block the main streets.  I also had to make a run to Niskonlith and Adams lakes for the garbage there.  Both of those Parks were almost emptied except for a few die hard!
I came home at 3:30, showered then we went to Dan and Heather for their wedding anniversary.  We partied until 10, came home and straight to bed!  We had lots of laughs and sat out the whole time.  There were quite a few people present and lots of food to munch on.  Good way to start off the month of September!

SEPT  2, Tuesday; our first freedom day!
We decided to head for Kamloops today.  We stopped at Costco for buns and Sears & The Bay for a new bed comforter but no luck.  We had lunch at “Original Joe”.  We got a text message from Gaetan telling us that they were in Revelstoke and coming here for tonight so we high-tailed it back to Lee Creek.

They arrived at 4:30 pm!  We had a marvelous reunion.  We showed them around our place and the trailer next door where they will be staying.  We set them up with coffee, sugar, milk and yogurt for the morning.  Val made dinner then we proceeded to have a very nice visit catching up to news.  They went to bed by 9 pm and we weren’t too far behind.

SEPT  3, Wednesday; Gaetan & Josette visit
I cooked pancakes for everyone then Val did the laundry while our guests relaxed.  I took them around our resort and showed them everything then we came back and had a light snack outside.  I made a few calls to Johnny, Rochelle and Jeffrey organizing this coming week-end.  Gaetan had to go to the ICBC bank and the only one available was in Salmon Arm so we drove out there.  We walked the downtown part then drove back here but first, we stopped at Walmart to pick up soap that Judy forgot there.  Once back home, we went over to Judy and Ed for HH then came home and had dinner, cooked on the BBQ.  After dinner, we had a fire outside.

SEPT  4, Thursday; Sightseeing
I don’t why but I was up by 6:30 so I read until everyone was up!  After cooking a healthy breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, hash-browns and toast we went to the Provincial Park to return our uniforms and to show Gaetan and Josette our little summer hide-away.  They were impressed by the Park then we showed them the village of Scotch Creek, had a pizza for lunch @ Yummy’s then we went to the river to see the salmon run and stopped along the highway to look at where the Indians have a barricade to count the fish coming up the river.  We then drove to Margaret’s Falls and hiked in; once again very impressive, I just love this area.  We then walked across to the Provincial Park and to the beach.  We sat there for a while before returning to the Jeep.  We drove out and stopped at the local winery where we samples some wine and bought a bottle and shared it among the four of us with cookies and cheese.  It was very nice especially with the sun shining and the warm weather! 

We came home, put the flag out and had HH with everyone in the neighborhood attending.  After I cooked local sweet corn and hamburgers for dinner, we sat around the fire until 10 pm.  Tomorrow, we head for Chilliwack.