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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 11 to 16, 2016;Eugene, repairs, exploring

APR 11, MONDAY; To Eugene, I thought!
How things changed quickly; got up at 8 this morning to a beautiful blue sky and sunshine!  Posted my blog, showered and shaved and we were on the road by 10 am…Should be able to make it to Eugene!?  Well, we didn’t!
We left at a late time.  We drove through town and turned on Hwy 139 and began climbing almost right away over the ridge then down and up another one.  It was NOT a good way to go; the road was narrow, rough and it was up and down most of the way.  Definitely do not recommend it!  From ADIN to CANBY CA, the road was decent.  We stopped in Canby for lunch and we had this young blonde waitress that was the epitome of every bad blonde joke you ever heard.  In her favor, I will say that she was a very nice person and tried hard to sound knowledgeable.  Back on the road, we continued on 139 to Klamath Falls OR, where we got on HWY 97.  The sun was shining so it was nice driving.  Around CHEMULT OR, we began looking for a campground and finally got one in CRESCENT OR, named BIG PINES RV PARK.  A very nice Park that accepts Good Sam membership.  We got here at 4:25pm.  The owner walked us over to our site, we set up and relaxed under the sun and met people from Alberta and here I thought we were bringing the rear!  J

We drove 215 miles in 4 hrs @ 54 mph and were stopped for 1.5 hr.
N  40* 24.508’
W 120* 37.791’
ALT: 4160 ft

APR 12, TUESDAY; To Eugene, this time for sure!
We had a lazy start this morning.  We woke up to a beautiful sunshine and we took our time getting ready.  We were on the road by 10:15 am, headed to town then turned left on 58 by-pass which eventually connected to Hwy 58.  This is a highway you want to take from this side to Eugene as there is a long descend with #6,7grade. 
We arrived in Eugene safe and sound after enjoying the scenery on the way down and all the snow along the highway.  Just before the city, I stopped for fuel and took on 62 gallons @ $2.11/gal.  We got on I-5 for a bit then got off and went to 11th Ave to QUALITY COACH where we will get some repairs done on our warranty.  We were here by 1pm, got the paperwork started, set up with electricity and water in their yard.  It is cloudy and only 60*F. 
We went for lunch at SHARI then to Walmart for some groceries.  We came home, put everything away then relaxed

We drove 97 miles in 2hrs and 15 minutes @ an average 44 mph.  We stopped for 53 minutes.
N  44* 02.860’
W 123* 09.938’
ALT: 376 ft

APR 13, WEDNESDAY; Repairs
We were out of the motorhome by 9 am.  I went over the repairs with the Technician, and left my number with the office.  We left and spent the day shopping, eating out, dealing with issues with Verizon then stopped at an Applebee for a drink.  When we got back, I learned that the Warranty was playing games again so we are waiting for a phone call from them.  I told them to go ahead anyway with the jack so that will be done mayana, hopefully.
We had let over or dinner then watched the tube and listened to the rain falling

APR 14, THURSDAY; Eugene
I bought a new GPS @ Best Buy for the motorhome and replaced the one in the Jeep with the one that was in the motorhome.  I had to take it back because I didn’t like the way it worked and got the next level.  While at the Mall, we went to a visitor info Centre and got some information on what to see around here.  The young man was very informative and we got a few things to do over the week-end.  As a matter of fact, he gave us a list of nice drives so we took one that began on Hwy 99 at Junction City then West on Hwy 36 to Mapleton where we had a beer at a quaint local bar that had a big friendly dog that kept bringing me this chewed up football so I accommodated by throwing in around the bar.  NEAT!!!  Aside from the constant rain, heavy at times, we enjoyed the ride and looked at two covered bridges.  Mapleton is also where we turned onto Hwy 126 and headed back to Eugene.  For my motor bike readers, Hwy 36 would be a fantastic road to go on a sunny day.  We finally heard from the insurance and they turned down our claim because we had surpassed our limit on the mileage by 1000 KM.  DAMN!!!  So now we are getting the main slide adjusted and the front jack replaced at our cost.  There goes any savings we had!

APR 15, FRIDAY; Exploring
We had a great day exploring this day!  We went to COTTAGE GROVE, south of here, off I-5.  We got out of the car and walked the Historic Downtown.  Lots of old buildings, beautiful murals and lots of antique stores.  Then we drove West on a road that eventually ends into a dead end but the part we saw had lots covered bridges and waterfalls.  We stopped at all of them and took lots of pictures.  We went around a huge lake and the scenery was fantastic.  Near the end, we stopped at this forestry campground and went on a half mile hike to see our second waterfall.  The forest was full of moss which created an eerie sight; we kept expecting the Sasquatch to come out of the forest.  This drive was part of directions we got from the Info Center.   Back on I-5 we headed north to Springfield where we stopped at a Brewery, BLANK TOWN” had a beer and lunch and then drove home.
I have to explain that we each got a pamphlet that list all the breweries in the city and region from the Info Center.  As we stop at a brewery, we get our pamphlets stamped and once we have 8 stamps, we will receive a free mug and a free vase.  So…our goal this week-end is to get all eight!  We got one so far!
Back at the repair shop, I took the Beaver to a local garage that had a dump station, dump the tanks and came back to the repair shop. We had a quiet evening at home.  These guys here sure work late, they didn’t go home until 7 pm; wonder if they get OT???

APR 16, SATURDAY; A pubbing day

 It was nice to sleep in this morning and wake up to sunshine.  The forecast looks good and promises temperature in the mid 70’s.  We went into town and found the street market.  We parked and walked the whole place.  We even found a section where there were a group of hippies smoking pot and playing drums.  The young people were dancing and enjoying themselves.  It was a bit like the street market in Palm Springs on Thursday evening.  We found of first pub in a series of eight, “STEELHEAD BREWING”, had a beer and lunch: Chicken tortilla soup which was delicious!  We then went to find eight more breweries on our list and got stamps from each of them.  Some were quite cool bars, others just plain brewery with a bar.  We didn’t have a beer at each one but a few we stayed and had one beer and chatted with the patrons.  Val didn’t care for the beer and since they didn’t sell anything else, she had water instead.  I have to say that hop beer is quite different and heavy.  It is an acquired taste.  I only liked a couple of them!  The last brewery “VIKING BRAGGOT CO” we found was very close to our home.  At first we couldn’t find it but found a winery instead so we stopped anyway and tasted their wine.  We ended up buying a bottle to share with our favorite son-in-law back home.  We were mentioning to the lady in attendance about our pamphlet with all the stamped brewery and mentioned the Viking that we couldn’t find.  With a big smile on her face, she announced that it was in the back and all we had to do is walk through this door which we did and found our last brewery.  FANTASTIC!  We chatted with this guy at the bar who seem to know all the beers on the menu and was telling us about the best and the worse.  He was quite knowledgeable and I suspect he worked for the brewery!?  We had one last beer here then headed home, about three blocks away!  It was a great day and we had fun.  We got stamps from nine breweries.

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