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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 30-31, 2014; Last days at Palm Springs for Gaetan

MAR  30, Sunday; Salton Sea
16*@ 8am;

The wind is back!  I had to get up in the middle of the night to bring all the awnings in.  This is boring, boring!!!  And it was such a beautiful evening last night.  Anyway, Gaetan came over and we had pancakes for breakfast.  We drove to the Salton Sea to visit “SLAB CITY”, approx 1.5 hour from here.  Half the drive was interesting but the other half was bring due to the flatness and desert look of the area.  We stopped in NILAND for lunch and had a few chuckles at the expense of a few “characters” in the place.  We drove to Slab City which gets its name from an old army base that uses to be here and the cement bases to the houses are still here and now serve as patio or whatever to whomever stays here.  It is full of hippies and “artists”.  There are also a lot of regular people staying here and families.  We also visited “Salvation Mountain” designed and built by an eccentric man who lives in San Diego but spends his winters here working on the hill.  It is made of bale of hay and old wood and trees already in place.  It is dedicated to God and Jesus and full of colors; You have to see the pictures to appreciate it as no words can describe this place.
We came back home and got here in time for HH.  For dinner, Val made Italian spaghetti then Dave and Louise showed up and we had a nice visit.  Gaetan went home by 9:30 pm and we were in bed soon after.  The wind is still blowing strong.

MAR  31, Monday; Last full day with brother Gaetan
14*C @ 8 am and NO WIND; 23*C in PM and STRONG WINDS!!!

I got up this morning and it was CALM but now at 9 am, we have a light breeze which eventually turned into the usual strong Westerly wind.  Gaetan came over around 9 am and we went to the local restaurant for breakfast with Dave & Louise and Jim & Dot.  Afterwards we came home and sat around to enjoy the last few hours we have with him.  Gaetan and I drove to town to pick up some wine for him to take home and batteries for me.  From here, we went to our storage and got the rest of the stuff that’s left there then came home and enjoyed our last few hours together.  Gaetan left at 4 pm for Los Angeles to return his rented car and book into his hotel.  His airplane leaves at 6:45 am, tomorrow!

We went to Agua Caliente Casino in Palm desert for dinner with Dave & Louise and Jim & Dot.  It was very good and afterwards we played some slots and ended up winning a total of $65.10 which was pretty good for $1 investment.  We came home and called it a day after watching “Blacklist”.  Got a text from Gaetan that he made safe and sound and is now in his hotel.

March 26 to 29, 2014; Visit with brother Gaetan

MAR  26, Wednesday; Gaetan arrives!
14*C @ 8am; 22*C pm, extreme winds

Slept in again!  The sun is shining right now but there are heavy clouds moving in.  The strong winds are continuing, gusting to 35-40 MPH.  What a welcome for my brother!  Speaking of which, he arrived at 11 am.  He was going to explore L.A. but it was raining so he decided to come up where the sun was shining.  He didn’t realize how windy it was!!!  Val went for a haircut and pedicure and Gaetan and I went to his hotel to book him in and we had a bite to eat at a local restaurant.  It is great having him here and catching up to all the news back home in Quebec.  For dinner, Val had cooked a roast in the slow cooker so we had that with all the trimming then we went for a short walk.  It was cold outside and very windy so it was a short walk.  Gaetan left early as he was tired and we watched a movie then to bed ourselves!

MAR  27, Thursday; Touring the Coachella Valley
11*@ 7 am; 22*C in pm

It’s cold this morning, enough for me to turn on the furnace to take the chill out of the air!  Gaetan came over early so we had a coffee then drove to the Oasis just down the road and looked around.  Due to his operation, Gaetan gets tired fast so we didn’t do much walking; he was quite impressed with the place.  From there we drove to the RV store where I finally found refills for my log book then we drove west on Hwy 111 through all the city to Palm Spring.  Here we went up to the Indian Canyon and had to pay $7 each (they have a gate here now).  Again we didn’t do much walking.  We met Dave and Louise at Tilted Kilt Pub for a beer then came home to let Tucker out for a walk. 
We drove back to Palm Spring for the Outdoor Street Fair, lots of people around and eventually had dinner at our favorite pub, “Village Pub”.  We got back home by 10 pm and Gaetan went to his hotel right away to bed!  We weren’t far behind either.

MAR  28, Friday; To 29 Palms and the Joshua Tree National Park
11*C in am; 24* C in pm.  Finally NO WIND!

Gaetan came over at 9 am and I cooked breakfast for everyone: Fried onions and mushrooms, bacon and eggs with toast.  I think he liked it because he ate everything he was served.  Of course, Tucker had to share.  Afterwards we drove to the town of “29 Palms” and the “Joshua National Park”.  Gaetan really liked the drive and the scenery.  We did too even though we had been there before.  We entered the Park on the West side, visited almost every stops, went to the look-out @ 6000 feet which overlooks the Palm Spring valley and the Salton sea then drove to 29 Palms for lunch.  After, we drove to the South-East exit and took I-10 back to Dillon Road and home.  We had Dave and Louise over for HH then it was time for dinner; BBQ chicken, Greek salad and French bread.  Gaetan left at 8:30 pm and we watched the tube for a while before hitting the bed ourselves.

MAR  29, Saturday; Day off for Gaetan
14*C in am; 26*C in pm

Gaetan came over at 9 am and the two of us went out to do our own thing.  Val went shopping with Louise.  Gaetan and I went for breakfast then we went to the storage and checked out a bunch of keys as I couldn’t find the one that unlocks the lock but fortunately, we found it.  We went to his hotel and sat around the pool and watched all the bikinis and relaxed as much as we could.  At 4 pm, we came back to our place and had HH with Dave and Louise.  For dinner, I BBQ’ed steaks and lobster tails and Val made a vegetable dish and cooked mushroom and onions.  After we looked at pictures but Gaetan soon got bored with that.  He went home by 9 pm and we went to bed soon after. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 22 to 25, 2014; Anniversaries in Desert Hot Springs

MAR  22, Saturday; Desert Hot Springs
16*C at 8 am and windy; 23*C in pm and still windy

We went to Palm Spring today to get Val’s bracelet fix.  We stopped at Kilt and Tilt Pub for lunch then we drove to Indio to the RV STORE but it was closed so we came home.  We had HH with Dave & Louise at their place then dinner and we watched the tube.  It sure would be nice if this wind would go away.

MAR  23, Sunday;
11*C @ 7 am; 32* in pm and no winds

We got a text from Louise inviting us for breakfast so we quickly showered and got dressed.  The four of us walked over to the little restaurant at the corner and met Jim and Dot there.  This place is renowned for its breakfasts and hamburgers.  Afterwards, we walked over to Jim and Dot’s new place.  They sold their motorhome and bought a Park Model at “CALIENTE PARK” across from us.  We came home and walked Tucker.  In the afternoon, we went over to the pool and sat around, had a couple beers and watched Dave play water volleyball.  We came home, had HH with D&L and Jim & Dot.  In the evening, we watched a movie; TONTO & THE LONE RANGER

MAR  24, Monday; Anniversaries in DHS
12*C @ 7 am; 28*C in pm, light winds

Today is a very Special Day!!!  It is my grand-daughter Hayley’s Birthday and it is also our Anniversary…14 years together!  WOW!!!
It was also wash day!  Val did the laundry and I washed part of the MH; I say part because I still have one side to do; the sun was just too hot to work under.  I had a snooze in the early part of the afternoon while Val went to the club house to do some puzzling.  After dinner, we watched some movies then to bed.

MAR  25, Tuesday;
15*C @ 8am; 24*C in pm

Slept in this morning, very unusual, I must have needed it!!  At 10 am I took Tucker to Desert Springs for his haircut; he wasn’t happy my leaving him there.  There were about 6 other little dogs and they were very yappy which he hates.  I returned our movies and picked up two more while in town.  I came home and we went to Costco to pick up some meat and a couple of other things.  We came back to DHS and picked up Tucker who looks great with short hair and came home to put everything away.  Val made my favorite meat balls and potatoes and I got confirmation from Glenda that our reservations are confirmed at Val-Vista in Mesa.  We watched a couple movies then bed time.  Got a text from Gaetan that he is in L.A. and it is warm. J

It became very windy late in the afternoon and it’s supposed to last until tomorrow….BORING!!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

MArch 19 to 21, 2014; Desert Hot Springs

MAR  19, Wednesday; To Desert Hot Spring, CA
15* @ 8 am and windy; 28*C in pm

I slept in this morning as I was up for quite a while in the night.  For some reason the skin on my neck was extremely itchy and it took a while to settle that and finally go to sleep.  We finally left at 10:30 am and got on I-8 West under sunny sky.  The wind was blowing from the north so we rocked from time to time.  Once by Calexico, we turned North on Hwy 111 which eventually connected with Hwy 86 North.  The wind abated in these parts so it made the ride smoother.  We stopped in Indio for lunch in the parking lot of “Casino 29” then continued on I-10 West to Varner then Dillon to Desert Pools in Desert Hot Springs, arriving around 2:30 pm.  We paid our dues for 14 nights and set up in site # 65.  Our friends Dave and Louise are here so they came over to welcome us.  I got a call from Gaetan earlier and he has set his date of arrival for Mar 26 and leaving April 1 from LAX.  Looking forward seeing him!  It is very warm but pleasant.  The A/C is on!

We travelled 160 miles in 3.25 hrs @ an average 50 MPH ( on the freeways, I set my speed at 55-58 mph)
33* 55.390’
W 116* 26.021’
Alt: 1045 feet

MAR  20, Thursday; shopping in DHS
12*C @ 7 am; 24*C and calm

It was cool in the MH this morning so I had the furnace on for a while to get the chill out.  Our tax refund came in this morning and that’s already gone to pay bills!  We went into town, Desert Hot Springs, to check out some motels for Gaetan’s visit then we picked up some groceries and came home.  Dave and Louise came over for HH and our neighbour, Carl from Alaska also joined us.  He even brought some smoked Pink Salmon from Juneau; it was great!  We watched a couple movies that we rented today then to bed.

First day of Spring!

MAR  21, Friday;
15*C @ 8 am; 24*C and very windy

Val went to her exercises this morning and finished at 11 am.  She does both “Walk away the pounds” and “Swimming exercises”.  We went to the clubhouse for lunch (hamburgers and potato chips with a bean salad) which was pretty good, it filled the spot anyway!  Val stayed behind to work on a puzzle and I came back to do some research while having a snooze!!!  We sat outside for a drink at 4 pm but came in as it was just windy.  After dinner, Val went over to visit Louise and Dave came over to chat.  I watched a movie on the tube after Dave left and then to bed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MArch 15 to 18, 2014; Last days in Winterhaven CA

MAR  15, Saturday; Yuma Air Show!
14*C @ 5 am; 30*C in PM and strong winds

I didn’t have a good night sleep; I tossed all night and got up at 5 am however I did get a snooze in before leaving for the Air Show at 11 am.  Val got ready in the meantime and took tucker for his morning jaunt.

Before going to the air show, we stopped at COUNTY RV to talk about the bill.  He showed it to me and he was charging the Insurance for RE & RE the locking mechanism and was charging $200.  I pointed out to him that I had already paid for the removal of the mechanism and his answer was “I’ll pay you back the $20 I charged you!”  That did it for me, I said no thanks and walked out.  What a bloody thief!!!

Anyway, the Air Show was OK, it was extremely windy and most of the events were cancelled but some planes did fly and do acrobatic stuff.  We looked at the planes and war machines on display from the Marines and even had a beer.  It was hot on the tarmac even with the wind.  Temperatures reached 30*C.  We spent about 2 hours there then took the shuttle back to our car and came home.  Tucker was happy to see us, he’s been really good about staying home by himself, and I think he is getting used to it.

We went out to the clubhouse for our St-Patrick’s dinner which was really good but unfortunately, no second helping.  We watched the tube in the evening and I went to bed by 9 pm; Val stayed up for a bit longer.

MAR  16, Sunday; Winterhaven
15*C @ 7 am; 31*C in pm

 This had to be the hottest day yet!  We spent most of it inside under the A/C.  We watched some movies on TNT channel, read outside for a while, took Tucker for walks and just plain did NOTHING!  We had very little winds today.  Val made a new dish with Italian sausages and it was very good.  We sat out in the evening and made a couple of margaritas with Jack recipe; yum! Yum!  I got a call from my brother Gaetan in Quebec; he’s thinking of coming out this way for a few days.  I think he needs a change of mind; he’s the one that learned he had prostate cancer and has had an operation recently.  He said he would get back to me.

MAR  17, Monday; wash day
15*C in am & windy again! 29* in pm and still windy!

Val did laundry and I did some work on the blog and computer.  Our guys to wash the rig showed up at 3 pm to tell us that it is too windy to wash so we have postpone to tomorrow morning.  Val’s gone to the clubhouse to do some puzzling.  We had a light dinner; Pork tacos and it was delicious.  “The Voice and The Black List” were on the agenda for the evening!

MAR  18, Tuesday; Last day in Winterhaven
15*C @ 7am and windy;

We had such strong winds overnight; so much so that it woke me up and I had to go outside to bring in all the window’s awnings.  It was still windy when I got up at 7 am.  We were supposed to get our rig wash but due to the winds, it was cancelled.  There sure aren’t many people walking about.  We had to vacuum the bedroom again as there must have been ½ inch of dust and sand on the counter by the window and I am sure the carpet was just as bad; we had left the windows open in the bedroom! 

At 3 pm, we went to COUNTY RV to pick up the strip of rubber for the slide then we drove to Mim & Jack resort.  We had a very interesting and animated discussion and Jack cooked some hot sausages and Mim put out more stuff.  We had a very good time but then it was time to come home so we hugged good-bye and drove back to Pilot Knob.  Tomorrow, we head out for Desert Hot Spring

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 10 to 14, 2014; Winterhaven and repairs on MH

MAR  10, Monday; Meeting friends
12*C @ 7 am; 27* C and sunny

Once again, on the road to Yuma and this time to meet friends!  First we met Charlene and Lynden for lunch and we had a great time catching up to each other’s news; lunch was good to, we went to Logan Steak House and some very good burgers.  After saying goodbye to them, we went to Kohl’s where we finally found some floor mat to replace the ones we presently have.  From here, we went to the “Foothills” to meet with Judy and Ed as they are leaving tomorrow for Vegas then home.  We had ice cream at then we came home and after a light dinner, Val went to the clubhouse and I caught up to my blog.

MAR  11, Tuesday;
12* @ 6am; 25* C, cloudy and windy

Val decided to clean the inside; vacuum, wash the floors and shake the carpets.  I took the Jeep to town and had an Oil & Lube done on it, it was due!  I came home and we relaxed and read for the rest of the afternoon, had a drink at HH then it was time for dinner which was a light one.  To bed by 10 pm!

MAR  12, Wednesday; repairs on the Beaver
12* C at 6 am; 26*C in pm with light winds

We were ready to go by 9 am and we took the Beaver to County RV Repair near “La Mesa” RV.  Our appointment was for 10 am and we were on time.  We left it there for 2 hrs and in the meantime, we went to WALMART nearby and got some groceries and a couple other small items.  We were back at the shop by 11:30 on to learn that the locking mechanism is a seal unit and will cost $1700 just for the part.  I put the old lock in the basement and will see if we can drive without it.  I also had the charging system checked and found out that the two batteries I got last May have bad cells so will have to exchange that when I return home.

We drove back to our site in Pilot Knob, parked and set up then Val went to the clubhouse and I caught up to my blog.  We had dinner then watched the tube for a while before going to bed by 10 pm

MAR  13, Thursday; Winterhaven
11*C @ 6am; 25*C in pm, overcast with sunny periods

Morning was filled with chores.  I adjusted my passenger mirror, installed and set the air warning gadgets on the jeep and the rear inner tires for the MH, washed the kayaks and moved them from under the tree as they were being soiled by bird poop.  Afterwards, we went to town to the outdoor RV market and I picked up a new Valve stem remover and a new LED light for the bathroom.  I looked for refills for my travel log but had no luck.  We had a beer and hot dog at the Market then we drove to County RV Repair and asked about my extended warranty and he said he would check so we came home.  For dinner, I BBQ’ed steaks and lobster (from Mexico), Val made a salad to compliment it.  We watched the tube in the evening.  It is quite windy right now, cooling off the warm temperature.

MAR  14, Friday;
11* @ 7 am; 25*C in pm, windy!

Today was a quiet day!  I spent the morning dealing with a few items that needed attention including sending and e-mail to County RV with a copy of my warranty.  In the afternoon, we went to the “Indoor Market” in Yuma.  This market dealt mainly with clothing and jewelery and only RV store.  I bought a new handle for the sewer trap lever and that was it.  We came home, had a drink and got a call from Mim & Jack; we made arrangements to meet on Tuesday.  I got a call back from County RV and he has quoted $2800 to the insurance and they are willing to pay only $2600 so with my deductible, it would cost me $400; I said we would discuss further tomorrow. 
For dinner, Val made a meat loaf with peas and potatoes…DELICIOUS!  We sat outside for a while then Val went to the clubhouse to work on puzzles while I did the dishes.  IT is still warm outside and the A/C is on full blast!

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 6 to 9, 2014; Winterhaven, back to Mexico and Yuma

MAR  6, Thursday; To Yuma
14*C @ 7 am and cloudy; 24*C in pm and sunny

We went to Yuma to shop for a few things.  First, we stopped at the satellite shop about trading our DISH program for STARCHOICE.  Not possible he says unless we pay the full price so he is looking into finding us something that is used!  While here, we bought a few things for the RV that I had run out on.  We then went to the shop where I bought the AIR FORCE air brake for the jeep and inquired about hooking up a warning light inside the MH.  Again, no success but she said she would check around.  Then it was off to ALBERTSON where we got a bunch of groceries; $300 later we went home; we were out of a few things!!!
We put everything away, had a glass of wine then went to the clubhouse for dinner which consisted of meatloaf, mash potatoes, vegetables and dessert, all for $5.50 each.  Tomorrow, we have more running around to do!

MAR  7, Friday; to Algodones
15*C @ 7 am; 24*C, cloudy and windy from the North

We had our carpets cleaned this morning then we went to Algodones, MEX, to return our tourist card and get our passport stamp.  We had lunch there then went to Yuma to pick up some stuff we had no time for yesterday.  We also took a drive to LA MESA RV Dealer about my slide problem and they sent us next door to COUNTY RV.  We made an appointment for next Wednesday for an estimate.  We came home and relaxed from a busy day.  In the evening, we watched “CAPTAIN PHILLIPS”
The WIFI 10 Booster that I ordered came in today, now we are waiting for our mail.

MAR  8, Saturday; Winterhaven
18*C @ 7am & windy; 28*C in pm and very windy!

The wind blew all night which helped keep things cool as we had an overnight low of 16*C!  After showering and cleaning up, we went back to town to the RV Outdoor Bazaar and bought a few more items for the MH such as filters for the water system, new flags and BBQ stuff and more!  We had lunch here then called Dennis and Ruth and went over for a visit.  We came home and found that our mail had arrived so now I have one more thing to sort through.  After a glass of wine, we went to the clubhouse for steak and potato and dessert.  We shared our table with very nice people and had a great conversation then came home.  We sat out for a while but it was just too windy so went in and watched the tube.  I went through our mail and got rid of the junk and filed the good stuff, we also got 10 magazines to read; we now have all our papers for filing our Income tax so I’ll be doing that tomorrow.

MAR  9, Sunday; Winterhaven
16* @ 8 am; 27*C in pm with light winds

We all slept in this morning and it felt good.  The wind has abated and it is sunny; the forecast is for a hot day and it was!  Val did laundry today and I worked on our Income Tax.  Just as I finished, I realized that we are missing the papers from our investment so will have to call them tomorrow and try to get something via e-mail so that I can file.  I also bought “EZ Tires Pressure Monitoring System” so I read the instructions on that.  It will cover the tires on the jeep and the rear tires on the Beaver in case of loss of air pressure.  We read for the rest of the day and I even went for an hour snooze.  We had fish for dinner then we watched my two favorite programs: “The Good Wife” and “The Closer” then it was bed time

Thursday, March 06, 2014

March 3 to 5, 2014; El Golfo, MEX to Winterhaven, USA

MAR  3, Monday; El Golfo
15*C @ 8 am;  22*C in pm with winds from the north

Slept in again and woke up to a beautiful sunshine!  I called our membership WHR and AOR and made reservations for March 5 at Pilot Knob, Winterhaven and also paid our memberships as it was overdue.  I called our Mail Service and had our mail forwarded to Winterhaven.  Also ordered a WIFI BOOSTER which I have tried before and it works!!! 

It is windy again, from the North this time!  We went into town to get some wine, bread and milk then we explore more places and ended up on the south side of El Golfo on the beach with Palapas and some buildings in dire need for repair.  We drove back to our campground via the beach.  I put the Jeep in 4X4 and we went for it.  The sand was smooth and hard.  There is a gate at our resort that gives beach access so that’s where we came in.  We had a relaxing afternoon reading and watched the HELEN SHOW at 4 pm with more on the Academy Awards.  We had more meat for dinner that we cannot take across to the States and vegetables; we are just about out of everything. 
It was great to watch our favorite show, “THE BLACK LIST”; I have really missed that show the past couple months.

12*C @ 6 am and cloudy; 22*C in pm and NO WIND!

This is our last day here!  After showering and cleaning, we loaded all the toys and are now ready to leave.  Do I sound anxious to do so!???  Something is going on with Tucker; he’s been in and out all night wanting to go to the bathroom and this morning, he was barfing!?  I’ve told Val that we will not give him any of his meds or people food for a day or two and see what happens.  Time to see a Vet again!? 

I loaded the kayaks and bikes and pretty well packed everything except the essentials for sewer and water.  We are ready to go.  Tucker is sleeping right now; he has been since 9 o’clock this morning after I convinced him to come in the house.  He really is in bad shape and we hate to see him suffer like this.  We went out for lunch while he was sleeping and had some Tacos de Cameron which were delicious then we came home.  We read then had a light dinner.  After doing the dishes, we went out outside for a nightcap and our neighbours from Alberta joined us for a while.  It was a good day, tomorrow; we head out for the USA!

MAR  5, Wednesday; Happy birthday to me and onwards to Yuma, AZ
12*C @ 7 am; 26* in pm

We left at 9:15 am.  The ride along Hwy 3 was desolate and flat on one side and the Sea on the other side.  At the junction of Hwy 44 we had to stop for a Military check then onward to Hwy 4 where the scenery became more of farms and rich agriculture.  We stopped for fuel in Coahuila and took on 189 Litres.  We soon turned on Hwy 44 north and drove through CD Guadalupe de Victoria and eventually turn west on the old hwy 2 and again north on hwy 1 to the border.  The roads were rough at places and in some instances we almost had to crawl.  Anyway, we arrived at the border at 1 pm and 15 minutes later, we were through and heading north to I-8 in the US of A.  We double back to El Centro and stopped at COSTCO to purchase some vitamins, eye solution for Val, wine, beer and steaks.  After putting the stuff away, we got back on I-8 East and arrived at Pilot Knob in Winterhaven, CA around 4 pm. 
The set up was quick then we relaxed with a drink.  It is very warm!  We went to the “Q”, a local Casino, and had a really nice dinner for our birthdays with wine and a cognac to top it! (Never done that before and it was good).  We came home, watched the tube for  while then to bed!
Tucker is feeling much better and back to his old self.  I think it was something he picked up on the ground and ate which upset his stomach and made in so lethargic!?  Anyway, we are happy that he is grouchy again!!!

We drove 179 miles in 4.5 hrs @ 39 MPH average
N  32* 44.669’
W 114* 45.845’
ALT: 247 feet

Monday, March 03, 2014

March 1 & 2, 2014; El Golfo de Santa Clara, Sonora, Mexico

18* @ 7 am; 22*C down to 15* by 4 pm, windy and rain

That was quite a storm we had last night!  It destroyed the gazebo across the street (I went to help her) and sometime overnight, the tide came in and undermine the sea wall and it all collapse.  The amazing thing is that no one was hurt as people were staying by the wall but sometime late in the evening, the security guy told them to move.  Almost half the wall is gone; that is incredible!  A good half of the park is without water and power; we have power but no water.  Everything is covered in a fine sand/dust, so much for the washing yesterday!  I spent an hour dusting everything then we went into town to watch the “Mardi Gras” parade put on by the RVer’s in the park.  I think it was a success as there were lots of kids collecting the candies being thrown from the quads, cars and trucks which were all decorated.  There had to be at least 25 of them in the parade and some were all dressed up and walking.  I took a few pictures and posted them.  We stopped for a beer and wings at “ALEX”, a local bar catered by the Park gringos.

The tide is up again and there are waves braking over the wall again.  I filled the water tank with fresh water as we now have water again and updated my GPS; hopefully that will resolve the issues I had coming in.

Well, we are getting quite the mixture in weather system.  We had a downpour that lasted about half hour then stopped just as quickly as it started; now it is windy and the sky is clear and full of stars.  Watching the news, California is getting more than its share of rain and lots of mud slides but so far, we are OK.

MAR  2, Sunday; El Golfo
14*C @ 8 am; 21*C in pm

Yes, I slept in until 8 this morning and it sure felt great!  Loud music from the beach next door is what woke me up!  It was quite windy again overnight but it is calm this morning.  The sky is blue and the sun is shining but still lots of clouds around.  One of our neighbour is leaving early as they are not too happy about this area; their first time in Mexico and not a good place to get a positive impression of Mexico!

We had a discussion this morning and both agreed that we would leave earlier than planned!  We have set Wednesday March 5 (my birthday!) as our return date to Yuma, AZ, so now I have to make reservations for Winterhaven and make arrangements to have our slide locking system repaired and the rubber seals replaced.

We spent the day relaxing, as if we need it, and read our books.  The temperature is a bit cooler than usual but the wind has finally abated.  In the evening, we watched the Academy Awards.