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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August 22 to 30, 2006

Last entry for this month and before we depart Quebec for the Maritimes. It's been a busy 9 days and very enjoyable. The weather has cooperated for most of the time although we've had a couple of heavy days of rain.
I have downloaded lots of new pictures in my "pictures" link on the right side, so without further delay, here is my blog:

AUGUST 22, Tuesday, cloudy with sunny period

Finished off putting siding on the side of the house as instructed by Gilles before he left for his regular work; installed the vent cover on "Kenzy's roof (our fifth wheel); went for a walk with Val and Tucker in the neighbourhood; called my sister Therese in Montreal and made arrangement for going there tomorrow; wrote some e-mail and called Andrew about some financial business, however he is on holidays so will have to do that later.

AUGUST 23, Wednesday, sunny with some clouds

Got up at 9 and left for Montreal at 11 a.m. Stopped in St-Hubert to pick up my call only to find out they replaced with a new one and lost all my number entries, downloads and pictures. BUMMER!!!!
We arrived at my sister's place around 2 p.m. and had a quiet balance of a day

AUGUST 24, Thursday, sunny with some clouds

Left the house around 11 a.m. and drove to the marina where we parked and bicycled from there along the river until we reached the ferry along Hwy 20 (trans-canada) and went over to Charron Island. From there, we cycled to three different islands via a small ferry and foot bridges. The "Isles de Boucherville" consist of 6 small island one of which is Charron. The only way on is by ferry and there is no cars. We followed a path circling each Island and along the St-Laurent River. We had lunch a the far one (isle Grosbois). The whole trip took us 4 hours to do. IT was a great day with no incidents and lots of laughs. The trails were hard packed with small gravel and the scenery was gorgeous and fascinating. The floral was incredible with some tall grass (about 8-10 feet) called "Rosee d'eau" or "water reed". The trail on the Islands was 28 km long with toilet stops and lots of picnic area. There were quite a few people out too.

We returned along the same way after taking the ferry back and went home for happy hour and a great dinner. Michel was home went we got there and he cooked his famous "fish & chips" YUM-YUM

AUGUST 25, Friday, sunny

Another beautiful day for biking. We left Therese house by bike and followed this path behind her place which took us to Chambly. We followed the canal for a while and had lunch about a quarter of the way down the path along the canal. Very nice and peaceful.
When we got back to Chambly, we watched the bridge open and a boat leaving the lock and 4 more come in. Always a fascinating show to observe.
We did a total of 35 KM in 5 hours.
Came home for another happy hour and dinner. Michel is working OT. My brother Pierre and his girlfriend, Chantal, came over and we had a good Montreal pizza for dinner. Johnny and Fred came over around 9 p.m. for a short visit and Michel got home shortly after. Everyone left by midnight.....to bed!

AUGUST 26, Saturday, sunny

Today we went to Canal Lachine and Michel came along. We parked in the Old Montreal Port and cycled from there on a paved path. Another 35 km which took us 4.5 hours. We had lunch along the way. Weather was great and temperature just right for cycling a long way. Along the way, we eencountered a group walking for cancer. There were hundreds of them and made the ride difficult with all these people on the path. Thank goodness it was just for a short way.
At the end of the trail, we came upon Lake St-Louis which is part of the St-Laurent. Sat around for a few minutes then headed back.

Another pizza for dinner and Pierre and Chantal came over again then Andre and Pauline who gave Val a jar of "creton" which she adores. More laughs, beer and a late night.

AUGUST 27, Sunday, RAIN!

We left Therese's house and headed back to Drummond'Ville. Upon our return, I had to go fill both tanks of propane as I had left the furnace on the whole time we were gone. DUH!!!

Had dinner with Gilles and his family and went to bed by 10 p.m.

AUGUST 28, Monday, Cloud and sun in afternoon

Still having problems with my cell. I dont' seem to be getting a good reception even in town. Went to TELUS office in town and they checked it but, of course, it would not act out in their presence.
Had dinner and went to bed early

AUGUST 29, Tuesday, Cloudy with some sun

Went to visit my sister Christiane and call the 800 number for TELUS . After a discussion, they agreed to take back to Motorola and get it checked. I got my old cell hooked up and gave me acredit of $25 to pay for the mailing, ect.... I will have my brother Gaetan mail it to us when it is ready....no, I am not spending another two weeks here.
As I knew it, my cell worked really well after that.

AUGUST 30, Wednesday, Sunny but very cool.

Went to St-Hyancinthe to get our wine bladders filled but they only accept bottles so we got a 40 onze of vodka for 33.50 $ and a box of wine.
Right now, Lise and Val are getting the dinner ready and it's relax time.

We will be leaving for New-Brunswick on Tuesday the 5th. I have checked my books and most of the camp site close around the 30th of September with a few staying open until October 15 on P.E.I.


Monday, August 21, 2006

August 15 to 21, 2006

August 15, Tuesday, Sunny and warm

Went for a bike ride today with Therese, Christiane, Lise and Val. We were gone for 4 hours on a wonderful trail following the St-Francois river. Made it to the village of St Bonaventure and had lunch there. Afterwards, we returned to our departure point and had a black cloud with rain just missing us. We were lucky. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera so no pictures.

August 16, Wednesday, Sunny and hot

Took the truck in for an oil change and fuel filter change. Washed the rear and front of "Kenzy" (new name for our fifth-wheel, short for McKenzies) and took all the vent covers off as it is going in tomorrow to be re-sealed as it was leaking.
No other events to report....quiet day

August 17, Thursday. Cloudy with some sun

Took "Kenzy" in to Roulotte Lupien to get the seals re-done and check the rubber under the slides as they seem to be leaking. After an inspection, we found out that we had two broken springs. (sound familiar Craig????) We hit some bad road bumps in Ontario and Northern Ontario and I can only guess that it was somewhere there.
We agreed to change all the springs to 6 leafs spring however I have to call my insurance first to see what it covered.

Returned home with Kenzy at the end of the day. Gilles is home tonight.

August 18, Friday, Sunny and hot

Very warm night and humid. Helped Gilles with the house. Put up the siding on the front and some touch up and also installed all the new windows which arrived this afternoon.

August 19, Saturday, Cloudy, humid and warm

Another warm night. Help Gilles some more with the house. Gaetan and Diane showed up after dinner and later on, Andre and Pauline. We had a camp fire. It began to rain a bit later and never stopped until Monday morning. Andre and Co. stayed overnight in our rig.

August 20, Sunday, Rain, rain and more rain.

Managed to work on the house for about two hours before the rain took over for good. Andre and Pauline left around 2 p.m. and Gilles got ready to leave for Latuque later. It is about 3 hours from here and that is where he works. He stays there for the week and usually comes home on Thursday night.

Finally got the satellite hooked-up for the TV

August 21, Monday. Cloudy

It rained most of the night, at times heavy! We left at 8 a.m. this morning to take Kenzy to Lupien and get the springs installed. What a a difference it made in the height. Gained about 3 inches of clearances on the wheelwells. It was ready by noon and we brought it back home. If nothing else, I am getting lots of exercise of backing up in tight spots. Total cost was $800; 400 of which was for labor and taxes.
Called UPS today and had them forward our mail here for the last time. Also made an appointment for Tucker to get a haircut

That`s all folks till next time

Monday, August 14, 2006

Aug 4 to 13, 2006

AUGUST 4, Friday

Another hot and humid day. Went to check on the McKenzie and found the batteries dead so took all the meat over to Ginnette's place.

AUGUST 6, Sunday

Sunny, hot and humid again. The whole gang showed up for a swim in the pool and a pizza. Took the 5er to Ginnette's friends in their driveway and plugged it in

AUGUST 7, Monday

Cloudy and humid. Took the truck to Laval to get the tranny checked...all OK. Went to Andre's place for dinner, had a wonderful time. He has a very nice place.


Went shopping with Therese and took the cell in to be fix as it won't charge. Went to IKEA and bought a computer desk to install in the 5er.

AUGUST 9 Wednesday

Went to Montreal to Place Ville Marie and Place des Arts. Took the subway there. Had a drink on St-Catherine and just walked around. Therese bought a pair of crocks shoe. Went back to her place and had dinner. Peter came over and we had a fire and a few laughs

AUGUST 10, Thursday

After saying good-bye to everyone, we left around 11 a.m. for Drummond'ville. We stopped along Hwy 20 to purchase fuel....$1.20 a liter....bloody ridiculous.( We did get a $4.20 discount total)
Arrived around 1 p.m. at Gilles' place. It's raining so set up quickly and called it a day. Gilles won't be home until tomorrow.

Total mileage: 115 KM; N 45*51' W 73*23" ; Alt.: 437'

AUGUST 11, Friday

Set up sewer and 30 amp hook-up. It pays to have a brother as an electrician. Went to Gaetan for dinner and Andre and Pauline joined us later.

AUGUST 12, Saturday

Cloudy and sun with some rain. Today is Steve's birthday. He is Lise's son We had a corn roast and lots of fun. Pauline and Andre slept over in our rig.

AUGUST 13, Sunday

Sun/clouds. Had eggs for breaky then sat around and visited with everyone. All left by 9 p.m. and the rest of us went to bed. It was a great week-end.

This is the end of our first leg. After this, we head out to the Maritimes in September and then south to Florida. Leg 3 will take us to Texas and possibly Mexico than leg 4 will be home.

We took 76 hours driving time to get here (without side trip) , no major problems and lots of fun. Now we rest and visit for the next 3 weeks.

I've added more pictures to our "PICTURE" link, and will keep our log updated at least once a week.

bye for now

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

July 31 to August 3, 2006

We are now in Montreal with family, actually, I am writing this at my sister, Therese. The weather is great; warm but comfortable although we've had a few days of hot and humid times. Anyway, I am getting ahead so here's the beginning:

July 31, Monday

Got up early and on the road by 9:30 after going to the local park and dump our tanks. The road is quite comfortable with a some section under repair. We hit rain towards the end of the day. Followed Hwy 11 to Hwy 66 then headed towrds Quebec.
Stopped in Lake Larder, East of Kirkland lake, Ontario and about 30 minutes from Quebec. The site we stayed at was hit by a powerful whirlwind the week before( see pictures via our link on the right). At first we thought a plane made a crash landing. It was quite something to see.
Cost of campsite was $20. and we fuelled in Geraldton for 1.049X 41.1 L; Husky at Hearst 1.029X 58L and Cochrane "$1.06 per litre for 52.3L

Miles today: 662 KM. Altitude: 954` N 48*06` W079* 42`

August 1, 2006, Tuesday

Left around 9 a.m. and once we entered Quebec where the Hwy number changed to number 117 and the road became rougher. Very muggy today. Drove through Rouyn-Noranda which was bigger than I thought There was construction on the other side so the Unit became very, very dirty with mud. Fuelled at $1.089 for 110L
Val D`Or was also a pretty place. Verandry Park was over 200 Km long. Nothing to see but trees, some pretty lakes and rocks.
Arrived at Mt Laurier, Quebec, around 3:30 p,m, and set-up for the night " Camping des Barges". Paid $26. including all taxes which is 7.5% here and they add it on top of the GST.
I left to go to town and while there, a big windstorm and rain came through. By the time I got back to the site, it had stopped but not before causing some damages to some of the camper there. I was lucky that my awning never broke as it was extended but it did fold over.
It`s 9 p.m. and all is well. Temp is at 26*. Before the storm, the temperature was sitting at 38*

Miles today 476KM, Alt: 800' N 46* 33' W 075* 24'

AUGUST 2, Wednesday

It rained again overnight. It`s now 6 a.m. and very humid. Left around 9:30 and finally hit 4 lanes and better roads at Labelle. In St-Agathe, we turned north on Hwy 329 and headed for St -Donat and Mt Tremblant where Therese and Michel are camping. My other sister, Christiane, is also there with them.
Arrived at Russel Camping only to find out they don`t allow dogs so we had to stay in an empty field across the street and still had to pay $15. for nothing.
We went to see my sister at her campsite and spent a couple of hours with them. We had a good visit and left around 10 p.m. It rained the whole day and evening.

Miles today: 209KM; Alt: 1296' N 46* 21' W 74* 14' Fuel: 70.9 L at $1.07 and 2 qts of oil

AUGUST 3, Thursday

Spent the morning and part of the afternoon with Therese, Christiane and Michel then left at 2 p.m. We took Hwy 125 south to Hwy 640, East to Hwy 40, west to Hwy 20 then South on Hwy 15 to Longueil where we stayed for 2 nights for $20 each. After that time, Ginnette found us a place where we could park the 5er for free. That saved us a lot.

After setting up, we followed my brother Johnny to his place and met his new partner, Ginnette and her son Frederick. Very nice and receiving folks.

We spent 7 days there and had a great time meeting the family and going for dinner at each`s place. (see pictures in link)

Miles today 209KM Alt: 122' N 45* 51' W72* 23' Fuel is $1.17 and 1.20 for $100 as I fuelled twice and only took on $50 each time. I can`t believe the high price of fuel here. Actually higher than up North. Doesn`t make sense.