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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Friday, August 31, 2007

AUGUST 22 to 31, 2007

AUG. 22, Wednesday

Had to go to a health clinic this morning because of my diabetes level being higher than normal. Informative but had it before....I guess I have to start paying attention if I don't want to get any worse.
Made some calls re: health insurance while in the States next few months. Found one at Barton for 850$ for both of us. Good price.

AUG. 23, Thursday

Met a guy at our storage about some of the furniture we want sold. He will take it into his store so that means I can now close off this storage. Loaded a few boxes in the truck to take to Chase.
Went to Logan Lake and stopped at Pascal Lake on the way and visited with the Kirkby's then off to Pat and Rick for dinner.
As usual, it was great dinner and company. Got home around 10 p.m.

AUG 24, Friday

Took the boxes to the storage in the morning and Joanne ( Val's daughter), her husband John and their daughter Jenaya arrived early afternoon from Burnaby. Val was happy to see her grand-daughter. We had dinner then a camp fire in the evening. Cooked marshmallow and our neighbours dropped by for a roast and to meet this little bundle of joy and her parents too, of course.
A good time was had by all.

AUG 25, Saturday, cool and cloudy today

Took the kids to the Wildlife Park in Kamloops and Jenaya had a wonderful time petting all the animals she could. Came home at 5 p.m. and had BBQ chicken and salad. Mandatory fire inn the evening with more marshmallow

AUG 26, Sunday, cloudy and rain

Kids got up early and left around 9:30 a.m. It was a wonderful week-end and now it's clean up time and get ready to take this rig to Butler tomorrow to get these repairs done finally

AUG 27, Monday

Took the rig to Butler then headed to Logan Lake. Will be staying there for the next 4 nights

AUG 28 to 31

Had a wonderful time at the Kirkby's and visited everyone including an old friend of mine from my previous life: Patrick Muldoon, a sailing buddy. Had a wonderful chat catching up to all the news. On Friday, I finally heard from Butler that the rig was ready so I paid the bill upon returning from Salmon Arm and left it there for another night as we were going to the Bull Pub in Logan Lake. That turned out to be a night filled with a lot of chatters and meeting more acquaintances from the past.
I had to go to Salmon Arm to see a specialist about my liver. Lynden came with me and we had lunch with his son, Trenton.

Life is but a journey filled with adventures

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

AUGUST 8 to 21, 2007

AUG 8,  Wednesday
Another sunny day.  Took the truck to Salmon Arm to get the heat gauge for the tranny fixed.  After a diagnostic test, found out it was a wire that came unhooked.  Fixed and $45 later I was on my way.
AUG 9-12
Worked on the site doing odd jobs that needed to be done.  Had happy hour with our neighbours.  It's been cloudy and cooler these last 2 days.
AUG 13, Monday
A sunny day.  went to Vernon to get a scan on my liver and other organs.  Nice drive there and back.  Took an hour a half which is pretty good since I wasn't driving fast either.  Stopped in Salmon Arm on the way back and check e-mail and picked up the mail.
Called Fleetwood to confirm that Todd at Festival RV had called them.  Found out that he wasn't sure what the list he received was about and there was no name on it.  God all mighty....If you don't do things yourself , it all get screw up.  I am definitely not impress with Festival RV in Red Deer and I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM!  Matt at Fleetwood wants a list of repair needed on the rig.  Will fax that tomorrow.
Anyway, after clearing up the miscommunication, I was told that they had the parts needed and to phone them a week before we came down.
AUG. 14, Tuesday
Called Butler.  They have all the part so set up an appointment for next Tuesday, Aug 28th.  I will be glad when this is done.  It's taken a LOOOOOONG time.
Also faxed a list of repair to Matt at Fleetwood.
AUG 15, Wednesday
Got a lube and oil change done on the truck.  While driving out of our place, I saw a young black bear running on the road.  He didn't seem very scared or nervous...
AUG 16 to 20
Quiet week-end.  Went on the lake with Laurie and Dennis in their boat and swam or dipped is more like it.  It was a hot and sunny day, however it did rain on Sunday or was that poured!? 
Built more shelves in the shed and reorganized things in there.
AUG 21, Tuesday, sunny with some clouds
Took the truck back to First Klass transmission to get a leaking seal fix on the tranny. (warranty work)  Also got them to check it out completely and changed the oil in the rear axle.
In the evening, he got invited by Dennis and Ruth to go to Scotch Creek for some ice cream.  Went for a glass of wine to their place afterwards. 
See you next time....I have uploaded some pictures if interested

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

August 1 to 7, 2007

AUGUST 1 to 3, 2007

Worked on the yard and got things ready for the arrival of the kids. Went to town on the 3rd and shopped for groceries, got the mail and check our e-mail. Kids arrived at 8 p.m. that evening.
The girls (Vanessa, Hayley and her friend Allie) slept in a tent they brought and mom and dad slept in the back of the truck. Kevin wanted to "rough it"

AUGUST 4, 2007

After a cold night and a warm breakfast of pancakes and orange juice, we all went into Sorrento, near here, and visited with an uncle of my son-in-law, Kevin. He took the girls on the lake tubing with his boat. We were gone for over an hour and the girls had a riot. Allie went for a flight and into the drink. She loved it. Got hone late in the afternoon and after dinner, we had a campfire and roasted marshmallow. Brook and Karen, our neighbours, joined us for a while.
This time, Rochelle and Kevin slept in the Fiver. Rochelle didn't like "roughing it in the cold"

AUGUST 5, 2007

This Sunday, we took a drive over to Scotch Creek and played mini-golf, bowling and the girls went on scooterboats in a small pond and played while we looked on.
In the afternoon, we drove to Kamloops, about 40 minutes from our site, and had dinner at "Tony Roma" then went to see a movie. Got home late and went straight to bed. Another fun-filled day

AUGUST 6, 2007, Monday

After a good night, the kids packed the tent and their stuff. Week-end ended too soon and it's time to go back to the coast. They left around 11 a.m. and after teary goodbyes, we cleaned up and did laundry, lots of it!!!
Went over to our neighbours, Ron and Teresa to play cards in the evening.

It was a WONDERFUL week-end.

AUGUST 7, 2007

Today, we finished off the laundry and went to Salmon Arm to get this on the net and pick up our mail. By the way, it's been sunny and very warm the lst week and half.

I have downloaded some new pictures in Picasa site