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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home base is a resort Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

JULY 28 to 31, 2010

Jeff and Debbie were out most of the day on the boat and when we were all home, after dinner, we played a game of Sequence. There is a fire ban right on now so no more fire in the evening. Thursday evening, our neighbour, Al and Dana had a big party and they used their “buddy burner” in the yard. Well, someone called the fire dep’t and they were told by them that everything is ban including any open flames and the buddy burner falls under that rule. Jeffrey had problems with his brake line which had to be replaced.
Friday, they went to do laundry and found that the brake line was leaking again but it was too late to get it fix. We all went out to Sorrento’s Billy Bong Pub and had dinner. Donna and Marcel, Theresa and Ron also joined us.
On Saturday, Jeff took his truck back to the garage and had the line fixed. They decided to go home today as he is worried about the line and missing work so we got the boat loaded after I got home and they left around 7 pm. After saying goodbye!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

JULY 20 to 27, 2010; my son’s visit!

Back to work for both of us. It’s been a very warm week with temperature hovering between 25 and 36*C (80 to 96*F).
On Friday night, we went for dinner with Donna and Marcel at the local pub in Sorrento, Billy Pub. The food was excellent and the beer cold so we decided that this would be a place we would come back to. My son Jeffrey and his girlfriend, Debbie, joined us a bit later. He wasn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow but decided to drive right through. He has his boat with him of course. Once back at the park, we set them up in Brook’s trailer next door which we rented from Brook.
On Saturday, Jeffrey came over to the Provincial Park and launched his boat. Later in the afternoon, after I got home, we went over to Brook’s cabin and had happy hour with him and his parents who are also from Geraldton so Val had lots to talk about.
Sunday, Val went out with them for a boat ride.
Monday was my day off and chore day. We had to go to Salmon Arm to meet a guy who never showed up. We had lunch at Cafe 24, a nice place with Jeff and Debbie.
Tuesday, Val was back at work and the three of us went boating to the end of Seymour North Arm. We first stopped at the channel between each lake and fuelled up and had a bite to eat on barges in the middle of the channel which is wide, thank goodness for that. For those of you who don’t know the Shuswap's, it is actually two lakes forming an H with Seymour Arm being the upper left side of the H. Just to give you an idea of how big it is, we travelled for two full hours @ 26 KPH in the boat before the north end. We had a beer up there then came back down. We stopped in Anglemont and had a quick lunch. It was VERY WARM! At least 36*C ( 98*F). We got back home around 5 pm, picked up Val and went for a swim out in the lake in a little alcove. We came home refreshed, had dinner then had one last fire before the ban!

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 11 to 19, Gateway

On Monday, I took the truck in for its final maintenance schedule. We were out of power for about 8 hours due to a transformer burning up. We had rain my whole two days off so not much happened. Back to work on Tuesday and of course it was sunny and warm. Friday was my son’s birthday so we gave him a call but he was out so never got to talk to him; finally got hold of him on Saturday. We had happy hour at a neighbour’s place then Monday, we went to Salmon Arm for our usual mail pick-up and groceries. I got a response from Mexico so now I have to get it translated to know what the heck they said. Val is getting ready to go to work in the morning. We got a call from Marcel and Audrey this evening they are in Winnipeg and enjoying the retirement life. They are headed for Ontario sometimes later this week.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 6 to 14, 2010; Gateway

It’s been work, work, and work for both of us this week with the odd happy hours here and there. Katrina, Dennis & Ruth’s grand-daughter began taking Tucker for walks while I am at work so I don’t have to worry about him during the day.
Saturday, the 10th, we went to Salmon Arm Golf course for a British night Pub. I had shepherd’s pie, Roast beef and York Shire pudding and made a pig of myself. It was absolutely delicious. We came home and had a fire.
Sunday, was work and Val did laundry. Monday, the 12th, we went to our neighbours, Ed and Judith and had a happy hour there. I also took the truck in to have the A/C checked and the radiator flushed. We were out of power for about 8 hours due to a transformer blowing up and burning the pole. Our little generator did its job once again.
Tuesday was raining so it was an inside day! Back to work on Wednesday the 14th.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

July 1 to 5, 2010; visitors at Gateway

We had a big celebration at one of our neighbour for Canada Day! About 35 people showed up for a BYOB and BYOFood! A good time was had by all and we even had live entertainment. There was lots of food to taste and even dessert. It always amazes me how talented certain people you know are when it comes to music!!! We had to call it early as we were both working in the am.
Friday was a working day for both of us. In the evening, we were invited over to Donna for a get together for dinner with three other neighbours.
Saturday was back to work for me and Val did some work around the house and the garden. This is also my sister Therese and Michel’s anniversary so Happy 40th to both of you! We went to Joanne and Don’s cottage on the lake for a drink and ended up staying for dinner.
Sunday, after work, I found Glenda and Terry had arrived and were set up in Al’s spare spot. Joanne and Don came over for a visit and we had had dinner after a happy hour and a fire in the evening where we proceeded to get a bit smashed!!! We had a downpour around 5 pm but it lasted only about 20 minutes and then it was back to cloudy sky
Monday, day off for both of us, Terry and I went to the garage in Sorrento to have the reservoir on my radiator changed as it had a leak then we met the girls at Chase’s laundry mat. Afterwards, we came home and went to Don and Joanne cottage for the afternoon and had a good time again. We couldn’t go for a boat ride as it was windy and the lake was rough. We came home around 5 and Glenda boiled baby-back ribs then Terry BBQ’ed those on our BBQ They were delicious!! In the evening, we played a game of sequence and we let the girls win as we are good gentlemen. We called it quit early as Val has to work tomorrow and Terry wants to hit the road by 7 am at the latest; they are headed for Creston then Spokane. We said our good-byes then it was beddy-bye!