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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 25 to 31, 2015; End of another month

MAY 25 to 29; WORK WEEK
Monday was a very slow day, so slow that I took the morning off.  In the afternoon, I drove to Aldergrove to two places to pick up windows and frames then drove back to the shop and unloaded the lot.  I helped the guys loading the frames in the pick-up truck which will be delivered and installed at a job site at Westshore Terminals in Delta.  In the evening, we watched the first show of “TEXAS RISING” then it was bedtime.  Tuesday and Wednesday were shop days and I went to help Andrew installed a large mirror for a fitness hall which turned out to be the wrong side (manufacture’s mistake).  I also loaded two jobs on the truck to be delivered tomorrow.  TEXAS RISING in the evening for the second show.  Thursday, delivery day, a busy one too.  First I delivered the windows to Todd and Andrew’s job site in Sardis then I went to DELTA WESTSHORE terminals and delivered the glass to Rob and Tanner’s job site.  From here it was onward to Burnaby to pick up doors and frames, to Coquitlam APA to pick up locks and hardware then to METRIE in Langley for a door; onward to Aldergrove MESONITE to pick up more stock then back to the shop where I unloaded everything and after checking it with the paperwork, I put it all away in their rightful places.  Friday was shop day tearing down old windows and then we got ready for a great and fun BBQ.  Everyone was present except Bob who was on a job in Burnaby.  The guys at GREEN ACRES ALIGNMENT also joined us.  We did all this in our parking lot at the back of the shop.  After clean up, I finished was I had started in the morning then went home by 3 pm.  I stopped at the bank to deposit my pay cheque then picked up beer, wine and bourbon, all the necessities of life.  We went out to MR MIKE for dinner then had a quiet evening at home.

I washed both vehicles then we went to Abby where we got the address for another great lunch place named LOU’S BISTRO, a neat place and the fish tacos were delicious!  We then drove to COSTCO to buy buns, bread and pick up Val’s contact lenses.  We ended the afternoon at Rochelle & Kevin for Happy Hour.  Russ and Cathy, Doreen and Gord joined us in the fun.  We ended ordering pizza for dinner.  At home, a quiet evening and to bed early.  It was sunny and very warm all day.

MAY 31, SUNDAY; End of another great month

4 ½ months to our departure south.  At happy hour yesterday, Rochelle tried to lure in staying another year in Chilliwack.  Although the temptation was great, the call of the road is stronger!  We have a few clouds around cooling us comfortably.  Val went shopping for groceries while I worked around the Beaver fixing a couple things.  

Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 19 to 24, 2015; Work and finance

MAY 19 to 22; BACK at WORK
Tuesday was a quiet day again.  I worked on taking apart old windows then loaded the bin full of aluminium and some hardware to be delivered tomorrow.  I also did a small job at a job site in Sardis and got home by 2 pm.  On Wednesday I did some travelling to Hope where I dropped off windows for Todd and Andrew then onward to Langley where I dropped off a bin full of aluminium and picked up an empty one.  I then drove to Aldergrove and Abbotsford for more pick up and back to the shop.  Our evening at home was quiet and hot.  I say that because we are getting a heatwave here and I had to put on the A/C.  Thursday, more pick-ups in Burnaby, Surrey then, after dropping off my load, I went to Hope to pick up the old windows from the job that Andrew and Todd are on.  Back at the shop, I started taking the windows apart and helped Rob and Tanner cutting aluminium sheets.  I ended with a piece of aluminium shaving in my left eye and had to go to the eye doctor to get it looked at.  Thank God it all went well.  Friday began slowly.  I finished taking the rest of the old window apart then I washed the delivery truck.  After lunch I went to a meet Tod and Bob at a job site in Chilliwack to delivered 6 windows and I helped putting them in place.  We got back to the shop, put all the tools away and I then took the truck back to the “home shop” where I unloaded a window for “stock” then went home.  I had a shower then met Rochelle, Kevin, grand-daughter Vanessa at the Bistro in Cultus Lake.  Valerie who just got back from Vernon, met us there.  She had a doctor’s appointment about the pain in her neck.  Some remedies were discussed and she will try the easy first (pain killer such as Tylenol) and the hard one later if needed (cortisone shot).

It is cloudy today; we had a bit of rain last night but nothing serious.  We drove to Abbotsford to finalize our payment for our Santa-Fe then we went for lunch at this neat restaurant called “BRODEUR” which served New-Orleans food and it was delicious!  Wish there was one in Chilliwack and Salmon Arm!!!  We then drove to the Mall where Val got some meds for her neck and a belt for her pants.  I also unlocked the SAMSUNG phone I bought which I had been told was unlocked.  Anyway, after this we stopped at MARK’s where I bought a new pair of work jeans to replace the one I threw out due to too many rip and tear in them.  A quiet evening at home and to bed early.

I woke up this morning to discover that my propane tank is at ZERO so I had to switch to electricity.  Fuel is down to 1/8 of a tank so time to pack and go to the gas station.  Fuel was 1.19 for a total of over $350.  Propane was .819 for a total of $125.  WOW!  I came home and went to K&R to pick up their Weed Eater, came home and weeded around the place then I cleaned the battery post on the Jeep and check all levels in both vehicles.  We had a short HH then dinner; stew!  We watched Madam Secretary then I made my lunch and went to bed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 9 to 18, 2015; Work, chores at home and May long W/E

MAY 9, Saturday
We drove to Abbotsford to check out a couple things and to Costco for Val’s eye contacts.  Of course, while there we bought a couple things.  I checked out Wind, a phone company but it is only good for the big cities and once out, there is no coverage; they are known for cheaper rates.  We came home and put what we bought away then we went to R&K for HH.  Sid and Vera were also there and Rochelle served everyone dinner.  Kevin BBQ’ed steaks and they were very good and cooked to perfection.  Rochelle also had dessert, an ice cream pizza!!  We had a good time and lots of laughs.  We were home by 9 pm and in bed by 11 pm.

MAY 10, Sunday; wash day!
We had a lazy morning then I got going.  First I washed the roof on the MH then the rear and front.  I then decided to wash the Jeep then the Santa Fe and ended it all by washing the curb side and deciding to leave to driver side for another day!  I had a shower and shave, dinner and a relaxing evening.  Val was also busy washing floors and vacuuming then cooking dinner; shrimp and salad…YUM! YUM!

MAY 11 to 15; Work!
Monday turned out to be somewhat busy; the day began slowly but then some orders came in and so I found myself in Delta, Langley and Aldergrove.  We spoke to Marcel and Audrey on the phone and decided to go meet them in Osoyoos for the coming long Week-End.  Tuesday was quiet and I went home by 2 pm.  I called Monaco about a part but of course, it is obsolete so I will have to find an alternative.  Wednesday I did some work in the shop then went to Sardis to help Rob and Tanner installing doors.  At noon, I left and went to Todd and Andrew’s work site to pick up the windows taken out of the house they are working on.  I ended helping them with some small stuff and cleaning.  Thursday, being my “pick-up” day, I ended in Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Langley, Surrey and finally Burnaby where I picked up a load that had to be delivered to Mission.  I got back to Chwk by 4:20 pm and went straight to the house to park the truck and went home.  Friday consisted of run to SeaBird Island in Agassiz then back to the shop to pick up a frame and delivered that to a job site in Sardis.  I spent a couple hours working on taking apart windows then went home.  We bought a new phone, a “Galaxy S5” to replace our “I phone” which is beginning to act up.  We went out to Mr Mike’s for dinner then home to a quiet evening.  Kevin did some leg work for me on my door part and found a place where it is available so I ordered it.  I can always count on my favorite Son-in-Law!!!

MAY 16, Saturday; to Osoyoos
We left at 10:20 am and made a quick stop at McDonald for a coffee and breakfast for the road.  Hwy 1 then Hwy 3 were our route through Manning Park and onwards to Osoyoos.  We arrived at Marcel and Audrey site around 2 pm after making a stop for lunch in Keremeos.  Once at our arrival destination, we were greeted by our previous Shuswap Park boss; Donna and her boyfriend “Doc”.  We had a nice short visit with them then drove up to get together with Marcel and Audrey.  They had a gathering planned with some of the neighbours whom we all met and Marcel played live music until dinner which was Italian Spaghetti served outside.  We had a very nice time and finally got to bed by midnight.  We had rain in the evening and all night. We are staying in a fifth-wheel belonging to a neighbour two doors down and we got it for free; pretty nice

MAY 17, Sunday; Osoyoos
It was raining quite heavily when I got up this morning and finally abated by 10 am.  Aud and Marcel are in a General Owners Meeting which started at 9 am.  The rain went away by noon and the sun came out.  We headed to the club house by 4pm and listened to Marcel and Bob play the guitar and sing.  There was a BBQ consisting of hot dogs and burgers with salad and potato salad.  There were lots of conversation and topics being discussed which made it interesting.  Val danced quite a bit and some ladies performed a couple of sing-along which was fun.  We returned to Audrey and Marcel’s place around 9 pm and a bunch of couples wandered in and the party continued on till midnight/one am!!!

MAY 18, Monday; return to Chwk
Marcel cooked breakfast this morning.  I was NOT feeling very good this morning but the stomach settled down some after eating.  We left around 11 am after saying our goodbyes to everyone.  It is a good bunch of people!  We said our goodbyes to Donna as we exited the Park and hit Hwy 3 westbound.  Traffic wasn’t all that bad and we made good time.  The traffic got heavier at Hope so we stopped for a quick bite to eat then made the last few miles without any incident.  As we arrived near Chilliwack, the traffic became heavy and jammed so we took a side road to our home.  We had a GREAT Week-End but it good to be back!  Now we get ready to return to the grind one more time.

Friday, May 08, 2015

MAY 1 to 8, 2015; Kamloops and work

MAY 1, 2015, Friday; To Kamloops
I was up early and out the door by 10 am after saying goodbye to Val.  I stopped for coffee at McDonald and gas up at Shell then headed East on Hwy 1.  The ride was uneventful and I arrived in Kamloops with a half hour to spare so I had a small bite to eat at McDonald.  The appointment was on time and disappointing as he just rushed through it and had no time to seriously answer my questions.  I was out of there in 10 minutes!!!!  He wants to see me again in one month but that won’t happen!  I drove to Salmon Arm and picked up our mail at UPS then drove back to Gateway, Lee Creek where I checked things out at our site.  I went to Ed and Judy and had HH with them and Bob & Gail who came over.  I also saw Dennis and chatted with him for a while.  I went for dinner then to the motel on Jay Mtn, about 10 minute drive on Hwy 1 back towards Chase.  I was in bed by 9 pm.

MAY 2, Saturday; Clean up our site then home
I had breakfast at Jay Mtn restaurant then headed back to Gateway where I cleaned up our driveway and pad, got the bikes and loaded them but unfortunately, I didn’t have the tie downs with me so couldn’t bring the kayaks…Next time!  I stopped at George and Paulette to say hi and Donna and Marcel then drove back home to Chilliwack.  It was sunny in the morning but the drive back was cloudy and as I got to Chilliwack, the sky cleared up.  I unloaded everything then made myself dinner.  I spoke with Val this morning and all is well with her.  She missed her ferry this morning so had to wait for the 9 o’clock one which was late.  I just got a call from her saying that she is coming home tonight!  I had a funny experience early in the evening, I became cold and began shivering like crazy and couldn’t get warm enough.  I ended up in bed with full pyjama on.  I sweated it out all night.

MAY 3, Sunday; clean up
A sunny day and we spent it cleaning up and getting ready to move the Beaver to the garage tomorrow.  It was a relaxing day; I am feeling a bit better but my body is still sore and I still feel quizzy.  I was in bed early again and sweated it up some more.

MAY 4 to 8; back to the grind
First thing Monday, I took the Beaver to the garage to have the brakes checked and the suspension.  I am told that the brakes are like new and the noise might be just because it sat too long.  They are ordering new shocks (8 of them) and we will have to come back to get that put on. First day at work and I had to go to Langley, load up 76 windows and delivered them to New-Westminster.  After this job, I did a couple of little things then went home, got the MH and parked it back at its site.  Tuesday was another quiet day.  I was off by 2 pm.  I came home and fixed a couple cabinet’s doors that needed attention.  Val is working until 7 pm so I have to fend for myself for dinner.  I cooked a great hamburger at the local Pub!  Thursday was very busy; I first drove to Abbotsford to drop off some keys then drove to Burnaby to pick up doors and frames and dropped off a door in another location in Burnaby then it was onward to Delta Port where I dropped off 5 frames.  From here I went to Surrey on the new highway 17, to Langley to pick up door then to Aldergrove for another pick up and one last one at Cloverdale but they were closed by the way I got there.  Back to the office by 5 pm and home.  A long day indeed!  In bed by 9 pm.  I had a nice sleep for my last day at work Friday which saw me back in Clearboork, Burnaby and Delta Port near the BC Ferries.  Back at the shop, I unloaded what I had and loaded a load to be delivered Monday.  Another busy day and TGIF!!!!