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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 27 to 29, 2012; Farewell to the Tate's

FEB  27, Monday,
A very cloudy and humid day greeted us this morning.  It was quite unexpected!  Val went for her Tai-Chi and took the truck in case it rains.  The Tates are beginning to load and store their stuff and getting ready to go, they are leaving on the 1st.  The Kirkby’s are leaving on the 5th and we are leaving on the 12th of March.
The sun came out in the afternoon as suspected and it warmed some but the wind is from the sea hence cool. We went to El Cheque for a couple of hot dogs and a coke then came home.  Val went for a beach walk with Tucker and the girls.  After Happy H, Val invited Bill and Joyce to share our BBQ’ed steaks and shrimps. Val made a salad, Joyce brought over sprucell sprouts which were delicious the way she prepared them and we had a lovely evening.

FEB  28, Tuesday
Almost the end of another wonderful month; warm and sunny again today!  We walked to Tony’s and back for some veggies then just sat around and relaxed.  I am getting tired of relaxing, time to move on!!!!  Val made a spaghetti sauce for tonight but we ended up at “Charlie’s Rock” for a drink and a bite to eat (all you can eat fish and chips for 100 pesos (approx $8 Cdn), I had two helping, Oink! Oink!  Came home and watched a movie then to bed.

FEB  29, Wednesday, Farewell for the Tate’s
Some high clouds this morning but very nice temperature!  The Tate’s are all loaded up and waiting to move on the street later this afternoon.  That’s a usual ritual when people leave early the following morning.  This way, one is ready to go with no hassles in the morning.  Val and I went to Rosa Cantina for tortilla soup, her favourite then we came home and she got food ready for the farewell gathering happening here at 4:30pm.
And so the party began right on time.  Everyone showed up and we had a great meal and lots of fun.  After dinner, we had a big fire and burned the last of the firewood.  We also learned from Craig, Manfred and Bill, who were in Obregon today, that the truck was almost stripped; the headlights, tail lights, batteries, fenders, running boards, all the decals, tailgate had been removed.  They were also in the process of removing the box at the back and the hitch but fortunately, never completed that.  The truck is now at the GM dealership in Guaymas.  The inside is OK except for the damage ignition and door lock which they popped.  The insurance paid for the transport back.  They figure a month to two months before it is ready to go.
Anyway, on a lighter note, our neighbours came home today and had our wine and distilled water that we had ordered.  They joined us at the fire.  Everyone from the lot, left around 9 pm and we continued on.  Val and Pat went inside to watch SURVIVOR!  We said our final goodbyes to Rick and Pat and hit the bed around 11 pm.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 22 to 26, 2012;Stolen truck and vet. visit

FEB  22, Wednesday, follow-up with veterinary
We went to the Vet after Val got home from her Tai-Chi; all is well with him and the ear infection is pretty well all gone.  We stopped at “JJ’s” for a taco and ended up getting a BARICHI SOUP...delicious with beef and spiced just nicely, tortilla de harina (flour) to go along with the soup!  YUM! YUM!!
A hot day today...26*C by 1 pm and no wind to speak of!  We went for a walk on the beach and it was very nice.  Quite a few people too!  At 5 pm, the ten of us went to JOEY in the San Carlos Plaza by Algodones dunes and beach.  We had a lovely dinner of all you can eat pasta with a choice of Alfredo or Ragu or Marinara or Bolognese sauces, a glass of wine, bread, two tequilas for happies prior to eating and it cost us 395 pesos plus tip (approx. $35 Cdn), INCREDIBLE~!  We came home in time to watch “SURVIVOR”; Pat came over to watch it with us.

FEB  23, Thursday, Truck found
Another lovely day, 20*C by 9 am!  We spent the day relaxing (as if we need it!?) then went to Guaymas to get Val’s bracelet.  Unfortunately the jeweller wasn’t there and the two girls had absolutely no clue as to what we wanted even though we spoke a little Spanish.  Quite ignorant!!!  Once we were back home, we got Jose at the office to phone them and found out that the bracelet would be ready by tomorrow morning.  Happy Hour then dinner...steak and Greek salad.  The wind came from the south which brought more moisture and became quite cold once the sun is near the horizon; we all went inside quickly!

FEB  24, Friday, truck found
After Val went to TAI-Chi, we went to Guaymas but first stopped at the “Lot” to drop off Cathy’s birthday card.  We learned that Craig and Cathy got a call from OBREGON police, about an hour south of here, that they have their truck but there has been quite a bit of damage done to it.  They also found their passport and some of the important papers.  The insurance still hasn’t phoned them back so they are waiting for them before doing anything. The saga continues!
We went to The EDGE for lunch then to Guaymas to pick up Val’s bracelet and some milk.  Happy Hour then home for dinner: fish, salad and trimmings.  It was a warm day...28*C and little wind.  Fire in the evening!

FEB  25, Saturday, Rescate Bazaar
We went for breakfast at TORRO’s this morning for 65 pesos each (approx $4.50) then we walked to the bazaar.  This is a local event and there are all kinds of things for sale and burgers and beer for sale too.  We spent about an hour there then came home and did more relaxing.  It’s really hot today with little wind...about 30* C in the shade!  Some of our crew went to the beach and others just stayed home too.  Val and Pat decided to walk to Pillar and back, about one hour walk return.  Happy Hour at 4:30 pm then dinner

FEB  26, Sunday, another hot day
Val did laundry this morning.  It is 26*C at 1 pm.  We went into town for a while then came home.  Val went for a beach walk with Joyce and I had a snooze.  Happy H at 4:30 and dinner and a quiet night at home.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 17 to 21, 2012; Stolen truck and house tour

FEB  17, Friday, Customer Appreciation Day at Totonaka Park
A sunny but very cool day; the temperature barely got to 20*C and the wind was cold.  We went to Rosa Cantina for tortilla soup then came home and read inside “Bear”.  At 3 pm, Joseph, the owner of Totonaka, put on a “Customer Appreciation Day”.  Everyone brought a small dish and he provided the wine, beer and tequila and music for everyone.  It was unfortunate that the wind was so cold and strong; a few glasses and plates of food went flying.  At 5 pm, the gang attempted to have Happy Hour but after 15 minutes, we both went inside, temperature was down to 65*C

FEB  18, Saturday, Veterinary
Finally, a warmer day, 21*C @ 10 am; the wind has abated making it much nicer out. Tucker has a bad ear infection so we took him to the Vet who cleaned it up, gave him some ointment and a needle for the infection which he made us known he didn’t like.  After all that we went to TONY for some veggies then to El CHEQUE for a hot dog then home.  Val went for a walk with the girls and I had a snooze.  Happy Hour at 4:30, dinner then we watched the tube.

FEB  19, Sunday
A sunny, cool, windy day; the wind is coming up every early afternoon and dies down after the sun is set.  It is getting tiring as it keeps things just a bit too cool but I imagine we will be complaining when it dies down completely and the heat comes back!?  Val and I went to Soggy Pesos and walked the Algodones (meaning cotton) beach with Tucker who thought this was great.  It is a fantastic sandy beach with sand dunes at one end (see pictures in folder #83 in Picasa link).  Afterwards, we stopped for a beer and watched the kids playing in the sand and on the beach.  We came home and had dinner then watched the tube.

FEB  20, Monday, Horrendous news
At Happy Hour, Pat and Rick came home from a golf game with our friend Craig and we learned that Craig’s truck was stolen from the parking lot.  The horrible thing is that his passport, tourist card and wallet were in the truck; how awful!!!  The police were called and now his nightmare starts, he will have to go to Hermosillo to the consulate to get a new Passport and tourist card (a nightmare in bureaucracy here in Mexico) then deal with the insurance, cancel all his credit cards and find a new truck IF they don’t find his in time.  This is the third vehicle to be stolen in San Carlos in the last month...makes you wonder!!!
Our day was quiet; we went shopping in Guaymas and then came home to “not so Happy Hour”.  After dinner, we had a fire and Mike and Marlene from California joined us.

FEB  21, Tuesday, house tour
Practically all the ladies and men in the park went to the yearly San Carlos “house tour”.  It is a big charity event where about 6 to 8 fancy houses in San Carlos are put on display to the public.  All the money collected goes to the poor children of San Carlos and Guaymas.  It lasted about 3 hours then everyone met at the golf course for prizes, free margarita and speeches.  We, the guys, went golfing, nine holes.  I didn’t do too bad considering!  When everyone was home, the Kirkby’s, the Tate’s and we went for a hamburger at “THE EDGE”.  It was very busy there; I think everyone else thought the same.  We dropped off some pictures that I had printed to Craig and Cathy.  A good day overall.

Friday, February 17, 2012

February 12 to 17, 2012; Celebrations, and doctor visit

FEB  12, Sunday; pizza day
The day began quietly with a late breakfast then a lazy morning.  We went to the lot to visit with Kim & Tim whom arrived yesterday but they weren’t home so we visited with Steve and Linda and Cathy for about an hour then drove home.  As we arrived at the corner of the main street, K & T drove by so we stopped and chatted for a while.  They had actually gone to our park looking for us, how ironic!  Anyway, we came home and read for a while then it was time for Happy hour.  At 6 pm, we all walked over to a small mall where we had pizza then came home.  Some of the crowd went upstairs for two margaritas for the price of one but we came home and called it a night!

FEB  13, Monday, Doctor appointment
Val’s tai-Chi then my doctor’s appointment; that was the excitement of the day!  My C-PAP machine has been giving me trouble with my eyes and my sinus and the doctor gave me a prescription for nose spray and eye drops; I sure hope it works.  Leo and Lynden went fishing and finally caught 3 fishes, big enough to eat.  We had Happy Hour then dinner which consisted of tortilla, crab meat and roast pork meat.  It was delicious!  In the evening, we watched a movie.

The day began with big heavy and dark clouds.  We thought for sure we would get rain but by noon, all the clouds were gone and we were back in sunshine.  We went out to ROSA CANTINA for breakfast and just missed Tim & Kim and the Holders.  We were at the lot after breakfast to drop off a book and found that out.  Back at the Park, we all (except Pat & Rick) went to the gringo golf course in the desert where we played BOCCE COCO!  Each couple bought and decorated coconuts then we made a tournament and proceeded to have a ball (pun intended)!  Lynden and Charlene won first prize and Leo & Lynn the “booby prize”.  We each had paid 10 pesos and that became the main prize.  At 4 pm, we came back to the Park and had a quick Happy Hour then everyone went their way to celebrate Valentine.  Val and I went to the “PALAPA GRIEGAS” where we had a very nice Greek dinner.  Unfortunately there was no music but we made our own!  Overall it was a lovely day, cool but sunny and windy to keep the heat down.

FEB  15, Wednesday, Happy Birthday Tim
Tim & Kim were here to meet Pat and Rick for a golf game but first they were having lunch at CHARLY’s ROCK.  We were headed for Guaymas but decided to join them for lunch first.  In Guaymas, we went to Walmart to pick up a few things then came home.  We had Happy Hour at 4 and then Pat, Rick and us drove to the PALAPA GRIEGAS ( Greek restaurant) and met the Lot people to celebrate Tim’s birthday.  The food was great; Val and I had a red pepper filled with meat and rice and a Greek salad on the side.  They had music which made it even more pleasant.  We had a great time and came home by 8 pm and joined our crew at the fire for a few minutes.  At 9 pm, we went in to watch “SURVIVOR” first episode!
It was a bit cooler today; only got up to 20*C!

FEB  16, Thursday, Cloudy again
Big black clouds in the north but it is trying to clear up; the sun is peaking through periodically.  In the latter part of the morning, P&R, us and Joyce & Bill went to the beach where we took pictures for peoples’ birthday coming up then we came home.  We went into where I took pictures of the places we’ve been doing business, shopping or eating and will post them on Picasa and our facebook.  We stopped for a hamburger at “THE EDGE” and just as we finished, Joyce and Bill walked in.  We chatted for a bit then came home.  Happy Hour at 4:30 pm and at 6 pm, Tim and Kim came and we had dinner at Pat & Rick.  Val made a shrimp sauce with pasta, Pat made the desert and garlic bread and Kim the salad.  Everything was absolutely delicious!  We had a very nice visit and came home around 9 pm

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 6 to 11, 2012; Kayaking, rain, anniversary

FEB  6, Monday, SC
A sunny day, Val went for Tai-Chi then Val and the other girls went to a little shop behind the park but didn’t buy anything.  At 3 pm, we all went for a walk on the beach.  Today is Constitution Day in Mexico, a holiday so a few families were on the beach.
I just finished reading a book named “Guaymas Chronicles” by Dave Stuart.  It is an autobiography of his life and time in Guaymas back in the 70’s when he was in his early 20’s.  Very interesting to read about the town, its people, trials and tribulations.  I recommend it to anyone interested.  Got some propane today!

FEB  7, Tuesday, Kayaking
We got up at 7:30 am, loaded the kayaks and lunch then drove to just past “El Definerio” (the aquarium) near Guaymas’ Miramar beaches and Estuary.  We were there by 9 am; Leo and Lynden went around the Point to find fish and the rest of us (Pat & Rick, Charlene & Lynn and us) kayaked to the Estuary and looked around for birds of which there were plenty.  The Estuary is home to a couple of fishermen villages.  A very poor area but very friendly.  We went around to the public beaches and viewed some very fancy houses, across from the fishermen villages.  Poverty and richness side by side!  We came back to our launching area, got out and re-loaded the kayaks.  Pat and Rick left and we had lunch by the roadside.  Charlene and Lynn arrived back but decided to go find the guys whom we could see paddling back.  (They never caught any fish)  We left and returned to Totonaka.  Val decided to do a wash and I went for a snooze after a nice shower.  We had Happy Hour, dinner and stayed in for the evening.  The fog came in around 2 pm but burned off quickly once it got inland; it lasted about an hour!

FEB  8, Wednesday, cloudy, cool and some rain
We had rain this morning, not much though, only a few freckles then a bit harder later in the morning.  Now, you have to understand that when it rains here, it’s not much and nothing like home; we are lucky to get 5 minutes of steady rain which hasn’t happen to date!
Tai-Chi for Val then she walking to town with the girls but didn’t buy anything.  I drove her back to the gym at 3 pm and picked her up again at 4 pm.  I dumped the tanks in the afternoon and read most of the day.  It was very cool and windy all day, it never got above 18* C so wore a jacket most of the day.  You are probably laughing but when you get used to temperature above 25*C, 19 is quite cool!  We had locally bought Mahi-Mahi (yellow tail) fish for dinner with rice and veggies

FEB  9, Thursday. Al & Brenda anniversary!
How quickly the weather changes here...it is sunny again this morning and already 21*C at 9:30 am!
We went to Cochorit beach with Pat & Rick just past Empalme, about 20 miles from here.  We brought beer and chairs and had the place all to ourselves.  We walked the beach both sides and the girls picked up shells along the way.  It was a beautiful sunny, hot day with a breeze keeping things just right.  A couple fishermen came in as we sat after the walk and enjoying a beer.  Val went over to see what they caught which was camarons (Shrimps).  We took a few pictures then drove back to Guaymas where we went to see Hotel Rubi and a few other sites.  As I mentioned on Monday Feb 6, we have been reading this book called “Guaymas Chronicles, La Mandadera” an autobiography about David Stuart who wrote the book.  He talked about the hotel and a few other sites which we re-traced today.  It was a lot of fun and very intimate to share in this guy’s life back in 1970.  We drove down the “Sherdan” to the Ley and stopped for a pizza at “PAPA JOHN”.  We got back home in time for Happy Hour where we learned that it was Al and Brenda’s 17th anniversary and everyone was going out for dinner at PICCOLO where Brenda wanted to go.
 A couple who has a trailer on our row and are from Arizona brought wine and other items we had e-mailed them about.  Unfortunately, the wine they brought is sweet wine and after talking to him, they agreed to take it back and exchange for the right ones.  Very nice of them!
At 6 pm, we all walked over and sat down for a meal at PICOLLO.  Something happened in the process and temper flared between the manager and one of our group over having couple versus group billing.  The next thing we knew, we were walking out and back to Totonaka where we had dinner at the Italian restaurant just outside the Park.  After paying our individual bills, we came home and as we were walking back, we saw a strange light in the sky; at first I thought it was a plane but then it quickly vanished and we were told they are “Chinese Lantern” that people light and let rise in the atmosphere until it goes out.  We called it a night after that.

FEB  10, Friday
Ohhhh, it was hot today, it got up to 30*C on my thermometer; thank goodness for the cool breeze!  Lynden decided to buy the wine we have so Bob will buy new boxes for us and bring it back at the end of the month.
After Val’s Tai-Chi, we went to TONY to pick up some vegetable, carnita, sweet corn, milk and a couple other items.  Afterwards, we went to Pemex where I fuelled up then stop for lunch at the restaurant next door called PANCHITO VILLA and the food was excellent!  We came home and read & relaxed.  The crew went to the “Gringo Golf course” in the desert and Pat & Rick went to the lot for a dinner date.  Happy hour at 4 pm which didn’t last long then dinner!  Yes we did have a fire tonight.

FEB  11, Saturday
I paid for another month, our last!  Sunny and warm again, 25*C at 10:30 am! After doing the laundry, we went for a bike ride with Pat and Rick and stopped at JJ’s for a Taco.  Bill and Joyce joined us.  Afterwards, Rick, Bill and I came back to the Park and the girls went shopping.   I laid down for a snooze and didn’t get up until 4 pm; just in time for Happy Hour.  The days are getting longer and longer.

Monday, February 06, 2012

February 1 to 5, 2012: Superbowl in San Carlos

FEB  1, Wednesday, San Carlos
The welder came back with my bike rack which he repaired and shorten to fit more snugly behind the “Bear”.  He did a great job and only cost $20 Cdn.  It was a hot day, 29*C so we looked for shade.  The park is filling quite fast.  7 rigs came in today, some from the North and a few from the South.  Friends we met last year were part of that group:  Mike and Marlene, Bill & Fran and Roger and his wife.  Good to see them all back here.  Val had to go again to Tai-Chi at 3 pm so I drove her then I went to EL CHEQUE for a hot dog and picked her up at 4 pm.  We came home and had Happy Hour and kept driving people away from our row giving them excuses as to why they couldn’t stay in the space where we had our fire pit.  We had a few good laughs over that.

FEB  2, Thursday, SC
I took Val to the Lot where she had her hair cut by Judy.  It was a quiet and hot day again.  We stopped at “Jacks Knacks” for breakfast and had a skillet of sausage and scramble eggs with just the perfect bite to it.  Steve, Lynden and Leo went fishing and Lynden caught one fish, Steve caught two and Leo had one give him the slip.  Val went for a walk on the beach with Lynn and Charlene then Happy Hour at Al’s place with the dogs getting their usual treats.

FEB  3, Friday, SC
I wasn’t feeling very good today; my stomach felt like I had heavy indigestion!??  I slept for a while but when I got up I felt dizzy...weird.  Of course, Val wants me to go see the doctor and I guess I have to stop being stubborn about it.
Val went to DECALI to visit the book store and came back with none...WOW, a first for her!!!  I went to TONY and bought some Carne Asada (BBQ shredded pork meat) and Chilli Renello (Chilli pepper filled with cheese and cooked over an open fire pit, very good).  We had a short Happy Hour with the gang then went over to Charly’s Rock at 5 pm to meet Joyce and Bill and Pat & Rick for a margarita.  We watched the sunset then came home, had dinner, watched the tube for a while then to bed early.  No fire tonight!

FEB  4, Saturday
A beautiful day, warm but windy to keep the heat down.  We went into Guaymas for lunch then to SORIANA, SAM’s CLUB, and Walmart for some shopping.  We borrowed Joyce and Bill’s member card for SAM’s CLUB where we picked up cookies for Tucker, the only place in town that sells them.  We got home at 3 pm, Happy Hour at 4:30pm, Joyce and Bill joined us, then dinner after walking Tucker.  There are different Happy Hours happening all over the Park, kind of fun to watch!

FEB  5, Sunday, Football SUPERBOWL
We drove to the Lot to drop off a bottle of wine to Judy and chatted with the group.  We made arrangements to meet at the Golf Club for the game as they have the cheapest beer in town.  As we drove out, we thought on checking out the Club and find out the times for the game.  While there, we asked and made reservations for 18 of us then left and stopped at EL CHEQUE for the customary hot dog and coke.  We came home and read for the rest of the day.  At 3:30 pm, after walking Tucker, we went to the Golf Club; the kick-off was at 4:30 pm.  It was a good thing we made the reservations as the place was already very busy.  The waitresses had set up a row of table and chairs for us.  We ended up with 12 of us: eight from the lot, Pat & Rick and us.  We had fun, good food, cheap but cold beer and the Giants won!  We got home at 8:30 pm and were in bed by 9:30!