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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 25 to 31, 2016; Life in San Carlos

JAN 25, MONDAY; Shopping
Again the internet is sporadic; one minute we have it, the next it’s gone.  Very, very frustrating!  Val went for her morning walk with Audrey; Louise went to an Art class.  I took Val and Audrey to Walmart for some shopping then to Aberritos for lunch.  At 6 pm, the girls went to see Marcel and his crew play at a private party.  They were back an hour and a half later.  They just wanted to make an appearance for Marcel’ sake.  We watched more of season 4 of SoA

I uploaded the newest pictures to “my Picasa pictures” on the web.  The net was faster this morning so gotta take advantage of it.  We all drove to LA MANGA village for a visit, a small poor fishing village just past SOGGY PESOS via a dirt road.  There were a few assorted shells on display and Marcel bought a couple for his grand-child.  We took some pictures, walked around, gave candies to local kids (didn’t take long for the word to spread) then we visited a couple places along the way back.  We stopped at the Marina, walked the Malecon and stopped at a local pub (HAMMERHEAD) for a beer or two and lunch/snack!  On the walk back, we stopped for another beer at another little pub with live music but soon left as it was getting late.  We drove home to complete another very nice day!

I uploaded more pictures from our adventures yesterday!  We have a new neighbour, a noisy diesel Dodge with camper, woke me up this morning! 
The Ennis and us went for hot dogs and pop for lunch.  I also gas up the Jeep then we stopped at the Clinic to make an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow.  HH was at the Lemieux’s and we had new guest, Ben and Lorraine Lemieux (no relations) from TEKALAI, next door.  We called it quit at 7 am, went in and had a light dinner.

The days are warmer and warmer as we head into February.  No internet again.  FRUSTRATING!!!!  We went to the Clinic for Val’s Dr appointment.  She was in there for an hour then we picked up some meds for her.  Back at the ranch, we sat around until 3 pm when the girls and I went to Guaymas movie theatre to watch “The REVENANT”.  Worth seeing; we enjoyed it tremendously!  Back at our site by 7 pm, BBQ pork chops and potatoes for dinner and more of the SoA.

JAN  29, FRIDAY; Music Day to celebrate birthdays
Val went to town with Audrey so that she (Aud) could buy a picture for Marcel.  We were celebrating 3 upcoming birthdays for this week-end so that’s what Marcel and his crew’s music was dedicated to today.  Again we had a big crowd and our neighbour put on a spread of appies to make us all jealous.  It went on until 7 pm before everyone finally left and the music stopped.  It started at 2 pm, 5 hours of music.  I don’t know how they do it!?  We had Italian Spaghetti for dinner then more of SoA.  We are now at the end of season 5; two more season to go.

FINALLY!  Got internet this morning.  Downloaded my mail and checked my bank accounts.  Marcel and Audrey went to SOGGY PESOS with Brian to play in a Charitable concert competition.  The price was $20 us each so we passed and so did the Ennis.  We went to town to the Clinic to drop off samplers and we had lunch next door at PANCHITO VILLA.  I had a hamburger which was very good and Val had Shrimp Tacos with cheese.  She liked it a lot too.  Back at the Park, Louise, Dave and us went to the PILLAR CONDOS for open houses.  Not all that impressive but interesting to view.  We came home, relaxed and enjoyed HH with Louise, Dave, Al and Brenda.  Val made a tuna casserole for dinner then we continued with SoA season 5 and 6.


We were supposed to go to Empalme today but Val wasn’t feeling good so we postpone it.  The gang went to Guaymas to shop at SAM’s CLUB for some groceries.  It was a quiet day at home and at 4 PM we had HH at Aud and Marcel.  We were missing some episodes of SoA so Marcel copied them and gave us what we were missing and that’s what we watched tonight.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 17 to 24, 2016; Kino Bay and football

JAN 17, SUNDAY; Day off
We did very little today.  Val went for her walk, our neighbour is gone so I backed up the motorhome now that nothing restricts the slide-out, reset everything then read for the rest of the day.  At 4 pm, we all gathered at Louise and Dave for a drink then Val and I went in, had stew for dinner then watched “SONS of ANARCHY” series, season 2!!

Another quiet day!  Val cleaned the house and I helped shaking out the carpets.  Marcel went with Brian and was gone all day. Audrey, Louise & Dave and us went to MR IGUANA for a beer and lunch.  Ordered Tortilla soup but again it wasn’t to our liking.  We chatted for a while then went to the LEY for groceries, to the bank for mucho pesos, to TONY’s to order 4 Chili Reyenos (Just Love them) and some vegetables then home in time for HH.  We had left over for dinner then watched SoA tapes, season 2.

Not much to report/write!  The girls went for their walk and the boys went to EL CHEQUE for hot dogs and a beer.  Read most of the afternoon then Louise decided she had a craving for a dish at ARBORITOS so we went with them.  This restaurant is located just outside our Park on the second floor so it offers a nice view.  Came home and watched the balance of season two of SoA and the beginning of season 3!

Val went for TAI-CHI at the local Gym in town.  The rest of the day is a blur as I am 4 days behind and trying to recollect what happened on this day!???

JAN 21, THURSDAY; Kino Bay
We left at 8:30 am, the six of us in two vehicles and drove north to Hermosillo where I drove through partway into the City Centre then we turned West on Carretta de Bahia de Kino.  We drove for an hour before stopping at a Pemex for gas then onward to Kino.  We arrived about 15 minutes later, drove down the main street on the water, looked at all the new houses that were built since we were last here 8 yrs ago.  Lots of changes and a few RV Park have been abandoned and a new one was built.  We went to the end of the road and came back.  We stopped at a local restaurant, the CASA BLANCA, where we had a very nice lunch and cerveza of course!  The place was immaculate including the bathrooms which is unusual in a small place like this.
We drove to Old Kino and found the Park where Louise & Dave’s friend was staying.  It was very run-down but her friend told us it was cheap, the water was good (drawn from a deep well) and so was the electricity.  The nice thing about that Park was that it is located right on the beach which is a big plus!  We left about a half hour later, drove out of Old Kino back to the main road and to Hermosillo where we stopped at COSTCO!
We bought a few needed items then onward to San Carlos.  We arrived back at 8 pm which is what we had calculated! 
A great day!

JAN 22, FRIDAY; Hot Dog & Music day
After a lazy morning and early afternoon, we set up tables and condiments for the usual Friday Music concert.  One of our neighbours purchased all the hot dogs for the crowd and cooked them including fried onions.  We had about 70 people show up, some brought dish such as salads, dessert, and even chili.  No one went away hungry.  There was little to nothing left over.  The music was great as usual, thanks to Marcel, Brian and John.  It went on until 7 PM and started at 2 PM.  Another great day in TOTONAKA PARK!

Val did laundry in the morning.  No walk today!  I cooked an omelet with jalapeno but Val didn’t like it; oh well, I know better for the next time.  After washing the dishes, I read and finished my book on the History of the CIA.  A real eye opener on the affairs of the USA and it sure makes one understand why the USA is always at war and hated throughout the world.  We had HH at Marcel and Audrey.  Elise and Larry were there already then Randy and Shirley joined.  A bit later another neighbour joined us so the HH lasted until 10 pm.  Of course, Marcel had his guitar out to serenade all of us.

JAN 24, SUNDAY; Football
No internet again this morning.  One of the frustrating quirks about Totonaka Park.  The boys watched Denver beat New England then Carolina beat Arizona outside at Dave’s place.  Arizona was just not strong enough for Carolina. Oh well!  It will make for an interesting Super Bowl!  The girls went for a walk and ice cream.  We had a quiet evening at home watching Madam Secretary then “Sons of Anarchy” (SoA).

Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 12 to 16, 2016; Beach, Music Jam and Guaymas

JAN 12, TUESDAY; Beach day
After a lazy morning and the girls walk, we went to El Cheque for hot dogs and beer then to Tony’s for lettuce and sour cream.  We decided to go to Delfine and Pillar Beach and walked to the end where the Estuary empties into the Sea.  We looked around Pillar condos and had a beer at the restaurant there.  It is a small quaint place; we had had a birthday party there a few years back.  We tried to go in the Delfine condos but there was a gate and they wouldn’t let us in.  We went to what we call the Sunset House to show M&A the view but when we got there, there were cops standing there so we turned around and left.  This was the house that our gang at the time which included the Kirkby’s where we had sunset dinner and watched the sun set.  Anyway, we came back to our houses and had a short HH then dinner, the tube and to bed by 10 pm.

JAN 13, WEDNESDAY; Music jam at friend’s house
WOW, I slept till 9 pm!  Val was up and about and left with the girls for their morning walk but she came back early because she wasn’t feeling well!  I worked on the blog while she relaxed on the couch.  At 2 pm, we all went over to Brian and Carol’s house where Marcel, Brian and John played music to a crowd of about 26 friends.  Beer, hot dogs, salad, chili were served for free.  Everyone had a great time so it was a success all around.  Aud, us and Louise and Dave were the first to leave.  It was getting cold and we had enough so we said our goodbyes for the night.  Val is NOT feeling very good, her throat is sore and she has the shiver.  She had hot chicken broth once at home.  Our neighbours behind us are quite loud tonight having a good time but settled down by the time we went to bed at 10 pm

JAN 14, THURSDAY; Guaymas city
Val is feeling better this morning but her voice is still raw!  She went for her morning walk with the girls!  After lunch, we all went to Guaymas to shop for crayons and proper paper for drawing.  Marcel and Louise are taking lessons at the Park!  We found some needed supplies but not all of it.  We decided to go for a drink at the Palapa near the Harbour only to find that it had burned down so we went to a small place near the end of the Pier and had a beer there but found it none appealing for a snack.  Fishermen were unloading their open boats loaded to the hilt with small fish and the stench was quite strong.  We went back to Walmart where there is a restaurant/bar and another beer and some tacos.  Val and I had Tortilla soup but it wasn’t very good!  WE came home, sat out for HH then went in for dinner and a quiet evening.  Marcel came over and we continued our discussion on pros and cons of buying versus renting.

JAN 15, FRIDAY; Jam session #2
Once again the girls went for a looong walk, 12 km and came home with sweets for the boys.  My neighbour began loaded his stuff as he is leaving tomorrow.  At 2 pm, the “Cabrones”, as the new band is now called, began their music.  The space in front of the Lemieux quickly filled ant one time we had over 70 people sitting on the road and every empty space.  Everyone enjoyed it so much that someone suggested roasted hot dogs next time and the planning began!  The guys quit at 6 pm as John had an appointment to attend and the crowd dispersed slowly.  We went in to eat our dinner and relax for the rest of the evening.

JAN 16, SATURDAY; Wash day
A cool day and cloudy; everyone complaining it ain’t fair!  J  We spent the day around the Park visiting neighbours and just having a relaxing day.  Val did laundry and went for a walk on the beach with Louise but they were soon back as it was too cold and windy.  I went for my two hot dogs at EL CHEQUE and then, Dave and I went to AL & Brenda for HH.  Marcel and Audrey went to EL CAPITAN to listen to live music and pizza for dinner, we didn’t go.  There was an Art show next door at TECALI, Val and Louise went to see it but they said it wasn’t as good as the previous one they attended!? 
I BBQ’ed steaks and lobsters that we bought in the States.  Val made a salad to go with it.  YUM! YUM!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 5 to 11, 2016; San Carlos

JAN 5, TUESDAY; San Carlos; Night life
We had heavy rain last night but it only about an hour then stopped for good.  Sunshine this morning and 58*F by 8 am.  We went to Guaymas today looking for outdoor carpets at Home Depot and to Walmart for some sandals for Marcel (Yes they have both stores here but not quite like the US or home).  We went to show them the other RV Park at the CORTEZ HOTEL and we went inside the hotel to show them the d├ęcor.  We had a beer in their Bar/Restaurant then came home via DEFINIO Rd which is the back way along the Bay.  At 6 pm, we went to FROGGYS Pub for pizza and to listen to Blues’ music with Brian, Carol and a bunch of his friends and our crew of course.  Unfortunately, the pizza was not up to standard, the bottom was burned dark and made the taste unflavourable but the music was excellent. 

Cloudy first thing this morning but it soon cleared up, very humid too!  Not much happened today, it was a quite one.  Val and Audrey went to town shopping and Marcel took off with his friend Brian to some music jam at the CAPTAIN’S CLUB, a local pub!  Carol picked up Audrey around 5 pm and they didn’t get home till later in the evening.  As for me, I had my snooze in the afternoon.  Val made salad and I cooked shrimps that we bought yesterday on the BBQ. 

JAN 7, THURSDAY; San Carlos
Windy today until at least 4 pm.  Beach day; we went to SOGGY PESOS to show M&A the sandy beach and all the sights along the way including ESMARALDA Beach and ALOGODONES Sand Dunes and beach.  We had a beer at Soggy Pesos of course.  As usual, it was windy (from the North) and we soon left.  Dave and Louise followed us in their car, a Mustang convertible.  We stopped at La GREIGA Restaurant to show M&A the beach there and of course, another cerveza!  We came home and had HH.  What a life!
Val baked potatoes and made a salad while I BBQ’ed thick Pork Chops then we watched the tube

JAN 8, FRIDAY; A week in San Carlos already
It poured buckets last night and we even had thunder!  Good internet connection this morning so I updated my finance program.  After a lazy morning, we all went to TONY’s PLACE to buy some pull pork meat then we stopped at EL CHEQUE for our hot dog fix (we bring our own beer).  On the way home, Marcel, (trust him to see that), saw live music happening at LA IGUANA as we drove by so we had to stop for another beer and listen to some live Rock & Roll.  Louise and Dave had already gone home so I went to get them but they weren’t interested.  Marcel even talked himself into playing a couple songs!  That’s our Boy!!!  We came home and had HH at Marcel’s place inside as it was quite cool out.  For dinner, we had chicken in a sauce, potatoes and veggie’s.

A week has already gone by!  Sunny but windy today!  A quiet day reading and relaxing.  I fixed the picture frame which had fallen off the wall and the toilet seat which had become loose.  At 4 pm, we went to the Lemieux’s place to have some shooters, snacks that the girls prepared and some music.  As the evening progress, the music became louder and the crowd began gathering.  It was another great evening!  Wonder how many complaints we are going to hear about tomorrow.  The party was over by 8:30 pm then Marcel, Dave and I sat around the propane fire and chatted for a while.

JAN 10, SUNDAY; San Carlos
Another quiet day.  I think everyone was recuperating from last evening.  I made breakfast for us; eggs hash brown corned beef and toasts.  We did manage to go to the Ley’s and Walmart in Guaymas but came back straight from there.  Not even a HH today!!?  Three rigs came in and settle on our row so it’s getting crowded.  Watched some recordings in the evening after a bangers and mash dinner!

A little windy today!  Spent the day reading and meeting our new neighbours.  Val went for her walk with the girls.  We met for HH at 4 pm and it was a quiet one; done by 6 pm.  We were in bed by 10 pm.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

January 1 to 4, 2016: Happy New Year! Mesa to San Carlos Mexico

JANUARY 1, 2016; FRIDAY; Mesa to Desert Diamond Casino
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  Day one of the first month of the year!
We were up by 7 am this morning under a sunny but cold morning.  After breakfast, I packed the Jeep, unhooked the water system then we walked over to Marcel and Aud to wish them a Happy New-Year.  We left at 10 am and headed East on Hwy 60 to Hwy 78 and eventually Hwy 79 where we stopped for a bite to eat and a beer.  We continued on to I-10 East then south on I-19.  At the Indian Reserve in Sahuarita, south of Tucson, we arrived at our destination for today: Desert Diamond Casino.  We set up the chairs outside and had a drink under sunny and warm sky (68*F).  Audrey even put on her shorts!!!  Louise and Dave arrived here at 4:30 PM from Yuma and we had a big reunion and caught up to all the news.  We all walked to the Casino, had dinner then the girls decided to go gambling.  Dave and I walked back to our rigs and Marcel stayed behind to keep an eye on the girls and made sure they didn’t overspend!  We visited for a while afterwards and were in bed by 10 pm.  A good day overall!

N32* 00.461’
W 110* 59.328’
Alt: 2739’
We travelled 121 miles in 2.5 hrs

JAN 2, SATURDAY; To San Carlos, Mexico
This is it!  We are on our way south!  We left around 7:15 am on I-19, crossed into Mexico without any incident after fueling at the Border in the USA and got onto Hwy 15 MEX at 10:15 am.  We were stopped about four miles later to declare anything we were importing then continued to KM 21 at 11 am where we stopped to purchase everyone’s TOURIST CARD.  We had ours already.  We then continue on Hwy 15 and stopped at BENJAMIN HILL for lunch and a break.  Back on the road, we soon were going through HERMISSILLO without any incidents then an hour and a half later, we turned on our final road to San Carlos and TOTONAKA.  There was a lot of construction on the highway coming down.
Anyway, we paid our dues (3 mths) then set up at site 116.  Aud and Marcel are across from us and Dave & Louise are two sites down.  We were lucky as a lot of sites are reserved and we are together.  The park is about three quarter full right now! 
After set-up, we drove to Brian and Carol’s place in the RANCHITOS and had dinner there.  They are good friends of A&M and bought a house here last year.  We had a great dinner of spare ribs and potatoes and vegetables.  We visited afterwards and got home at 9 pm.  A long day and we are tired so to bed!  Nice to be in warm climate again.

N  27* 57.889’
W 111* 01.476’
ALT: 38’

We travelled 308 miles in 6.25 hrs at an average 48 MPH.  We were stopped for 3.5 hrs

JAN 3, SUNDAY; San Carlos
We woke up to sunshine a balmy 57*F at 8 am.  It warmed up to low 70’s in the day.  Val and the gang went for a walk on the beach while I continued setting up.  Dave, Marcel and I went to EL CHEQUE for our fix of hot-dogs!  YUM! YUM!  The rest of the day was relaxing and we took A&M for a tour of the town.  Linda and Steve showed up to welcome us back and to meet A&M.  They already knew Dave and Louise.

JAN 4, MONDAY; Music Festival at Totonaka

It got quite cloudy this afternoon but the rain held off and the sun did come out long enough for Brian, friend John and Marcel to set up under a canopy and have a jam session.  It didn’t take long and we had a big crowd gather around and sing along whenever they could.  It began at 2 pm and lasted until 7 pm.  Everyone enjoyed it and demanded more in the future.  No doubt Marcel will cater to their request!!!  Steve and Linda also showed up and enjoyed themselves