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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 30 & 31, 2012: Ehrenberg, Arizona

MAR  30, Friday, Ehrenberg
I finally got Tengo connected on my computer.  For some reason, I had a heck of time to bring it in!?  Anyway, Val went for her exercises and I had a guy come in to fix the day shade in the bedroom.  Afterwards, we got propane from the Park for $22 then we went to Blythe to shop at Ace, K-Mart and a drug store for a plate for my BBQ and a vibrator for Val’s back (seriously, get your mind out of the gutter!), her old one broke.
Once back at Ehrenberg, we went to a bar/saloon we frequented last year and had a pizza and beer.  Once home again, we relaxed reading our books.  It is hot again, 32*C! The A/C is on full blast.  Val has a roast on for dinner that we bought back in Yuma. 

MAR  31, Saturday, Ehrenberg      
Another month gone by, where does the time go!  This was a relaxing day at home and another very hot day, with wind increasing in strength as the day went by.  Tomorrow the forecast is for cooler temperature; sure looking forward to that.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Mar 25 to 29,2012; Winterhaven CA to Ehrenberg, AZ

MAR  25, Sunday, Los Algodones, Mexico
We had a very lazzzzzy morning!  We left around 11 am for Algodones in Mexico.  After crossing the border which is nothing by the way from this side, one just walks in; we first stopped at a glass place and bought prescription glass for me @ $65 US.  Being Sunday, they won’t be ready until tomorrow which is fine by us.  We went for a bit to eat at a local plaza; Val had tortilla soup (her favourite) and I had a chicken burrito with salad and the ever present re-fried beans.  After a couple of cerveza, we walked the market and I bought a belt which I needed then crossed back into the States with no line up.  We decided to call a day and came home.  IT was a hot day with fair to strong wind keeping things cool down a bit.

MAR  26, Monday; Back to Algodones and shopping in Yuma
We went back to Algodones around 11 am to pick up my glasses which were ready.  As soon as we got them, we went back to cross the border which already had a small line up and as we got across, the line had grown almost 4 times longer; busy Monday!  Afterwards, we went shopping at Fry’s and Walmart for some vegetables and a few things we missed the last time.  We had brunch at Denny’s and came home around 4 pm.  Walked Tucker, had a quick Happy H then it was dinner.  Another nice warm day but much cooler than it has been the last few days.  My new glasses are great to drive with!

MAR 27, Tuesday, Geo-Caching
We went geo-caching just before lunch and were back by 1 pm.  We found them all!  This was a hot day so didn’t do much.  Val went to the club to do puzzles and I read my new Vince Flynn. 
We got our e-mail this afternoon and I learned that our life insurance with TRANSAM will go from $115 to 580/month as of May 9 of this year!  Talk about major rip-off; an almost  500% increase.  Needless to say that we cannot nor are we willing to pay that outrageous amount.  That news really spoiled my evening!

MAR  28, Wednesday, Last day in Winterhaven/Yuma
Val went for her last day of exercises here.  After breakfast and showering, we began the process of loading the bikes, kayaks and putting all unnecessary items away.
In the afternoon, we went into town to top up on fuel and picked eggs and milk.  While at FRY’S, we saw an ad offering two roast for the price of one so guess what? Duh, we bought two for $14!  I also fuelled up @ $4.09 at Barton Fuel on Hwy 95 then came home
It is hot, 32*C outside and we have to A/C going full blast. 

MAR  29, Thursday, To Ehrenberg, AZ
We left at 9:30 this morning and already it is 20*C; it’s going to be a hot day!  We took Hwy 95 North and by 11:15 AM we were in Quartzsite where we stopped for body fuel.  We had some excellent hamburger made with real meat, not that frozen stuff, and homemade fries.  We continued on to Ehrenberg and arrived here at Colorado River Oasis Park (WHR) at 1:15 pm.  It is hot...32*C in the sun and not much better in the shade.  All the spots by the river are taken so we found one with some shade and parked by 2:30 pm.  After setting up, we drove to Blythe in California, across the river to the bank and a half hour later, we were back home.  Time to relax and enjoy the day!

N  33* 36.468
W 114* 31.468
ALT: 269 ft

We drove 113 miles in 2 hrs and 25 minutes (driving time) @ an average 47 MPH

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 21 to 24, 2012: Yuma

MAR  21, Wednesday, Yuma
A beautiful warm day in Arizona!  Val went for exercises at 9 this morning and after showering, I went out and unloaded the kayaks, set the BBQ and the dish and to make my day, as I was hooking everything and getting ready to be frustrated in finding the signal, Val yelled that we had connection at 61% signal.  WOW!  Am I good or what!??  We spent the day at home relaxing and enjoying the HOT day!  I noticed that my lockers were full of dust, probably from that wind storm we had at Puerto Penasco; everything is covered in a fine sandy dust.  We had a light dinner then Val watched the tube while I spent the evening working on our tax return.

MAR  22, Thursday, Breakfast with friends
We got up early to go to COCOPAH CASINO to meet Jack & Mim, Ed & Judy for breakfast along with friends of theirs.  We had a great visit and talked about each other’s trips and adventures.  After saying our sad goodbyes, we went shopping for groceries and dog food then came home and put everything away.  Tucker was happy to see us as we had been away 6 hours.  Temperature outside is over 90*F (30*C), dry and hot!  After dinner, we sat outside practically the whole evening and when we went to bed, it was still over 20*C

MAR  23, Friday, Yuma
I finally completed our income tax this morning and Val is getting a good return as usual and I got to pay, albeit a modest amount.  Val went for her exercises while I was doing the taxes.  Another sunny and hot day!  Val did laundry today and spent time in the library chatting with the ladies and doing puzzles.  I did some business on the net then read my book.  Another quiet day at home and very hot out there, over 30* again.

MAR  24, Saturday, Flea Market
After a lazy morning, we went to Yuma to the RV flea market and bought a few items to replace or repair the damage done at the border.  We spent about 2 hours there and while having lunch, we met a couple from Chilliwack of all places; their last name, Thiessen and he worked in Federal prison at Kent.  After all the shopping, we came home and took Tucker for a walk then got ready for dinner.  We called grand-daughter Hayley and wished her a Happy “18” birthday! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 20, 2012; Crossing at San Luis de Colorado into the USA

MAR  20, Tuesday, Back to USA and Yuma
FINALLY, we are in Winterhaven, California near Yuma at Pilot Knob Park! We are staying under R.O.D, which is no cost to us for 9 days. 
WHAT A DAY!  It began with a nice sunrise and blue sky.  We were up by 7 am, had breakfast, showered, put the rest of the stuff away and were on the road by 9 am.  To start things right, we took the wrong turn and ended up by Cholla Beach but found our way from here and were soon on Hwy 3 west and north.  The scenery was very flat, boring yet beautiful: the desert has a way to fascinate you.  We were following the sea of Cortes and at times, we could see across to the Baja.  Lots of sand dunes and small brush along the way. This is a very well maintained and beautiful highway and I recommend it to anyone interested in taking it.  At Golfo de Santa Clara, we turned right and the highway became #40.  At Estacion El Doctor, we went through a police check but didn’t stop then a few miles later, a military check point.  Trucks were parked on the right lane so we had to swing into the left lane and drive to the front of the line.  A soldier asked us something but we couldn’t understand him so he waves us on but a few feet later, another soldier waved us into a lane where we were searched again.  The funny thing is that they search inside but not the lockers, go figure. 

Anyway we were soon on our way and a few miles more, we turned onto toll hwy 197 which cost 210 pesos (approx $19.Cdn)’ we could have driven on the free hwy 40 by we wanted to get to the US quickly.  15 miles after the toll, we entered San Luis de Colorado and after fuelling up (700 pesos), we proceeded to get lost, sort of.  I knew where we were in relation to the border but couldn’t find the turn off (no signs).  When I finally figured it out, a taxi driver signal us to follow him and took us to the right turn.  We gave him $2.00 US and got in line for the crossing.  It was 1:50 pm.

We finally got to the gate and that’s when I discovered that I should have been on the left lane instead of the right.  There was a sign saying “RV LANE #6” but the lanes were NOT marked (stupid or what!).  Val went to inquire at the crossing and she was told that it was the last lane on my left which meant I had to block and cross 5 lanes; thank God everyone cooperated.  After the usual declarations, we were told to move to the bus lane, this meant to go out then make a sharp right and go around obstacles.  That’s when all hell broke loose and as I turned I heard this CRUNCH and stopped.  Walking back, I found the side light gone, the power outlet damaged, the sewer pipe holder torn off and the ladder bent a bit.  I jiggled the rig and finally made the turn...my mistake: turned too soon.  I was busy watching the right side and forgot about the left side.  I WAS MAD!!!  After parking at the bus lane, I went out to check the damage more closely and heard this guy yelling to get back to the cab and I told him off saying that I just damaged my rig in their tight check points and was just checking the damage.  He ordered me back to the cab of the truck which I did.  He came to the window and explained that it was the rule and he was so nice that I calmed down.  Two women came to the rig and they had me open all the lockers, the hood of the truck but didn’t want the slides out.  They got one apple out of all this.

We were finally in the USA and got on Hwy 95 and stopped at Brewster Restaurant and brewery and had a late lunch...delicious hamburger!  Val told the waitress about the “Dirty Banana” we had back at “Capone’s” in Penasco and she went to mention it to the bartender who made a drink, everyone tried it including the owner and they were ALL impressed.  We had a good laugh on it about making it a new bar drink. 

From 95, we turned west on I-8 and arrived at Pilot Knob RV Park at 4:30 pm.  A very looooong day!  I set up the basic and left the rest for tomorrow.  We are here for 9 days, leaving the 28th.  Our mail has also arrived.

N  32* 44.751
W 114* 45.882
Alt:  250’
We travelled 194 miles (315 Km) in 4:30 hrs @ an average 43 mph.

Monday, March 19, 2012

March 17 to 19, 2012; Puerto Penasco

MAR  17, Saturday, Penasco, Happy St-Patrick’s Day!
We got up to clouds this morning and the humidity is very high...70%!  This had been forecasted so it was no surprise.  A water pipe broke this morning so we were without water for a couple hours and my tank wasn’t filled ass we will be back in the States in a couple days; we have to wait patiently.  Val did a couple loads of laundry this morning then decided to take on the dust inside the rig so Tucker and I were kicked out.
We spent the day in as it was quite windy and although the sun tried to come out, it was cloudy all day.

MAR  18, Sunday, Penasco
We had a very stormy night; I had to get up at 1 a.m. to bring the awning in and pick up the satellite dish and peg it down.  The wind gusts must have close to over 35 mph as the whole rig was shaking as if it wanted to fly off.  I slept on and off until 4 am when it finally abated and it became calm.  At 6 this morning we had rain for about 10 minutes then it stopped. Right now at 8 a.m., the sky in the south and west is very dark with heavy clouds yet, in the north, the sky is clearing so we may have a nice day after all.
The sun eventually made it through but it was mainly cloudy all day with a north-west wind that kept things really cool.  We went to the Ley for some wine and groceries then drove over to the Malecon and had lunch at “LATITUDE 31” Restaurant.  I had a burger and Val, tortilla soup but she didn’t like it, too much tomato juice.  We came home and we reset the satellite then relax inside the rig as it is too cool to sit outside.  I did take Tucker on the beach for his walk and the wind was quite brisk.

MAR  19, Monday, Last day in Puerto Penasco
A cloudy day and much cooler again!  We had a lazy morning then we took a drive to the north side of the estuary and found a geo-cache, walked around then realize that I didn’t have my wallet so we went back to the Park to get it.  Once retrieved, we went to the market to get milk and eggs for tomorrow breakfast.  From here, we drove to a lane called “Curios Lino” ( lane of curiosity) on the north side of town...they sold all kind of wares, pots, t-shirts, jackets, hats etc...  We went to “Capone” afterwards for a bit to eat; I had a craving for pizza and we had heard that they were good so we ordered one.  It was a very busy place with lots of college kids and families.  This is a fun place and the bartender continuously engages the crowd.  He made a shot for everyone at the bar call “Dirty Banana” made of jugermester, pineapple and midori (melon liquor).  When we paid our bill, he made each one.  WOW!  It was good!  This is when I found out that I didn’t have my visa so when I got home, I checked all my pockets and sure enough, it was gone.  I drove back to “Latitude 31” where we ate yesterday and sure enough, there is was.  PHEWWWW!!!!

Back home, I put a lot of stuff away and washed the truck and its windows, readying for tomorrow departure.

Friday, March 16, 2012

March 14 to 16, 2012: Sightseeing Puerto Penasco

MAR  14, Wednesday, Puerto Penasco
Now, a new adventure of exploring begins!  As one travels with an RV, one has to expect some repairs from all the shaking and that is the case for us too; the valance above the dining room came down so this was something I had to repair this morning.  Also, the bottom outside step came apart so I fixed that too.  Our bear on the wall also came down however I cannot find any Velcro sticky here so will fix it in Yuma next week.

Anyway, after all the repairs and breakfast, we went for a drive to the Ley then to a jewellery store to have Val’s watch battery changed.  From here, we went to the Malecon and after finding a parking spot; we went for shrimp tacos at “MARY RESTAURANT” where we had EXCELLENT tacos and cerveza.  We then walked the full length of the Malecon and some side streets, bought a couple of t-shirts then came home.  The Malecon was full of teenager on spring breaks.  Let’s hope they don’t get in too much trouble as there was a lot of drinking.

Puerto Penasco is also known as “Rocky Point” by Californians and Arizonians.  It is a major shrimp and fishing port as one can tell by the amount of fish markets and fishing boats.  The Malecon area resembles Mazatlan Gold Zone, albeit on a smaller scale.  All the prices are in US dollars and there is very little room for bargaining.  It is definitely a USA playground!

It was a warm day again with a nice breeze to keep things comfortable.

MAR  15, Thursday, Geo-Caching
Val called her sister in Ontario this morning and I had our mail forwarded from home to Pilot Knob in Winterhaven, our next stop.  Our park is covered with small pebbles mix with shells; it is quite interesting to walk on.  We were both up early this morning and on the road by 9:30 am.  We went Geo-Caching and found 9 out 22.  Some were closed by but the majority were in this area called “LAS CONCHAS”, a new development full of beautiful houses and some condos.  We took a few pictures.  We had a great day and even had a long walk in the sandy desert to find a cache near the Estuary.  Afterwards, we drove back to town and had lunch at a local bar called “AL CAPONE”.  Did you know that he used to frequent Rocky Point back in the 30’s!?  WOW!!!  This bar is definitely a popular local bar as it filled with people and everyone knew everyone.  We had a very nice meal then came home.  9 rigs came in today together from Kino Bay; busy, busy!! 
Val cooked a light dinner then we relaxed from a busy day!

MAR  16, Friday, more Geo-Caching and exploring
Another warm and beautiful day!  I called Winterhaven and advised them that we would be arriving next Tuesday instead of Monday.  I also got some quarters for the washing machines.

We left early to geo-cache and our first one was near here then over to the harbour for our second one.  From here, we stopped at a local restaurant for brunch and had eggs, beans and potatoes served with tortillas but no cafe; they only had instant, yuck!  As we sat there these two cute little Indian girls came in.  The older one (maybe 8 yrs) laid little turtles on the table and proceeded to want to sell one to us.  She wanted 50 pesos but I told her that was just too much and offered her 10 pesos, she accepted.  Her little sister was selling little package of gum so I gave her 5 pesos for one.  We had some wrapped tortillas left over and I asked her if she wanted them and she took them and ran back to her mom who was outside.  Mom loaded the girls on the bike after taking the money and the tortillas then left but first she stopped so that I could take a picture.  It is a sad way to live but they looked happy just the same, making an honest living.

After brunch, we went across the railway track and found this neat cache; as we arrived, we had to honk, the lady then came out and gave us the box and we signed the log.  She cares after stray dogs and has a sort of kennel and runs on donations so we gave her 100 pesos (approx. $8 Cdn).

Over to Cholla Bay and we found more caches and looked around.  There is an RV park out here (6 miles from town) with full hook-up at $25/night for front beach row and $20 for the rest.  There is also an Italian restaurant and a bar/cantina.  While there for a beer, there was a young girl (about 19-20) who had these huge breasts and Val told me they were implant...how sad?!!  She would stretch out and flaunt them and needless to say, the boys around were looking but not me!!!!  One of the problems with this area is that everything is American dollar and when you pay pesos, you tend to be ripped off with the exchange.

We decided to call it quit for the day and came home via the back way.  A lot of road construction is happening around town and it will be great when it’s finished.

Back at the Park, we watched the Mexican on this old, old tractor take trailers out of the park and into the storage compound.  IT seems that a lot of Americans leave their trailer here and return as often as they want.  All they do is phone ahead and when they get here, their trailer is in their reserved spot.  Quite a neat system!  They also rent some trailers but I am not sure I would want to stay in them.

I am having a difficult time uploading my pictures.  We do have internet abut it is slow and sporadic!  For dinner, I BBQ steaks and shrimps!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 12 & 13, 2012; San Carlos to Puerto Penasco

MAR  12, Monday, San Carlos to Santa Anna
We were ready to go by 9:45 am, we said our goodbyes, some of them emotional for Val especially her friend Joyce, and after receiving some final advise from Gaylord about Penasco, we hit the road by 10 am.  We stopped for diesel at a cost of 389 pesos then headed north on Hwy 15 which was excellent (for Mexico) to Hermosillo.  The road through the city was very well marked, the detours easy and in no time, we were north of the city where we paid 127 pesos for the toll and we stopped at a Pemex for lunch.  From here, the road was good except for about 5 miles when it was quite rough but we stuck to the left lane and all was fine.  At Benjamin Hills, we went through a Military check point and were searched by a young and polite soldier then we were on our way.  We arrived at our campground in Santa Anna, pulled in, met once again Anna and Edgar, paid our 150 pesos for the night, hooked up and are now relaxing.  We were here by 3 pm and it is nearly 90*F (32*C) and NO WIND!  The sky was cloudy most of the day and it is still like that now but the temperature has dropped to a nice 80*F

When we got here, there were 2 other rigs but by dinner time, two more came in.  Our neighbour LOVES to yak; I will walk away busying myself and as soon as I stop he comes back out and he’s right there again bending my ears.  I swear he has been alone too long.  When the other two rigs came in, he was right there talking to them before they even got parked!!!  I am just NOT used to that!

N   30* 32.156’
W 111* 07.012’
Alt: 2278 feet
I drove 185 miles in 3:45 hrs @ an average 50 MPH.

MAR  13, Tuesday, Santa Anna to Puerto Penasco via a new hwy
Wow!  What a day!  We got up at 7 am and I cooked pancakes for breakfast.  After showering and cleaning up, we packed and left around 8:30 am.  First the Beast took on fuel then we were on the road on Hwy 2 towards Carborca.  The road was really great and we made good time on a wide 4 lanes highway.  We paid 132 pesos at the toll in Altar and then were on a two lane highway to Carborca where we turned south then west on Hwy 3 and made our way to Puerto Penasco on the south road.  The country side was mainly agriculture land and lots of people working the fields; but there were also plenty of desert sceneries.  It was a good drive except for when we got near small towns/villages where the road would become rough for one to two miles then back to good highway.  The road had no shoulders but it was wide enough to meet trucks and buses comfortably.  We stopped in El Diamante for a break and a bite to eat then continues on. 

The highway came close to the Sea of Cortes at one point and we could see the water.  We were stopped at a military check point near Estacion Sahuaro where we were once again checked inside but this time, one of the soldiers spoke English and we were able to communicate.  They were curious about the inside, how much it cost, where we had been (they saw the map on the outside wall) and where we lived in BC.  It was fun talking to them but we were soon on our way.  By the way, when I asked what they look for, he said they check for weapons and drugs.  We told them Canadians don’t carry weapons and we were too old for marijuana; they laughed at that! One of them told me it was good medicine.  They are really neat kids and very curious; a joy to talk to them.

The road became very rough as we neared Penasco and we finally arrived at our destination with no problems; we are staying at PLAYA del ORO and are at site 213, about 100 yards from the water.  After setting up, we went into town to the bank to get some cash and I fuelled up at the same time.  We came back to Oro and I paid for 6 nights @ 1600 pesos ($138 Cdn) with the seventh night free. 

We walked to the beach where there were still quite a few people out in the water, yes in the water!  We had a beer by the beach at the local bar.  This is a very nice place and very clean.  The propane truck came in and I took on one tank.

For dinner, we decided to go to the Malecon and had dinner at the “The Point Restaurant” on the main drag near the harbour.  A very nice place built on stilts over the water (see pictures) and we had a marvellous sea food dinner.  Temperature when we got here was 30*C and right now at 8:20 pm, it is still over 20*C. AND NO WIND!

N   31* 17.815’
W 113* 32.027’
Alt: 22 feet
We travelled 178 miles in 4 hours @ an average 46 MPH

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 9 to 11, 2012; last 3 days in San Carlos

MAR  9, Friday, more washing and loading
It’s amazing how much stuff there is to load up when it is time to leave.  I washed and vacuumed the inside of the Beast then loaded the golf club and got Tucker space ready.  I also washed the inside of the all the windows; packed up the bikes as Val has gone for her last Tai-Chi this morning which I am told, was quite emotional.  I also packed some of the chairs; the rest will be done tomorrow.  I also added air to the tires on the truck and filled the air bags.  I called AOR, ROD and WHR on Skype to make reservations in Arizona; Yuma, Ehrenberg and Salome starting March 19.  I called my son, Jeff tonight.

MAR  10, Saturday, more packing and Happy Hour at the Lot
I did more cleaning in the morning and packing!  I called Rochelle’s home and got Hayley so we chatted with her for a while then I called Rochelle cell phone and we chatted for a while with her.  They were picking up Kevin’s bike which was a shop for servicing before his spring trip.  We learned that Hayley now has a new car which she never mentioned...Kids!!!  Then we went into Guaymas to buy some groceries at Soriana and Wal-Mart.  We came home, put everything away then drove to the “Lot” to say our goodbyes.  We had a good time with the crew at the Lot and lots of laughs unfortunately, as anything good, it had to come to an end so we said our goodbyes, hugged everyone and came home around 6:20pm.  The gang at Totonaka was getting ready to go to the Chinese restaurant just outside the Park so we joined them.  We had a very nice dinner then came home one more time and watched TV for a while.

MAR  11, Sunday, Last day in San Carlos
The clock moved an hour ahead but we stay the same as Sonora and Arizona do not honor the “Saving Daylight” thing.  I spent the morning loading the rest of our stuff including kayaks then at noon; we went to the San Carlos plaza where a chilli cook-out was taking place, including live music.  There were seven stalls all differently decorated and all the chilli tasted different yet similar.  It cost 10 pesos per taste, money going to charity.  It wasn’t as good as it was two years ago but it was good.  We enjoyed ourselves and had a good time.  Joyce and Bill cycled back, we drove back and the rest of the gang walked back (quite a distance).  Once back at the Park, I was sitting inside when someone knocked and as I went to see who it was, there standing was Gaylord, a friend we met here two years ago.  We sat outside and got up to each other’s news.  It was wonderful seeing him again.  They had just come down from Puerto Penasco so I really grilled him on the road to follow and which park to go to.  Him and his wife, Carole who is legally blind, came over later and joined us for Happy Hour.  Dinner was late but who cares!

Tomorrow, we leave for Santa Anna, Mexico

Friday, March 09, 2012

March 5 to 8, 2012; Birthdays and readying to leave

MAR  5, Monday, My Birthday and the Kirkby’s departure
Another beautiful sunny and warm day!  The Kirkby’s left this morning at 9 am; the park is really becoming emptier by the day.  Val said her goodbyes then went for Tai-Chi.  Units from the south come in for a day or two then leave, taking along one or two of the Units who spent the winter here.  Some folks like travelling in group for security sake.  It was a quiet day otherwise.  We have a new neighbour behind us; Ron and Anna, friends of Leo & Lynn.  Val and I, along with Joyce and Bill, went for lunch at “JJ’s” for torta and lancha (tortilla with diced pork, delicious) then cycled back home.  I had a short snooze (I am over 65 now after all) then Happy H.  The group is down to 6 now but two more joined us; Ron and Anna from Alberta.  For dinner, Val cooked my favourite dinner: meat balls, gravy, mashed potatoes and vegetables with a salad on the side...what more can you ask for at 65!???

MAR  6, Tuesday, Tucker haircut
We dropped off Tucker at the groomer at 11 am and he should be ready by 2 pm.  Val washed small runner carpets and Tucker’s blanket and his bedding.  The crew decided to go to “The Edge” for a hamburger so we tagged along.  Leo was out fishing this morning but didn’t catch anything.  I bought a kilo of Sea Bass fish and ordered 2 kilos of shrimp for Saturday; stocking up before leaving.  Val went for more Tai-Chi at 4 pm, Happy H at 4:30 then dinner and a quiet night at home

MAR  7, Wednesday, 5 days left in San Carlos!
 A fairly quiet day, Val went for Tai-Chi in the morning then we went to town to get some more vegetables and meat both at Tony and Santa Rosa.  Val was busy visiting people and I was busy getting things ready for the big wash day tomorrow and starting to clean some of our stuff...everything is full of dust!  Leo, Al and Ron and their wife of course, went clamming today.  All of us, including Joyce and Bill, went to JOEY for two for one drinks and all you can eat pasta for 100 pesos (approx $8 Cdn).  We came home in time to watch “Survivors” at 9 pm (8 in BC)

MAR  8, Thursday, wash day!
We got the Bear and the Beast washed today, now I can start loading the truck.  We went to “JJ’s” for taco and lanchas (pork served on a toasted tortilla) then to the bank to get some cash for next week.  We came home and I loaded more stuff after washing it.  Happy H then a quiet evening at home.

Monday, March 05, 2012

March 1 to 4, 2012; Sand storms and birthdays

MAR 1, 2012, Thursday, San Carlos
Well, the gang is ready by two! Rick and Pat are gone; soon it will be us. I went golfing with Lynden and Craig today and Val went to Tai-Chi at 3 pm. Happy H at 4:30 and supper at 6! It was a great day, warm and cozy!

MAR 2, Friday, wind/sand storm
Val went for Tai-Chi this morning then after she showered, we went into San Carlos and Guaymas for groceries shopping. We stopped at Arboritos for lunch and I had a new dish call “Chicharron Cameron” which turned out to be deep fried shrimps and absolutely delicious. We had Joyce’s card for “Sam’s Club” where we bought some groceries in bulk then to Walmart for the final items. As we were driving home, we could see the sand being blown up by the strong winds in the desert; we could barely see the mountains in the distance. By the time we put everything away, it was Happy H. Tony and Mickey from Arizona (they have six, yes 6 miniatures Jack-Russell) joined us for a drink. We bought a whole chicken at Walmart and that is what we had for dinner.

MAR 3, Saturday, hot, windy and appointments
I blew again overnight and I had to bring in the awning however this morning, it is warm, sunny and no wind! Apparently Yuma and the region there really got it bad and a huge sandstorm; people who were schedule to leave their campground couldn’t do it.
It was really hot today....90*F (30*C) and windy in the afternoon. We went out to town to pick up a couple items and have lunch at JJ’s where we met Joyce and Bill. When we got home, all the laundry clothes were on the ground and the chairs upside down. Apparently a small “devil twister” came though and wreaked havoc on a few sites. We made appointments for Tucker and to have the Beast and the Bear washed next week. Happy H at 4:30 pm and in for dinner by 6 pm. Watched a movie in the evening

Val got up at 8:30 am and I gave her a card, a small gift consisting of an ankle bracelet with a small heart on it then a BIG kiss! She is a happy girl! Hot day today, 29*C by 11:30 am. The girls in our crew took Val for a golf game then we met afterwards for a drink at the Palapa at the golf club. We came home and got dressed for the evening, had a drink then we all walked over to the Italian restaurant where everyone met us. The folks form the Lot where there in full force and our gang including Joyce and Bill which made it 18. The owner had set up the tables in a U shape which made the visiting easier. I had two singers come to the table and sing a Mexican birthday song for Val which she loved then this little guy came in with jewellery and Val picked a small item. The kid was good bargainers. We came home and had a fire. This evening served a triple purpose; first it was for celebrating Val’s birthday and my birthday tomorrow and also for Lynden and Charlene who are leaving tomorrow, so lots to celebrate. It was a great day and fun was had by all! I posted pictures in Web Picasa