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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Monday, June 30, 2014

June 23 to 30, 2014; Gateway and work

JUN  23, Monday
My “Friday” at work!  A busy day again but I like it this way as the time passes quickly.  Came home and a drink with Val then dinner.  Val took the FRINGE back today and got a new series, “HOUSE OF CARDS”.  I am off for the next 2 days!  Oh, and we cancelled our trip to the wedding for personal reasons but we will stick around for the reception upon their return from Cabo in November.  Called Rochelle and Jeffrey about their uncle Gaetan.

JUN  24, Tuesday; Chores and days off
Cloudy this morning!  I phoned my Specialist’s office this morning about my sinuses and he will call back Friday.  I also called ICBC about our refund and was assured it should be mailed in the next few days; it’s been 2 months since the papers were mailed in!!?  Val went to Kamloops about her eye contacts and I went to Chase to bottle our red wine and ordered another batch. 
We had rain most of the morning but it stopped in the afternoon.  It is much cooler too.  I posted some pictures on Facebook of Jeff’s new boat.  After dinner we watched the new series “HOUSE OF CARDS”, a Political intrigue!

JUN  25, Wednesday; Salmon Arm
Up early as Val has a doctor’s appointment at 10 am!  We stopped at Husky to fill up, up to $1.44 now, then, after the Dr’s appointment; we went to Java Jive for our usual breakfast sandwich and pick up our mail.  Then to the Glass Store to buy new prescription glasses and ended up buying two for the price of one so also got new sun glasses.  We got groceries and meds for Tucker, had a haircut, picked up our glasses then came home.
Al and Dana had HH this afternoon and the gang ended up there.  After dinner, it was more of “House of Cards” and to bed early

JUN  26, Thursday; Back to work
It was back to work for both of us!  Val started today until the end of August.  All was well, we called Marcel to let Tucker out.  Came home and he was happy to see us, not use to that yet!!!  Anyway, dinner then more of “House of Cards”

JUN  27 to 30th; Work, work, and work
It is Monday the 30th and this is our “Friday”!  Neighbours Ron & Theresa are out for the week, they arrived on Thursday evening.  I went to Niskonlith and Adams Lakes to pick up garbage for the Park; it was an interesting and wonderful drive especially from Niskonlith to Adams Lake.  There are a lot of people in Gateway this week-end, everybody taking advantage of the 4 days “Long-W/E”.  We went for dinner at the Pub on Sunday with Donna and Marcel for the “roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding”; as usual it was delicious.  Now we relax for the two days!

Another month gone by!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 16 to 22, 2014; Langley then home

JUN  16, Monday; To Langley, BC
We were up early and on the road by 10 am.  We stopped at Costco in Kamloops to check out glasses and had a quick breakfast at TIM HORTON.  We then drove on to Chilliwack where we stopped to say Hi to Rochelle and Kevin then continued on to Langley.  We called Jeffrey when we got near and he told us to meet him at his boat in Port Moody so we continued on.  I made the mistake of taking the Pit Meadow Ridge and got myself turned around but finally found my way and got to the Marina.
WHAT A YATCH!!!!  I am very impressed!  43 feet total length, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a beautiful and fully equipped galley and living room, a rear deck and a bridge area with deck, all enclosed.  Jeff is in the middle of replacing some electronics so I gave him a hand.  We ordered in Pizza for dinner and finally left for his house around 8 pm.  We sat around and chatted for a while then went to bed.

JUN  17, Tuesday; Langley
Jeff went to work early and we went shopping later in the morning.  At noon, friend Debbie came over and took the dogs for a walk with Val and I went to Hyundai to have the locks checked but they couldn’t find the problem and it ended costing me “nothing” which was very nice of them.  I met Jeffrey at his boat around 2:30 pm and we installed new speakers and installed the marine radio.  We came home and had Quebec style Chop-Suey which I had prepared earlier; Val cooked rice to go along with it all.  We watched some tube afterwards and everyone was in bed early.

JUN  18, Wednesday; Back to Lee Creek
We were up early and drove to Jeff’s shop to say our goodbyes then hit the highway by 9:30 am.  We stopped in Chilliwack to say goodbye to Rochelle (Kevin was out) then continued to Kamloops.  We stopped at Costco to pick up some stuff and were home by 2:30 pm.  We had a surprise visit from friends whom moved to Manitoba a few years back.  We had them for dinner and they left around 8 pm.  We were in bed by 10!

JUN  19, Thursday; Back to work
Back to the grind this morning; a busy and productive day!  HH with my little woman who went to Salmon Arm today to get herself pants for work and paid by the Park.  We received refunds from Extended Health for my new breather on the CPAP and a refund on the Mexico insurance from BCAA.  We watched more of the FRINGE tonight

JUN  20, Friday;
Work all day!  The Park is now fully open and it looks like I will be working full time effective now!  Not much else to report.

JUN  21, Saturday; More work!
Another busy day!  Came home, changed into more comfortable clothes then, after HH together, we had dinner and went out to start a pit fire.  Bob and Gail joined us for a while then it was time for bed.  Summer solstice and the longest daylight hours day!

JUN  22, Sunday;
One more day of work and it was a warm one at that.  Most of the campers left today hence our being busy cleaning…some people can be such pigs when they leave their sites!!  Anyway, I got home at my usual time and Al and Dana (from Alberta) who arrived today, came over for a drink and we all decided to go to the pub in Scotch-Creek for their Sunday night special: Roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding.  I also got a call from brother Gaetan to let me know his cancer flared up again and will have to go for treatment in all probability.  It has reached part of his lungs too.  That’s really shitty!!! 
We had a good dinner and came home early enough to watch the last episodes of FRINGE!

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 8 to 15, 2014; Back to work & to Langley

JUN  8, Sunday; Back to work
We were short staff this morning so I think we earned our pay today!  Campers were slow in moving out and there were no rush for the Dump Station which was good.  Got home at 3:45 pm under a cloudy sky but warm day (it was sunny all day)!  We had a drink then dinner and watched the final CD on “Fringe”; a very strange movie but it kept us captivated.

JUN  9, Monday; Laundry day!
Another day working around the yard and doing chores such as laundry and dumping the tanks.  It got cloudy in the afternoon and we had drizzles by early evening.  Val made sweet potatoes fries in our new T-Fal and I BBQ’ed hamburgers.  We watched a new series this evening; “Games of Thrones”.  I was in bed early as we have to leave early tomorrow.

JUN  10, Tuesday; Eye exam in S.A.
We were up by 6:30 am and on our way to Salmon Arm by 8!  We first went to the eye exam place where we both had our eyes tested.  We were both fine.  We had breakfast to the coffee shop next door and checked on our mail (none).  We took Tucker to the groomer at 11 am then we drove to Walmart to purchase a bra for Val and some treats and food for Tucker.  We went to a local Pub for a beer and a snack and bought a couple of wasp catchers ($5 each) that the barman/owner was selling!  We picked up Tucker and drove to the doctor’s office for Val’s appointment and finally drove home by 3:30 pm. Oh, and we also got groceries and put that away when we got home.  We sat out for a drink then dinner and another episode of “Games of Thrones”.

JUNE  11, Wednesday;
I washed the Jeep and the car.  It was a warm and sunny day and we took advantage of it.  Been thinking a lot about grand-son’s marriage in Cabo and whether we want to put the expenditure for it!??  It seems a lot to spend for only a seven day luxurious trip and we soon have to make a decision.  HH at Bob and Gail then dinner and Games of Thrones series in the evening.

JUN  12, Thursday; Back to work
I got a call yesterday saying that if it rained, not to come in so I was happy to see the sun shining when I got up at 6 am.  I did go to work and it never rained!  I got home at 4 pm and at 4:30, we went to George and Paulette for HH and gave them a bottle of wine that we picked up yesterday and a card congratulating on their new purchase, a 2011 Newmar 43’  and it is gorgeous.  We came home afterwards and had dinner then watched Games of Thrones.

JUN  13, Friday; To work again
Yep, got an extra day!  Actually I am getting the whole week-end which suits me fine.  Early in the morning, Cassie (read Boss) asked me for Val’s number; she has a job for her as Janitorial starting June 27th and we get the same days off.  She even gets a bonus again this year!  Once home at 3:30 pm, I had time to change then it was HH at Ed & Judy.  Dinner consisted of bangers and mash, another favorite of mine, and then we began the second season of FRINGE!

JUN  14, Saturday; Work
A busy day which began with sunshine but ended in rain!  It rained most of the evening but there was a break long enough to allow me to BBQ steaks for dinner.  Evening was more of FRINGE!

JUN  15, Sunday; HAPPY FATHER’s DAY!
I worked again today but it was slow.  We didn’t have as many people show up as we thought, maybe due to the lousy weather!?  I was home by 3:40 pm, had a beer and chatted with Val then Race and his wife came over and that’s when we had a huge downpour that lasted about 15 minutes and inundated everything.  It was crazy.  They left as soon as it let up, in case it happened again which it didn’t!  We had dinner then watched another episode of FRINGE!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

June 1 to 7, 2014; Gateway & back to work

JUNE  1, 2014, Sunday; Chilliwack back to Gateway
Sunny day and warm!  Rochelle and Kevin took us to Cultus Lake Golf course for breakfast and we treated them.  We drove around and he showed us some of the jobs he did around, especially in Vedder Crossing.  We came home and I packed and got the Beaver ready to go.  We said goodbye to both of them and drove to Husky where I took on $100 of diesel and hooked up the Jeep at the back.  We got on Hwy 1 by 1:15 pm and stopped in Hope to dump.  I was going to do it in Chwk but the dump station was closed.  Anyway, that is when I noticed that the door access to the back of the fridge was gone!???  Don’t where I lost it but it means buying a new one.  We left in sunshine but when we got to the top of the “Coque” it rained on and off all the way to Kamloops.  We stopped here at Costco to return an item and bought a BBQ chicken for tonight's dinner.  We arrived home in Lee Creek around 5 pm and set up.  Dinner and relax time.

JUN  2, Monday; Doctor appointment in Salmon Arm
Sunny and very warm!  We were in Salmon Arm by 10 am to see the specialist on colonoscopy.  That lasted 10 minutes and I was out with instructions and a “wait for the hospital” call within the next 2-3 weeks.  We picked up our mail and went to get a few groceries then stopped at the RV Store for a new access door.  We came home and worked around the yard.  The Park called me to work this coming Thursday.

JUN  3, Tuesday; Gateway

It’s been a mix day as far as weather; we had sun this morning then heavy clouds moved in and we had thunder and rain
Val worked in the garden after doing her exercise and I took Tucker for his walk then she went to Chase to return a movie that we watched last night.  I BBQ’ed Pork Ribs for dinner and we used our new T-Fal cooker to make French fries which turned out wonderful (it only use one TBL spoon of vegetable oil).  In the evening, we watched the second disk of “Hell on Wheels” series, a western railway drama!

JUN  4, Wednesday;
We had a mixture of sun, clouds, rain and thunder today!  This was another quiet day doing chores around the place and reading.  HH was at Ed & Judy.  I BBQ’ed steaks for dinner and we had that with a salad.  In the evening, we watched the last of the first season of “Hell on Wheels”.

JUN  5, Thursday; Back to work
So off to work I go!  It was a busy but good day.  While away, Val went to bottle our wine then picked up my meds in Sorrento.  While there, she dropped off a few résumé around.  When I got home, my little woman was waiting for me with a beer in hand, how spoiled!  I heard from my son Jeff that he received confirmation on his purchase and he is now the proud owner of a 1995 40’ Bayliner.  We are very happy for him!  I also learned that I will be working Sundays too.  That’s good.
We had dinner then watched a new series… “The Fringe”!

JUN 6, Friday; Gateway 
My grand-daughter’s dog, Spone, was euthanized yesterday; our Love is with her and Tucker will miss him (and so will we) when we go to the Coast now.  This was a quiet day; Val worked in the yard and cleaned house, I went to Scotch Creek for some items we needed.  We had left over for dinner then watched more of the “Fringe”, a very strange movie but I am hooked!

JUN  7, Saturday; To Salmon Arm
Our neighbours, Ron and Theresa, arrived last night for the week-end.  We went to town to pick up our mail and Val wanted to buy a pair of shorts which she did (2 pr).  They were paving the highway so it was slow going with 15 minutes wait each way!  We came home and had HH at Ed & Judy as Reg and Sharon from our trip to the Baja were also present for a short visit.  There was so much food that we didn’t have to cook dinner.  The “Fringe” ended the evening.