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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 29 to 31, 2010: Cortez and Mesa Grande

OCT 29, Friday, to Cortez Colorado.
We left Moab at 10:15 and arrived in Cortez Colorado at 12:10 pm.! We drove south on Hwy 191 and stopped in Monticello for coffee which wasn’t all that great. Here, we turned on 491 and soon reached Colorado. The scenery was mainly farmlands and ranching. The road was fairly flat too with a few curves and ups and downs.
Cortez is a typical American small town, quaint but quiet. We found Sundance RV Park on hwy 160 on the East side of town, paid our dues and set up.
We took a drive to the Info Centre and got some information on the area then headed North on 145 to the Anasazi Museum near Dolores. It was a very neat museum with a short hike up this hill with old ruins from an Indian Pueblo. We took a few pictures inside the museum and in the surrounding views.
We came home where I BBQ’ed a huge steak for dinner, good enough for both of us, salad and buns (not Val’s)

N 37* 20.849
W 108* 34.433
Alt: 6162 Feet
We drove 112 miles (180 KM) in 2 hrs @ 52 MPH average. It is 55*F (14*C) at 7 pm

OCT 30, Saturday, to Mesa Verde (Green Table)
Another day of fantastic sceneries! And very warm too which made it all the more pleasant. The Park entrance is 9 miles from town then after going through the gate, we had to drive another 20 miles to the top of the Mesa. We zigged then we zagged and after a 2400 feet climb to 8400 feet, we arrived at the top. We first went to the Museum as the Lodge was closed. There, we bought tickets to see the Palace Cliff Dwellings which is a guided tour. Since we had time, we first went down to the Spruce Tree Dwellings which was a short walk from the museum. Took some pictures then we walked back up and watched a movie on Mesa Verde history and then walked through the museum. By then it was time to make our way to the Cliff Palace. We had a short drive and waited for our guide and tour at 1 pm. Tim was his name and he was interesting and humorous. First we went down along the cliff between huge rocks on steps built in the rocks, and to come back up, we had to go up 3 sets of ladders. It was very interesting and fun. It was called Palace not because of the size of the dwellings but because a rancher back in the 1880 called it like that and it stuck. We saw a painting inside a house/dwelling which dated back to 1200 AD, WOW!
We then took a drive around the Mesa Top loop and saw more old Kiva, (original houses dug in the ground and covered), Pueblo and finally the sun temple where I ran out of batteries on the camera. By this time, it was 4 pm and we both had enough so I drove back down. What a view of the Montezuma Valley and Cortez; hardly used the brakes thanks to the Exhaust brake. We couldn’t go to the Wetherill Mesa as it is closed for the winter; too bad because it’s also supposed to be quite something to see. We walked around in short sleeve all day and could have worn shorts!
For dinner, we went out to a small mom & pop restaurant next door and had their special...Prime roast!

OCT 31, Cortez
This has been a quiet day. It was sunny but a bit cool! Val did laundry this morning then, in the afternoon, we went geo-caching. That also took us to Dolores, about 15 minutes from here, where we found our last cache and visited the “Galloping Goose”, an old train made from a truck. There were four of them, one being a bus. (Check out the pictures). I have also uploaded the pictures from our trip to Mesa Grande in folder #66.
On the way back, we stopped at a local pub and watched football for about an hour then came home and I BBQ’ed pork-chops!
Tomorrow, we move to Arizona via the 4 corners and Monument Valley!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 25 to 28, 2010; Visits to National Parks

OCT 25, Monday, Canyon Land National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park
The day began greyish but eventually cleared and we had sunshine in the afternoon. Today, we went to Canyon Land National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park. It was a 35 miles drive to the entrance of the National Park. We drove along the Moab fault past Arches National Park then turned on 313 Highway. We managed to find a couple of Geo-Caches along the way. On 313, we climbed to over 5000 feet via a couple switchbacks then drove on this flat area for quite a while with not much to see except field of shrubs and grass. According to history, this area was used as cattle feeding range back in the 1800’s. This area is called “Island in the sky” as it is just one big Mesa with canyons on four sides but very wide at the beginning, narrowing down at the end. We had the Green River on the right, the Colorado on the left and they joined at the end of the drive on Island of the Sky. We entered the park and almost immediately the scenery changed and we began seeing canyons after canyons. Our first stop was Shafer Canyon which absolutely incredibly beautiful. Then we went on Upheaval Dome which they think was caused by a big meteor. We had a hike here and even found a track of either a bear or a cougar, not sure but I took a picture of it and maybe someone can let me know. Anyway, we drove back to the main road and our next stop was the Mesa Rock, an Arch giving an overlook of the canyon. There are hundreds of magazines and travel book showing this Mesa and I always wanted to see it...my wish has been granted. (SEE PICTURES IN FOLDER # 63, Canyon Land).
Then it was on to Green River overlook, Buck Canyon overlook and finally the Grand View Point overlook. This is where we see the Green and Colorado Rivers meet in the distance and where the Mesa ends. We were over 6000 feet at his point. What a trip and what sights. I recommend this to anyone.
We drove back out of the National Park and turned to go to Dead Horse State Park. We got there at 5 pm so the office was closed which meant that we didn’t have to pay the $10 fee to get in. We drove to the Point @ 5700 feet and walked around the area taking a few pictures and looking at the Horseshoe formed by the Colorado, one of the most photograph sites in North America, according to the literature.
We drove back home to relax and review our day. The sceneries we are looking at are just mind boggling in its vastness and beauty. This is one incredible place and there is more to see.

OCT 26, Tuesday, LaSalle Mountain loop drive
I have been doing a lot of burping in the last week and my stomach and chest are causing me pain so we went to a doctor today and made an appointment for tomorrow. From there, we took the LaSalle Mountain Loop drive which we were told was quite spectacular and it was!
We found snow at the 7400 foot level and climbed to 8200 feet from there but the road was dry except for a couple spot. What was amazing is finding ranches and houses up there and what a view (check out the pictures, folder #64). The road down was steep with lots of switchbacks but we made it safely. (Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this now, would I? KEVIN, if you are reading this, you would LOVE these roads) And of course, we found a few geo-caches along the way. One of the thing about doing this, is it gets us moving around in the country side and up and down hill side and one of the benefits is the views one can get at times as you will see in the pictures. We joined back with Hwy 128, the highway we drove on the first day, and found a few more caches. As we drove alongside the “Mighty Colorado” we saw a kayaker coming down the river; he even had his dog with him!
In town, we stopped at a Brewery/pub and had a drink and nachos. It was a neat place and very popular as the place was packed but we did find a seat. Drinks were $2.00 a pint and a jug was $10. Can’t beat that! The nacho was so big that it became our dinner as we were both full.
Another wonderful day! Sunny and getting warmer.

OCT 27, Wednesday, Moab
The sun is shining and it is warming up. I went for my doctor’s appointment at noon and after a quick check-up, gave me some remedies which will hopefully help. We went geo-caching around town afterwards and walked downtown and window shop. Val bought a book and we went into a doggie store and got a treat for Tucker. He likes those stores; he wants to play with everything, quite funny.
We came home and read for a while, I washed the rig then it was dinner time. Watched “Survivors” in the evening!

OCT 28, Thursday, Canyon Lands, south end
This is our last day here. It froze overnight but it is warming up nicely now that the sun is out. I heard on the news today that kids are NOT allowed to celebrate Halloween on Sunday and must do it on Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah, and a few other places due to religious beliefs. So much for freedom!!???
We took Hwy 191 south then 211 West to South Canyon Land and once again we were not disappointed. This time, instead of looking at the canyons from the top, we looked at them from the bottom. We first stopped at a place called Newspaper Cliffs, where we saw pictograph dating back a couple thousand years. We continued on to the Park and stopped at the Visitor Centre. We went to see the Road side Ruins where there was still an old storage for grains under a rock, dating back a few hundred years; then on to the “wooden Shoe rock” (see pictures) and from here, the Pothole Point. I think that once you look at the pictures, you will agree with me that this is one fantastic country side!
We drove back home, had dinner and relax. Tomorrow, we move to Cortez, Colorado to see Mesa Verde National Park.
I have uploaded all the pictures of this part of the trip. Check out folder # 63, 64, 65

Monday, October 25, 2010

October 23 & 24, 2010: Arches National Park

OCT 23, Saturday, Moab, Utah
We got up late this morning and played the lazy leisure of just reading and drinking coffee. We eventually got ready and went into town after Val did the laundry. Moab is quaint and typical tourist town with all the trimmings. We went groceries shopping and stopped at Ace to pick up a hose sprayer. Oh and I also downloaded some waypoints for some serious Geo-Caching.
After dinner, we had a serious downpour with lighting and thunder. Poor Tucker went crazy as it was quite loud. We even had hail come down but now all is calm and when I went outside, I could see stars in the distance.

OCT 24, Sunday, Arches National Park
The sky is clearing some, so we decided to head for the Arches Park. First we packed a lunch then headed out to find a few Geo-Caches. What can I say: I am addicted!
Anyway, we did make it to the Park and headed in after showing our pass (bought last year and still good until the end of November). We first climbed along a cliff, stopped to read about the Moab Fault just below us and headed inland. From the start we were overwhelmed with the colors, the beauty and the awesome sceneries. Words escape me to describe the vastness of this area. My vocabulary is just too limited to do it justice, so I’ve posted 116 pictures in Folder #61 in our Picasa website. Just click on the link on your right.
We drove to the end and didn’t do any hiking as we planned on doing that when it is clearer. Right now it’s windy and cloudy and getting colder. There was a campground near the end, built amongst the huge boulders. The scenery was fantastic and kids were everywhere climbing on the rocks. We decided on which hike we wanted to do then headed back. The scenery was different going back, looking at it from a different angle, which made it all the more interesting.
In the evening and overnight, we had a storm come through with very strong winds and rain by the bucket.

Friday, October 22, 2010

October 20 to 22, 2010; Jackson to Moab, Utah

OCT 20, Wednesday, Jackson, Wyoming
We had a lazy morning and didn’t get going until noon. The sun is shining and the temperature is around 60*F (15C) so we drove into town and walked into the original part. We went for lunch at the “Million Dollar Cowboy” but it was closed so we went to the Wort Hotel, another old hotel and had lunch in the saloon. We walked around the Town Square and took some pictures then drove to the Elk Art Centre and took a tour of it. Very nice and well laid out!
We went back to town and noticed the “Million Dollar Saloon” was open so we went in for a drink. What a cool place! It was a huge place with two bars and saddles for seat at the bars. Really cool! We had one beer, tried to sit at the bar but ended up at a table. After paying, we went to Albertson and got some groceries then came home. Val had made a spaghetti sauce so dinner was early. Tomorrow, we head south to Rock Spring and points beyond.

OCT 21, Thursday, to Verna, Utah
We got up -28*F but it soon went up to 65*F (16*C) as the day went on. We left Jackson at 9:15, drove on 390, 22 then 191 south and left Jackson behind. The drive to Rock Spring was quite monotonous. We went from 6200 feet to 8000 feet again then back down to 6100 feet in Rock Springs. We stopped for lunch at Farson where the Oregon Trail crossed heading west. There was also a memorial for the Pony Express riders.
We stop in Rock Springs long enough to fuel at 3.09 then went on I-90 West back to Hwy 191 South again. The scenery from here really changed drastically. We slowly climbed back up to 8300 feet and follow this ridge most of the way. At times, we could see both sides’ valley. We eventually started going down to the Flaming Gorge basin. The views were absolutely incredible. The rock faces were different colors of red and orange, there was also a Phosphate mine nearby.
We drove over the dam at 660 feet and went back up to 8000. The climb wasn’t too steep and all went well. Now the landscape went from pines to white birch trees. Quite something to see! Eventually we began our downhill descend to Verna. The road was quite steep and I went into second gear at certain spot. The hill was well marked indicating how many switch back we had to go to the bottom. We eventually made it and went on to Verna at 5402 feet. It’s been a long day and glad to find a park to stay at. We are at Fossil Valley RV Park.

An interesting addendum: As we were driving down and towards Verna, we could see signs indicating fossils spot where they were found...very well done.

N 40* 27.112
W 109* 32.824
Alt: 5402 Feet

We drove 290 miles (466 KM) in 6 hrs and 45 minutes at an average 49 MPH

OCT 22, Friday, to Moab, Utah
Well, I guess it was bound to happen eventually...it is cloudy and we got rained on the way down to Moab. We left at 9:30 am after getting a McDonald breakfast and fuelling @ 3.09/gal. We headed west on Hwy 40 out of Verna and crossed in Colorado about a half hour later. A few miles down the road, we turned south on 64 which turned into 139. From here, we slowly climbed to 6000 feet from 4800 then it became steep, 6 to 8 % grade for 3 miles. The truck did well and we had no choice but to gear down to 2nd gear as the switch back were tight and the road narrow. Once at the top, we began almost immediately going down on the other side. We had switch backs and grades of 8 to 10%. Pretty steep I’ll tell you! We went down in 2nd and first gear with the Jake working full-time. We made down and headed to I-70 where we turned west for Utah. I had chosen Hwy 128, a by-pass hwy, because it showed interesting landscape on Google Earth and we were not disappointed! We followed the Colorado River most of the way and saw some of the most fantastic scenery. If this is things to come, I can’t wait!
We are camped at OK Corral RV Park, a Passport member so cheaper rates; we are here for 7 nights at least!

N 38* 31.256
W 109* 29.342
Alt: 4587 feet

We drove 217 miles (349 Km) in 6 hrs @ an average 44 MPH

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 17 to 19, 2010; Yellowstone and onwwards to Jackon Hole

OCT 17, Sunday, to Madison, Montana
I uploaded some pictures last night to our Picasa link, folder #60. Got up this morning at 7:30 am to 7*C (44*F). Pretty amazing! The sky is clearing too! By the way, we are now on the East side of the Continental Divide but will cross it a couple times more. I should also mention that as a point of interest, the park here is sitting on a thermal source so the water that we are getting from the tap is lukewarm and yes, safe to drink. Very interesting, indeed!
We got up late as we have a very short drive to make. We had breakfast and slowly packed then left for our new destination, Driftwaters RV Park. It was listed in “PASSPORT AMERICA” under a different name but they have changed hands. The lady was kind enough to honor part of it so we didn’t have to pay the full price but it was cheap enough for us to stay here. There is a saloon here that serves beer and meals and at reasonable prices.
As we drove through Ennis, we found this town very picturesque and a true Western style town. We slowly climbed over 6000 feet but the temperature is remaining above 50*F (10*C). After setting up, we drove to West Yellowstone town and looked around. We then drove to the park which is right next door and used our pass from last year which is still good. We first went in to see the Fire Hole Canyon drive which was absolutely beautiful with all its waterfalls; then it was on to the Fountain Park where we began to see our first geysers, absolutely out of this world! We stopped to take pictures of Bison, Elks (Buck and female), but didn’t see any wolfs or bears and grizzlies. We saw lots of deer and antelopes.
We went on to the “Old Faithful” geyser (7300 feet) where we had to wait 30 minutes before it blew its top (figure of speech). Took lots of pictures, needless to say!
At the ‘Fire Hole” Lake Drive, we saw more geysers and saw one that had a cone and just as we were leaving, it decided to provide us with a show of shooting hot water and steam up its hole. It was AWSOME!!!!
We drove back home as it was getting late, almost 5 pm, and once back at our park we went for a beer and chatted with the waitress and found more interesting facts about the area. We decided to have dinner there due to the lateness of our return (good excuse). Most of the day was nice and comfortable except for a couple times when we had a bit of rain and wind.
Fuel was 3.19/gallon or approx .80 cents/litre

N 44* 50.824’
W 111* 31.988
Alt: 6130 feet

OCT 18, Monday, Yellowstone
After breakfast, we left for the park once again. This time we went North at the Junction of 89 and 20 and headed towards Mammoth Village and Yellowstone historic Fort. Our first stop was the “artist paint pots” then onwards to Norris Junction where there is a book store and museum but unfortunately it was closed. We did see the geysers however and it really is breathtaking and awesome! We continued on to the Obsidian cliffs where once again everything was closed but we did look around. This is the type of rock that Indians would use to make arrows and flint for their fires. It is almost indestructible. We saw more geysers as we went along and everyone were unique and breathtaking. Words cannot do it justice so check out the pictures in folder #60.
We finally arrived @Mammoth Hot Springs. Absolutely stunning is all I can say! It is tier down the hill and we had a good overview of the village and fort. Unfortunately everything is pretty well closed in the village and fort so we couldn’t see the museum. Even the restaurants were closed for the season so we decided to head down to Gardiner, 5 miles down the road. Gardiner is the service town for the Park so it is busy and we did manage to find a saloon that served food and good beer.
After lunch, we headed back up, from 5600 feet to 7200 feet where the Mammoth Village is and continued on back home. This is a steep and long climb, not gradual like the West gate.
It was sunny all day and fairly warm considering the altitude. We went from 6600 at the West Gate to 7600 feet as our highest point on the road...no snow anywhere! We had left at 9:30 am and got back at 5:30 pm. A very good day indeed! By the way, temperature reached a high of 60*F ( 15*C)
A few facts about Yellowstone:
- A huge part of the Park is inside the crater of an ancient volcano
- The rim is called a Caldera
- The army provided security and controlled poaching from 1886 to 1916
- Speed limit within the Park is 45 MPH(72 Km)
- The grand loop is 142 miles (229 KM)
- The geysers and hot pool are fed by underground magma
- The route south passes over the Continental Divide three times
- Yellowstone became the world’s first National Park in 1872
- The Caldera or Rim is 30 miles wide X 45 miles long
- There are five Gates (entrance ways) into and out of the Park

OCT 19, Tuesday, to Jackson Wyoming
It went down to 23*F (-5*C) but the sun is up again today. Last night, we decided to head down further south. We will leave the East side of the Park for another time, the distance is just too great; yesterday we put 300 KM and the East side is even further.
We left at 10 am after paying our bill and headed east and south on 191. We re-entered the Park one last time and drove south to Old Faithful and eventually South Gate. The scenery was breath-taking. We slowly climbed to 8200 feet to the first crossing of the Continental Divide then up again to 8500 feet over the Craig’s pass and back down to 82 000 feet where we crossed the Continental Divide again. We crossed it one more time a bit later and made our descend to the South Gate at 7200 feet. This side was bit steeper. The truck did very well considering the thin air and the Jake was appreciated once again.
We almost immediately entered the Grand Tetons National Park and took a by-passed to Jenny Lake and a closer view of the Grand Tetons mountains. We also looked for campsites but everything was shut-down for the season. The Grand Tetons were awesome and huge: Mt Morgan is 12605 feet high and Grand Tetons sits at 13770’ to name a couple. Quite breath-taking!
The scenery south of here began to change and became large area of open prairie like areas and more ranches became evident as we got closer to the city of Jackson Hole. 5 miles south of the park exit, we arrived at the city and stopped to get some info. We will spend a couple nights here. We found a campsite across the Snake River on hwy 390, about 10 minutes from town and set up. It is 3:30 pm and time for bourbon!

N 43* 31.212
W 110* 50.330
Alt: 6229 feet

We travelled 171 miles (274 Km) in 5.5 hours at an average speed of 40 Mph (The slow drive through the Park kept us at a low average but we had very good fuel consumption)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 14 to 16 Gateway to Ennis, Montana

We were up by 7 am as we had a few things to do first. I covered the car after removing the battery; shut off the water main; turned off the lights; said good bye to our neighbour and we were on our way by 9:45 am. We stopped in Salmon Arm to pick up our mail and let them know we were on our way then we were on our way.
We stopped in Revelstoke for lunch and continued on to Golden. It was a nice drive with not much traffic and little road work happening. No snow on the mountains passes and very little on top of the Monashee. We did see an 18 wheeler in the ditch and DOT, police and wrecker were already there. We arrived in Golden at 4 pm Mountain Time Zone. We are staying at Whispering Pine; we’ve stayed here before. We even had 5 to 8 mountain goats were around. There is a lot of construction on the highway here in Golden, widening and straightening the Kicking Horse Pass.

N 51* 18.021
W 116* 56.810
ALT: 2954 feet

We travelled 188 miles (203 KM) in 5 hours @ an average speed of 49 MPH. I fuelled here but only took on 35$ as it was $1.19/ Litre

OCT 15, Friday, to Kalispell, Montana
It snowed overnight on top of the mountains and we had a bit of rain down here. We got up to a dark sky at 7 am. Actually, it wasn’t light until 8 am. After breakfast and showers, we left around 9:30 pm and headed south on hwy 95. We had a bit of rain but it eventually cleared and by the time we got to Fort Steele, it was sunny. We stopped just north of Ft Steele to fuel @ $1.09/Litre. We turned East on hwy 3 then south on 93. We crossed into the U.S. quickly and with no problems. The drive south to Kalispell was nice and interesting scenery. We arrived at our campsite at Rocky Mountain Campground and paid $21 for one night. After dropping “Bear” and unhooking, we drove to town where they had a Costco, Walmart and Best Buy...all my favourites and Val’s too. We bought groceries and phone time for our US phone and fuelled the truck at 3.19/gal. We are happy to be here; we even have internet!

N 48* 15.183’
W 114* 15.000’
Alt: 2926 feet

We travelled 456 KM (284 miles) in 6.5 hours at an average speed of 52 MPH

OCT 16, Saturday, to Ennis, Montana
We got up at 7:30 this morning. It was -2*C (30*F) but went up as the day went by. We left Kalispell at 9 am and drove south on 93, East on 82 then south on 83. The highway was great and fairly flat until we turned on 83 where it became rolling but still easy to negotiate. We could peak at the Rockies once in a while through the trees and whenever we got an opening. We stopped in Swan Lake for a break and coffee; temperature was around 10*C (50*F). This is beautiful country for fishing and hunting. We finally arrived to the Highway 200 junction and headed east once again. The scenery here was rolling hills, open ranch country reminding us of home near Kamloops. Actually it also reminded us of South Dakota near Sturgis.
Anyway, once again we turned south on 141 to Hwy 12 East, where we climbed to 6400 feet (almost the same height as MT Cheam near Chilliwack, BC) and crossed the Continental Divide and went down to Helena, Montana’s capital. Thank goodness for the Jake, it held back the whole rig at a comfortable 40 mph in 5 to 7% grade, all the way down to 3400 feet.
Helena was a very clean and small town from what we saw however, in all fairness, we didn’t stop, and continued on to Hwy 287 south. We crossed I-90 and arrived in Ennis around 4:30 where we called it quit. Believe it or not, we are at 5000 feet and it is a balmy 12*C (54*F), the warmest it’s been since we left. We have a beautiful view of the Rockies and are about two hour away from Yellowstone. We are staying in a very nice and clean park called Ennis RV Village, a Good Sam member. It had a heavy rain in the early part of the evening and lighting & thunder to boot! Right it is 9 pm and still 7*C (44*F)

N 45* 22.029
W 111* 43.622
Alt: 4917 feet

We travelled 506 Km (316 miles) in 7 hours at an average 51 MPH

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 12 & 13, 2010: last days in Gateway

OCT 12, Tuesday, Gateway
We got up late this morning. I think that the anti-biotics I am taking are making me sleep later!?? Tucker got his treatment for fleas than we went to Scotch Creek to return our bottles and get another tank of propane filled.
We had Bob and Gail over for dinner and played cards (Sequence); needles to say, we took pity on them and let them win!

OCT 13, Wednesday, Chase.
We picked up the last of our wine this morning then went to Sorrento to pick up our meds. We came home, relaxed then had dinner. After listening to the weather, we decided to leave tomorrow so we took two bags of wine to Donna and Marcel to keep over the winter then we came home for our last evening.

Monday, October 11, 2010

October 6 to 11, 2010: Visit with the kids

OCT 6, Wednesday, Gateway
We got the rig ready to move for tomorrow morning then went into Chase for some last minute stuff. The park is really quiet now with most people having left, there are only 5 full timers left including us. It was another beautiful day!

OCT 7, Thursday, to Kamloops
We left around 8:30 am for South Thompson RV dealer in Kamloops to get the last of warranty work done. We dropped off the rig after going through the list of things to do then went downtown to do some shopping and killing time.
At 5 pm, we drove to Brook’s house and spent the night there. What a beautiful house! Brook collects chandeliers and he has them all over the house. His house is of the 1900 era and we got the complete tour. After a delicious dinner of BBQ salmon, we went to his parent’s house to visit their place too. It is or was a hotel back in 1912, converted into a house later on and they’ve been living there for the last 20 years or so. His father is a collector and there were all kinds of stuff throughout. His mom collects dolls, all kinds. It is a heritage home now and they have city tours once in a while. It really was beautiful and Brook was a marvellous tour guide. Unfortunately, his parents weren’t there so we couldn’t visit and, like a dummy, I forgot to take pictures of the place; I am really getting forgetful lately!
We went back to his place and chatted and watched TV then it was bed time.

OCT 8, Friday, Back to Gateway then down to the coast
After saying good-bye to Brook, we went to South Thompson to pick up our rig. They were still working on it so had to wait an hour and were finally on our way by 11 am. We drove to North Shuswap to our place, parked “Bear”, loaded our gear into the car and headed for the coast. It is sunny and warm!
We arrived at Jeffrey’s place around 6 pm and spent the evening chatting and catching up to news after Debbie and him served us a great dinner. Tucker re-acquainted himself to Simon and met a new one, Charlie who is a mix shitt-sue/ cocker spaniel. Charlie is shy and scared of Tucker who growls when he plays fights.

OCT 9, Saturday, Jeffrey’s house
Welcome to the coast...it is raining and the forecast is for rain the whole week-end! At one point it was raining in buckets! Anyway, we went to Costco where the girls shopped for cloths while Jeff and I went to cafeteria for hot dog and fries. Afterwards we went to his shop for a looky-look then we went home.
In the evening, we went to the pub for the dinner and the evening entertainment. We came home around 11 pm after a great time.

OCT. 10, Sunday, Thanksgiving in Chilliwack
We left Jeff’s house at 11 am and we all made our way to Rochelle & Kevin’s house in Chilliwack where we had the most marvellous Thanksgiving dinner. First we visited with the kids and grand-kids and everyone started to arrive for dinner. There were all the grand-parents (3 sets), Hayley and her new boyfriend, Josh; the newlyweds Vanessa & Garrette; Graeme; Jeff & Debbie and mom & dad of course. Needless to say that the dinner was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Later in the evening, we had pumpkin pie and ice cream then watched some pictures; Kevin was in the mood to reminisce about the kids when they were younger. We said good bye to everyone including Jeff and Debbie who drove back to Surrey and after everyone left, the four of us sat and chatted and enjoyed a glass of red wine. When it was time to go to bed, around 12:30 am, I went to get Tucker from under the couch but he didn’t want to move so I reached for him and he growled but instead of heeding the warning, I went further and he bit me on the thumb making a gash that once at emergency, had to have 4 stitches to close it. Yes, I had to go emergency. Rochelle drove there and back and we finally got to bed around 3 am.

OCT. 11, Monday, Back to Gateway
We didn’t get up 10 am. We had breakfast then went to visit Vanessa and Garrette new apartment downstairs. They bought some new furniture and had their apartment looking really nice and homey. Once again, it was time for us to leave so we said goodbye to Hayley, Rochelle and Kevin and left Chilliwack around 2 pm. We arrived back at Gateway around 5 pm and Bob called us over for dessert. Ron and Therese; Donna and Marcel were also there. We visited for a while then went home to have dinner and put our stuff away.
4 days to our departure!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

October 1-5, 2010; Gateway

OCT 1, Friday; Gateway
Well, we have 14 days to our departure! We are both looking forward to it. I am also reverting back to our usual daily blogging as you will notice.
The morning started very foggy with low clouds but by noon, it had burned off and we had sunshine and warm temperature. I took the car in to the garage in Sorrento to have the front wheel balanced as it has a bad shake in the steering column around 110 KM. As it turned out, I have to buy two tires as the front ones are splitting along the tread. It never stops! They had to order them in as they only had winter tires in stock so I will be going back on Tuesday and in the mean time, I had them put the rear tires in the front and the bad ones in the back in case of a blow-out!
We went to Chase in the afternoon and got two movies for later then came home. The traffic is getting pretty bad near Rodrick-Haig Provincial Park as this is the salmon run which happens every 4 years. A very big event here on the North Shuswap!
For dinner, we went out to our usual pub, the Billy Bong with Donna and Marcel then came home and watched a movie

OCT 2, Saturday, Gateway
Sunny and warm again today! Bob and I went into Sorrento to see if we could find a 30 amp breaker for my shed but didn’t find one that would fit the box so came back home. The traffic on our road was horrendous because of the salmon run and the activities happening at Rodrick-Haig Park. We had to fight that again as Val and I went into Chase to return the movies and get two more.
We went to Lillian and Bob for happy hour (not the Bob above). Ron and Sheila were there too; they just got back from a trip across Canada and Newfoundland this past summer. In the evening we watched our movies after cooking steaks for dinner.

OCT 3, Sunday, Gateway
We had to go to Chase to return the movies in the afternoon so that meant being caught in the traffic around the Park which was much worse than yesterday. We came back home and visited with Donna & Marcel and Gail & Bob for a while before heading to Dan and Heather for dinner. She cooked a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and it was delicious. Present were Jack & Mim and Ed & Judy. Last year we had all met in Yuma for X-mas and this was a kind of reunion before we all leave for the south. D&H have a small camper van so cannot cook for big crowds nor fancy meal so this was their way of doing it which suited all of us. The evening began with a fire and happy hour and ended with a delicious desert consisted of individual apple pie with whipping cream. We had lots of laughs and it was a successful evening. We came home around 9 pm as they both had to work in the morning.

OCT 4, Monday, Dr’s appointment in Salmon Arm
We got up early today to make our appointment. After walking Tucker, Bob waved us over and we learned that he had been victim to robbery attempt around 2 am. Two kids were involved and he did tangle with one of them but he managed to run away. Fortunately, nothing was taken except for an electric bug racket which they broke to pieces. They had also stopped at George’s place and he had woken up and scared them away. George came over to help Bob. Unfortunately, we never heard anything; otherwise, I would have been there to help too.
We locked everything and then went to Salmon Arm for our doctor’s appointment. We first stopped at the vet. to get Tucker examined and get some meds for his joints then it was our turn at our regular doctor. We stopped for our mail and lunch, bought a couple of small items then came home. We stopped at Spooner Electric to get my 20 amps breaker which I had ordered a couple weeks ago.
It is cloudy now but warm still. We went to Jack & Mim for happy hour and home-made chicken soup, compliments from last night left-over bones at the dinner. We had a very nice evening with them and finally came home around 8 pm.

OCT 5, Tuesday, more preparations.
Sunny and warm once again, just can’t believe this weather! Everyone is saying that it will be a cold winter. I took the car in to have the two rear tires replaced. In the afternoon, we went to Chase to do the laundry and picked up 2 movies for later. Once back home, we dumped the flower pots for the winter and I built a cabinet for our liquor and wine.