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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home base is a resort Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 31, 2015; At Yosemite National Park

We were up and away by 9 am on I-5 South!  I-5 from here is very straight, monotonous and boring so we were glad to finally see Sacramento.  Further south we stopped for lunch and fuel then went on to Hwy 120 where we moved East to Hwy 99 south to Merced.  We stopped here at an info centre to get information on Yosemite and Sequoia National Park. From here we headed East on Hwy 140 to Mariposa and camped at the Fairground RV Park. ($30/night with full hook-up and WIFI).  We will here two nights.  It is sunny and very warm outside.  We actually had the A/C on this afternoon while driving.  The scenery coming up here was very scenic and awesome.  Rolling hills and wide open grazing fields which reminded us a lot of Sonoma and Napa Valleys.

N   37* 27.857’
W 119* 56.927’
ALT: 1812 Feet

We travelled 288 miles in 5.5 hrs @ an average 52MPH.  We stopped 1.5 hour for fuel, lunch and info gathering.

October 27 to 30, 2015; Repairs/maintenance, Mt Lassen Volcanic National Park and to Red Bluff CA

OCT 27, TUESDAY; Repair & maintenance
Our home went into the shop by 8:30 am and we left with the jeep to explore Bend.  First we stopped for breakfast at SHARI then we went to find a SUPER WALMART which ended up taken us north to Richmond.  We looked for non-alcohol wine but to no avail so we drove back and stopped at SAFEWAY where we found and bought a couple bottles.  We drove to Bend and stopped at the INFO CENTRE and got some directions on things to see and do around town.  I stopped to gas up the Jeep then we went to the MILL CENTRE, a high-end Shopping Centre and found a movie theatre and ended going in to watch “THE SPY BRIDGE” with TOM HANKS.  It was well done.  We then went back to the Dealership.  I got some good news in that the awning problem was NOT the motor but a loose connection.  The Aqua Hot water system was services and they found a cracked muffler which they replaced.  Sounds like we may be out of her by tomorrow!?  We sat in the lounge for about an hour then moved back into our house.
Bend is a very nice and quaint town with lots to see and do.  It was sunny most of the day and got nicely warm in the afternoon.  It clouded over in the evening.

OCT 28, WEDNESDAY; Beaver Dealer & Service
Light rain this morning.  We were out of the house by 8 am for more final work we hope!  We left in the Jeep and went to find a liquor store and Walmart but first we stopped for crepes at I-HOP!  I bought a 1.75 Litre of Bourbon for 45.95; a $80 value in Canada.  Afterwards, we went to see the “THE DESERT MUSEUM” on 97 south which was absolutely fantastic and very well done.  We listen to two live presentations, one on birds of prey and raptors and the second was on reptiles.  Very interesting and even took a few pictures.  There was a site with an old mill from the early 1900’s.  The exhibits inside the museum were great.  We walked through first an exhibit about the desert animals and plants then one about the First Nation people and finally about a western mining town.  All very well done and worth going to see!  We then drove further south to the NEWBERRY NATIONAL VOLCANIC MONUMENT but unfortunately it was closed but we did see lots of volcanic lava and an old butte that is a dormant century old volcano.  We drove back to town, stopped at a pub near where we are and had a beer and nachos.  All the repairs have been done and we are good to go.  We will settle the bill tomorrow but right now, it’s relax time.  The sun did come out in the afternoon and it turned to be a nice evening.

OCT 29, THURSDAY; Bend OR to Weed CA
A day that began with surprises!  First we were able to sleep in until 7:30 am.  We were out and about by 9 am.  I went to the office and got them to get going on my bill.  While waiting, I went to a gas station they recommended and paid $2.39/gal to fill up.  I went back to the shop, paid my bill and then went back in because the air leak got a lot worse while I was parked there.  The Tech came out, found the main valve at the tank was leaking and took it out to exchange but of course they didn’t have one so they had to go to a local truck shop to get one.  They changed it and I only paid for the part!  We finally left at noon!  We headed south on Hwy 97.  The drive was somewhat boring as the road was straight and there was little to see until we got to Klamath Falls.  We stopped for lunch then carried on driving along the Upper Klamath Lake; huge and very impressive.  16 miles later we entered California and got our first view of Mt Shasta.  IMPRESSIVE AND MAGNIFICENT!  It is a dormant volcano, part of the chain along the Cascade Mountains!  We slowly went from over 5000 feet to 3700’.  We finally arrived in WEED, CA; found our Park for the night, paid our dues and settled for the night.

We travelled 216 miles in 4.5 hrs @ an average 49 mph.  We stopped one hour total for breaks and lunch. 
N 041* 24.035’
W 122* 22.638’
ALT: 3712’


OCT 30, FRIDAY; Weed to Red Bluff, CA via Lassen Volcano National Park
A lazy, sort of, morning.  We left around 9:20 am and headed south on I-5 then took Hwy 89 East and south to Hwy 44/89 where we headed West once again and finally arrived at the entrance to Lassen Volcano National Park.  The drive to the Park was very interesting with forest of beautiful ponderosa trees and colorful aspen.  We slowly climbed to 5000 feet.  We turned into the Park and paid $20 at the entrance.  We stopped at the Info/museum Centre, looked around and read the history of Mt Lassen which erupted in 1912 and again 1916 when it went dormant again.  We drove on and headed up to 8400 feet at the foot of the volcano.  There is a trail here that one can take to reach the summit.  It takes about two hours if you are in shape (That left me out).  We took a few pictures and carried on.  We stopped at the SULPHUR WORKS where we saw a boiling sulphur mud hole and did it ever stunk!!!  The drive around the mountain and to the top was absolutely breath-taking and extremely scenic.  It was hard to drive and look too as there was so much to see.  The switch-back and curves made the drive challenging and the BEAVER took it all in stride.  We had lunch at the south west gate on Hwy 89.  The descend was also challenging but we finally arrived at the bottom.  We went from 8600 feet to 220 feet above sea level in Red Bluff.  We found our PASSPORT AMERICA campground (ONITE), paid $15 for the night and settled down.  It’s been a very interesting day!  It is sunny and a balmy 76*F (24*C)

N   40* 10.635
W 122* 13.506
ALT: 238 Feet

We drove 181 miles at 44MPH average in 4hrs.  We stopped for 2 hrs on breaks and lunch and sightseeing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 24 to 26 2015; Departure, entering the USA and to Bend Oregon

OCT 24, SATURDAY; Departure and entering the USA
Cloudy, cold and the sun came out later on.  We were on the road by 9 am.  Honked at everyone as we departed.  We got on Hwy 1 to Salmon Arm where I put $200 of fuel and checked our mail.  We continued on to 97 C then 97 A and finally 97 to Osoyoos.  We stopped in OLIVER and called Jeff one last time then I suspended our phone.  We entered the USA without any hassle and were on our way within 10 minutes.  We drove south on 97 to OMAK where I got my MIFI gizmo hooked up with VERIZON and the cell (509 322 0772) with AT&T.  We went for dinner at Pizza hut then drove to the WALMART parking lot where we are spending the night.  We called Aud and Marcel and texted Jeffrey with our new #.  I also took on fuel @ $2.399

We drove 225 miles @ an average 44 MPH in 5 hrs. 
N  48* 24.984’
W 119* 30.493’
ALT: 936 ft.

OCT 25, SUNDAY; Omak, WASH to Madras, OR
I was awake at 6:30 am.  It was a cold night with no heat on so the furnace is working double time right now with the generator going.  There must be a half dozen or more RV’s in the Walmart parking lot surrounding us.  We have clear sky and the sun is rising!  We had a quick breakfast, got ready and were on the road (Hwy97) by 8:25 am.  We turned on Hwy 17 south to Soap Lake where we took Hwy 283 to I-90W then I-82 south to Yakima where we got back on Hwy 97 for the rest of the journey.  We stopped in Wasco OREGON for fuel @ $2.46/gal then continued on.  We finally arrived in MADRAS, OR at 5:20 pm.  This is an unusually long day but between Wasco and Madras there were very little villages and nowhere decent to stop for the night.  The drive was gorgeous though with forest, rolling hills, high prairie grass.  We had sun for most of the day except for about an hour when we drove through rain just before reaching Oregon.  We had dinner then read for a while.  I tried BELL TV but no dice so I set up the DISH receiver but had no success in hooking up.  Will have to deal with this in Bend, OR

N 44* 37.203’
W 121* 08.109
ALT 2325 Ft

We drove 375 miles in 7.5 hours @ an average 50 mph.  We stopped a total of an hour and a half for a total day of 9 hrs.


OCT 26, MONDAY; Madras to Bend OREGON
This was a slow, easy morning.  Actually we never left until 11 am and arrived at our destination around noon under sunny sky!  The drive down was 4 lanes most of the way.  Once in Bend, I stopped to find out where the BEAVER DEALER AND SERVICE was located, had to double back to exit 135B and bingo, there it was.  Our first thought was “let’s trade her in”  J The yard is full of new and used beautiful Monaco and Beaver Coach!  We restrained ourselves under stressful duress and went in to the service area and checked in.  We were told to find a spot with power which we did, parked then went into town to buy a few groceries and wine at TRADER JOE for $14 for a 5 litres box, NO TAX ($40 in BC with taxes)!  WELCOME TO THE USA!!!  We also stopped at BATH & LINEN and bought a couple items to replace the old ones then came home and I worked on setting up DISH NETWORK!  One of the Technician came out to give me hand and together we got it working.  Dinner then a relaxing evening.  I also washed the Jeep while in town and cleaned the windshield on the Beaver.  It was a balmy 17*C today

Saturday, October 24, 2015

October 18 to 23, 2015; Last days in Gateway

OCT 18, SUNDAY; Gateway
Cloudy this morning and it rained overnight.  This was a lazy day, totally!  I watched football games and Val took a couple walks with Donna.  Very unexciting day!

Cloudy again.  We went to Salmon Arm for Val’s specialist appointment then to the Chiro for another session on her neck.  The doctor told her that it was OK for us to go down but if it got any worse, then return to BC.  She called our family doctor but he is off until Nov.2.  We also went to the clinic for Val’s second blood test.  I guess our count down to our departure is on!  We have to be in Bend OR. By the 29th and we figure that if anything, we can decide from there.  We stopped for lunch and some groceries then came back home.  It is raining lightly.  Traffic is sure light with all the Albertans and tourist gone!

OCT 20, TUESDAY; 5 days to our departure,
SUNNY!  I had some more data added to my phone and now it won’t work with my computer as a mobile hotspot.  I called BELL and SAMSUNG and got no further.  I took the phone and computer and drove to Salmon Arm and finally got it going but still don’t why or how.  Anyway, I returned home and tried it and it worked but Val’s computer still won’t hook-up!??  Beautiful day; sunny and warm!  While I was gone, Val cleaned the house.  She went for her walk and now is getting dinner ready: Meat Loaf, baked potato and salad

The sun was out first thing this morning but now it is cloudy.  Val did her walk this morning and I spent some time fighting with VIRGIN for overcharging me after cancelling my 3-year contract which is now illegal and none enforceable.  Well, for the first time this year, I had to put on a sweater under my jacket as it is cold outside.  Definitely time to leave.  Called son Jeffrey this evening and had a good conversation with him.

OCT 22, THURSDAY; 2 days to our departure
Val went to Heather’s for a haircut this morning then in the afternoon, we drove to Salmon Arm for her appointment at the hospital for an imaging scan at 3 pm and her chiro treatment at 1 pm.  After all this, we went shopping for a new TV and bought a 40” SMART LED SAMSUNG.  If you’re going to buy something, it might as well be big and the best, right!?  The price was right as they say on TV.  Anyway, we drove back to our lot, put everything inside then went to Jeff and Donna for a get together with all our friends left in the Park.  12 people in all and Mark joined us in the evening.  We sat around the fire and lots of food was available.  We had fun and lots of laughs then got home by 9 pm.  It was sunny and a balmy 14*C but it got chilly as the sun went down.

OCT 23, FRIDAY; Last day in the Shuswap!
Sunny with a few clouds!  We decided to leave tomorrow to allow us the sunny window being forecasted and to give us enough time to get to BEND OREGON!  Kevin was supposed to come tomorrow to install our counter glass but I cancelled that.  It will have to wait until next year.  I contacted DISH today and had my service restored as of Saturday.  Tomorrow, BELL TV and phone will be suspended until next April.  We also called our insurance to report Val’s test and doctor’s visits.  Val did laundry and I covered the Santa-Fe for the winter.  I hooked up our new TV to our satellite and what a pleasure it is to watch a BIG screen at eye level.  I should have got a 50” …. JUST KIDDING!!!   We went to Judy and Ed for HH and dinner.  The same gang as last night was there and we proceeded to have a good evening as this is our last as a group.  Everyone except Donna & Jeff, Donna & Marcel and Heather and Dan, are leaving this week-end.  Dinner was delicious consisting of a cooked ham, cube potatoes, carrots and broccoli.  YUM! YUM! YUM!  Once again we had fun but it came time to say our good-byes and we were back in our little home by 9 pm.  Looking forward to our new adventures!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 12 to 17, 2015; Last days in CHWK and return to North Shuswap

Rained most of the day!  Kevin made turkey soup from the turkey carcass from yesterday and we had a bowl of it for lunch.  DELICIOUS!  In the afternoon, Val and I went to the BOOKMAN in downtown CHWK and returned a book that Val had borrowed from Vanessa.  After we went to get some groceries and wine then came home.  R&K went out to vote and pick up some groceries for themselves.  We had left over from yesterday together for dinner.  Grand-daughter Hayley joined us around 7 pm (just got off work) and had a bowl of soup and some of the left-over turkey and salads.  She also took home two containers of the turkey soup. Lucky girl J!

We left CHWK at 9:15 and drove directly to Salmon Arm.  The drive was great; sunny and dry but cooler in the Interior!  We had lunch at TIM HORTON then Val went for her Chiro app’t then I drove her to the Dr’s office to find out the results of blood test.  All is well.  We drove back to Chilliwack, stopped in Hope for dinner and were home by 7 pm.  A long day but we now have peace of mind on one aspect!  One more test to deal with.

Sunny!  I went to CDN TIRE to buy and replaced the wiper on the BEAVER and Val did laundry.  I also got $300 US @ a $98 exchange cost!  WOW!  Definitely will not be spending much money in the USA this year!  I gassed-up the Jeep and washed the windows on it; lots of bugs!  I also swept the driveway as it was full of dead leafs.  Kevin stopped by to say good morning; he was coming back from a job.  We had a quiet evening at home watching the tube.

Sunny with a few clouds!  This is our last day in Chilliwack and with the kids.  We hope to be in the USA by the 23rd-24th!  We spent the day relaxing and getting ready for tonight.  We were at the Bistro in Cultus Lake by 6:15 pm and the guest of honor arrived on time @ 6:35 pm.  The evening was wonderful with lots of APPY’s served (all free) and a full bar (our cost).  We sat with Doreen, Gord, Sid and Vera and had a marvellous evening.  Val went as a MARTINI, Shaken not Stirred and I was dressed as JAW, the guy with steel teeth.  Everyone loved my costume so I guess I did the right choice.  Val looked great too (all pictures are posted on FACEBOOK!  Vanessa was very proud and happy at the turn out and she served Birthday Cake afterward.  At the very end, our bartender went out and put on a show of fire!  Well done, if I may say so myself.  We got home around 11 pm and R&K around 11:30 pm. 

I was up at 7:30 and Val at 9 am.  Rochelle was a bit hung over this morning (wonder why, all those shooters mixed with wine!?).  We showered and got ready to leave.  First we had to return the collar back to a friend at McDONALD whom lent it to Val then we drove to the shop and said our goodbyes to Rochelle, Kevin and Graeme.  We were on our way by 11:15 am, not bad considering.  We dumped at the Fairgrounds then drove straight through and stopped just before reaching Kamloops for a bite to eat.  We were at our site by 4:15 pm, hooked up then relaxed before having dinner.  We ended the evening with the tube and early to bed.

We drove 209 miles in 4 hrs @ an average 53 MPH.

OCT 17, SATURDAY; Gateway
Cloudy first thing this morning but the sun shone through and we ended with a sunny and warm day!  Val went for a walk and I washed the jeep and the motorhome and reorganize some items in the Jeep and the Beaver.  We had HH with Ed & Judy and Jack & Mim.  It was good to reunite with them again.  We came home at 7 pm and had a light dinner then watched some of our recording.

Monday, October 12, 2015

October 7 to 11, 2015; Shuswap back to CHWK and Thanks-giving 2015

OCT 7, WEDNESDAY; More yard work
Cloudy and cool but comfortable!  A lazy morning to start then back at the yard.  Val went for a walk with Donna and I worked on the monitor switch that controls the back-up camera along with some stats on the engine and tranny.  I switched the one from the wall which was good with the one on the console by the driver side.  It took me over an hour to do this as it was difficult to reach and saved myself over $300 in shop repair!  Relaxing evening to end the day!

OCT 8, THURSDAY; Doctor’s appointment
Cloudy again!  We were in Salmon Arm by 10:30 am for our appointments at 11 am.  We picked up our mail for one last time and then went for our exam.  Mine was OK and just the usual however at Val’s visit we learned that she should go see a specialist in Kamloops about her tummy problems.  This will delay our departure by a week or two maybe; it will all depend on when the exam at the hospital can take place.  If it’s too long, we may postpone to the spring, providing it is safe to do so.  The doctor believes it is not that serious but just cautionary.  We also had to go get blood work at the clinic then headed home after picking up a few groceries.  It rained a bit in the later part of the afternoon.

OCT 9, FRIDAY; Chiro appointment for Val
Cloudy!  Val went for her appointment and when she came back, she was very happy with the Chiro and wants to go back one more time so she made an appointment for next Tuesday.  I cleaned up the branches from the tree and took them up the hill then did a final clean-up of the leaves.  New visitors arrived at the Matchim so it’s going to be a busy week-end for them.  I made my spaghetti sauce for supper then we had a quiet evening at home.

Woke up to cloudy sky and some rain coming down but it eventually cleared up and the sun even shined for a while.  After saying our goodbyes, we finally got on the road by 10:20am.  We got sunshine all the way to the top at Coquihalla Lake where the toll used to be and then it all changed!  RAIN, rain and more rain and fog all the way to Bridal Falls where it finally stopped long enough for me to fuel up then back on HWY 1 when it began raining again.  It stopped in Chilliwack long enough for me to park then the wind came up and it rained buckets, coming sideway!  I did eventually hooked-up and levelled the MH.  Kevin left for Vancouver to watch a hockey game with son Graeme and we visited with Rochelle and had pizza with her.  We went back to our little home after and had a quiet and early evening

Not raining this morning, so far anyway!  I got my final paycheck from UNGER WINDOW with my “Separation papers” and so did Val.  Now we can apply for EI, not that I will get anything but I always wanted to do that!  J  We had our showers in the house then got dress for the day.  We did help Rochelle in a few things but she had most of it under control.  Everybody showed up by 1 pm and we were sitting down at the table by 2 pm.  The meal was absolutely wonderbar with lots of vegetables and new salad dishes.  When we finished, everyone was full and the grand-kids did the dishes (Wonderful).  Afterwards we sat on the covered patio and played a couple games of words.  Lots of fun and laughter!  The kids went home with care packages of course and the grand-parents lingered on for a couple hours more.  We were back in our home by 7pm.  A wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

OCTOBER 1-6, 2015; Last working days and back to GATEWAY

Thursday was “pick-up” day.  Bob was driving and I was along for the ride to show him the procedures.  It was a busy day.  After unloading at the shop, we loaded over 33 windows to be delivered tomorrow in Chehalis, across the river.  FRIDAY, we showed up at 7 am and took off for our destination.  2 1/2 hr later, we were back at the shop and worked around there until lunch time.  K&R ordered pizzas and those working shared and I said my goodbyes to everyone: MY FINAL DAY!!!  In the pm we loaded more doors and delivered those to Abbotsford.  We had to bring them inside the lobby then take them to the third floor; thank goodness for the elevator as they were solid core and VERY heavy!  Back at the shop, we loaded a double door and delivered that to a friend’s house then it was time to call it quit…For good this time
Val and I met Rochelle and Kevin at the Bistro in Garrison Mall in Vedder Crossing and had a wonderful dinner.  Vanessa was working so she served us and we had a great visit with her; she is VERY special to us!

OCT 3, SATURDAY; MH to O’CONNOR for final repairs
Sunny! We drove to O’CONNOR for 8 am then went to COOKIE’s GRILL for breakfast.  We went to the Mall to get DATA put on our phone then to VALUE VILLAGE to pick out costumes for Vanessa’s party on the 15th.  We went back to our lot at COTTONWOOD and loaded the kayaks and bikes on the Jeep, put away the BBQ and took the Jeep to R&K’s house and parked it there until we come back on the 10th or 11th for Thanks-Giving.  We went to O’CONNOR to check on the Beaver and found it ready to go so I paid our bill and drove it back to our lot and parked it.  We relaxed for a while then went to Johnny for dinner.  We had a nice time with him and his girlfriend and came home by 9 pm.  I was in bed early.  It was very windy all day and cool but not too cold!

OCT 4, SUNDAY; Graeme’s birthday gathering
Sunny!  Val did the laundry; final one here in this park!  I cleaned up the rest of the equipment left outside and put that away.  Except for dumping, we are ready to go!  After dinner we went to Courtenay and Graeme’s house for birthday cake and coffee.  The whole family was there except for Jeffrey.  Graeme’s birthday is actually Tuesday but this is the only time to get everyone together.  We came home by 9 pm as everyone has to work tomorrow and we watched the CLOSER

SUNNY!  We were up and about by 7 am.  We slowly batten down the BEAVER and had a snack.  We were out and on the road by 10 am, heading East to the Shuswap Lakes on Hwy 1; Val followed me behind with the Hyundai.  We went over the Coquihalla with no problems and stopped in Merritt for lunch.  Back on the road we went over the next pass with no problems  then down to Kamloops and back on Hwy 1 to Lee Creek and HOME!  We arrived around 3:30 pm, parked, set up house and inspected our site.  Lots of work to do!  George and Paulette stopped by to say hi then Donna invited over for Happy Hour.  We had a light dinner after HH then watched the tube until bedtime.  Happy to be here

We travelled for 5 hours and made 204 miles in 3 hrs and 45 min. @ an average 54 MPH.

I had to go to Salmon Arm to settle the problem I was having with the internet connection and I picked the mail and some groceries at the same time.  Val stayed at home and worked on the yard.  When I got back, I cut down the tree that was in our yard as it once again broke in the heavy winds while we were away.  It is just too weak and we will get something different.  Val made another wonderful surprise dish and we relaxed for the evening.