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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Jan 16 to 26, 2005

Going to try this again. I wrote yesterday to catch up only to lose the whole text due to power outage! MEXICO!!!!!!! Anyway, we try again:
On Monday the 16th, we had a big sand storm come through. It was something to see. I tried to take a picture but it didn't do it justice.
We had our clam cook out this evening that we had picked yesterday. It was a success needless to say. Everyone brought something different. We had fun and lots of laughs. Afterwards, we had a camp fire as it was a very cold evening.
On Jan 17th, the wind abetted and Oscar finally showed up with all our cushions and valances. Val is ecstatic. It is very beautiful. They did a good job. See our Pictures in the "our fifth wheel" folder. Another cold evening and night. Went down to 34 degrees F ( 2C)

Wednesday saw me at doctor Canale for an itch problem on my arm. It's been like this for about two months now and not getting any better so I thought I would get it checked out. He gave me an ointment and some pills. In the evening, we all went to Charlie's rock to say goodbye to Bill and Sharon. We got Bill drunk and had to almost carry him home!! :-)

On thursday we went to "catch 22" beach to try out the kayaks. Lynden, Linda and Steve went out fishing and caught only one fish (Linda). That evening we went to Froggy's for some pizza Delicious!! We have new neighbours for the next two months, Al and B.J. from arkansas.

Saturday the 21st, we went kayaking again with Craig and Cathy at the Estuary but the tide was just not high enough so we ended up in the ocean which was OK too. That evening we went to see the "Tucson Choir Boys" from Tucson Arizona. It was excellent. All boys from 12 to 18. They are quite famous in the lower States and Mexico. They've also been to Europe.

On Monday the 23rd, I had a guy by the name of Rafael install a medium dark film on all the windows to reduce the glare of the sun....What a difference. Also had the truck done and hopefully, I won;t have to remove it once home. It took him a day and a half to complete the job, and for only $120. Incredible!!! Went to the Gym this morning. This work-out feels good. I'm glad I started that.

Tuesday, the propane truck finally showed up so filled both our tanks. We had been out since Sunday. Another $31.
At 3 p.m., we were all invited to neigbours for happy hour: free beer and food! WOW!

I have downloaded new pictures so check them out!!

Asta mayana

Monday, January 16, 2006

January 8 to 15

Two weeks it has been since we arrived. Already we are in our daily routine and enjoying our time and the sun although it did rain some on the 8thbut became sunny in the p.m. That night we went to Charlie's Rock across the street and the girls got plastered. We were wise and left before all that but the rumour has it that Lynden had to carry/support Charlene and Carol all the way home. Big hang-overs the next day.
On the 9th, we went to Guaymas for some shopping. They've paved the road all the way into town which was a BIG improvement. The next day saw us going golfing for nine holes. Linda and Steve got their sofa back after being re-upholster and they did such a good job, we decided to have ours done. So Oscar, the name of our mexican reupholsterer, got our sofa and cushions from the dining table and left. He came back on Friday to get all the Valances to be re-done also so now we live in a fish bowl ( No blinds)

I joined the gym and I am going three times a week. Val, Linda and Charlene have joined a jazzexercise at the gym. We are also taking spanish lesson done by Joseph's mother. She has history lessons on Wednesday too.

Sunday the 15th, Oscar was supposed to bring the couch and the cushions back, but being Mexico, he never showed up on time so we call and were told he would be here mayana. So....we went clamming on a beach about one hour from here. There were 12 of us and we brought back 3 large pails full. Got back around 6 p.m., washed the clams then had a happy hour.

Ahhhhhh, the life in Mexico!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

January 3-7, 2006

Well it's been a week since we've been here and we are settling in to a routine. Got the water delivery set-up and the propane, went to the local market and Tony's vegetable stand to get fresh vegetable and fruits and fuelled the truck @ $0.53 per litre.
We went to check out the gym and Val has joined the jazzexercise and I will start working out next Monday with Steve and possibly Craig. We will be biking/cycling to the gym.

The big event though, was the arrival of our other friends, Craig and Cathy from California. We had a big chinese dinner than the party started. Tequila and brandy!!!! WOW but this time, I didn't get total like the last time. They bought a new 5th wheel, a 26 foot Hitchhiker. Very nice!

It was cloudy today and cool. I don't think it went over 70 degrees. Tonight, the wind picked up a bit but then calm down. Met a lot of people from BC. Makes you wonder if anyone is left there. This morning, we went to a boating swap meet but there was nothing but junk there. Afterwards, we went for a quick breakfast at the marina restaurant called "Barracuda Bob" Very good and a meeting place for San Carlos. Cycled back and checked out a charter boat for $40/hr for 8 people all inclusive. We may be going later. Afterwards, came home and just veg-out.

Took some pictures but have to download them so will post them later. Bye for now, see you next week-end.

Monday, January 02, 2006

January 1-2 2006

Guaymas in the distance

Totonaka RV resort, our home!

San Carlos and Tetakawie mountain

All set-up


Another year begins. Sunday the first, I barely saw as I was so hung-over. Slept most of the day. I guess I was the live of the show last night, if I believe everything I am being told!!!???

Today the 2nd, Val and the crew minus me and Lynden, went to check on the gym. We decided to get healthy!??? At 10: 30a.m., we took our first spanish lesson. It's free so will attend for more. Joseph (the owner)'mom is giving the lessons. On Wednesday she has a history class on Mexico so will also attend that. We are getting emiducated!!!

Dec 27 to 31

Left Phoenix at 0930 on Dec 27 after saying goodbye to Bud and Judith. Another sunny day and warm. Took I 10 to Hwy 83 then south to Hwy 82 adn then on to Rich and Pat, friends of Steve and Linda. A very nice place and lots of room for the RV.
Mileage: 150 miles; Averaged: 11mpg; Fuel in Sonoita @$2.89
Altitute: 4000 feet

Spent the night then on to Patagonia on Hwy 82 for Breakfast. Rich and Pat came with us and after saying goodbye we left for Nogales.
Mileage: 35 miles
Averaged: 11mpg
Fueled in Nogales @ $2.44
Altitude: 3200feet

We bought our insurance for Mexico which was much cheaper than last year. We then set up in Wal-Mart for the night and shopped for last minutes items. Picked up more wine and some for Charlene in San Carlos (Got an e-mail from them) Went for dinner at a chinese restaurant and then to bed by 9 p.m.

On the 29th, we got-up at 0700, got a McDonald mc muffin and coffee and hit the road by 0730 a.m. Crossed into Mexico with no problems and came to km 21 where we got our tourist visa. We had no other papers to get as Sonora is a free-zone State which means we can travel anywhere in Sonora without any vehicle permit. We arrived in San Carlos at 3;30 p.m. after stopping for lunch in Hermisillo, State capital of Sonora.
We set up then had a beer with the crew (Lynden, Charlene, Linda, Steve). Went for dinner at a local hotel for a good steak and potatoes then came home for a few more drinks. To bed by 10 p.m.
Altitude; 32 feet ( we are across the street from the ocean)
Averaged: 12 mpg.
Mileage : 420 km (269 miles)

Friday the 30th, saw us at the bank to get pesos, buy some vegetable and fish (ahhhhhhh) and some meat. Fueled the truck at $0.53/Litre. Came home to continue set-up then dinner of salad and shrimp the size of my fist. AHHHHHHH>>>Mexico!!!!!

The 31st, we went to neighbors and had a dinner consisting of ham, potatoes, salad, vegetable then we started in the wine, brandy, samboca and.....never saw the new-year arrived.....passed out before then.