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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 30-31, 2012; Bremen Georgia

OCT  30, Tuesday, Bremen GA
We woke to cold temperature again (40*F) and cloudy sky.  Val made us breakfast.  This was laundry day then we went into town to get some groceries at Walmart and I picked up an air and fuel filter for the truck which I will replace tomorrow, I also bought a phone for Val so that we may communicate if I am away again.  The wind is really blowing and although the thermometer shows 55*F, the wind chill makes it feel much colder.  We are being affected by “Sandy” north of us, we have high clouds but the sun does shine through from time to time.  It seems we travelled through at the right time and speed as they are showing areas we were in a couple days ago, caught in snow storms!  As Val said, good thing we left when we did!
The Park was busy earlier this morning as a group of youngster came through for a “show and tell” program.  They have live iguanas and a Boa snake in cages inside the activity centre.  They had the area filled with a blown-up playground and a big screen TV with mats on the floor for the kids to sit on.  They also took them on a wagon ride and a small train with cars.  They really had a good time from what we saw.  I posted the blog and pictures; enjoy!

OCT  31, Wednesday, Bremen
Another very cold night; 38*F!  The sky is blue this morning and the forecast is for 60*F, at least the winds have abated and it is calm right now.  The mornings are dark until about 8 AM but the sun doesn’t set until well after 6 PM.  Our last day in Bremen and one more month gone by!  The leafs on the trees are much greener here and just starting to change colors, there is also more pine trees around.  We went for a drive to explore the area.  We drove to Tallahoosa, about 8 miles west from here.  A small “historical” town with museums and a beautiful park with war machines in exhibit. (See pictures).  The town itself was really depressed and not much was open.  There was a cotton gin which was closed unfortunately.  We had lunch here in a Chinese restaurant which was so...so.  We continued on to Alabama, turned south and entered I-20 back to Exit 9, Bremen, and our Park.  Tomorrow, we head out south and west to Alabama.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 28-29, 2012: Bryson, NC to Bremen Georgia

OCT  28, Sunday, back on Blue Ridge Parkway to Bryson North Carolina
The temperature really dropped overnight, down to 44*F and the wind is gusting quite strongly at times.  Looking forward to more warmth and sunshine!  As a footnote, the Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles along the crest of the southern Appalachians Mountains.  It is a high ridge (more like a plateau) at an average 2500 feet but we have gone as high as 5500 feet, the highest point being 6060 feet.  The hills are slow climbs so not too hard on the truck.  The scenery is absolutely breath-taking and we see lots of little ranches/farms.  It starts at I-64, near Stanton in Virginia and ends at the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina.  We travelled just a small portion of that but it was well worth it.  There are a lot of bikers and bicycle riders on the road and we’ve seen a few deer crossing the road.  We’ve also seen wild turkeys today and more deer.  It is a slow drive at 45 MPH maximum although I have reached 50 in some places. 
We were on the road by 8:45 AM, a good start under cloudy sky and cold temperature (45*F); it soon warmed up to 50* F and that was it for the day!  This part of the drive took us up to 5500 feet in altitude.  We made a few stops again, looking at the scenery and even a rock museum, “the Museum of North Carolina Minerals”, explaining how these mountains came about and what can be found in them.  We made a stop in Spruce Pine for fuel @ 3.99.  Coming down to Asheville, it became extremely foggy hence I had to slow to 25 MPH at times with lots of switchbacks, it was very thick yet some turkeys were driving with no lights!?  Go figure!  We fuelled here @ $4.19, it began raining so we decided to forgo the Parkway and took I-40 to Hwy 74, a nice 4 lanes highway, and headed south-west once more.  We finally stopped at 3:30 PM in Bryson for the night and paid $25 for a spot right alongside a river.  We had a good day and glad to be off the road.  The rain finally stopped and we are enjoying football on TV.  For some reason, I have no power to half the trailer.  The GFCI plug will not reset in the bathroom and none of my electrical outlet on the right, rear and kitchen will work yet I have TV, power to the outlet to the computer, light above the sink but no light and fan in the dining room, everything that is hooked-up to 12 Volts is working fine...GO figure!!!?  I check all the breakers and fuses and all is well!?

We travelled 200 miles in 5 hrs @ an average 40 MPH
N  35* 25.909’
W 083* 25.491
Alt: 1736 ft

OCT  29, Monday Bryson, NC to Bremen (near Atlanta) Georgia
I was up at 6:30 this morning and Val at 7:30 AM.  Don’t ask me why I was that early, don’t know!  It is cloudy and windy outside and cold, 44*F!  We headed south west on 19 then 74 by 9:15AM.  The drive was quiet and we stopped for breakfast at a McDonald then continued on.  The highway eventually became 2 lanes then we drove through a canyon with lots of tourist attractions for kayaking and rafting (all closed for the season) and gorgeous scenery.  Near the Alabama State Line, we took SPUR 60 south and crossed into Alabama, AND SUNSHINE, eventually arriving on Interstate 575 then I-75 which took us right through Atlanta, a big city with beautiful Highrises.  We turned West on I-20 and arrived at our Park, Yogi Bear Campground, a Passport member, in Bremen off Hwy 27, around 3:30 pm and paid $55 for 3 days.  I was just finishing hooking up and setting up when this guy came by and asked me if I would move his fifth-wheel as he didn’t have a truck and had to move it today; he even offered money which I took and went to help.  It turned out to be an old relic with bits and pieces hanging down.  We hooked it and took it to its new destination.  The guy had told me it was only a few miles; it turned out to be over 25 miles there and back!  Anyway, there were no problems and I got back by 4:30 PM, just in time to get an earful from Val as I had told her I would only be gone 15-20 minutes!!  We had supper and I hooked up the Dish satellite.  There are satellite dishes all over the park with connections for each spot.  We pay $3/day to have a connection; they provide the Dish satellite receiver and we just hook up our TV to it.  Good deal!  By the way, the wind has really picked up with strong gust and it is cold still although the forecast is for warmer temperature later in the week.  The news in New York and New Jersey sure doesn’t sound very good and we are glad to be this far south and west of hurricane Sandy.

We travelled 227 miles in 5 hrs @ an average 49 MPH
N  33* 42.159
W 085* 11.653
Alt: 1300 Ft
By the way; my electrical problem seems to have solved itself.  Val went in, tried the GFCI which reset then we had power for everything.  I will have to have that checked out though!



Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 25 to 27, 2012; Virginia to North Carolina via Blue Ridge PKWAY

OCT  25, Thursday, to Verona, Virginia
We left at 9:30 AM (pattern developing?) and headed south west on Hwy 11.  The weather was warm but cloudy and got foggier as we neared Maryland.  We followed the Susquehanna River, a very wide river, all the way to Harrisburg.  The scenery was very pretty with villages full of Colonial house style but very depress in that a lot of them were abandoned and/or for sale.  In Harrisburg, we headed south on I-81 once again.  We stopped for fuel @ $4.15 in Liverpool PA and again in Mt Jackson Virginia @ $3.75.  We drove through Maryland and West Virginia then Virginia.  We finally stopped in Verona, VA off Hwy 11 for the night.  We are at the Shenandoah Valley Campground for $33, with full hook-up.  This is a beautiful campground, set in a valley with rolling hills and beautiful Estates.  It is near a small river.  The sun is shining and it is a balmy 80*F.  The weather is really crazy about the hurricane “Sandy” coming up the coast and forecast a hit near Maryland/New York or south of it.  We may be affected by it but won’t be in the worst of it.

We drove 278 miles in 5.5 hrs @ 51 MPH average.  We were stopped 2.5 hrs for lunch and fuel break.
N  38* 13.429
W 079* 00.981
Alt: 1190 ft

OCT  26, Friday, Camping World in Roanoke, VA.
A cloudy morning but warm!  We were on the road by 9:45 AM, back on I-81 south.  We stopped in Roanoke at Camping world to get the TV antenna fix.  I didn’t mention this but yesterday, on our way out, we forgot to put the antenna down and, you guessed it, it was snapped off...not damage to the roof, thank God!  Anyway, we are spending the night here at Camping World after purchasing a new antenna, they will install it tomorrow morning.  We went shopping for groceries and a few other things then came home and put everything away.  The sun is out and it is a warm 78*F.  I filled the tank with water and we are hooked up with power.  There is another guy here from Quebec who has been here for a week waiting for axles for his trailer so we have nothing to complain about!!!

We traveled a whole 85 miles @ 55 MPH in one hour a half.
N  37* 21.501
W 079* 57.700
Alt: 1156 Ft

OCT  27, Saturday, onto Blue Ridge Parkway to North Carolina
We were up by 7 AM, showered then went in to make sure we were first on the list.  We went for breakfast at McDonald near here than came back to Camping World.  We finally got going by 11 AM, headed south on I-81, South-West on 581/220 and turn south on the “Blue Ridge Parkway.  What a beautiful drive!  The speed was set at 45 MPH, no stops and no trucks.  The foliage was gorgeous but unfortunately it was foggy for about 2 hours so we didn’t see much in that time.  We stopped quite a few times and took some pictures.  At one point, we had to get off the Parkway and go into a village for fuel.  The place was crazy with tourist but we did get fuelled @ $3.87 then were on our way back to the Parkway.  We stopped for lunch at this place with an old cabin from the 1800’s.  We were back on the road and finally stopped by 4 pm at a campsite, the Raccoon Holler Campground, paid $32, and were told to batten down as the forecast is for freezing temperature overnight and possible snow!??  We did come out of the fog eventually but were under cloudy sky all day.

We travelled 154 miles in 3 hrs and 45 minutes @ an average 40 MPH.  We were stopped for a total of over one hour.
N   36* 21.258’
W 081* 22.698’
Alt:  3041 Ft

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 23 & 24, 2012; Dr'Vill PQ to Pennsylvania, USA

OCT  23, Tuesday; Dr’Ville to Gansevoort, New York
I was up at 7 am and found the house at 9*C!  The furnace quit during the night because when I put the refilled tank in, I forgot to open the knob...joys of being over 65!!!  Anyway, after showering, I took Tucker for his morning walk and when I got back, Andre had just pulled in.  He was coming to pick up some stuff from Peter and was hoping to catch us before we leave.  We slowly got things together, hooked up, pulled out and filled the tires on the trailer as 3 of them were low.  So one more time we said our final goodbyes to Andre and Peter and finally pulled out by 10 am.  We stopped in St-Charles at Lemaire for some cheese then hit TCH 20.  We stopped for breakfast and coffee at a Tim Horton where I spent the last of our Cdn money.  We headed west on Hwy 30 from 20 and eventually south on Hwy 15 to the USA. 
At the USA border, we had a short wait in the line up, were asked a couple questions and let through without any hassles.  South on I-87 to Hwy 11 where we turned off and when east to Vermont and Hwy 2 south.  This highway took us on a long Island separating Lake Champlain and the scenery was absolutely fantastic.  We went through lots of small towns and villages with the colonial housing and quaint neighbourhoods.  We eventually reached I-89 in Vermont then Hwy 17 which eventually turned into Hwy 22A in N.Y.  By this time, we were in Adirondack Mountains and once again the scenery was breathtaking.  We reached I-87 in New York State by 4 pm and we were getting tired but most of the campgrounds were closed for the season.  We finally found one at exit 16 in Gansevoort for $20 with full hook-ups and cable.  It was a long day, much longer than I had anticipated but it felt good to be here.  The weather was good and it is warmer here at 58*F.

We travelled 457 Km (279 miles) at an average 44 MPH in 6 hours and 30 minutes.  We stopped for an hour including fuel at $4.19/gal, in Colchester Vermont.
N  43* 10.529
W 73* 42.233
Alt: 279 ft

OCT  24, Wednesday,  New York State to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
We didn’t leave until 9:30 this morning under cloudy sky.  It was a cool and drizzle day with some rain thrown in.  We headed south on Hwy 87 and if not drizzle or rain, we had fog which made it hard to admire the country side especially along Hwy 20, a connector to I-81 from I-87 to miss out the Toll Parkway (I-90).  We stopped for fuel in Schoharie, NY @ $4.39 and again at Flying J in Pennsylvania @ $4.09 and propane at $20.  I have the Flying J card which gives me .05 cents off on diesel and .10 cents a gallon on propane.  Nice savings!  In Scranton, PA, there was a bottle neck with traffic jammed up for about 10 miles due to constructions and rush hour, it was stop and crawl for over a half hour.  At least the sun had shown its face and we had a beautiful blue sky finally.  The scenery was absolutely breath-taking along the highway, what with the color in the trees and the valleys (we are still in the mountains).  We turned West on Hwy 80 and finally called it a night around 5 PM in Bloomsburg at Indian Head Campground off Hwy 42 @ $29 with AAA discount.  We went looking for wine before parking and found out that Pennsylvania is a DRY State and we can only get wine at State liquor store.  We had enough for a couple glasses left over in the bottle from last night and being the gentleman I am, I left it for Val.  Well, OK, I had a couple sips!!!  It is a balmy 20*C at 6 PM

We travelled 297 miles in 6 hrs @ an average 50 MPH.  We were stopped for an hour and 45 minutes
N  40* 58.719
W 076* 28.228
Alt: 441 feet

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 19 to 22, 2012; Final days in Drummond'Ville, PQ

OCT  19, Friday
Rain, rain, and more rain...all day with a high of 13*C!!!  We went grocery shopping, just some necessity for the week-end and to our departure date.  I stopped at Canadian Tire for an air and fuel filter but the prices were so ridiculous, I decided to wait until we are in the US to do that part of the maintenance; while here, I got propane @ $28, four dollars more expensive than the place in St-Charles.  I topped up in fuel @ $1.33/litre @ Sobey then we came home and put everything away.  I bought extra TIM HORTON coffee ground to last us for a while.
At 5 pm, we went back into town with Peter at a local Irish pub which he wanted to check out.  There wasn’t any action happening there so we went to “Charlemagne” in downtown.  This place was almost full so we had a couple drinks then came home and stopped at Gilles and Lise first but they weren’t home.  At home we had a Spanish coffee then Peter went home for his cigarettes and we watched the tube for a while then went to bed.  It is still raining and never let up all day!

OCT  20, Saturday
The sun came out today with some clouds around; there was even fog on the lake this morning!  Around noon, Peter and I went over to Gilles to give him a hand moving a temporary garage then putting another one up.  The problem was that the first one was all tied down and full of stuff which we had to take out first.  After building the second one, we had to put all the stuff back in the new one which was longer that the other.  The first one was moved to the driveway to serve as garage for Lise’s car in the winter.  Towards the end, Gaetan and Josette showed up and he gave us a hand.  We finally finished it all by 5 pm at which time we were ready for dinner and a drink.  We BBQ’ed steaks, potatoes and veggie then we called it an early evening.  It is raining right now and there is a thunder storm.

OCT  21, Sunday, final goodbyes
A cloudy and cold day greeted us this date!  Peter helped me load the kayaks on the truck, and I checked and put air in the tires and aid bags.  In the afternoon, Gaetan & Josette, Gilles & Lise, Andre & Pierrette came out for one final “goodbye”.  Pierrette made a big stew pot for everyone for dinner.  First thing, Andre came over to check the drawer under the couch as it is very sticky.  It ended up that we took the drawer slides out and need to replace them.  I will have to do that tomorrow when the stores are opened.  We sat around and chatted until it was time for dinner.  Peter set up the table and we proceeded to devour Pierrette’s stew; it was delicious!  Val made a salad to go along with that and we had Ciabata bread to swipe the gravy.  Everyone went home around 9 pm and it was an emotional goodbye; the girls cried especially Val!  We visited with Peter for a while then went home for the night.

OCT  22, Monday, last full day in Quebec!
It was supposed to be sunny today but we woke up to clouds, a cold morning(6*C) and windy!  It did turn out to be sunny in-between the heavy cloud cover but very windy too with gust to 40 kph.  Anyway, I fixed the sofa drawer.  I didn’t have to buy new brackets.  As it turned out, all I had to do is removed one washer that was spreading the brackets and VOILA, fixed!  After that, Peter and I walked over to Gilles to have coffee and ended up moving some stuff with him before coffee...life with the Pauze’s J!  We went home and Peter decided to move some plants and cut others then it was time for dinner.  Afterwards, my sister Christiane and Suzanne came out for a visit and to say her final goodbye.  Gaetan also came over; he went for a job interview and came out to tell us that all went well and he feels confident that he will get it.  Eventually everyone went home after saying our final goodbyes. 
Tomorrow we leave Quebec for Texas and warmer climate!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 15 to 18, 2012; Drummond'Ville

OCT  15, Monday,
It rained overnight and right now it is cloudy and 14*C; what a change!  The temperature went up to 20*C, a very warm day indeed.  First thing in the morning, I went to St-Charles to get some propane ($24 cash) and picked up milk and breakfast at Tim Horton.  We all went into town in the afternoon; first we stopped at LUPIEN to settle my bill there, then to the coffee shop where we met Gaetan and his friend Alain.  We even got to sit outside for a while however the temperature began to drop all of a sudden and a drizzle started so it was time to come home.  For dinner, I made a “Quebec Chop-Suey”, a mixture of beef broth, different vegetables and meat.  Turned out pretty good too, if I may say so myself.

OCT  16, Tuesday
Clouds/sun and a cool 10*C at 11 AM!  I sent a few e-mails this morning inquiring about parks in the Rio Grande valley, Texas.  In the afternoon, I took Val for a haircut and dropped off Peter at Morgane for his coffee.  After Val’s haircut, we met Peter and Gaetan at Morgane, had a coffee with them then we went to Lafferty to get some ceiling materials for Gaetan’ basement and took it to his house.  We stopped for a beer then came home.  Peter decided to cook for us tonight, Italian sausages and potatoes.  Val cooked some vegetables.  It was very good!

OCT  17, Wednesday
Sunny but cold!  Today was wash day; Val did the laundry and I washed the kayaks and bikes, mounted the rack on the “Beast” and “Bear” and finished my last project, cut a portal for the switch for the front legs; one more step towards our departure.  Peter and I went to town to meet Gaetan for coffee then we took the table we had borrowed back to Christiane.  On the way back, we stopped at the Royal so that I could pick up some US money, put some gas in Peter’s van then came home.  Val made a roast for dinner for all of us, the last of our beef.

OCT  18, Thursday
Sunny and VERY warm this day; it got up to 20*C!  Talked about crazy weather!  I loaded the bikes and the cover over them on the back of “Bear” then we went into town for coffee at Morgane with Peter.  Gaetan and Alain joined us after their golf game.  I checked the forecast today for next Tuesday and unless the weather changes for the worse on Wednesday, Tuesday the 23rd will be our departure day!  For dinner, I BBQ’ed chicken and Val made red Quinoa and a Greek salad.

4 days left to our departure!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 10 to 14, 2012; Last family party

OCT  10, Wednesday
Cloudy, windy and rain later in the day!  A quiet day again, not much to report.  We went for our daily walk with Tucker, read, watched the tube and BBQ’ed steaks for dinner.  Peter and I did take a drive into town to meet Gaetan for coffee then came home.  We called everybody to confirm the get together this coming week-end.

OCT  11, Thursday
This was the coldest day yet even with the sun showing up once in a while; the temperature was only 10*C but the wind made it feel like 7*.  I went to get another tank of propane, $24. (the furnace is working a lot lately) and some groceries.  Peter got busy in the afternoon getting a few things more put away for the winter then him and I went to my sister Christiane to pick up a table for Saturday.  Val made a cabbage dish which turned out really good.  Peter served us apple pie and ice cream then we watched the tube for a while.

OCT  12, Friday, furnace problem
The wind was so strong overnight that we had to bring the awning up.  It is 4*C (36*F) at 8 am this morning, Brrrrrrrrrrrr!  The worst of it is that the furnace chose this morning to quit on us so out came the electric heater.  I called LUPIEN RV and when the tech arrived and took the furnace apart, he said he had to change the electronic monitor so took it with him to the shop.  In the mean time, we went into town to get some groceries then stopped at LUPIEN RV to put the repair on our extended warranty.  When we got home, the tech had already been here and put everything back in place so we now have HEAT!  LUPIEN called me saying that the warranty wouldn’t cover the call-out so they reduced it from $85 to $50 + our deductible of $50 on the warranty.  Pretty decent of them; they have been very fair and superb with us.  A lot of shops should learn from these guys about customer service!  Anyway, for dinner, Val made a mixture of pork & beans and pork chops which turned out delicious and as we looked out, it was snowing!  YES, SNOW! We couldn’t believe it however it didn’t last long.  Peter missed out on this dinner but did come over later for a drink.

OCT  13, Saturday, last Family reunion
We got up this morning to 0*C (32F)!  WOW, definitely time to move on!  It is sunny out though but cold most of the day.  Everyone began arriving for the party around 3 pm and it began right away.  Everyone was dressed up in costumes and we had a ball!  Too much to drink and lots of dancing, we ordered pizzas and French fries for dinner and had a feast.  The last person went home around midnight and Michel and Therese stayed at Peter’s house.  Val’s costume was a success thanks to Lise loaning it to her.  The whole family had fun and the evening was a success.

OCT  14, Sunday, hang-over!!!
Yes, a few of us had hang-over this morning but we were still smiling.  Another cold and cloudy day, it went as high as 9*C.  Everyone basically just sat and watched the tube.  We watched this guy (Can’t remember his name) who went up in a balloon up to 35 miles high then jump, broke the sound barrier and parachute to the ground.  Therese and Michel left around 3 pm after saying goodbyes and hugs.  Val made a stew for dinner.  It was to bed early tonight. 9 days to our departure

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

October 6 to 9, 2012; Thanksgiving in Drummond'Ville

OCT  6, Saturday, Dinner out
Heavy rain, all night and morning; it did let up by the early afternoon!  We went to Christiane and Suzanne’s house around 4 pm where we met everyone except Therese and Michel.  After chatting and catching up to news, it was time for dinner.  Suzanne is a butcher at “SUPER C”, a grocery store and she got a beautiful big roast which she cooked to perfection and we devoured without any prompting.  For dessert, we had frozen ice cream chocolate cake.  The dinner was a success and so was the evening afterwards.  Took lots of pictures and have posted a few.  We got home at midnight and went straight to bed.  Tucker was happy to see us, to say the least and quickly went outside to relief himself!

OCT  7, Sunday
SUNSHINE but cool, only got up to 17*C!  I went over and helped Gilles with his new project.  I came home around 3:30 pm and phoned Rochelle hoping to catch Graeme at home but the dinner was postponed to tomorrow due to Hayley being at her course today.  I read for a while then it was time for dinner...Spare ribs and potatoes with vegetables.  After dinner, Gilles and Lise came over for a while then it was bedtime.

OCT  8, Monday, Thanksgiving
Another sunny day but cool again!  We didn’t do much today; take a walk, watch the tube and read.  At 3 pm, we went over to Gilles and Lise for a visit and dinner.  Lise decided to cook a turkey,  tourtiere and mashed potatoes with cranberry sauce along with all of it, to make us feel at home (they do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Quebec).  Gaetan and Josette were also invited but Josette had to go home early as she wasn’t feeling very good but Gaetan stayed for dinner (at Josette’s insistence).  The meal was delicious and we had a good time.  The boys did the dishes while the girls sat back and chatted.  I drove Gaetan home as Josette had taken the car home.  We had a good day and even better dinner.

OCT  9, Tuesday
Sunny again!  Val and I went for a walk with Tucker then it was lunch time.  I decided to get going on my last project: built a shelf in the basement locker to better organize my hoses and electrical cables.  It’s not the best thing but it will do!  Peter came out and began working on his yard, getting everything for the winter.  Lise had given us some leftover turkey last night and Val made some hot turkey sandwich with boiled potatoes, vegetables and hot sauce.

14 days to our departure to the USA!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

October 1 to 5, 2012; Dental work in Dr'Ville

OCT.  1, 2012, Monday, Dental work
We have 4 weeks left to our departure for the south; I am eager to get moving again, it is time!  First day of the month and it is raining but then it is October after all!
After lunch, I decided that I had enough so I went to the dentist and had my rear molar pulled out.  It had been bugging me for over two months but the last little while, it really began to hurt so today, and I had enough.  An hour later and $225 poorer, I came out without a molar but a sore mouth all the same.  According to the dentist, it was barely hanging on and was a matter of weeks and even days before it fell out on its own; he told me that AFTER it had been pulled of course!  I couldn’t talk for an hour which made Val happy, than I changed the cotton pad once.  Apparently I also had the start of an abscess!

OCT  2, Tuesday
Cloudy with a few sunny periods, Val and Therese went on a bike ride to town then had a picnic at the Park near the river.  Peter and I went with the truck around 2 pm and met them at the pub where we had a couple glasses of beer/wine then came home with the bikes in the back of the truck.  Dinner together then to each our houses for the evening

OCT  3, Wednesday
A sunny day but it did turn cloudy in the latter part of the afternoon.  Val and Therese went cycling and Peter and I took a sheet of gyprock to Gaetan then the three of us went for coffee at Morgane.  On our way back, Peter picked up his mail and there was a letter there for me from my son Jeffrey.  He was supposed to mail me our gate opener which he had borrowed but it wasn’t in the letter so I called him thinking he forgot to put it in but he stated he was sure he had.  The letter had been damaged and opened a bit but not enough to allow the opener to drop out...Another CANADA POST MYSTERY!??? 

For dinner, Therese made a delicious dish of spaghetti, tomato sauce, spices, cheese and bread baked on top.  It really was good.  We watched SURVIVOR after coming home at 8 pm.

OCT  4, Thursday
Back to rain again!  Therese went back to her home in St-Hubert; Michel is coming back tomorrow from his hunting trip.  I got some propane then a few grocery items for Val.  Peter went into town and after dumping the tanks, I did some researched on campgrounds in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, where we plan to stay for 3-4 months.  We watched TV for a while after dinner

OCT  5, Friday
Sunny and warm with a few cloudy periods.  We went into town to get some groceries, wine and beer then stopped at a local bar to check it out.  We came home, sat around for a while then had dinner, a deep fried chicken and vegetables.  After dinner, Peter started a fire outside and we sat around.  Gaetan and Josette arrived for a visit then Gilles and Lise.  We sat out under a warm sky until midnight when we decided it was time for bed.