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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 28 to 30, 2013; San Felipe

NOV  28, Thursday; San Felipe
A quiet day!  Val went for her usual walk and Tucker and I for ours.  I fell asleep so missed the bocce game and heard all about it afterwards!!!  I called my brother Gilles later in the afternoon.  We had HH then we were to go out for a free dinner that we won but when I went to start the Jeep, the battery was dead; I had left the cooler plugged in and it drained the battery so we had dinner in instead.

NOV  29, Friday;
Another sunny and warm day; just got to love it!  The Park is getting fuller once again, it is Thanksgiving week-end and lots of Americans come down to enjoy the beach and the sun.  We went to the Malecon and walked all of it from one end to the other than down to the next street and walked back.  We had lunch here then I found and bought a hat and 2 T-shirts.  We came home after having a beer at the “Rockodile”, a local club.  Lots of Americans family about!  We were in time to join the second part of bocce balls.  We had HH then we finally made it to “George’s Restaurant where we had a free turkey dinner.  We could have had steaks but we both had a craving for turkey which was good so we decided on that.  We came home, had a nightcap then to bed

NOV  30, Saturday;
We were up at 6:30 this morning and on the road by seven.  We went to the Rancho’s for the flea market and to buy some Cdn bacon but the guy didn’t have this week.  We walked around the market but didn’t buy anything.  We did have a burrito for brunch then checked out a couple places for mail.  There is a place that takes letters and packages to the USA to be mailed there (much faster).  We stopped at bakery and bought some apple fritters then to Calimax to buy wine but couldn’t until 10 am so will have to return; one cannot buy booze of any kind before 10 am, it’s the law.  We came home, showered and read for a while.  It is cloudy today but warm although it was a bit chilly in the desert this morning.
Downtown is very busy due to another ATV race from Mexicali to here through the desert so lots of people and traffic.  I called to have our mail forwarded; we found this service that has an address in Calexico and they bring the mail down three times a week.  We played a bocce game then called it quit.

Another month gone by...we’ve been gone from BC only a month and a half but it feels much longer!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 24 to 27, 2013; beaching

NOV  24, Sunday; San Felipe
Finally...Sunshine is back!  Val went for her morning walk with the girls then after breakfast, we vacuumed the floors and carpets; lots of sand around and dusted the place down.  Today was football day so guess what I did!?  We had a very cool wind so still wore jackets and long pants for HH.  Dinner was left over then we watched the “Good Wife” then the music awards.

NOV  25, Monday;
Sunny; in the mid 70’s!  We watched the “American Musical Award” which I had recorded.  Val went for her walk with Elaine only as Charlotte was out doing laundry.  Things happened early here, usually by 7 am most people are about and the Park’s employees are cleaning up.  In the afternoon, we played another round of Bocce Ball then we relaxed some more (these are such hard days) and HH at 4 pm.  Dinner and the tube for the evening

NOV  26, Tuesday; Shopping
After Val’s walk, we went into town to buy some fresh vegetables from a local farmer.  We also stopped at “Calimax” for some beer, wine and a couple other things.  We stopped at a small restaurant for lunch then came home but first stopped at a local “pandaria” (bakery).  In the afternoon we played bocce ball and won again; there is just no beating us!!!  HH then BBQ chicken with a salad and we watched a couple of recorded program that we missed Monday.

NOV  27, Wednesday; Geo-Caching and beaching
We decided to go to the beaches to find some shelves and “sand dollars”.  Ken and Elaine came along.  We drove to our first beach, “Percebu” where we did find some shells but not as much as we were told by Charlotte.  I guess the beach has been picked over.  Anyway we drove to another beach and found a “Cache” along the way.  We signed the log and continued on to the beach.  I should mention that the beaches are far from the main road so we have to drive across the desert on side road which are very sandy so it’s 4-wheeling all the way.  We got to the beach and walked to the water edge which was quite a ways as it was low tide.  We did find lots of “sand dollars” and even a shell with a small sea weed growing on it that looked like a tree.  We got back just in time for HH.  Dinner was left-over’s.
I uploaded quite a few pictures since my last posting!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 21 to 23, 2013; San Felipe

NOV  21, Thursday; Geo-Caching
It was cloudy all day and a bit cooler but still comfortable.  I decided to cook bacon and eggs this morning and afterwards, we went geo-caching and found 8 more in the area.  This time we went north of San Felipe and into the desert, four wheeling.  We stopped at a Bar/Restaurant for lunch which turned out to be very reasonable then continued finding more caches.  We were back by 3 pm, just in time to catch the Propane truck and get filled up for 581 pesos ( about $55 Cdn), we were down to 40% of a tank on the motorhome.  Charlotte was sick overnight so didn’t attend HH which didn’t last very long anyway.  It is much cooler and very humid.  We had steaks for dinner with a salad then watched the tube for a while.

NOV  22, Friday, Snowbird Appreciation Day!
IT RAINED HEAVY OVERNIGHT!  Quite a bit too as there is lots of puddles around as evidence.  The sky is trying hard to clear this morning but it did remain overcast all day and we even had more rain in the afternoon!  Val went for a walk with her usual partners and I caught up to the blog and registered all our finds @ GeoCache.com.  Around 11 am, we, along with Ken and Elaine (from Alberta), went to the Malecon where they had free food, free beer and free entertainment.  It was fun, we enjoyed the shows especially those put on by the young kids.  We came home around 3:30 pm just in time to miss another downpour.  No HH this day!
Today is the 50th anniversary of JF KENNEDY assassination!

NOV  23, Saturday; Market & laundry
Still lots of dark clouds this morning with some blue patches showing through!  In the news last evening, we saw that this system goes from the Pacific all along the West Coast, through the Baja, northern Mexico and up on through Yuma and Parker so everyone is sharing this storm.
We went to the outdoor market but we got there too late; everything was either shut down or in the process to.  So we went across the highway and wanted to do our laundry but all the machines were being used and there was a line up.  We decided to go for brunch at the Bar/Restaurant and checked again afterwards and found 3 machines not in use so we started our laundry.  We checked out a little grocery store nearby and found all kinds of American items so bought a few needed things.  We came home, took a picture of our local guy that sells corn on the street corner, put everything away and relaxed until HH and dinner time.  It’s been quite cold all day; the best we did is 62*F (15*C).  For the first time in a long time, we had the furnace on to warm up inside.  INCREDIBLE!!!  To think that a few days ago we were sweating!
We went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant on the main street with Ken and Elaine.  They had been there before and recommended it so we planned it for tonight.  The food was very good but they were HUGE portions.  We ended up bringing home 6 boxes of left over; a bit of a waste when you think about it.  Anyway, next time we will know better!  Three more rigs came in today.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 17 to 20, 2013; San Felipe and the "Day of the Revolution"

NOV  17, Sunday, San Felipe, Baja Mexico
It is a bit cooler this morning and the wind has picked up but the sun is shining!  Val went for a long walk with Charlotte so that made her happy.  Rudiger moved his rig to this side and then I helped him set up his satellite dish.  We watched a Mexican fisherman having his truck pulled out of the sea; he was stuck halfway in.  Good thing the tide was going out! I straighten my window awning; all it needs now is new grommets or bolts to hold it in place.  There were no other damages, thank goodness!  This was a relaxing day, not much to report.  HH with our friends then a fish dinner that I bought today from a vendor.

NOV  18, Monday,
We were supposed to go to the Malecon to watch a parade but were told this morning that it is actually Wednesday the 20th (Day of Revolution).  Val and Charlotte went for a long walk this morning again.  My awning was fixed this morning; they replaced both tie downs that were snapped off.  We played bocce ball in the afternoon with Rudiger, Charlotte, Bob and Pete (both single men).  It was a tie!  We went for a walk on the beach with Tucker then came back for HH.  Not much else to report. 

NOV  19, Tuesday,
The usual walks for the morning then we went to town with Rudiger and Charlotte to buy some groceries and a broom for us.  We had lunch at a small roadside kiosk consisting of shredded meat tacos and a bowl of soup which was quite spicy.  We came home and were going to play bocce balls but Val hurt her wrist yesterday so that was cancelled.  Instead, I laid down in our hammock and fell asleep for an hour or so then I read.  We had new people join us for HH, friends of R & C, whom got in today.  Dinner consisted of pork chops, veggies, potatoes and yam with carrots mixed.  We watched the tube in the evening.  We’ve been here a week now; time flies!

NOV  20, Wednesday; Parade
We walked to the “Malecon” (waterfront) and watched the “Day of the Revolution Parade”.  The whole town was out to watch and the parade was quite long and lots of speeches.  The Army and the Navy were also represented in the Parade.  We walked up the main street and had a couple of tacos then came home.  After a short rest, we played another game of Bocce Balls and we won; nothing unusual there!  New people have arrived, all friends of everyone here.  I am told that we presently have the usual winter crowd except for maybe two more rig but they not sure they are coming this year.
This Park has 28 spots and 10 of them are taken so far.  We had some bikers here for a couple nights but they are now gone and the folks from South Africa also left this morning.  HH with the usual crowd then dinner and we watched “Survivors”.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 14 to 16, 2013; San Felipe, Baja and a race

NOV  14, Thursday; More exploring
We had a rig pull in beside us yesterday!  It was so wide, it had a hard time fitting in, and I took a picture!  That’s Mexico; if they fit and have money, they will pack them in!!!  We have just a slight breeze this morning and already it is 69*F at 7 am.

We went for a drive to Puertecitos, about 47 miles (76km) from San Felipe.  There wasn’t much there, actually it was very depressed and run down but there was a beautiful and protected Bay which would be great for kayaking.  We had lunch here and a margarita that was so strong on tequila that neither one of us could finish them.  We continued south towards Punta Bufeo, 32 miles further.  We only did a portion of it and decided to turn around as we ran out of time.  The road from Puertecitos is brand new and according to the Churche’s book, it is paved to the Bay and maybe beyond but we’ll never know for sure.
On the way back, we search and found some geo-caches.  On our return, we got together with Rudiger and Charlotte whom arrived earlier today.  They are a day early.  At 6 pm, we decided to go out for dinner and they took us to their favorite place for tacos and they looked good but we had hamburger and fries (very good).  We came home, had a nightcap then called it a night.

NOV  15, Friday; 1000 miles Baja Races.
There are three major races in the Baja: 250, 500 and 1000 Miles.  It is ALL cross country racing for bikes and big trucks especially equipped for the race.  It is extremely rugged and dangerous and takes place overnight.  It begins in Ensenada and the one today forms a loop which returns to Ensenada (new from what we are told).  The race began last night at 10 pm and runs near here.  The bikers went through around 3-4 am this morning and the big trucks are supposed to go by around 1-2 pm hence all the rigs and fancy bikes we’ve been seeing here in the Park, which are relays for some of the drivers as it is very gruesome on the bodies.  The rig beside us is from Vancouver BC and there is an outfit from Kamloops too. So today, guess what our plans are!?
Well, we had our first mishap on the Motorhome this morning.  The guy from Kamloops was leaving and as he went around us, he damaged our window awning on the driver side.  He made arrangement with Kiki to have it fix and pay for it and he will pay Kiki back when he returns in January so Kiki will call someone in on Monday.  Val decided to clean house this morning; vacuum and wash the floor while I shake the rugs, filled the tank and got our cooler out. 
Afterwards, we drove to the desert and watched the racers zoomed by at anywhere from 50 to 80 mph.  It was quite exhilarating and fun.  The dust was horrendous!  We watched for a couple hours and saw a dozen of them come by.  The place was full of people and it is quite amazing how they took chances standing on or near the track where the race was taking place.  There was a cop present but he wasn’t doing anything about it.  We watched for a couple hours, took a few pictures and a movie then came home.  Now we can say we actually saw a part of the “Baja Race”.  The next one is in March and starts from here and ends here (250 miles Race)

We had HH with Rudiger and Charlotte and neighbour Pete joined us.  New people came in; they are from South Africa exploring North America in a van camper.  Dinner was BBQ steaks and salad for us.  Val called McKinley on Skype to wish her a Happy Birthday.

NOV  16, Saturday, Market Day!
We were up by 6 am and on the road by 7!!!  We followed Rudiger and Charlotte to a local outdoor market about 8 miles from here.  It wasn’t that big nor that impressive but we did find and bought 1 kilo of big, fresh shrimps for 160 pesos and some vegetable.  We had a burrito and juice for a snack then we left.  R & C went back to town as Rudiger had to make an appointment for a dentist and we went to do our laundry at a place just down the road.  Afterwards, we checked out a couple of RV places (none that appealed us and expensive) then came back to town.  We put everything away then I had a snooze, 6 am was a bit too early.  HH with Rudiger and Charlotte then a dinner of shrimps and rice then we watched a couple of movies on the tube

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 11 to 13, 2013; New brake system and onwards to San Felipe, MX

NOV  11, Monday; New brake system for the Jeep
We were up and ready by 7:45 am!  We headed out to Southwest Enterprises in Yuma with the Beaver and the Jeep (Val drove the Jeep) to have the SMI Air Force Air Brake System installed .  This will enable the Jeep to have brakes when I apply the brakes on the motorhome.  We left the MH there and while they worked on it, we went to meet the Kirkby’s at MC Donald at the Foothills.  Val had forgotten her lipstick at their place yesterday so it was a good thing they came to town.  It was a quick visit as they had a bunch of shopping to do and we had to head back to the shop to get the Jeep worked on.  We were finally out of there by 2 pm, went to gas up the Jeep at $3.09/gallon + a quart of oil and diesel for the MH @ $3.62/gallon.  Very good prices considering the Shell station near Pilot Knob Resort is at $4.35/gallon for diesel.  Now we are finally all done and ready to head for San Felipe tomorrow.  It is very hot outside and we have the A/C working full time.  We watched the second DVD on “Pillars of the Earth”

NOV  12, Tuesday; To San Felipe, MX
Up by 7 am and on the road by 9 after dumping.  We headed west on I-8 then south-west on Hwy 98 to Calexico.  We stopped here for some milk and butter then headed for the Border.  It was tight and  we made it to the wrong lane of course so, after trying to back-up, they allowed us to come through.  We had a courteous search then were on our way.  Driving through Mexicali, which is a very big city, was interesting but not too hard.  We did, however, take one wrong turn but were quickly back on track, Hwy 5 south! 
The highway was excellent and wide but we there was some bridge replacement along the way, 5 to be exact, and of course, the detours were rough so we had to drive through them at no more than 10 mph but considering the work being done, it was worthwhile.  The scenery was very much desert like, arid, desolate and lots of salt fields.  At one point, we were over 15 feet below sea level and it was hot. 
We stopped for lunch at “La Ventara”, a road side rest stop with a small restaurant but we had our own lunch.  We started the generator to get some A/C.  At the junction of Hwy 3 and 5, we had to stop for a Military check.  The kids was polite, looked around inside and let us go.  We finally arrived in San Felipe and after making a wrong turn, even with a good map given to us by Rudiger, we finally arrived at our camp...KIKI Campground, a very nice but very tight campground.  They found us a spot and we settled in but this place is NOT for big rigs.  We were here by 2 PM local time (we gained an hour and are now back on Pacific Time), and paid for a month $400 Cdn with full hook ups.  We even have our own “Margarita deck”, a raised deck! (See pictures in PICASA LINK).  We met a few of the locals then it was time to turn in.  We have WIFI and Satellite reception.  It was quite windy when we arrived but not, at 7 pm, it is just a small breeze.

We drove 200 miles in 4.5 hrs @ an average 40 mph
N  31* 02.067’
W 114* 49.681’
Alt: 10 feet

NOV  13, Wednesday; San Felipe
I was up at 6 am under very, very warm temperature (80*F).  Even Tucker is having a tough time with this heat but it’s supposed to cool off by the week-end; sure hope so!  The sun came up around 6:30 am (PT).  I should mention that our water system is working really great and I am happy not to have to worry about the water down here anymore!
We went exploring around town (forgot camera) and looked at the campgrounds in the area.  Kiki is still the best of them all so far.  We found the “Malecon” and took a walk around and had lunch at a local bar; food was good and so was the beer!  We came home and relaxed.  It is hot and we have the A/C on full blast but we sat outside under a nice breeze.  The “1000 KM Baja Race” is on this week-end, actually starting tomorrow, a huge economical boost for the area and the Park is filling up quickly with bikers and rigs equipped for support.  I took a few pictures around the Park and will post them soon.
For dinner, we had the left over from our lunch and a salad.  We met new neighbours and I set up our hammock (gift from Joanne and John) but didn’t get to try it out yet.  Tucker got a bath tonight, he was filthy from the sand around here.

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 8 to 10, 2013; last of Algodones and visit with Kirkby's

NOV  8, Friday, Algodones
Back to Mexico one more time but only for an hour this time then came back home.  We had breakfast then we went into town to pick up final items before heading to Mexico for the winter.  We stopped at the RV Store where Val wanted a knife holder and I picked up extra sewer treatment liquid.  We came home, put everything away then relaxed with a good book.  In the evening, we watched TV and tried to figure out our new DVR.

NOV  9, Saturday, Winterhaven
We went in & out of Algodones for one last time and to pay our bill.  Today was “Day of the Deads” and a big celebration was going on when we arrived.  Lots of free stuff including Tequila and beers!  We paid our dental bill (cash only) and were back in the USA within an hour and a half.  We went back to the RV Store to return an item, stopped at the Post Office to mail a card then came home only to find out that the water will be out until possibly Wednesday!?  Bloody hell!!!  Good thing my tank is almost full of fresh water.  It’s getting hotter out there, already well over 80*F at 1 pm.  After dinner, we watched the first DVD of “Pillars of the Earth”.  Denis was right, I am hooked!

NOV  10, Sunday; Visiting
Cloudy this morning but the sun did eventually shine through in the early part of the day and became quite hot!  Uploaded more pictures on our PICASA WEB, folder #108.  We went to Imperial Dam, a little over a half hour drive from here, to visit the Kirkby’s who are there for the winter.  Charlie made us lunch then we all walked to the “girls” site to meet and visit.  They are friends they met a couple years ago and after telling them about this area, they decided to move here.  We also saw the new site the Kirby’s will be moving to next week; quite a nice view of the lake and the surrounding hills.  Tucker had a great time wondering on his own, I think!  We came home around 3:30 pm, had a glass of wine then loaded the kayaks, the bikes and the rest of the stuff.  We are ready to go to the shop tomorrow morning.  I just hope it’s not all day!

Friday, November 08, 2013

November 4 to 7, 2013; Winterhaven, Yuma, Algodones

NOV  4, Monday, Winterhaven
Val was out by 7:30 this morning doing Tai-Chi with Denis and filming some of the episodes.  It is a cool 54 *F (12*C)!  We basically stuck around the house today waiting for installers.  First Val phone and ordered her rack for the convection oven then she called to make an appointment for the dentist in Algodones, MX.  She did some Tai-Chi with Denis.  By the way, we learned later that they are staying another night and will be leaving tomorrow morning bright and early.  Finally, after waiting around for them, the installers for the new Reverse Osmosis Water System that we ordered Sunday finally arrived and they set it up.  Now we no longer have to worry about fresh pure water.  It took them an hour to set it up.  We bought the portable type so we don’t have to lose it should we trade or sell this rig.  By the way, we only paid $80 for the set up and spare filters, NOT 200 as stated in my previous Blog!  Denis and Sandra came over for a chat for a while...no HH tonight due to the installers.  We had a delicious dinner consisting of sirloin pork roast which Val cooked to perfection in the convection oven (She is getting more sure of herself with it) and sliced baked potatoes with a salad.  After dinner, Denis and Sandra came over to say goodbye, we will miss them, our time together was too short!  We watched another movie given to us by Denis; “Now You See Me”, an action packed movie

NOV  5, Tuesday, shopping
The wind really picked up early this morning and woke me up at 5:30 AM.  I got up and put the awning in then at 6:30, I watched the Letendre leave with their friends following about 15 minutes later; they are off to El Golfo in Mexico.  We hope they have a wonderful time.  Hopefully for them, the wind won’t be too much of a factor.  We spent the day relaxing and not much else.  We went for grocery shopping then came home and Val prepared a salad for our gathering at Geoff and Donna.  We arrived at their place, an RV Resort in Yuma, around 4:30 pm.  Also present were Ed & Judy, Jack & Mim, Dennis and Ruth.  We had a fun conversation and a great dinner.  Donna made her famous seafood soup.  Of course the wine flew and I had way too much.  We called it quit around 9 pm and everyone went to their respective home.  It was a great evening

NOV  6, Wednesday; To Mexico and satellite dish installed
We were up early, showered, walked Tucker and headed to Algodones, MX, for a dental appointment.  The crossing has changed a lot and there is some construction going on.  We stopped to pick up our “Tourist Cards” and paid 590 Pesos for that.  We also discovered that they are one hour behind us so we are too early for our dentist but we walked over anyway and she took us in right away.  We had a coffee afterwards then came home to wait for our Satellite installer.  I think Tucker is getting used to us leaving home a lot as he hasn’t made any fuss in the last while.

The installer arrived at 1 PM on time, a young man, and had the dish installed in no time.  The set up however was a lengthy process.  He had difficulties finding the right leads to both TV as there are numerous wires and cables in the entertainment cupboard and access is not easy.  He also got very frustrated with the DISH people and finally gave up and asked his boss to do it.  Bill, the owner, came out around 5 pm but by that time, I had decided to give it a try and almost had the account all set up with them when Bill came in.  He checked a few things and said that he would sent the kid back tomorrow to find a better lead to the bedroom TV as it is fuzzy and he will hook up the system to our surround sound. So this evening, we watched TV for the first time since leaving home!!!!

NOV  7, Thursday, Back to Mexico
Val had an appointment again today with the dentist.  We drove back to Algodones and were there for three hours!!!  We got home in time to meet the Satellite Tech, at 3 pm.  He fixed everything and we watched the tube for a while then, after dinner, we watched the second “Star Trek” recoded by Denis.

Monday, November 04, 2013

November 1 to 3, 2013; Desert Hot Springs to Winterhaven/Yuma

November  1, 2013, Friday; To Winterhaven, CA
A very warm night, we were up by 7 am, showered, walked Tucker, dumped the tanks and were on the road by 8:40 am.  Took Dillon to I-10, east to 86 then south to I-8.  We stopped at the Casino, about half way down for coffee and check everything then back on the road.  The sun is shining and it is getting warmer as we are head  further south.  Once on I-8, we headed for Yuma where I stopped at a dealer near the Flea Market and got a quote for a dish on top of our rig.  We decided to go for “DISH NETWORK” which is also compatible to Bell at home.  It is a saving over getting Shaw dish, as there is no guarantees that they will be available in the south of the USA in the next few years.  One network is as good as the next, they rip you off all the same!!!
Anyway, we drove back to Winterhaven just outside of Yuma but in California and booked ourselves at Pilot Knob under our membership R.O.D, which means free camping and we are at site 127.  After setting up, we went to have HH with friends Dennis and Sandy whom we haven’t seen for over two years but have been in contact throughout.  We had a wonderful conversation, catching up to each other’s news, met their friend Tony and Mieke, and saw their new car.  They are headed for El Golfo, mainland Mexico, on the Sea of Cortes.  They were coming to San Felipe but circumstances are dictating different.
We had dinner then relaxed for the rest of the evening!

We travelled 191 miles in 3.5 hrs @ an average 51 MPH
N  32* 44.700’
W 114* 45.888’
Alt 275 ft

NOV  2, Saturday, Yuma
Val went to do Tai-Chi with Dennis and I took Tucker for his morning walk.  Later we went to Yuma RV Market and bought some items and a pad for Tucker to lie on while outside (He pretty well ignored it after trying it once).  I also had to buy two new sewer hose as my old ones leak.  I looked at an Osmosis system for our water intake; they want $499 plus approx. $200 for installation!  I am seriously thinking about it.  We stopped at a small pub near the Air Marines Airport for a beer and it was very busy.  We came home and had HH at our place with Dennis, Sandra and Tony.  They also had a look at our coach of course!  Dennis wants one now!!!
I BBQ’ed steaks for dinner and we had them with a salad and toasted buns...yum-yum!!!

NOV  3, Sunday; Visiting in Yuma
Same routine as yesterday for both of us in the morning then we drove to Yuma, back to the RV flea market where I bought two sewer attachments and a new “Reverse Osmosis System” for our drinking water.  We returned a movie that we had rented yesterday then drove over to our friends from home, Dennis and Ruth.  They bought a house in Yuma; a three bedrooms, two bathroom home with an Arizona room at the rear.  Very very nice!  Dennis bought my set of golf clubs which I had for sale.  We had a surprise while there when Jeff and Donna, also from home, showed up.  They are only here for a couple weeks then heading back for X-mas with their kids and grand-kids. 
We came home a couple hours later and arrived just in time to have one last HH with Dennis and Sandra, Tony & Mieke.  They are leaving tomorrow for El Golfo in Mexico.  At home, Val cooked a new dish with chicken which was spicy and very good.  We watched a movie in the evening that Dennis had copied for us; as a matter of fact, he gave us three movies to watch.