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We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 27 to 31, 2015; Move and doctor's check up

MAR 27 to 31, Last days in our apartment and the BIG move
I spent the day at home relaxing and sleeping.  My nose is not painful but the headaches it creates are quite bad!  I used my CPAP for the first time tonight over my bandage; a bit uncomfortable but bearable.

On Thursday, I felt better and removed the bandage on a trial basis.  I still have the splints in my nose and it is quite running but very little blood. Use my CPAP again but put a single layer of cotton bandage over the nose to reduce the force of the wind from the machine.  I have it set at its lowest settings.

Friday was sunny and warm so I packed a few things today and took it to the MH at our new site COTTONWOOD MEADOWS RV Park.  The basement really needs attention…I can see and smell the beginning of mildew.

Saturday was wash day and our big moving day!  We packed everything and in the afternoon, after laundry done and showered, we took all of it to the MH and put it away.  We also made our bed as we are sleeping in the MH tonight.  I completed and send our tax forms and hopefully, there won’t be anything wrong with it.  I used “Turbo tax” for the first time and it was quite good; not too complicated but lengthy!  As a side note, I spent the afternoon in Emergency as my leads from the splint in my nose were breathed in through the nose and the one on the left actually went as far as down my throat.  But it all turned out OK and I finally got home around 5 pm.  I took Val out for dinner at “MR MIKE” just down the road and we had a very nice dinner.  We came home and had a relaxing evening.  We don’t have satellite service so a tech is coming tomorrow to check it out after I spent over an hour on the phone with a Bell Rep that barely spoke English.

Sunday was cloudy again with light showers.  I found a problem with a leak on the right kitchen slide:  the leak that I thought we had solved is back so will have to contact Cottonwood RV on Monday!  DAMN!!!!  The Bell Tech showed up by 2 pm and after a few minutes figured out that it was the trees stopping the signal from reaching the satellite and there was NO indication that it was the case.  At 5:00 pm we went over to Kay and Mary-Ellen to return our apartment keys and for a wonderful dinner consisting of Roast beef, potatoes, baked carrots and veggies and the best Yorkshire Pudding ever!  We had a very nice visit with them but had to leave so I could get my lunch ready for tomorrow.  In bed by 10 pm

Monday was back to work!  It rained in the morning but the sun did come out in the afternoon and warmed things up quite nicely.  I spent the day making deliveries in Abbotsford and Cultus Lake and picking up in Langley.  I worked a bit in the shop and finally called it quit at 4 pm.  At home, the Park Manager came over to tell us about a site that just opened (#98) so I went to check it out and it turns out it is quite nice so will try it tomorrow.  I am a bit tired from the day so I was in bed early; it’s boring without TV.

Tuesday I went to Kamloops by myself for a doctor check-up.  Val stayed home and did some shopping.  The end of another month in Chilliwack.  We moved the BEAVER to a new site, # 81 which is in the back, wider and has a wood deck.  We can also get our satellite here.  I was on the road by 10:45 am after stopping for coffee and a breakfast for the road.  I got rain in Hope and snow on the Coquihalla Hwy, heavy at times.  I got the same on the Merritt/Kamloops Pass and it followed me almost to my destination; Kamloops was overcast and cold.  My appointment went well, he pulled both splints and bridges, cleaned up the mess in there and gave me more stuff to clean and rinse my nose with.  After fuelling at Shell ($1.09) I hit the Passes again but in reverse.  I did get some snow on the First Pass but the rest of the trip was mainly cleared and the traffic was light.  I got home at 6 pm and after a short rest, we had dinner then watched our favorites programs.  Nice to have HBO back.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

MArch 20 to 26, 2015; Work and operation in Kamloops

MAR 20, Friday; off for a few days.
We had to wait for GENTEK to deliver some windows so in the meantime, I worked around the shop.  Kevin and Rochelle’s new offices are now ready to be moved in.  We also had guys working on our new security system which includes cameras inside and outside the back.  GENTEK arrived and we transferred all the windows into my truck and I went to deliver them.  By then it was lunch time so took advantage of a half hour break.  In the afternoon, I worked some more in the shop and loaded the truck for deliveries on Monday.  I left around 3:30 pm, parked the truck at the “Home Shop” after delivering some lumber at Graeme’s house, put away the keys in the shop and went home.
We met Rochelle and Kevin and Hayley at OJ where we had Happy Hour and dinner.  R&K are leaving tomorrow morning for two weeks, going to Palm Spring on a holiday.  They hope to explore the area in more depth.  After saying our goodbyes, we came home and I was in bed by 10 pm

MAR 21, Saturday; packing day
After a relaxing morning, we packed a lot of stuff and took it to the MH and to Rochelle’s house for temporary storage.  Then we went to the Pub for a brew then home.  It rained most of the day but did cleared up by the late afternoon.

MAR 22 to 25, Sunday; to Kamloops and back for nasal operation
We were on the road by 10 am on Sunday and headed for Kamloops.  There was very little snow on top of the Coquihalla and it was cool when we arrived.  We went for a bite to eat at Kelly O’Brien Pub then booked in our hotel.  I was in the hospital by 7:45 am on Monday and when into the Operation Room at 11 am.  I woke up 4 hours later in the recovery room then they took me to the resting area where I spent a very uncomfortable night.  Those beds are not made for 6’1” tall people!!!  Val came for a short visit in the evening.  The next day, I was awaken at 6 am and was out by 6:45; they don’t waste time getting rid of you!  We went back to the hotel where I spent the day resting and sleeping.  Not allowed to sniff or blow my nose for a week!!!  It’s going to be hard.  We were back to our apartment in Chilliwack on Wednesday morning (3 hrs drive) and had snow falling at the summit and rain in Chilliwack.
Thursday, Val went to work and I stayed home recuperating and relaxing.  I posted some pictures on Facebook and my Picasa on line folders.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 14 to 19, 2015; Move MH to Cottonwood RV Park

MAR 14, Saturday; Our beaver is moved
We have rain this morning; it has been a while!  We drove to the RV shop, paid our bill and drove our “Home” to Cottonwood RV Park on Luckakuck Rd near Lickman Rd!  We are set up at Site 54 until the end of the month.  I hooked up everything then found out that we have no 12 volts power going through the MH which means no hot water, heat and lighting however I was able to hook up our electric heater and left it on overnight to take the humidity down.  I also left a window open in the bedroom!  Damn!  I checked everything and all looks good so I phone Cottonwood RV Repair but of course, everyone is off today so I went to Kevin and borrowed his charger and hooked it up to the House batteries.  We had brought a load of stuff down so we put that away and went to the Pub to wet our sorrow!
Back at our apartment, we had another drink then dinner and ended the evening with some tube watching.

MAR 15, Sunday; Guests for dinner
I went back to the MH this morning to take another few things and to check out the electrical problem.  I sat there thinking where all the switches are and it dawn on me that there was one more by the stairs and VOILA, POWER!  I never use that switch but I guess one of the workers found it and switched it off!  Problem solved, we have lighting, heat and the fridge works.  Ready to move in.

We had our landlords, Mary-Ellen and Kay over for dinner and a drink.  Val served a delicious dinner consisting of Chicken, rice and a Greek salad.  It was all marvellous and we had a great time.  We were in bed early as it is back to the grind tomorrow!

MAR 16, Monday; Birthday gathering
Another good day at work!  In the evening, we went to R&K house to celebrate and early Birthday for Hayley who is turning “21”!  They grow so fast!  Anyway, everyone showed up and a good time was had by all.  The reason we celebrated early (her birthday is March 24) is that most everyone will be away that week.  Mom and Dad are going to Palm Springs, Granma Doreen and Gord are going on a trip and we are away in Kamloops for my operation.  She was spoiled again as usual

MAR 17, Tuesday;
I worked half the day in the shop and the other half at a private house helping Tod.  I came home to another great dinner and a quiet evening.  I was in bed early

MAR 18, Wednesday;
I worked on rubbering frames that will be going up to finish Rochelle and Kevin’s new office.  I also helped Tod again putting in a window.  Back at the office, we put up the frame for Rochelle’s office.  All it needs is to be glazing.  Next will be Kevin’s.
At home, we watched the tube and I was in bed by 8:30 pm.

MAR 19, Thursday; Pick-up day
A busy day; I dropped off a package in Aldergrove then onward to Langley to drop off the aluminium can and get an empty one.  From here it was to Coquitlam to APA to pick up door locks then to ACCURATE to pick up steel doors and frames.  Back to Langley to pick up at METRIE then to HINO truck dealership to have the GPS replace on the truck and have the door checked.  I wasted three hours doing nothing but the GPS in and the door NOT fix.  Back at the shop, I unloaded everything then it was time for our staff meeting.  Rochelle got pop and pizza for all of us and the meeting lasted to 6 pm.  It was a good one…the company is growing!  Val worked a full day today and she has been working every day this week!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 7 to 13, 2015; Dinner with grand-son and Courtenay

MAR 7, Saturday;
Ahhhh, it felt so good sleeping in this morning!  We had a lazy one then finally got dressed and went to Cottonwood RV Park and we rented a spot as of March 14 but will have to move to a more permanent spot in April.  From here, we drove to Cottonwood RV where our MH is and requested to have it de-winterized and ready to go by next Saturday.  We stopped at Rochelle and Kevin’s house to pick up the last tourtiere for Jeffrey and ended spending an hour with them on the back patio.  While there, we got a call from Audrey and Marcel on “Facetime” so we could talk and see them and they got to meet R&K too.  Quite neat!!  We then stopped at the grocery store to pick up some items for tomorrow.  We went home to put everything away then went to the pub for dinner.  On the way there, we got a call that Val’s best friend past away last night so Val was quite upset which made for a quiet and quick time at the pub.

MAR 8, Sunday; Dinner with Graeme and Courtenay
I was up at 7 am; we moved our clocks one hour ahead overnight!  It was laundry and cooking day, in preparation of our guests’ arrival.  Val went out for a few minutes and I continued working on my cooking.  Our guest, grand-son Graeme and his beautiful wife Courtenay arrived around 4:30 pm and we had a nice visit then proceeded to devour our dinner, Shepperd Pie the Quebec way!  They even took some as a “Care Package” for lunch tomorrow.  It was a very nice evening indeed!

MAR 9, Monday; Back to the routine
Val got up with me and was at work at 7:30 am.  This was a rough day for me!  Not sure if it was the change in time but I was quite cranky today.  My day consisted of driving to Langley to help Rob in changing a glass on a window then drive to GENTEK to return some materials.  Back at the shop, I cleaned the shop, took some old windows apart and after lunch, I had to pick up some was remover, wash the floor in the new office area with the wax removal then brush it with a machine.  Afterwards, I had to mop it up with, what I would consider a useless mop and totally inappropriate for the job at hand.  Kevin finally came to help when I mention if he wanted me to work OT or call it quit!?  I got home at 5:30 and had a stiff drink!

MAR 10 to 12,
Not much to report except work, work and more work!  Got a call from the hospital in Kamloops reminding me about Monday call and to advise to bring my CPAP machine!  Val will call Dr Kramer next week as she wants to ask a couple question; once a nurse, always a nurse!  They figure I will be in the hospital overnight and possibly another night.  We have taken the week off!

MAR 13, Friday
Well, it came and went and we had no accidents!  It was a busy day for me around the office doing more prep work around and making a couple delivery and a pick-up in Agassiz.  After work we met Rochelle and Kevin at OJ for Happy Hour and dinner for us.  Vanessa worked at 5 pm so we got to visit.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

March 1 to 6, 2015; Last month in our apartment

MARCH FIRST, 2015, Sunday; Last month in our apartment
It’s amazing how time flies! It seems only yesterday we moved here in this nice apartment with a million dollar view!  By the end of this month we will be moved back into our regular home (read Beaver MH) and hopefully will be settled in at Cottonwood RV Park on Luckakuck Way in Sardis.
It is cloudy with a few sunny breaks and cool again but no wind so far!  We went for a walk on the Rotary Trail by the Vedder River and did some Geo-Caching at the same time.  Found them all except for one which we believe was taken.  Stopped at the “Jolly Miller Pub” afterwards for a brew then home for a quiet evening.  Made my lunch for tomorrow, coffee pot ready and to bed early after watching “Madam Secretary” (Good wife is recorded)

MAR 2, Monday; Back to work for both
Sort of; it turned out that Val had her schedule wrong and didn’t work today.  As for me, I worked in the shop for a while then took a delivery to Langley at the job site to drop off some flashing then went to GENTEK to pick up some soffit and dropped that off at a job site in Chilliwack.  Back to shop and I loaded the recycle bin and went back to the Chwk job and Todd & Tanner helped in loading the old aluminium soffit and all the stock they had there to get the job done which is now completed.  Back at the shop, it was a rush to unload and we took a seal glass to BOSTON PIZZA and replace a broken window.  An hour later I was back at the shop and clocked out.  A good day overall!  Val had a mishap in that she locked herself out of her car and had to wait over an hour for BCAA to come out and help her.  We had spaghetti for dinner then relax in front of the tube

MAR 3, Tuesday;
Another busy day!  First I took the truck to a Gus Electric to have turn signal lights installed on the side of the truck.  I worked in the shop for a while then had to go the home shop and pick up the scaffolds for a job.  Back at the shop, we loaded glass and tools then headed for Clearbrook where we replaced the glass in one window.  From here, it was back to the PO in Abbotsford to put up one last piece of glass on the front awning.  We were back by 4:15 pm and unloaded the truck.  At home, I had a nice hot bath then dinner.  Early to bed again tonight.  Val worked 8 to 2 today.

Val was gone to work for 6 am to 2 pm.  She also got bad news in that her best friend Tony is in a coma and may be dead within the nest 48-72 hrs.  Val is quite upset about this news and is thinking of going over (Vancouver Island).  I’ve encouraged her to do it but she wants to think about it.
My day was busy.  I loaded windows for a job here in Chilliwack and met Todd and Tanner at the house where we proceeded to put in 5 windows in out of 15.

MAR 5, Thursday; Another birthday!
NO day off!  Actually, it was an easy day.  I did some pickups in the morning then put the frames together for a door entrance way. 
In the evening, we went to Rochelle and Kevin for BBQ hamburgers and salad.  Grand-son Graeme and his wife Courtenay were there along with the girls and friends Russ and Cathy.  Later, Sid and Vera (Kevin’s parents) showed up and we had birthday chocolate cake and ice cream that Rochelle made from scratch.  We were presented with lots of good wishes and some nice presents which were not expected.  Good time was had by all and we came home by 10 pm.

MAR 6, Friday; great stuff
I began the day by working in the shop then was called to give Todd a hand at a private house on Fairfield Island.  We finished off the job and were back at the shop by 5 pm.  Home to a great dinner then proceeded to fall asleep on the couch to when Val woke me up and sent me to bed.