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Monday, February 28, 2011

February 27 & 28, 2011; last days in San Carlos

FEB 27, Sunday, SC
We got up to clouds and a light wind this morning. We figure it’s the edge of the storm going through Tucson, north of here. We went to visit friends, Glenda and Wayne, who are renting a house here in San Carlos. Val got a bunch of sea shells from them. We were there for over an hour visiting then we went for breakfast at “Evies”. After a good breakfast, we went to find some other friends from Alberta, Marg and Peter but couldn’t find them so came home. It is very windy right now but still warm when the sun shines through the clouds.
Around 3 pm, we went to the Lot to say our goodbyes to Steve and Linda. Cathy and Linda had left for the beach so after a short visit with Steve who was still in packing mode, we said goodbye and came back to our place. Cathy and Linda stopped by after their walk and visited with all of us for a while then it was time to say goodbye. Hugs and kisses were exchange and too soon, they were gone.
We had happy hour at D&L then dinner which consisted of BBQ steak, shrimp, Greek salad and buns. Couldn’t ask for better! We watched the Oscars after dinner.

FEB 28, Monday, San Carlos
We got up at 5:30 am and walked to the main road for 6:50 to say our “Canadian Goodbyes” to Steve and Linda but unfortunately, after waiting until 7:15, we admitted that they had already gone by so came back to a warm house. At least we got to see the sun rise, that’s something!
Another month gone by, WOW! Time sure flies when you are having fun. I got more time on my phone to ensure we get the call from our dentist for Val.
Later in the morning, the four of us went to JJ’s, a local eatery and had tacos and other dish, then it was off to Soggy Pesos where I went to find my last cache here in San Carlos. It was situated on an Island which we could access at low tide. The wind was quite strong and cool. We got back to our sites and started packing and getting ready to have our rigs wash tomorrow.
At Happy Hour, Joyce and Bill and Randy and Shirley came over to join us and we had one of our last Happy Hour. The funny thing is that it was really cold (from what we are used to) and were sitting out there with blankets and jackets and having fun. Finally it was time to come in and have dinner.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 24 to 26, 2011; San Carlos, Mexico

FEB 24, Thursday, San Carlos
Another warm but windy day! We went to the “Lot” in the afternoon for a Cathy’s birthday party and a joined lunch. We arrived around 2 pm, sat outside behind a bamboo blind to protect everyone from the wind and proceeded to chat, eat and drink (not necessarily in that order). Linda got a birthday cake for Cathy and she had to blow a “big” candle then we shared the cake. We eventually had to depart and arrived home around 4:30 pm. The girls went to Sagittarius, where an art show was happening. Val’s Tai-Chi teacher had some of her art there so she wanted to show support by making an appearance.

FEB 25, Friday, Tucker’s haircut
A very hot day today...went up to 85*F (23*C). Val and Joyce went to the book exchange store and came back with a few books then we went to Evie to get more coffee grounds. At noon, we took Tucker for his haircut and I went for one at Maru so now we are all ready to return to the States side. In the afternoon, we read and Val made a salad for our get together later this afternoon with Garry and Virginia.
It is now 9:30 pm and we just got home from Virginia and Garry in the Ranchitos. We got there around 4:30, Louise & Dave, Joyce & Bill and us. We sat around for a while and had a few drinks and spiced shrimp made by Louise and smoked tuna on cracker and cream. Garry cooked the ribs and we had dinner around 6:30 which consisted of Spare Ribs cooked to perfection, Mexican beans which Garry had made from scratch, a broccoli salad from Val and corn bread made by Joyce. It was all delicious! Wine was served freely then after dinner it was desert consisting of ice cream, whipped cream and wafer cookies followed by a shot of Mexican brandy. We had many good laughs, reminisced over the first time we met and talked about the future. Then, too soon, it was time to call it quit and after saying our goodbyes, came home.

FEB 26, Saturday, SC
Today was final chore day; laundry, truck washed in & out, clean house. We leave for the U.S. in 3 days. I met Cathy at “the Edge” as I having a burger and cerveza while waiting for a space to get the truck in for a wash then as I was leaving, I met Linda, Steve and Craig at “El Cheque” so had to stop for the mandatory hot dog. The afternoon was spent relaxing and reading. For dinner, the six of us (D&L, us and Joyce and Bill) went to the Italian restaurant just outside of our gate and had a very good Italian dinner. Dave and I had the spaghetti and meat balls while the others tried different dish. We had a good time and sat out on the patio. The place filled quite quickly; it has become a popular place. We watched the fog rolled in (first time since we arrived) and decided to call it quit as it was quite cold when walking home.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 19 to 23, 2011; San Carlos and dental work

FEB 19, Saturday, SC
We got a call from the Holder’s about joining them at Santa Rosa for breakfast so we asked the Ennis if they wanted to come along which they did. We had a very nice breakfast then came home and showered. The four of us went for ice cream, just down the road then Louise and Val took the dogs to the beach. We joined Randy and Shirley for Happy Hour, our neighbour, then after dinner we had a fire and Joyce and Bill, Graham and Jean joined in.
I forgot to mention yesterday that my converter arrived with George who is on his way to Mazatlan. Mike and Roger helped me put it in and after testing it; it worked fine so now I don’t need to hook up the battery charger every time we are stopped. It’s an Intelli-Power 9200C, 60 amps with a wizard to maintain the batteries. I had ordered it on line and had it sent to George’s place in Oregon as he was coming down.

FEB 20, Sunday, SC
We left around 11 am for Nacapule Canyon, north of here. We drove by the Ranchitos then up this dirt road to the Canyon. They have done a lot of work around the entrance to the Canyon; there are now two bathrooms under construction and 4 Palapa to park and have a picnic under.
We parked out and walked into the canyon. It consisted of a dry river bed full of pebble, gravel and assorted rocks size. We slowly climbed to the first oasis and found that a few Palm trees had been blown over from the hurricane of 2009. Big rocks from the mountain walls had also felt down diverting the trail. At this point, the canyon splits in two; we headed for the one on the right and climbed over big boulders and followed the trail. We got to a point where there was a cave. During our previous visit here, this cave had an exit to the upper part of the canyon but now was blocked so we turned around. When we came outside, about 5 Mexicans youths met us and one of them spoke English and showed us the new passage which consisted of climbing over a couple boulders, go through a small tunnel and emerge on the top. Louise didn’t feel agile enough to do that and Dave definitely not so we watched the boys go up and disappear on the upper trail. We headed back to the truck. We took a few pictures which are posted on the Picasa Website. We had a beer when back at the truck then drove to Soggy Pesos for lunch. The wind was blowing quite strongly and the sand was been blown around so we went back to town and stopped at “The Capitane” restaurant/bar and had lunch there. Cathy joined us which was a nice surprise. We went home, had Happy Hour then called it quit for the evening. I ordered a new Delorme GPS to replace the one I lost in Mazatlan.

FEB 21, Monday, SC
Val went for her Tai Chi in the morning and I read then dumped, very exciting stuff! I made a couple calls, one to reserve a spot at Casa Grande, one to have our mail delivered at Casa Grande. In the afternoon, the two of us went to Guaymas to do some shopping then came home in time for happy hour. Another cool day, warm in the sun but the wind is very cold

FEB 22, Tuesday, SC
The big event today was a Park get-together put in place by Joe, the owner of Totonaka. Pretty well everyone showed up and each brought a snack and Joe provided all the margaritas and beer. We were planning on going for only a half hour and stayed for almost 2 hours. There was so much food that we forfeited supper. Linda from the Lot came for a bit and so did Fred and his wife (they were here before and bought a place in the Ranchitos). We met Joe’s wife and his 2 years old son.
Later in the early evening, our lane met on the road with two propane fire pit and we continued the camaderie and socializing. There was at one point 18 people present. This has been a good group to be around...very friendly!

FEB 23, Wednesday, dentist visit in Guaymas
We were at the dentist by 11 am. but he didn’t show up until 11:30 am...typical! Anyway, we had our teeth cleaned and some repair done for 1000 pesos ($95cdn) and we have to come back Saturday for Val to get some adjustment. We were there for 2.5 hrs including the waiting time.
We came back to San Carlos and stopped at El Cheque for a hot dog and pop ( so much for clean teeth), then it was home for some relaxing time before Happy Hour. We had dinner with the Ennis’; she served Shepperd Pie, a French Canadian dish made of mash potatoes, corn and lean beef, green beans on the side and fresh bread cooked and bought this morning. This is a dish I like making from time to time and I make it a bit different than hers. I won't get into which is better (SMILE). We had a nice evening until Dave had to watch CSI at 9 so that was our clue to come home. Good day again in Paradise although it was windy today and quite cool!
Uploaded new pictures in last folder

Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 14 to 18, 2011; San Carlos, Mexico

FEB 14, Monday; Happy Valentine Day!
Val and Louise went for Tai-Chi this morning then we went for breakfast at the marina restaurant. I was not impressed with mine. We spent the rest of the day relaxing then for dinner, we went to Piccolo where we met Linda and Steve. Cathy was sick and Craig stayed home with her. The dinner was a success and we had a few laughs then it was time to go each our ways. We came home and sat outside for a while. Louise and Dave went in.

FEB 15, Tuesday, Guaymas
Tai- Chi again this morning for the girls then we went to El Cheque for hot dogs. In the afternoon, we drove to Guaymas to check out where the dentist is as we have an appointment on the 23rd. Once we found it, we drove up this hill where there is a statue of what I believe to be one of the founders of Guaymas. Graffiti was everywhere and we found a geo-cache.
We came home and had happy hour, Joyce and Bill joined us. It was very hot today...got up to 85*F (26*C)

FEB 16, Wednesday, Golfing
A late and lazy morning, we were slow in getting moving. In the afternoon, Dave and I joined Craig from the lot at El Cheque where we had the “famous hot dog” then headed to the golf course for a game of nine holes. Dave didn’t have clubs so used mine as he is also left handed when playing. The weather was warm but the wind kept us cool. I didn’t do too bad or to good. The other two fared better. As we were leaving the course, Cathy showed up and picked up Craig and we went home to Happy Hour.

FEB 17, Thursday, San Carlos
Val, Louise and Joyce went to Maru’s to have their toe nails done. I went to Tony’s and Santa Rosa to pick up some needed vegetables then when the girls got back, the four of us drove to the fishing village passed Soggy Pesos on the north-west side of San Carlos. We stopped at one of the local restaurant but they didn’t have any beer so after looking around and taking some pictures, we went to Soggy Pesos and had one there.
We came home in time to get ready and at 5 pm the four of us with Bill and Joyce went to “The Palapa”, a restaurant on the beach where we had ribs, all you can eat for 130 pesos. They had live music and a big bon-fire on the beach. The place was full and the food was excellent. We came home around 7 pm, in time for Dave to watch his TV show.

FEB 18, Friday, SC
Val went to the library next door to exchange more books in the morning. For lunch, I had an urge for a hamburger so the four of us went to “The Edge” where they serve these humongus burger. In the afternoon, Dave and I went to Guaymas to pick up wine and beer and the girls went for a walk on the beach. After Happy Hour and dinner, we had a fire outside until 10 pm then it was bedtime.

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 10 to 13, 2011; San Carlos

FEB 10, Thursday, San Carlos
Our first day back in San Carlos and busy, busy, busy! Our friends, Joyce and Bill, are here so we had a nice visit with them last evening. Val and Louise went for Tai-Chi this morning then it was laundry day, set up the satellite, put up a few ornaments and just organized the site. Of course, Tucker had to go smell his old spots and see if everything was as it was. There are a lot more people here now, almost full! We have a date for a haircut later in the afternoon and happy hour at the lot. I also uploaded my pictures which were overdue because of our lack of connection in Alamos. It is sunny and very warm.
For lunch we went to EL Cheque of course and the famous and mandatory hot dogs and cerveza. We stopped at Tony’s afterwards to get fresh vegetables and chilli rellenos (chilli pepper with cheese in the middle, YUM, YUM!), then it was a quick stop at Santa Rosa for milk and a couple of other items then came home. Steve came over to say hi and invite us for Valentine. He will make the reservations. So another day planned for! A small truck came in with a home-built house on the back of the truck (see pictures). There are 4 people living in there, they are from the Skatgit Valley, Washington State. Val had a haircut and so did I. A lady friend we know cuts hair so she did both of us. We had happy hour and met a few of the neighbours...pretty friendly row this one! Louise and Dave are in the same spot Al & Brenda were back in December and we are two up from them.
For dinner, it was chicken, corn on the cob (Mexican and it was OK), buns, tomatoes and cucumber. To top it all, still got a sore throat and runny nose; second time this trip!

FEB 11, Friday, San Carlos
A sunny and warm day again! We got water and propane this morning then the four of us went to Guaymas to shop at the Ley’s and Walmart then it was time for a cerveza and snack which consisted of tortilla soup (delicious). Back home, we invited Joyce and Bill over for happy hour then I went to find a bike seat; should be here sometime next Wednesday. More people have come in today, some heading north and others south. It was a warm evening so sat outside for a while

FEB 12, Saturday, SC
This morning, we went to a local bazaar near here. Lots of people around and lots of crafts, clothes and paintings. Val managed to find a shirt to buy. We ran into Wayne and Glenda from BC and Peter and Marg from Alta. Found out where they live so will have to go visit them soon. We had hot dogs and hamburger and a beer with Peter. Louise wanted to stop for a beer so we headed to Froggy’s and had a couple then came home. We got ready and headed to the Lot for Happy Hour. It was fun and neighbours of theirs joined us too. Came home around 7 pm and had dinner then Val and I sat outside for a while. Made plans with Craig to golfing Tuesday at 2 pm.

FEB 13, Sunday; SC
A quiet day at home. Val did some laundry, Virginia and Garry came out for a visit and we sat with them and Bill and Joyce. Val and Louise sat by the pool for a while and I had a snooze. Happy Hour then home for dinner and a quiet TV evening.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

February 5 to 9, 2011; Alamos & San Carlos

FEB 5, Saturday; to Alamos
A motorhome came in after dark last night. We discovered it as we got up this morning. After packing, we went to the restaurant on site and had breakfast. It took a while and wasn’t that great. Our bacon was cold, the eggs had been ordered as over-easy and came scramble even though we said NO scramble in Spanish. Louise also had pancake and those were good. We left soon after, 10:15 am and headed back to Guave (32 miles) at speeds of 30-40 MPH because of the rough road then north on 15 cuota (toll). We stopped in Los Mochis for fuel then it was on to Navajoa (went through 2 tolls) for our lunch and our turn East to Alamos. We arrived at 3:30 pm and set up in “Real De Los Alamos RV Park”, paid our dues for 4 nights then settled in. Dave and I went into town to get some cerveza and checked out the other RV Park which turned out to be much nicer...maybe next time!

N 27* 01.845’
W 108* 57.106’
Alt: 1332 feet

We drove 195 miles (313Km) in 4.5 hrs at an average speed of 44 MPH and were stopped for 1 hour. We fuel in Los Mochis. We also went through 2 police checks and one for fruits

FEB 6, Sunday, Alamos
This was a lazy, warm morning. We read for a while then went into town. It was very busy there, being Sunday. There was a market in full swing and lots of people around. The town square had some very colourful people and everyone was in a good mood. There were a few vans from a local TV station filming a soap program but not today. Being Super Bowl day, a couple parties were being organized in town. We walked around the whole village. A few things had changed since last we were here. We showed the convent we had stayed at back 4 years ago to L&D then we went through the hotel Hacienda de los Santos, a landmark here. Usually one has to pay to tour the place but today, they had a Super Bowl party going on so we wandered in and looked around for free. We had a beer then went to where the party was but they wanted 180 pesos each so we went somewhere else. We walked to the hotel Portales and went to the bar to have a bite to eat. They had a TV set up on the front balcony for people to watch the game. Our meals were delicious and the beer was cold. We visited everything there was to see and looked in every nook & cranny. We had a good time and came home around 4:30 pm after stopping for some fuel. It was a very warm day and we even each had ice cream.
We had happy hour at our place then I watched Green Bay win the Super Bowl...YEAH!!!!!

FEB 7, Monday, touring Alamos
We got up early as we were to meet our guide, Emiliano, at 8:30 am. When we got to our meeting place, he announces that he was waiting for another group of Americans to join us. We waited and waited and decided to go see the look-out. As we were up there, we saw the bus arrived so we drove back down and met them. Our tour began with a tour of “The house of Treasure” which is where we stayed 4 years ago with the Tate’s. An old convent turned into a hotel. From here we walked the streets of Alamos and he pointed out the history of the place. We even got to visit some private home and one belonging to an Actress who is now retired. We arrived back at the hotel and the group stayed and the 5 of us got in our truck and drove out of town to visit a few places. We first stopped at a church along the highway and we looked inside then we drove to La Aduana where we had lunch in a private home. The hostess, Doris, prepared and cooked tortilla for us. Val and Louise got to try their skills at it and did pretty good, considering! Then it was onward to a clay factory where a group of kids met us giggling away and after meeting them, we gave them each one peso. They were ecstatic! We went to visit a brick making factory and being in the early afternoon, everyone was having siesta but we did walked around and Emiliano answered all our questions. From here it was back to town and a cerveza to end the day properly. We paid our guide, bought a drink then went home.
I don’t know what I caught but my throat was sore and I hit the bed by 8:30 pm after taking a few cold tablets and syrup.

FEB 8, Tuesday, more of Alamos
We went into town early to have breakfast at Reyna’s restaurant. It was delicious and cheap which made it all the more better. From here, we walked into town again and watched the making of a movie soap opera. I even got to take a picture of one of the Star! Then we walked to a local bakery and watched how they make bread and cookies and other sweet things. We bought a half dozen bollitos (bread buns) fresh out of the oven. We even tasted some cookies which were delicious but Val wouldn’t allow me to buy them. Emiliano up in an area where there was a cock raising farm. We stopped and they invited us in and got to look around. It really was interesting. The guy spoke perfect English which made it much easier to answer all our questions. (See pictures). From here we went back to the village where we had a beer then came home for Happy Hour with Emiliano. For supper we had fish then went over to the Ennis for a drink and just to bug them.

FEB 9, Wednesday, Back to San Carlos
I got up this morning with a sore throat and runny nose. I took some medicine then began loaded and getting ready to go. We were on the road by 9:15 am, followed hwy 162 down to Navaoja and headed north on Hwy 15. We went through two tolls, stopped in Obregon for lunch and arrived in Totonaka RV Park, San Carlos around 1:45 pm. As we were setting up, Joyce showed up to say hi then Bill showed up so after setting up, we went over to their place for happy hour. Dave and Louise stayed home and continued setting up; I’ll finish tomorrow. The park is almost full which is good to see. We had dinner then relaxed after Tucker’ bath...he was filthy from rolling in the dirt.
I have uploaded more pictures in Folder #71

N 27* 57.910’
W 111* 01.489’
Alt: 15 feet

We drove 164 miles (264Km) in 4 hours at an average speed of 44 MPH. We stopped for an hour.

Friday, February 04, 2011

February 2 to 4, 2011; Las Glorias

FEB 2, Wednesday, sunny and warm; packing, our last day in Mazatlan
Got up to a nice sunny day! Bill and Carol, the people who have been to South America stopped by to chat and say goodbye. Louise and Dave left early to meet the kids and take them to the airport. Most of the day was spent washing, packing and loading our toys and stuff. L&D got back around 2 and spent the rest of the day packing. We paid for another night @ $30. US. We had happy hour with Al & Brenda then it was time for dinner. Afterwards we had a fire then it was bed time.

FEB 3, Thursday, to Las Glorias
Yesterday we asked L&D if they would be interested to stop at a different place for a couple days; needless to say, Louise jumped on it so this is where we headed for.
We left at 9 am after saying our goodbyes to Al & Brenda and got on Hwy 15 libre. We drove to Culiacan then headed for the toll highway which we hadn’t done before. It was much better and not so expensive, we hit two tolls at 86 pesos each (approx. $7cdn). The country side was really beautiful; green field everywhere, growing tomatoes, corn and other vegetables. In Guave, we got off the toll highway, drove through town (big) and then on a country road to Las Glorias. It was a bit rough but we took our time. There is one other rig here so we can pick and choose our site. We are both parked with a fantastic view of the ocean. Unfortunately it is very windy and the wind, from the north, is very cold making it not so pleasant.
After dinner, we went over to L&D and played cards until about 10 pm then it was bedtime.

N 25* 17.746’
W 108* 31.465’
ALT: 11 feet
We drove 258 miles (415 Km) in 7.5 hours at an average speed of 43MPH. We were stopped for 1.5 hrs and took on fuel in Cualican

FEB 4, Friday, Las Glorias; cold and windy
It was 31*F (0*C) when I got up this morning at 7 am; just bloody incredible! Good thing it wasn’t raining or we’d be getting snow! Once the sun was up it warmed up some but the wind began again and kept things quite cool. We drove to Boca Del Rio, a small fishing village nearby and looked around and took some pictures. Louise wasn’t feeling to par so she had stayed home but once we got back, she felt better so we went to another place where some people were fishing then while driving around the village of Las Glorias, we decided to stop for a cerveza and lunch (late). It was quite windy and we didn’t really enjoy our stay there so ate and drank fast and went home. At 4 pm, Dave came over to get us for Happy Hour and we ended up under the palapa in the restaurant. We met another gringo there from Minnesota and chatted for a while with him. Again because of the cold wind we cut it short. We had stew for dinner then went over to D&L for a game of cards.
Would we come back here? Maybe earlier in the year and only for 3-4 days max. There ain’t much to do around here except lay around the beach. There is WIFI and I am using now but only because I am close to the restaurant. Louise cannot get on because they are parked across the way. I HAVE UPLOADED PICTURES TO FOLDER # 71

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

February 1, 2011; Ziplining in La Noria

FEB 1, Tuesday, Zip lining in the jungle of Mazatlan
We were picked up at 9 am in a very nice van. We, Dave, Louise, Warren, Sandy, Val and me were driven to “Brouha”restaurant and there, we paid our dues and met the rest of the people that were going with us. There were 9 in our van and 7 in the other. We drove to the town of La Noria about a half hour from here via gravel and paved roads and reached the village. Our chauffeur was very informative and had an excellent sense of humour. He told about the village we were going to and what they farm there. At the village, we disembarked and were harnessed in and given gloves and helmet. We drove up the mountain and arrived at this flat knoll where we were given instruction on to handle the ropes, the brakes and the proper way to sit in the harness to get maximum speed. Then it was to the first cable and zzzzziiiiippppp down, hence the name of “Zip lining”! WHAT A RUSH!! WOW!!
We did 12 of cables of various length and height. Warren and I even rode one upside down which was a rush in itself. Even Dave, who had first said he wasn’t gonna do it, did harness himself in and went down with the rest of us. The eleven and twelfth cables were side by side and we rode down as a couple. That was also a lot of fun. At the bottom, we were met by kids with horses and mules and we were offered to ride to town. Louise, Val, Sandy and Warren and I did ride in. We went by a water source that was bubbling hot water from some underground thermal source. We had lunch which was absolutely wonderful and a cheese fondue made with mushroom and tequila, all locally made and grown. The cheese was delicious. We had cerveza and were offered a shot of local Tequila which I bought a bottle of as it was quite good. We were told by our driver that most of the money that is collected on these trips goes to the village and its people. This is to encourage them to grow farming stuff and stay out of marijuana and drug growth. What a wonderful thing to do and what a day!
We got back at our site around 2:30 pm and called it quit for the day, except for happy hour of course. Louise and family went out for dinner as this is Sandy and Warren’s last day here. Tomorrow they fly out and we pack! I got propane again today.
PS: it was quite warm up at the village and here too when we got back. 80*F (25*C)