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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 26 to 30, 2011; visit from the Coast

JUNE 26, Sunday
My day off! We spent it resting and just visiting neighbours.

JUNE 27, Monday
Worked around the yard and made calls to a few people including DRAGO Axle and Suspension and made an appointment for July 11 to get the rig repaired.

JUNE 28, Tuesday
Back to work for me. Val got a call from Donna and she has a job next Thursday for a day as Donna needs help with a class she is giving.

JUNE 29, Wednesday
Val went to work for Donna today and I was at the Park. Jeffrey and Debbie arrived around 7 p.m. He is on his way to Calgary to wedding. He brought his boat with him. We visited for a while then it was bedtime for me and everyone decided to call it quit too. They spent the night in their boat but during the night, Debbie heard an animal and decided to go to sleep in Brook’s trailer next door which is available for them.

JUNE 30, Thursday
I went to work and Jeffrey put his boat in the water and docked it at our dock. After work, I BBQ’ed hamburgers for everyone and then we visited and caught up to news. It was early to bed again and they both slept in the trailer next door.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 19 to 25, 2011; Visit from Ontario

JUNE 19, Sunday, Day off & HAPPY FATHER’s DAY!
The four of us went to Quaaout Lodge near our place here and had brunch for Father’s Day. It was very delicious and afterwards we went for a drive to show Kathy & Louie the sites near here. We took them to Blind Bay and the area then to Sunny Brea Prov. Park where there is a beautiful fall call Margarite Falls. There was a small 10 minutes hike on a well groomed trail. The place was in a canyon full of tall cedar trees criss-crossing the trail. The fall was huge and very forceful due to the high water. We took a couple pictures then left. It was time to come back home so we took the back way through Turtle Valley which is a very scenic drive and arrived home around 3:30 pm. We had happy hour and the neighbours joined us including Dan and Heather and John and Marilyn who arrived yesterday to their cabin above us. Ed also joined us. It was a good time and everyone met Louie and Kathy of course.
After dinner, hamburger and salad, we bore K&L with pictures.

JUNE 20, Monday, Visitors leave
Louie and Kathy left around 10 am under a cloudy day. It’s been a bitter joke with them as they’ve nothing but rain since Alberta a week ago. I called South Thompson only to learn that Forest River and Tippert Axle are refusing to cover the claim on my axle. I guess I am going to have a battle on my hand. I cut some branches off the trees behind our place as they are interfering with our satellite; I had borrow a cutter with extension handle and the 10 feet ladder from our neighbour. At 3:30 we had Happy Hour with Bob and Gail then dinner and early to bed as it is a work day tomorrow

JUNE 21, Tuesday, First day of summer
Val went to work for George painting lumber for a new deck at one of his rentals; Bob and Gail also went with Val. My day was the usual raking sites and clearing brush near the roadways. Val enjoyed her day and Bob complained that she was trying to boss them around barely an hour into it. Ahahahaha!

JUNE 22, Wednesday
Same routine! Nothing exciting

JUNE 23, Thursday,
It poured today so Val didn’t work. I ended going to Vernon with the company truck and took two golf carts to be fixed. IT was a pleasant drive as the sun finally came out

JUNE 24, Friday
A quiet day on the front! Val is no longer working as the job is completed but it did get her a nice little pay cheque. Happy hour at our place. Lots of people coming out this week-end

JUNE 25, Saturday
My last day at work, it was busy as usual. When I came home, Ed came over to invite us for Happy Hour at his place. The whole gang was there. Afterwards, Val took Tucker for his walk and Ron came over to pick me up and take me to the far side of the lot to Don’s place for another happy hour. It was a late dinner!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 13 to 18, 2010: Back to work and visit from Ontario

JUNE 13, Monday, Day off!
Val went to Chase for groceries shopping and I nurtured my sore bones and muscles. Actually I worked in the yard finishing the gravel levelling and putting the fence back together. It rained part of the day and made it easy to lie around. Dinner and boob-tube for the evening

JUNE 14, Tuesday, back to work
Today, I spent the day sanding and painting. We are redoing all the picnic tables and there are a lot of them. Val basically puttered around the yard and went for walks with Tucker. We had Happy Hour with Bob and Gail. Ed and Judy are back from Alberta; they were away for over a month.

JUNE 15, Wednesday, more work
I went to work again today and did more painting and sanding. Val spent the day reading, walking Tucker and visiting the neighbours. It’s been cloudy with the odd drizzle all day.

JUNE 16, Thursday,
More of the same except that I spent the day mowing lawns around the park. When I got home, Bob and Gail came over for Happy Hour then it was dinner time and watched the tube for the evening.

JUNE 17, Friday, visit from Ontario
I got a call from Val at work that her sister Kathy and husband Louie arrived in the afternoon. I got home at 3:30 pm and we visited for a while before having dinner. Afterwards, we had a fire and Laurie and Dan came over to meet our guests and to enjoy the fire with us. We rented Brook’s trailer next door for them. It is very nice to see them.

JUNE 18, Saturday,
This is my last day at work for the week. Val, Kathie and Louie came to see me at the shop so I showed them around. They were doing laundry across the way from the park. Afterwards, they went to Salmon Arm to shop while I continued to slave away and earned the money that she is going to spent this afternoon...Poor me!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 6 to 12, 2011; Problems and back to work

JUNE 6, Monday, to Salmon Arm
We drove to Salmon Arm and stopped at Canadian Tire to get a couple of little items then we picked up our mail and had our usual breakfast sandwich at Java Jive Bistro. We stopped at the bank to make a deposit then went to get Oil & Lube done on the car. We also stopped at “The Brick” to check out their store. Then it was onward to Crown Royal where I made an appointment for the Bear’s problem with the tires. We came home and had a beer with Jack and Mim who are out for the week then went home and watched the Canucks get slaughter

JUNE 7, Tuesday, Lee Creek
Rain; rain...all day so not much happened today! We read and that’s about it.

JUNE 8, Wednesday
We went to Chase in the morning to do laundry. I made a couple calls to Shaw cable and CML then worked in the yard for the afternoon. We watched the Canucks get slaughter again (now 2-2) then had dinner. My new BBQ is working really well and I am quite pleased.

JUNE 9, Thursday, to Salmon Arm and disaster strikes again!!!
We took BEAR into Salmon Arm to TRI-CROWN to have the suspension and axles checked due to the tire wearing off (See end of April). We left it there and went to town to pick up our new chairs, wine, milk, our mail then to the doctor for Val. She wasn’t there so we had to wait until 3:30 pm. Once that was done, we drove back to Tri-Crown only to learn that the frame needed strengthening as it is bending at the flange and the whole suspension straighten as the driver side tires are leaning and rubbing against the shock absorber. They say it’s a manufacturing defect and that the frame is not strong enough to support the road travelling we do. Good grief...here we go again!!!
We came home and had “Happy” hour with our neighbours then dinner and relax and ponder over this new dilemma.

JUNE 10, Friday, back to Salmon Arm for Dr’s app’t.
I had to go to my doctor to have a medical for my driver’s license as they have learned that I am now on medications for my diabetes. We came home afterwards and worked in the yard. I got a call yesterday from the Parks; they would like me to come to work early so I am starting tomorrow

JUNE 11, Saturday, Back to work
It felt strange getting up at 6:30 but I did it and spent the day painting on a new project which is replacing all the picnic table tops. Val enjoyed her day at home, visiting and working in the yard on her flowers and plants.

JUNE 12, Sunday,
Back to work and more painting. It rained part of the day so we couldn’t do painting so we worked in the Park raking pads and picking up recycling and garbage. I came home sore as my body isn’t used to that anymore. Age is definitely catching up and I have to lose a few pounds!!!!

Monday, June 06, 2011

June 1 to 5, 2011; visit new grand-daughter

JUNE 1, Wednesday, to Kamloops
We were up early and on the road by 9 am. We drove to Kamloops with “Bear” to get the slide re-adjusted, the couch drawer repaired properly and the leak under the bedroom fixed once again. While in Kamloops, we went to Costco and got propane and a couple other items.
We were back home by 3:30 pm with everything fixed properly and set up once again. I stopped for fuel @ $1.21/Litre then we hit a real heavy rain storm on the way home but once we turned off on Squilax, the road was dry and we were able to set up before the rain began which didn’t last. Early in the evening, the sun came out once again.

JUNE 2, Thursday, Lee Creek
A cool and cloudy day! We didn’t do much today. We went to Chase where Val did a couple loads of laundry and I went to our wine place to order another batch of “cab. sauv.” We came home and after putting everything away, I went for a haircut at Heather’s place then we sat and read for a while or I should say until our friends came over for happy hour and break in our new gazebo. Dinner was late then we watched TV.

JUNE 3, Friday, to Vancouver and Port Coquitlam
After closing and locking everything, we left at 12:30 pm. We stopped in Kamloops for fuel at 1.06/litre then onwards to the coast. It was a pleasant sunny drive. We stopped in Merritt for a bite to eat at Tim Horton then down to the coast where we arrived at Jeffrey’s house around 6 pm. Debbie cooked us all a great dinner then we visited until bedtime.

JUNE 4, Saturday, visit new grand-daughter
After breakfast, we drove over to Joanne and John (Val’s daughter) in Coquitlam to visit and see the new baby, McKinley. What a beauty she is; needless to say we took dozen of pictures over the day. We also spent special time with Jenaya. She had a great time with Tucker, walking him in the park. We had lunch and dinner with them then came back to Jeffrey for the night

JUNE 5, Sunday, Jenaya’s soccer tournament
We were up by 7 am to drive to Port Moody and see Jenaya play soccer in her final tournament. She did well and even scored the winning goal with seconds to go (just like the Canucks game). Afterwards we went for lunch at Robin’s then drove over to their house where we had a short visit before leaving. We drove back to Jeff and had another short visit then left for home. We arrived back at our place around 10 pm and after putting everything away, it was bedtime.