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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home base is a resort Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 29 to 31, to Desert Hot Spring, California

OCT 29, Monday, sunny and warm

Left the campsite around 8:45 a.m. We drove east to I-5 where we turned south and then headed to Hwy 99 to Salida. Found the Don Gamel, a Fleetwood RV Dealership with no problems, thanks to Miss Daisy, our GPS. Got there around 10 a.m. and 2 hours later we were on our way again. They were extremely friendly and helpful. All that was required was a brake adjustment and Fleetwood covered the cost.
We headed south on 99 to Barkersfield then turn East on Hwy 58. We climbed to over 4000 feet from a low of 200'. As we neared the desert, we saw the hills full on huge windmills turning in the wind. These mills are used to provide electricity and are very prominent in California and Arizona as we noted in our travels. We entered the Mojave desert and descended to 2100' and finally turned north on Hwy 14 which was to take us to our campsite for that night but we ended up missing the camp and went up north 40miles out of our way looking for this stop sign P.A. said was supposed to be there.

We turned around near a canyon and found a store open and got directions. Miss daisy was out to lunch on this one! Drove to almost Hwy 58 and finally found our campground, paid our $12. and went to bed after eating supper.

N 35* 07'46" W 118* 07'01"
Alt: 2835'
Distance today 582KM

OCT. 30, Tuesday, Sunny and hot

We left around 11 a.m., no rush today as we have a short distance to cover. Headed east on Hwy 58 to Hwy 395 where we turned south. I was in need of fuel so stopped in Boron where we found the gas station still using a hand pump to gas up cars....no diesel so carried on the corner of 395 and 58 where we found a Pilot Station. Almost got into an altercation with this Californian who wouldn't move his car from the pump and when I went to knock on his window, he started to scream at me about not disturbing his pump as his wife went in to get the change!!!!? I decided that this guy was short of a brick and waited for him to move....probably a wise choice looking back at it now!
Anyway, after taking on only $35 worth (3.499/Gal here), we carried on south on 395. Very desolate but good roads and very rolly. After Adelanto, we got on I-15 and climbed to 4200' then descended to 800' in the San Bernadino valley, all in a matter of 60 miles. It was a beautiful drive (CHECK OUT THE PICTURES).
Turned East again on I 215 then I-10. Stopped for lunch around 1:30 p.m. and arrived in Desert Hot Spring around 2:30.

Checked in Desert Pool RV Resort where it is free for us through our membership with W.H.R. We set up and now it's time for a beer and relaxation. We will be here for two weeks.

N 33* 55' 26" W 116* 26' 01"
Alt: 1052 feet
Distance today: 274 Km.

OCT 31, Wednesday, sunny and hot

I have the A/C on right now and Val is at the pool. I set up the Dish for satellite TV, hooked up what I miss yesterday, put out our little goodies, the lawn chairs and the awning. Sears showed around noon and fixed (I think but time will tell) our microwave and managed to damaged the side wall doing it. DAMN!!!!! I am beginning to think this trailer is jinx for us. Anyway, we called Apollo and left a message for them to call us in the morning.

Tucker is nipping at my heels...time for walk! See you all later.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 25 to 28, 2007, at Delta Shore RV Park

OCT. 25, Thursday, sunny

Another beautiful, sunny day. I called Fleetwood again this morning as they never returned my call. As suspected, there was another excuse as to why my cheque hadn't been mailed but he (Paul) promised to have in the mail by the end of this week. At the same time, I asked him about a dealership nearby where I can get the brake system on the trailer looked at. As stated earlier, one axle doesn't seem to have any brakes and I suspect a broken/cut wire.

I also called our reservation system with WHR to reorganize our plans. Ramona Park has burned down due to the fires near and around Los Angeles so that threw a wrench into our travel plans. We are now still going to Desert Hot Spring but then to Ehremberg in Arizona then back to Indio California. We will now enter the Baja around the 4th of December instead of the 11th as planned.

In the afternoon we went to Lodi to look for parts for the BBQ and a look around. It is approx. 20 miles from here. We went to Lowe, Wal-Mart and a local store qith no success on the part. Val did some shopping while in Wal-Mart

Came back home, had dinner and relaxed

OCT 26, Friday, sunny

A lot cooler today. Didn't get much above 75*F but who is complaining. Val did the laundry and I did a couple of minor jobs that required attention around the trailer. I reorganized the basement, put a hook inside for the broom and repaired the bottom of the laundry drawer; it was coming apart ( another Fleetwood quality product)

We went to Fairfield today Approx 25 miles from here and finally had success about the part for the BBQ at Camping World store. Had to buy a few extra "must have" items too. :-)

OCT 27, Saturday, cloudy/sun periods

Fixed the BBQ and it works very nicely now. Put up our new map of the USA travels outside the trailer.

In the afternoon, we went cycling around the levee (dike) Took a couple of pictures and looked around a few shops but din't buy anything. We stopped for a beer on the return then came home and had steaks on the BBQ....Delicious! The park is wuite fulll right now. Lots of kids around and they are having an Halloween party for them later in the afternoon with a dance for the adults in the evening. Read and answered our e-mails then went to bed

OCT 28, Sunday, sunny again

Today, we are packing in preparation to leave tomorrow. We have to be in Modesto, about an hour from here, for 10 a.m. to get the brakes on the trailer looked at.

Went cycling again in the afternoon then loaded them away.

DOWNLOADED PICTURES, see our link on the left (Picasa)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 24, 2007---- In Elston, California

OCT 24, Wednesday, sunny

Got up at 7 a.m. and after a good breakfast and toiletry done, we began packing. It is sunny and already warm at 9 a.m. We dumped our tanks at the entrance way as we had no sewer at this site then we hit the road around 10:15 a.m.
Drove on Hwy 101 for approx 42 miles then turned left on Hwy 116. We drove through some rolling hills and after turning on Hwy 12, we arrived in the Napa Valley. Absolutely beautiful! Hills upon hills of vineyards with the houses built like castle and the typical ranch/hacienda. The season for grapes is over now and the vines are changing into their fall colors which makes the hill side even more colorful. Took some pictures but haven't downloaded them yet.

Drove through Rio Vista and finally arrived at our campsite, the Delta Shores RV and Marina Resort. We are in the shade and it's a good thing as it is 85*F (25*C). Time for a beer!
This is a nice park. We are beside a dike holding back an arm of the Sacramento River. We are surrounded by the Sacramento delta. We are between Sacramento and San Francisco, approx 20 miles from I-5 Will take pictures and download them today hopefully.

We've been watching the fires near and around Los Angeles and San Diego. Over 10, 000 home have been lost so far and nearly 100, 000 people have been evacuated. It is the BIGGEST fire in history according to the media. What worries us is there is a fire in Ramona, a place we intent on going before entering the Baja, in December. Hopefully, it will be put out soon along with the rest of them....very sad indeed!

N 38* 06'47" W 121* 35'18"
Alt: -5 feet ( yes minus as we are behind a Dike)
Distance today: 194 km. ( 120 miles)

Monday, October 22, 2007

October 19-23, Geyser City, California

OCTOBER 19, Friday, clouds and sun

Went to Crescent City today for groceries and lunch. Washed the rig and the truck and it rained in the evening. Oh well!! At least I got the bugs off the front ends.

OCTOBER 20, Saturday, clouds and sun

It really poured last night. Even had lighting and thunder. Watched college football then Craig and I went for 9 holes It was a very nice little course and even had 5 deers munching on the fresh grass. Very wet course too. Cost $20 for 9 holes and a cart; not bad.

OCTOBER 21, Sunday, IT IS SUNNY!!!!!!!!!

We packed and left around 9 a.m. after hugging and saying good-bye to our good friends. We hit Hwy 101 and stopped at a campsite along the way to dump. Carried on southwards and stopped in Hyak for a leash for Tucker and some food. It is so nice to see the sun again. It's also getting warmer. The funny thing is that neither one of us can remember driving through here 2 yrs ago!? OLD AGE!?????

We arrived at Cloverdale at our campsite, Russian River Resort. No cost through R.O.D. A very tight area and surrounded by mountains. We are approx. 86 miles ( 90 KM) from San Francisco. We will be here for 3 nights

N 38* 50' 46" W 123* 01'24"
Alt: 389'
Distance today: 460 km

OCTOBER 22, Monday, sunny

Called Fleetwood about our money. Got some excuse about month end but he is supposed to get back to us. Updated our banking and downloaded more pictures. Also answered a couple of e-mail

Went into town, fuelled 14.71Gal @ 3.399 then we went for a drive to Sonoma Lake, the main watershed for the surrounding valley and carried on over the mountains and to the Pacific. We came out at Stewart Point. Drove HWY 1 south and what a drive! WOW!!! Curvy, winding and slow going but the road is good. Went through a couple of neat villages and finally turned off on HWY 116 and came back home. Miss Daisy did a good job returning us home. It was a beautiful drive.
Got home at 6:30 p.m., time for a beer, dinner and relaxation.

OCTOBER 23, Tuesday, sunny and warm (80*F)

Washed the windows today on both the rig and the truck, Val did her vacuuming then we drove to Santa Rosa, approx 30 miles from here and went shopping at "TRADER JOE" where we bought 12 bottles of red wine for $1.99 each....Can't go wrong with them prices
Took on fuel 18.505 Gal @ 3.459

Now we relax and tomorrow we head for Isleton, south-east of San Francisco, for 5 nights. It is on the water or near water, I have read!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 14 to 18, 2007, in California

OCT 14 Sunday, foggy

We left at 8:45 a.m. and drove south on 101 to Bandon, Oregon, where I fuelled and it was time as I was running on fumes. Took on 26.201 Gal @ 3.379
Scenery along the highway is absolutely gorgeous. The shoreline is rugged and the waves are pounding on shore. Stopped in Brookings, the last town before California and had a quick bit to eat and fuelled again before entering California where everything is much more expensive: 7.363 Gal @ 3.259
Approx 10 miles into California, we turned north east onto Hwy 197 then 199 to Gasquets and to our friends Craig and Cathy's place. Arrived around 2 p.m. and Craig was waiting for us on the road in. He guided us in and we parked behind his house and right beside the runway for local airplanes. Had happy hour after setting up and caught up to all the news. It is sunny but not supposed to be for long. The forecast is for rain for the week. BOOO!!!

N 41* 50' 45" W 123* 59' 43"
Alt: 390'
Distance today 294 KM

OCT 15, Monday

Got up to rain and it is here to stay. Went back to Brooking today to get some groceries, get an oil change and both my truck and Craig's as he needed it too. ( We drove 2 trucks in) Went for lunch at a Mexican restaurant then came home.
Had a very nice dinner then we watched Monday Night Football. went to bed around 10 p.m. and I now have a cold! BOOOO!

OCT 16, Tuesday, rain

Stayed home, read and slept. Not much else as it is raining and windy

OCT 17, Wednesday, more rain with a mixture of sun breaks

Went to Crescent city and got a haircut for Tucker at Cathy's workplace. While he was there, we went to the beach for a walk. Very windy but the sun is trying hard to come out. Went to a local restaurant in the harbor for brunch then picked up Tucker($30), and went home, approx 12 miles form here.

OCT 18, Thursday, rain

This rain is getting depressing. Cathy and Craig keep saying that this is totally unusual.....heard that before! Called W.H.R. and made all necessary reservations until Dec 11 then Craig and I went to Hiouchi, approx 8 miles from here to get propane for the rig and my little BBQ ($22for both). Got my blog updated and now it's time for reading a good book. Bye for now

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oct 12 and 13, 2007

OCT. 12, Friday, clouds then sun

We left Camperland at 0915 after fuelling: 36.5 L @ .959 and headed west on Hwy 1. Turn south on Hwy 13 and arrived at the border at 1007 a.m.. Almost an hour later, we were on our way south in Washington. We had no problems at the border, just heavy traffic.

Stopped for lunch on I-5 in a rest stop then crossed Seattle and Tacoma. Heavy traffic with a couple of accidents but had few delays. Turned on hwy 101 towards Aberdeen and stopped for the night at a Passport campsite we stopped 2 years ago with my brother Andre, in Elma. Took on some fuel but not a full tank: 11.59 Gal @ 3.449
It is 4 p.m., met a couple from Quebec who are planning to go to Mexico and they were very happy to pick our brains. Nice couple too. Time to relax and baby this cold I feel coming on

N 47* 00' 07" W 123* 23'17"
Alt: 86' and distance today: 390 KM

OCT 13, Saturday, fog then sun and warm

Left around 9 again and went to Aberdeen then to Illwaco on the coast. Fuelled again 6.947GAL @ 3.599 then headed south to Astoria, Oregon where I filled up 29.229GAL @ 2.799
Drove on south on Hwy 101 and stopped in Tillamook for some cheese. Stopped for lunch at a view point overseeing the ocean and arrived in Florence around 5:30 p.m.
Beautiful day and a great drive even with the heavy traffic (Saturday) It was sunny and warm.
We are now at Lakeshore RV Park south of Florence, Oregon, all set up with full hook-up for $14 (Passport) Dinner is on and all is well except for this cold that is getting worse.

N 43* 54' 31" W 124* 06' 42"
Alt: 90' and distance today: 476

Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 3 to 11, 2007

It's been a wonderful and busy 8 days. We went to watch the girls play their volleyball, had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Rochelle and Kevin's place with all the trimming and family Love on the 8th of October. Everyone was there and it was a happy time.

I helped Kevin's dad gyproc Kevin's office and we did some shopping preparing for our entry into the U.S. We also went to Vancouver to visit my son Jeffrey and spent the night at his place. Also saw Val's daughter, Joanne, her husband John and grand-daughter Jenaya.
We got together with Val's cousin, Travis and Linda and had dinner with them at the pub.

We saw our friends Phil and Betty and had a nice dinner with them too. Rochelle and Kevin left for Nova Scotia with her mom and Gord yesterday morning and today I have an appointment with my tranny specialist for a check up and we are going to Joanne again this evening.

Tomorrow, the 12th, we leave this place and head SOUTH!!! The weather has been somewhat lousy. Typical West Coast with lots of rain and some heavy winds. We did have a couple days of sun however and temperature wise, it's been hovering around 15 to 18 degrees celsius
Our next entry will be in the U.S., probably at our friends place in California. We hope to be there either Sunday or Monday


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October 1 & 2, 2007 The PLAN!!!

Here we are in Chilliwack having a good time with the kids and grand-kids, being part of their life in a small, small way.

I thought it was time I laid out our plans for the next year and half of 2009 for those of you reading this Blog and keeping track of us...... From here, on October 13, we will crossed into the U.S. via Sumas and head south to California to visit our friends Craig and Cathy. Once they get get tired of us or us of them (just kidding), we will make our way south to Cabo San Lucas in the Baja, Mexico. We will be there until at least the beginning of February when we will north and east to Phoenix to Val's cousins, Bud and Judith for a big bash!!!! After that we will south again to San Carlos, Mexico this time to visit all of our friends there. In March of 2008, we will head north and east to Quebec and North Ontario where we will be spending our time from May to October. Then it is south again for the winter of '08-'09 (don't know where yet) and back home to B.C. at the end of April of 2009. My grand-daughter, Vanessa, is graduating that year and we definitely don't want to miss that.

All of the above are providing there is no major financial glitches or otherwise.

Today is the second and I have been helping Kevin's dad gyproc the office. Rochelle and Kevin bought a new house in Sardis. It is very beautiful and much, much bigger than their previous one. Actually Kevin is complaining that he can't keep track of the what the girls are up to which they love!!! It has a detached double garage which Kevin will use as his shop and office. It feels good to be doing something other than RVing.

We are back at our site in Camperland and it is pouring right now....typical west coast weather!