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Lee Creek, North Shuswap near Chase, B.C, Canada
We went full-time Rving in October of 2005! We retired from full time to part-time as of the end of 2015. Our present "small but comfortable" Wagon is a 2008 Camper trailer(TravelAir Rustler), pulled by a 2008 Dodge Dakota, 4X4.l. Our home is now a Gated Community Park, in Oliver, British-Columbia, Canada. I retired in 2005 and my Life Companion, Valerie, retired October 1, 2006 from nursing. We invite you to follow and share our new adventures and mishaps. Life is but an adventure full of dreams yet to be fulfilled!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 29 to 31, 2010 Virginia city to Bend Oregon

MAR 29 Monday, sightseeing; Virginia City
The wind gusted most of the night and at times, the unit was shaking and it was waking me up of course. We are in a large valley surrounded by very high mountains. We are near Lake Tahoe and the ski resort so the winds just blow from the top down. The wind blew all day from light to very strong.
We left early, stopped at the Tourist Info Centre to get some information then drove to Virginia City. We took Hwy 50 East then north on 341. The road was incredibly scenic. We stopped first in Silver City, 5100 feet, and look around at a hotel built in the 1800’s. We carried on to Gold City at 6000 feet then arrived in Virginia City at 6200 feet. What a neat and wonderful city. It was very rustic, picturesque and full of history. This is where the TV show Bonanza was filmed whenever an outside scene was required. Unfortunately, the site was sold to a private citizen and the place is now closed. Too bad! We had lunch in an old saloon and walked the main street. The sidewalks were still made up of boardwalk. We really felt part of the era. The only drawback was the strong wind all day. It was a warm day but the wind was cool. While here, we did some geo-caching and found 10 of them. These hills were famous for the gold and silver that was found here and there are a lot of open mine pit and mine shaft but warnings everywhere about the dangers of entering one. Of course we took lots of pictures and posted them to our Picasa Link on the left side. We spent the whole day here and finally came down at 4 pm.
We stopped in Carson City at the “Frikin & Cat English Pub” where we had a couple beer and dinner. They had a special for two for $9.95 which included a shared appetizer and two entree dishes. Pretty good but they made it up on the price of beer. Did you know that the word “firkin” is an English word that means the wood barrel that beer comes in?!
We came home and relaxed. It began raining later in the evening and the wind finally calmed down a bit but not for long.

MAR 30, Tuesday, Leaving Carson City
We got up this morning from a horrible night of listening to the wind bashing our slides and toppings. The forecast is for 3 inches of snow today then 6 inches tomorrow with winds force of 25 to 30 mph; we decided to leave.
We were on the road by 10:45 after receiving a refund of one day. Pretty good considering their policy is “NO REFUND”. We took on fuel at 2.999 and got on Hwy 395. The sky was great with snow and the wind was blowing from the south which helped us. We by-passed Reno and travelled trough California north of Reno. The weather was a mixture of snow, sun, rain, hail and more snow. The temperature ranged from 40 to 27 back to 30*F in Lakeview, Oregon. We stopped in Alturas, California for fuel @ 3.17 then for lunch in Likely, California. We finally arrived in Lakeview, Oregon around 5 pm and decided to spend the night here. Plenty of snow on the ground and actually, we arrived in a snow storm which made the decision to stay easier. After setting up, it finally stopped snowing and the sky cleared for a while. WHAT A DAY!!!! The only good thing about it is that the road was cleared of snow and dry most of the way. Our highest altitude was 5600 feet.

We travelled 434 KM ( 264 miles) in 6 hours at an average of 51 MPH.
N 42* 11’ 51”
W 120* 20’ 48”
Alt: 4812 feet

MAR 31, Wednesday, to Bend Oregon
It is amazing how one finds 35*F a heat wave after being in 27*F (-4*C)!!! That’s the kind of day it’s been. We left Lakeview around 9:30 am and went north on 395 to hwy 32 where we turned North-West, it was a nice highway and picturesque. Lots of Buttes and high plateau. When we left Lakeview, it had snowed overnight so the highway was still covered but not slippery but all the same, we drove at 45 MPH just to be safe. It cleared when we got to HWY 32. It was sunny most of the way.
We finally turned onto Hwy 97N and stopped in Lapine for lunch at a small roadside restaurant. There we met the owner who was a musician at one time and knew and met a few well know singers. He had pictures on the wall and he had a petition that anyone that could name the singers would have a free meal. Good old Val got them all except two. The owner and his wife were quite impressed.
We arrived in Bend around 2 pm and set up in Scandia RV Park, a Good Sam Park then we went to Walmart to buy a container that I lost in Carson City during that wind storm and Albertson for some groceries. It is a balmy 38*F!

We travelled 277 KM (173 miles) in 4.5 hours at an average speed of 52 MPH
N 44* 01’ 49”
W 121* 18’ 42
Alt: 3785 feet

Monday, March 29, 2010

March 27 & 28, 2010 To Carson City, Nevada

MAR 27, last day in Pahrump
The day started with a good breakfast then I went out and vacuumed and washed the inside of the truck, then put everything away such as chairs and BBQ, washed the windows on the truck and put the satellite dish away against Val’s protest but we are leaving early in the morning so I want the least to do. We had to go to town so we got in the truck and it wouldn’t start. I got the charger out and charged the batteries until the truck started then we went to town. I stopped at Auto Parts and got a battery ( the old one was the original) then we went to Albertson for wine and a few items. We came home and while Val put the stuff away, I changed the battery on the truck and took the old one back to the store and got a $12 refund. Now the truck is starting without any hesitation. I guess it was time to change it. I’ll buy the second one when we get to Oregon where there is no tax. I also re-installed my Super-Chip.
Val made Chilli for dinner and it was delicious. We watched local TV in the evening.

MAR 28, To Carson City, Nevada
We were on the road by 8:30 am after stopping at McD for a breakfast and coffee for the road. From 160, we took hwy 95 N. It was interesting seeing the view from this side; we had driven this highway going south about 3 years ago. We stopped in Tonopah for fuel, $2.899 and stopped again in Hawthorne where we had a late lunch. We carried on to Alt 95 where we turned west and north. This is new territory for us, the scenery was desert like but the mountains around were beautiful and it was an easy drive. Lots of traffic, not sure if it’s because it’s Sunday!? In Yerington, we turned south on 208. This was a green valley surrounded by snow capped mountains, tranquil and very picturesque. We then turned west and entered a most gorgeous narrow gorge where the highway followed this nice little creek. We climbed to 6000 feet (we were already at 5000) over the pass then descended to Hwy 395 and eventually Carson City.
We are camped at Silver City Resort, about 3 miles from Carson. This is a very beautiful resort with a store, swimming pool, not that we will be using it, a spa and a nice little lake where one can catch and release. We are in spot # 107 near a dog run for Tucker. This park is under CAMP USA Club so we paid half price. We will be here for 4 nights. The wind has picked up and it is gusting hard at times. We were lucky in that we had the wind behind us most of the way so our fuel consumption was very good.

We travelled 630 KM (392 miles) in 8 hrs at an average speed of 53 MPH.
N 39* 04’ 09”
W 119* 46’ 34”
Alt: 4676 feet

Friday, March 26, 2010

March 22 to 26, 2010; Pahrump, NV

MAR 22, Monday, Pahrump
A quiet day at home, we went to town to fill up the truck @ $2.85/gal. then went looking for new runners for me as the one I have don’t give me enough support in my ankles. Didn’t find any but while at Wal-Mart, we shopped for groceries then came home. We read and sat outside for the rest of the day. The evening was pleasantly warm and we walked to Terrible Casino for dinner: New-York steak and the works for 9.90 each. That included the salad bar. We ordered 2 glasses of red wine for 4.40 for both. Can’t beat that! Afterwards we spent two dollars each at the bar playing black jack and got our drinks for free as long as we played! WOW!

MAR 23, Tuesday, Geo-caching to Death Valley
It was really windy overnight, so much so that it woke me a couple times. The rig was shaking. It was still windy when we got up and took Tucker for a walk. After getting propane @ $2.50/gal, we headed south on 160 then west on the Old Spanish Trail taking us to Death Valley. On the way, we picked up about ten caches and a further 10 on the way back.(they were all along the highway). The funny thing is that as we were leaving Pahrump it was still very windy yet about 5 miles away, there was hardly any wind. I think that the closeness of the mountains may have an effect on the strength of the wind!??
The Old Spanish Trail was nothing extraordinary and we made our way to Tecopa, CA then to Shoshone where we had lunch and had to pick up two caches here so after eating we proceeded to find them and ended up in a historic site call “Dublin Caves” which we hadn’t seen before when we came here a few years ago. Check out the pictures as they speak for themselves better than me. It was living quarters built in the clay embankments by an old miner and eventually other people joined him and had built more living quarters in the hill sides. It was quite something to see and we even got to walk inside one of them as most were locked. There was also a cemetery from that era. According to history, the last residents lived in those caves until the late 1970. WOW!
We came home via 178 CA/372 NV and found another half dozen caches along the way.

MAR 24, Wednesday, Happy Birthday Hayley!
We decided to go back to Death Valley and visit Furnace Creek which is approx 100 feet below sea level. We left around 11 a.m. and found 14 caches and 3 virtual. Some of the caches were really neat; for example, one was a little truck with a box that held the log book, another was a turtle made out of a helmet, really neat. We had to do some hiking to find some of them and rock climbing for one although we found an easier way once at the top, of course!
A virtual cache consist of answering questions about the area one is in, then post the answer via an e-mail to the owner. A lot of fun and can be quite educational as it makes you do some researches sometime.
Anyway, we took lots of pictures; we had forgotten how beautiful the ride down to Furnace Creek is. We stopped at Death Valley Junction where we had lunch. This is a very small place, actually almost a ghost town but they do have a hotel that has an opera show every Saturday and Sunday and it is very popular, believe it or not! Once at Furnace Creek, we found it quite warm, 72*F when we left Pahrump; 85*F at Furnace Creek, in Death Valley and this is early spring!!! We looked around, resolved 2 virtual caches then came home via the same way.

In the evening, we called Hayley and wished her a Happy Birthday and talked to the rest of the family too. Kevin was out at a hockey game. Jeffrey also called us which was a pleasant surprise and we had a nice chat.

MAR 25, Thursday, Pahrump
I logged our caches in the morning, Val did some laundry and I checked the fuses in the truck as my cruise control and my exhaust retarder are not working. They just quit yesterday!??????
Anyway, I went to the Chevrolet dealer (there is no Ford dealer in Pahrump) and 2.5 hours later, it was still sitting outside so I told them to shove it and went somewhere else. I have to go back first thing in the morning (the other garage).
The window repair guy finally showed up to seal the Emergency windows as the cold air just blows in unrestricted. He had a rubber seal but it didn’t work so he’ll be back in the morning too. It blew a fairly strong wind most of the day but it is warm. That kind of a day!!!

MAR 26, Friday, Pahrump
First thing this morning, I took the truck to the garage to get my cruise control and exhaust Jake checked at a local garage. While they checked it, I went for breakfast at a local casino then afterwards found out that it had something to do with my Jake but they wouldn’t do anything about it because they weren’t sure what to do. So I came home and made a call to BD in Abbotsford and got a dealer for BD Jake in Las Vegas. We got Tucker and left for the dealer in Vegas. They checked it, changed a couple wires that were corroded but they figured that the Jake brake control box had to be changed but they didn’t have one and since we are leaving Sunday, we didn’t want to hang around so will get it fix when back in Canada. We drove back to Pahrump against a strong wind and filled up once back home @ $2.93/gal. It has gone up since our last fill up.
We came home and relaxed for the rest of the day. Still windy by 5 pm but it is warm!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 18 to 21, 2010; Pahrump

MAR 18, Thursday, Visiting Red Rock National Park
We left early this morning (10 am), Jim, Janet, us and the two dogs. We drove southwest on 160, across the pass to Las Vegas, found three caches on the way and entered the Red Rock National Park off hwy 159. We first stopped at Bonny’s Ranch, a replica of the old Nevada with a small petting zoo, a hotel, restaurant/bar and a small pond with lots of ducks, two swans and a few turtles. We spent about 20 minutes here walking around then went on to the park. It consisted of a loop with lots of places to stop and walk around and into canyon. We had stopped at the info centre and got a map with all the trails. On our first stop, we walked down and into a canyon where we found a small pond. The dogs enjoyed dipping in it as it was very warm. We walked back up and went on. The next stop was a quarry where we found two caches. The quarry supplied Las Vegas and the surrounding towns at one time. We could definitely see how they cut the square blocks in the mountain. We went on to another site then everyone was complaining of being hungry so we drove back to Bonny’s and had a late lunch/dinner.
From here we drove back home and go there around 5 pm. As we were approaching Pahrump, we could see a black cloud of dust being raised by the wind and as we got closer, we felt the full effect of it. It gusted to 40/45 mph in the evening and the rig was being buffeted side to side.
We had a marvellous day; it was warm, everyone enjoyed the scenery and hikes and the dogs were completely tired. We called it a day! Thos two, Jim and Janet, have been fantastic friends and we have formed a lasting friendship.

MAR 19, Friday, Pahrump
Today was a stay home day. Val did some laundry, I went to check on the window repair as to when the parts would be here then I went to the bank and came home. At lunch, the four of us went to the winery and had lunch which turned out to be inexpensive and very good, especially the lobster quiche soup...yum, yum, yum!
In the afternoon, we just did our own thing which was reading for us. J & J came over for happy hour and we sat and chatted until dusk even with the wind. We really have had a good time with these guys!

MAR 20, Saturday, last day in Charleston Peak Resort
Another quiet day at home. Val did a load of laundry and I loaded the kayaks and the bikes. I also emptied the hot water tank and changed the electrolysis rod and cleaned the tank out. For lunch, we went to the clubhouse and had a hot dog and ice cream and chatted with some members.
In the afternoon, we sat around, read and I uploaded my tax form to Revenue Canada. Val was sent last week and her refund is already in the bank. We had one last happy hour with J&J then I cooked steaks for dinner.

MAR 21, Sunday, to Preferred RV Resort, Pahrump
This has been our longest drive yet...4 miles! We got up around 8 am and after breakfast and walking Tucker, we packed the rest of our stuff, said goodbyes to our neighbours, made plans to meet Jim and Janet at 5 pm then left. We moved down to Preferred RV Resort, behind Terrible Casino. This is an R.O.D. park which means that it is free for us to stay here, 7 days to be exact. It is a very nice park with swimming pool, a club house and wood shop fully equipped with all kinds of tools and machinery, and it is free for members. The club house has a pool room, a sauna, an exercise room and a lot more.
Anyway, we set up camp and then relaxed and explored the park. At 5 pm, we met Jim and Janet at a Chinese restaurant and had the smorg which was very plentiful and with many choices. We had a nice visit with J&J then said our goodbyes to them and came home.

N 36* 12’ 43”
W 115* 58’ 47”
Alt: 2880 feet

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 12 to 17, 2010, Pahrump

MAR 12, Friday, golfing
Our new friends and neighbour, Jim and Janette, asked us to go golfing with them at the local Municipal golf course, an 18 executive holes so we said SURE! Our tee time was noon but we actually started at 11:30. We had a fair game and lots of fun and laughter. We got home around 4 pm, took Tucker out for his walk then we, the four of us, walked to the clubhouse where they were having a “Happy Hour” serving wine from the Winery next door and some local beer. We had to pay but it was minimal and there were finger food to pick at. We met more RV’ers and neighbours here. There are a few BC’ers in this park and like us, getting ready to head back home.
It was a very good day and warm

MAR 13, Saturday, Pahrump
The park was having a cook-in for lunch so we, along with Jim and Janette, went to it and had burgers and chilli hot dog. Afterwards, the four of us, along with the dogs, took a hike in the desert behind the park and went in search of two more caches. Jim was already familiar with the process so we introduce Janette to it and she found one. We had fun doing it and their dog, Grizz, even gave chase to a rabbit. Tucker gets along really well with him as he is very gentle. The wind had picked up again in mid-afternoon and no one wanted to stay out.
We came home then the two of us took a drive into town to the bank and to return a couple of movies. The wind became a lot stronger in the early evening and even shook our rig and it got much colder too.

MAR 14, Sunday, Pahrump
All the clocks were moved ahead one hour this morning. Val did the laundry in the park as the machines were all open.
The wind picked up again in the afternoon but it stayed warm. Jim and Janette were going up the Wheeler Pass which is behind us, on their quad and we decided to follow them in our truck. The road up was really good and smooth gravel. We climbed to 6700 feet before we were forced to turn around as there was just too much snow on the road and having no chains and only summer tires, I didn’t want to take a chance. We had lunch up there, the dogs played and explored and I explore the road further up with Jim on his quad and we agreed that it would not be a good idea to continue in my truck even if I have 4X4. This pass, when the road is clear, takes you to Red Rock Canyon from the back way and to Mt Charleston ski area. We came back down to our site and had Happy Hour together and then it was time to go in for the evening.

MAR 15, Monday, Pahrump
Another beautiful and warm day. After Val’s exercises, she decided to clean house so I ended up washing the windows outside then the truck’s window. While I was at it, I washed the outside as it was filthy form the ride yesterday.
In the afternoon, we went to the Post Office then went to find a few more caches. We came home and had Happy Hour with Jim and Janette and met a new neighbour form Nevada who told us some stories on the back roads around here.
Another great day!

MAR 16, Tuesday, Pahrump
Jim and Janet went golfing today and we went into town and did more geo-caching. We got home around 4 p.m and Jim and Janet got back around 4:30. We got a lot of rv’ers come in today and we met our neighbours beside and across from us. All are into 4 wheeling with quads. We had happy hour and a few of them joined us.

MAR 17, Wednesday, Happy St-Patty Day!
After the morning exercises, Val and Janet went shopping in town; Jim and I went for lunch at Terrible Lakeside Casino and RV Park. That is one beautiful RV park and if we come back here again, I think we would stay here. We took a drive to Sherry’s ranch and Chicken Ranch afterwards, both legal brothels in Nevada. We didn’t go in but Jim had never seen them so now he knows! (smile)
After the girls came home, we got ready and the four of us went to the clubhouse for a corn beef dinner, potatoes, carrots and the usual cabbage. It was very good and the place was packed.
Afterwards, we went back to our rig and had a nightcap. The evening was warm and comfortable to sit outside. A couple neighbours stopped by to chat.

Friday, March 12, 2010

March 8 to 11, 2010; Pahrump, Nevada

MAR 8, Monday, Pahrump, Nevada
Val went for exercises first thing this morning and after showering, I went to register as the office was closed when we arrived yesterday. Paid $78 for 14 days and picked up our mail. The Delorme PN 40 that I ordered from E-Bay was here waiting so guess what I did the rest of the morning!? Set it up of course!
We went to town and did the laundry and picked up a few groceries in the afternoon. We got an e-mail from friends that we were supposed to meet here, that they won’t be coming. Too bad we didn’t know sooner as we would have stayed in the Indio valley. Oh well...such is life!
It was a nice day but got windy later in the afternoon. We got a movie that we watched in the evening.

MAR 9, Tuesday, Pahrump
Can you believe this, we woke up to snow!!!! Yes SNOW but I guess it is appropriate as we left Canada to find ourselves in snow in South Dakota and here we are on the way home, and more snow! (There is humour there, I think!???) We got our mail today which I picked up at the office. Tucker loved the snow. Got a picture of Val going for her exercises. (See Picasa link)

Anyway, it finally stopped around noon and it turned out sunny but still fairly cool and windy. The good news is that it is to improve by the end of the week!?
We went caching in the hills around Pahrump in the afternoon and ended up at a VFW (legion) hall where we had a beer before coming home. We found 5 caches in all!

MAR 10, Wednesday, Pahrump
After Val’s exercises and taking Tucker for his morning walk, I went to the local RV dealer to see about replacing the window in the entertainment slide as it allows a lot of cold air to come in. It is an “escape exit” however there is one just across in the living room area. They wanted $485 US so I went to a local window business and the guy came out to see what was required. He suggested trying to install weather stripping so we will try that first. He will be back tomorrow.
We went to Albertson and Wal-Mart then found a neat cache; it was called the “Railway underground”, don’t know why but anyway we had to go inside Wal-Mart to Subway and ask for the cache. Once you signed, you got a cookie for free so we decided to buy a sandwich for lunch while we were there. Pretty cool, don’t you think!?
We had excitement in the park later in the day; the winery next to us was having some kind of party and 11, yes eleven, helicopters came in and landed in the parking lot and the landing pads next to it. It was pretty exciting and lots of speculation as to whom they were.
Very windy today and cold again, only got to 50*F (10*C).

MAR 11, Thursday, Pahrump
Since the window guy is supposed to return today, we stuck around. We did go to town for about an hour and found 4 more caches then came home just in time for the window guy to arrive. He suggested and showed me a different way to seal the three escape windows so I gave him the go ahead to order the material; it was still cheap in price.
Val went out with Janette, neighbours of ours and a lady she goes to exercises with, to the Winery to check out their restaurant and prices. They are fairly cheap and they have a good variety so we may try it later in the week.
It was a sunny day and warming up nicely. It’s supposed to go up to 75 and higher by the end of the week!?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

March 2 to 7, 2010; Indio to Pahrump, Nevada

MAR 2, Tuesday, Indio
This was a recuperating day! We stayed home and relax and gave our old bones a chance to rejuvenate. We did take a short drive to Palm Desert to see about a couple things but otherwise, it was home reading and relaxing

MAR 3, Wednesday, Indio
It was a windy day! Val went for her exercises then did some Tai-Chi in the morning. I caught up to a few things on the net then went to visit John. In the afternoon, Val had a haircut appointment so John, Dick and I went geo-caching for the afternoon. We finished off the Lemon Tree series that we had begun while in Desert Pool and did a couple of other ones.
We came home and went to John and Julie for happy hour. Dick and his wife joined us.

And I sent her for exercises as a present!! Very windy this morning! We are golfing with Terry and Glenda this afternoon so let’s hope it settles down some by then. After showering, we went into Palm Desert to return the Delorme Pn20 as I found a better one on E-Bay and for about the same price; PN40 for $250. Afterwards, we drove to Palm Desert Springs and met up with Glenda and Terry. The wind was still blowing fairly strong so we went to their site and visited. After a while, it became too cool out there so we came in and played “Sequence” then had a marvellous dinner cooked with love by Glenda.
We came home around 9:30 pm filled to the brim, watched the tube for a while, then went to bed. A good day indeed!

Sunny and calm today! My present to me was to spend part of the day geo-caching. We found 14 caches! For dinner, we went to Augustine Casino and I had steak and lobster and Val had a sirloin steak. We had searched for a “Red Lobster” restaurant but had no luck so the casino became the best bet.

MAR 6, Saturday, last day in Indio
We went to College of the Desert in the morning with Sid and Vera. We spent about 3 hours there then we went back to Sid and Vera’s campsite and had a drink, then said our goodbyes.
We went home and loaded the bikes and kayaks, put all the toys away and got ready to leave early tomorrow. We even hit the sack early (10 pm)

MAR 7, Sunday, Onward to Pahrump, Nevada
We were up by 6:30 am and found that we had no power!!? So that meant no coffee. We washed, got dressed and were hooked-up and ready to leave by 8 am. I dumped the tanks first then we headed west on I-10 to Hwy 62 where we headed north to Yucca. We climbed to 3500 feet from minus 20 feet. I had forgotten how beautiful the pass is and the rocks are so big and round! In Yucca we turned off on Hwy 247 and went up and down through the desert all the way to Barstow on I-15. On the way up, we stopped twice to find two caches near the highway. ( I am really hooked!!!?). In Barstow, we stopped for another cache but there were too many people around so we left as we didn’t want to wait. We continued north-east on I-15 to Hwy 127 at Baker. Yes, we stopped in Baker for another cache. This one was easy; there is a thermometer here claiming to be the tallest in the world so we took a pictures of it, noted the temperature, 62*F, then headed north on 127 towards Death Valley. Our final turn was Hwy 178 to Nevada and Pahrump. We climbed to 3000 feet then came down to 2800 feet in Pahrump. We are in site 607 in Charleston RV Resort. We got here around 3:30 pm and the office was closed but our papers were waiting for us. We parked, set-up and now we relax.

We travelled 449 KM (280 miles) in 7.5 hrs at an average of 47 MPH
N 36* 11' 34"
W 115* 56' 37"
Alt: 2878 feet

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March 1, 2010; Hike to Painted Canyon with Sid and Vera

MAR 1, Monday; hike to Painted Canyon
Sid and Vera came over at 10 am and we left right away for the Painted Canyon, approx 14 miles south of here, towards the Salton Sea. We drove on a gravel road for about 3-4 miles, entered the canyon and parked at the end of the road. There were already a dozen parks here.
We began our hike through the canyon. Right away, the walls on each side were straight up with cracks forming different little hiding places. On the way, we found one cache stuffed in a crack but soon lost our reception from the GPS up above as the canyon became too narrow. We stopped for lunch as Sid needed food for his sugar level and so did we for that matter.
As we walked in, we found a side canyon that was marked as the Ladder canyon so we took it and soon began to climb. The walls on each side, approx 400 feet tall, were squeezing us and we soon came to our first ladder. We climbed down, yes climb down, then continued inside and came upon our second set of ladders and this time we climbed up and on to the third set. It was incredibly beautiful and breathtaking inside this canyon. There were a lot of “OHHHHHHH and AHHHHHHH”!! The canyon finally opened up and we soon arrived on the ridge above. WHAT A VIEW!!!! WOW! We could see the Salton Sea in the distance, the canyons surrounding us and the mountains around.
We took another break, found another cache, took lots of pictures then, because we didn’t know our way around and where all the trails were leading to, we decided to return the way we came up. The descent was a little bit faster and we finally arrived on the canyon floor safe and sound. By this time it was 2:30 so we decided that it was enough for one day, went back to the truck and drove out. Of course, on the way out, we found 4 more caches.
We had Sid and Vera for dinner and Val cooked Italian spaghetti which was delicious. We reviewed the day and all agreed that it was a wonderful and worthwhile trip. We also learned that this was the FIRST hike that Sid had been on that was this long. And he never complained once, actually, he was the driving force behind us!
We recommend this to anyone coming here or near the Salton Sea.
Of course, I’ve uploaded lots of pictures of this hike!