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Thursday, February 06, 2014

February 1 to 5, 2014; Los Cabos

FEBRUARY  1, 2014, Saturday; Cabo san Lucas
15* @ 6 am; 22*C in pm, light winds

We had some strong winds overnight as everything was folded over and the carpet was a mess but it’s all calm this morning.  I was up at 7 am and working on my laptop trying to organize the hard drive and make a list of the programs I need to download.  I had some problems because some of the stuff the computer did was in Spanish.  I also worked on my blog and updated it to the end of the month.  As I was sitting under the Palapa, I had some guy coming over and screaming at me because I was using the ASDL.  I would have been cooperative except for the fact that he was a real jerk and tried to grab my laptop but I pushed him away.  I am sure that if the manager wasn’t there, it would have come to blow!?  Anyway, after that incident I went home and had lunch then we went to town back to the computer office where I had him fix a problem with a USB outlet then got him to help me with my WINDOW LIVE E-MAIL program.  We came home after stopping at WALMART where I got a couple of light bulbs for the stove canopy and some vegetables then we came home and had HH with the crew.  Dinner was BBQ pork chops, potatoes and vegetables.

FEB  2, Sunday; SUPERBOWL!
12*C @ 6 am; 23*C in pm and windy

I spent the whole morning downloading all my needed programs, bought a new Quicken program on line but couldn’t get to my bank accounts on line so will have to phone tomorrow, Monday.  In the meantime, Val did the dusting and washed the floors; I helped by cleaning the windows and the front of the motorhome.  Then, we went to Chileno Beach where the rest of the crew was.  This is a beautiful and improved beach with areas for snorkeling and lots of Palapa to hide under from the hot sun.  There were a couple of yachts at anchor in the Bay and quite a few people on the beach, locals and tourists.  We got back by 2 pm, changed, let Tucker out for a while then we got ready for the pub and the “SUPERBOWL”!  We had paid 325 pesos each and were given 300 pesos in credit so all our beers and food were deducted from that amount and we ended giving one beer to the table next to us.  The only money I paid was for the tip (service was superb).

SEATTLE HAWKS WON by a margin of 35 points; WOW!!! Good for them but unfortunate for Denver’s Broncos and Quarterback Manning!  Once at home, we watched a movie then it was bed time.

FEB  3, Monday; Los Cabos
15*C @ 7am; 22*C and windy

I was at the Palapa by 8 am downloading mail, new programs still missing and setting them up on the laptop.  I came home, had a shower and went to visit Reg and Sharon while Val showered.  Val did a load of laundry.  Our neighbor has satellite internet and he gave me the password providing I don’t download music or movies; now we don’t have to leave the rig.  We went to town to find a harness for Tucker as we lost the last one.  We bought this really colorful one; should be interesting to see him with it.  We had lunch at a local bar called “SQUID ROE” and of course, expensive so we just had tortilla soup and beer, there is nothing cheap in Cabo now.  We came home, read for a while then had HH at Ed and Judy.  We had a light dinner, watched a movie call “All the pretty horses” with Matt Damon then it was bedtime.  It was windy most of the day from the North and a cloudy sky threatening rain.  It really cooled off in the evening.  The rule of thumb down here is that if the wind is from the north, it will blow for at least 3 days; this is the third day!

FEB  4, Tuesday; Beach time
14*C @ 7 am; 24* in pm

We went to the beach today and got ourselves wet.  This was a relaxing day and not much to report.  We tried to watch a movie in the evening but ended up in bed.  Good night!

FEB  5, Wednesday; Cabo San Lucas
12*C @ 7 am; 21*C pm, light winds

We got up to sunshine but it soon clouded over and it was cool most of the day.  We went to Cabo San Lucas on the Malecon and part of the old town with Ed & Judy, Reg & Sharon.  George & Dorothy joined us later.  We had lunch at our favorite place and had fish and chips (Mahi-Mahi or better known as Dorado here) then we walked everywhere.  I bought a T-shirt and Val bought a summer beach dress.  We stopped for ice cream then came home.  Jack & Mim, Reg & Diane went to the beach but soon came back because of the cloudiness.  We had HH at Ed & Judy then dinner at our own places.  I backed up the hard drive and uploaded some pictures from the camera.  Oh, and we made an appointment for a haircut and manicure for four of us at this college which is really cheap.  Six days to our departure for destinations north!

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