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Friday, January 31, 2014

January 28 to 31, 2014; Todos Santos and computer disaster

JAN  28, Tuesday; Haircut for Tucker and vet visit
16*C @ 7am; only 24*C in pm.

It rained overnight but nothing significant however we did have some strong winds that woke me up at one point.  After our morning routine, we went to San Jose del Cabo to get a haircut for Tucker.  While he was there, we went looking for the RV Store that we had been to 5 yrs previously and by pure luck, we found it; I bought some much needed fluorescent light bulbs.  We also went to the Vet and made an appointment for 1:30 pm; we figured Tucker would be done by then.  We finally went for lunch in old San Jose.  We walked around a bit then it was time to pick our boy.  He wasn’t quite ready so had to wait for a while.  We paid 240 pesos (approx. $22 Cdn) then up the street to the Vet.  He examined Tucker, watched him for a while and declared him a big “yellow” dog, meaning he was a sissy because he cries out BEFORE he gets hurt J.  He explained to us that he anticipates the pain and cries out thinking that it will which is what I suspected was happening.  Anyway, his heart murmur is much better and he gave us a new supply of pills to last us a month or two.  After paying only 1000 pesos (approx. $90 Cdn, can you believe it?  The last Vet visit in BC cost me $600), we left and came back to Villa Serena but first stopped at MEGA Store for some groceries.  We had HH and planned our trip to Todos Santos tomorrow.  For dinner, I BBQ’ed steaks and lobster and Val made a salad.  Now I am full and time to watch a movie.  The wind came up around HH and it got quite cool but now it is calm and warm.

JAN  29, Wednesday; Todos Santos
14*C @ 7am; 23*C, light wind

Much cooler this morning and lots of dew on the vehicles!  I went to the Bank first thing this morning and got more deneros (money) to pay for our rent for another semana (week).   All of us left around 9:30 am and drove north on Hwy 19 to Todos Santos, a neat little village about 45 minutes from here where the Hotel California can be found and made famous by the Eagle’s song (it dates back to the early 1900’s), there was a movie made here too.  It is also famous for its Art and artist, paintings and souvenirs.  We walked the whole village (two main streets), looked in some shops and bought a couple things then we had lunch at the hotel; very good food. We drove back south and on the way, checked out Cerritos Beach where there is some boon docking.   We walked the sandy beach, watched the Pacific surf, quite high  I might add, took some pictures and had a beer at the beach bar.  We then drove to where the dry camping was allowed and were very disappointed in the area; it is now controlled and the charge is $25 US per night with NO hook-ups.  I should mention here that the highway has been rebuilt and is now four lanes all the way to La Paz hence all the turn off to the beach have been destroyed except control turns.  We drove back to Cabo and had HH then dinner.

JAN  30, Thursday; Computer disaster
14* @ 6am; 24*C, light wind

The plan this morning was to go to the beach but instead I spent most of the morning chasing a computer repair shop!  I got up this morning and took my coffee to the Palapa along with my computer and began downloading my e-mail and checking my bank then all of sudden, the laptop froze.  This had happened before and I was always able to shut it down and re-start but not this time.  After shutting down, I got as far as the logo and that was it.  NO MORE COMPUTERING for today!!!!
I talked to the manager and he had a card but the repair shop didn’t open until 3pm.  Someone in our crew mentioned OFFICE MAX down the road so I drove there but unfortunately they had no computer nerds however they gave me the address of a store who might do it so off I went to downtown Cabo and found the place, talked to the guy (English very poor but we got along) and I left my laptop.  I went back at 4 pm to find out what I suspected, not only was the fan not working but also, unfortunately, the hard drive was bad.  The good news was that he could save all the pictures and files so I gave him the “good ahead” to put a new hard drive in and came home.

JAN  31, Friday; to “LAND’s END”
13*C @ 7am; 24*C in pm and windy

We were up at 7 am, showered and got ready for the beach.  First, I drove to the Computer guy to check on his progress and he said to come back at 4 pm and it should be ready.  We drove to the mall, parked under the building, paid 20 pesos ($1.50Cdn) and joined the crew on the Malecon.  We paid 100 pesos each for a glass bottom boat and got on board.  Our guide took around the Arch and along the way, we saw all kinds of beautiful fish of all colors.  It was really neat!  We went around the Arch into the Pacific, looked around then he took us to the Cabo side where he dropped us off on “Lover’s Beach” for the next two glorious hours of sunbathing, walking the beach and exploring.  We looked inside a huge cave that didn’t go anywhere and people had used some corner as a toilet, we walked to the Pacific side, better known as the “Divorcee Beach” because of the strong undertow (there were signs everywhere advising against swimming) then back to the “Lover’s Beach” side where you can swim.  The rock formation was really fantastic, made of a combination of granite and sandstone.  As we were waiting for our boat, another one was loading; they will drive forward to the beach and then you climb on board, this while the surf is pushing the boat back and forth.  Well, a young family came to climb on board and the young boy decided to soak himself as the boat was pushed by a surf and it rolled on top of him.  There was panic and screaming and the guy revved his engine back.  The boy was OK and no damage done.  They got on board and left then it was our turn but without incidents.
We got back to the dock, tipped our driver then went for lunch on the Malecon.  It was 3:30 when we were done so we drove the computer shop where he announce it would be another hour so we drove the MEGA store, picked up a couple items then I drove Val home and returned to the shop and had to wait another hour and half before finally getting my laptop back.  This ordeal cost me 1800 Pesos ( Approx. $150 Cdn with the new 350 GB hard drive).  Now the fun begins: I have to reload ALL my programs and organized my saved files and pictures.

We had a light dinner and went to bed early!  Another month gone by!

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