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Friday, February 21, 2014

February 16 to 20, 2014; Santispac Beach, Bay of Conception

FEB  16, Sunday; Back to Santispac Beach
14*C @ 5:30am; 30*C in pm

Once again it was VERY noisy here at 5:30 am; chicken and rosters doing their thing, dogs barking and inconsiderate local people getting their bloody boats out of the storage this early to go fishing and being noisy with truck (Dodge diesel) and loud ATVs.  Sure glad we are leaving today!  We did leave around 9:40 am and I stopped for fuel on the way out and took on 144 litres.  Fuel now is at 1.28 pesos (approx. $1.05 Cdn).  The ride back to Santispac was without any incident; we arrived at the beach around noon and set up.  We did a “circle the wagon” arrangement.  I drove in facing the beach, Ed backed in facing us, and Reg closed the gap.  This way we are making a small partial square.  The kayaks were unloaded and ready to use.  It is very warm, 30* at one point.  Some of us went for a soak in the sea and found the water warmer than the last time we were here.  We paid for 4 nights ($20 Cdn).

We rode for 109 Km @ 70Km/hr average in 1.5 hr.
N 26* 45.948’
W 111* 53.162’
Alt: 5 feet

FEB  17, Monday; Santispac Beach
16*C at 7 am; 30* C in pm and windy

It was a warm but quiet night!  First thing in the morning, the sales people came around with water, vegetables and pastry for sale. Then later, it was the turn of the blankets and trinkets.   We had the pleasure of two schools of dolphins performing for us in the Bay as we were having our coffees.  We went to town to upload our mail and found half the town closed…it is Monday!!!  Anyway, we drove around and explored, visited the old jail which was really interesting.  They used to have prisoners as far away as La Paz and could hold 100 or more men and women.  From here, we went to find another campground and RAY’s Restaurant which is in the “CHURCHE’S” book.  Definitely not somewhere we would take our rig; it is 3 miles of sandy roadway and very dusty but the place was very clean and grassy and among farm lands.  We had a late lunch in town at another restaurant, checked our mail then came home after picking up wine and bread.

The rest of the crew had stayed behind and enjoyed sun tanning and kayaking.  It was very windy in the afternoon and lasted until after 6 pm when it calmed right down.  We had our generators going and watching TV around 7 pm when this jerk came around and started swearing at Judy who was outside looking at the stars, telling her to turn off their f….ing  generators as it was too loud.  Well all three of us heard and were outside within seconds and we gave that guy a piece of our minds.  I don’t think he expected that!!!  He was lucky to walk away unscathed; Ed was quiet upset over the whole thing.  I just can’t believe how some people are so bloody ignorant; all he had to do is ask nicely and we would have obliged, just incredible.  Anyway, we sat out for a while then called it a night.

FEB  18, Tuesday; Bahia de Conception.
15*C @ 7 am; 32* C in pm with light winds for a while

We spent the whole day here, never moved except for a walk on the beach and some kayaking.  It was a hot day, the hottest yet.  Sharon had to go into town as she is having pain in her lower jaw.  Val figured it was a gland infection which turned out to be correct.  Ed and Judy went with them for support.  We called it quit early for HH and came in, started the generator, turned the A/C on and had dinner.  Afterwards, we watched a movie then to bed.

FEB  19, Wednesday; Santispac
16*C @ 7 am; 29*C in pm

It was a warm morning with no winds.  We watched for dolphins but saw none.  We went into town later in the morning to have my computer looked at and got a few things fixed (I hope) that the other guy in Cabo either missed or didn’t do.  We also picked up some beer and milk (essentials of life) and had lunch at “SCOTTY’s”.  We came home after stopping at the Mission on the far side of the river.  I filled with water (150 pesos) and propane (972 pesos total for 129 litres @ 7.54 pesos ($0.70 Cdn).  We had HH then I cooked fresh halibut fish for dinner then we watched a movie in the evening.  The wind has picked up and is cooling things down; maybe we will have a comfortable night!?

FEB  20, Thursday; Bahia
14*C @ 7:30 am; 25*C in pm with winds

Partially cloudy this morning and we had dew overnight.  We went into town to check our e-mail and picked up some wine and a few other things.  We had lunch at “SCOTTY’s” with the crew then came back home where we proceeded to pack up some of the stuff.  Sharon has had a problem for a while now with her jaw and tooth and had gone to the hospital to get it checked out but she feels she should go back as soon as possible so it was decided that they would go back with Ed & Judy accompanying them; we will continue on our own as it was always understood.

It’s been much cooler today but still warm.  We had a wind from the north but it eased up around dinner time.  We even all wore a coat at HH.  We had a light dinner then it was early in bed.  Tomorrow, we head for San Ignacio with a stop in Rosalita

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