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Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 9 to 15, 2014; Mulege to Santispac Playa, Bahia Conception

JAN  9, Thursday; Mulege and Wash Day!

9*C @ 8am; 22*C by the afternoon and cloudy


Actually it felt like rain all day but we never had any.  I washed the Jeep this morning, it was really overdue!  We went into town and did our laundry along with Judy, Dorothy and Sharon.  As I was waiting for our laundry, I walked down the street and found a store that had a key pad holder with two whales on it so I bought it for our Beaver.  We all (8 of us) went for lunch at El Candle or better known as Scotty’s bar.  It was good then we went back to the laundry to pick up our laundry and a few groceries and wine then came home.  We put everything away, read for a while then it was time for HH.  I BBQ’ed two steaks and we had that with a salad and Bollilo buns.  Another great day on the Baja!  It is warm tonight and still don’t have any rain. 



JAN  10, Friday; last day in Mulege

10*C @ 7 am; 23*C in pm


Back to sunshine this morning and getting warmer.  4 vehicles and we went for a drive to the Bay of Conception (Len and Terry stayed back) and we checked out 5-6 campgrounds and decided on the first one which is Santispac.  One of the things I didn’t realize was that there was a hurricane in 2009 which destroyed the area and things have been rebuilt to a certain degree.  No wonder I thought things had changed since the last time we were here.  Anyway, we stopped at Bonaventura beach which has totally changed (there is no more sandy beaches) and had lunch.  The people were very receptive and we had a marvellous lunch and lots of fun.  We came back to our campground after taking on gasoline for the Jeep.  I took George with me and went to town to fill his propane tank and to get some drinking water.  We had our last HH here then it was time to call it quit for the night.



JAN  11, Saturday; to Bahia de Conception

9*C @ 7am; 23*C in pm


Since we only have a short 20 minutes drive, we took our time packing and leaving.  I filled the water tank, dumped and we were ready.  We left at 9:30 and were parked by 10am.  We travelled a whole 12 miles (19 Km).  We are now on a huge beach with a Palapa Bar/restaurant and quite a few rigs but lots of spots empty.  We chose one with a palapa and set up.  Everyone is spread out along the beach.  What a BEAUTIFUL spot!  We are far from the road so don’t necessarily hear the trucks going up and down the hills.  First thing Val did is invite Jack to go for a kayak ride while I set everything up.  We have a very cosy little corner.  I went for a snooze in the afternoon and we had HH at Ross and Jack’s place.  The wind got stronger as the afternoon moved on but calmed right down once the sun was down.  Two fishermen came in with FRESH scallops and sold everyone a few kilos of them.  We had a pleasant surprise visit from Gary and Linda whom we met in San Felipe.  They’ve been here for a month already.  They told us all about Loretto and us, as a group, decided to stop there when we leave here.  We are here for 7 days.


N   26* 45.956’

W 111* 53.136”

Alt: 2’



JAN  12, Sunday, Bahia Conception and sad news

10*C at 7 am; 28* in pm


We sat out in our palapa first thing this morning and watched the sun come up.  Started the generator to make coffee and toast then got dress and went for a bike ride around the park.  Val took the kayaks with Judy and went for a paddle in the Bay; truly paradise!  We went into town to get some needed vegetables, beer and wine and I filled up the Jeep.  We decided to take a ride towards Loretto but only got about half way then decided to return as it was getting close to 3 pm when George and Dorothy were supposed to serenade us all with songs, guitars and keyboard with speakers and all.  We listened to them until dinner then everyone went in to eat.  After dinner, we all gathered outside by Reg’s unit and listen to more singing and music.  We finally called it quit at 9 pm.  It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it.

We learned today that Len and Terry have decided to return to the States via the Santa Rosalia ferry to Guaymas on the mainland.  Terry has been very sick with anxiety about the road ahead and past to the point where she is making herself very sick so they’ve decided to return.  That is really too bad.



Jan  13, Monday

16*C @ 7 am; 20* C and very windy


Another beautiful sunrise; I watched it with a cup of coffee.  This is really a tough life!!! J  Our routine is to get up around 7 pm, start the genset, make coffee and toast, charge the phone, batteries, computer and whatever else need charging then sit on the beach or palapa chatting or reading a good book.  We have vendors that come out with water, fresh vegetables and bakeries such as chili relleno, pies and pastries.  We go to town about the second or third day for something to do, groceries or just to replenish on taco de camarons and use the internet.  HH only lasted one hour today then we all went home to cook dinner.  Afterwards we watched a recording I had made earlier then called it quit for the night after shutting down the genset.  Our friends Len and Terry left this morning for Villas Marie Isabel campground in Mulege and, they hope soon, for the ferry back to the Mainland.



JAN  14, Tuesday; to Mulege    

17*C @ 8 am; Strong gusts of wind all day, 23*C in pm


It really howled overnight; it came as strong gusts from the North-West that woke me up a few times but at least it is still sunny this morning.  Genset started and coffee made!  We went into town at “Scotty’s Bar” but it was closed so we went across the street and waited for them to open.  On the in to town we stopped at Villa Isabel to see how Len and Terry were making out only to find them gone!??  In this wind??  At noon, we went in and proceeded to download our mail and do some banking before the battery died (I forgot to bring the power cord).  Anyway, we called and talked to Rochelle, Jeffrey and Joanne for a few minutes.  We came home in time to watch a Caravan of 14 Units come in.  We may have some competition when we arrived south as far as camping is concerned!??  As I was sitting with the gang, I felt like my stomach was quizzy so I stood up and passed out for about 20 seconds.  Everyone caught me in time and Val thought I had a stroke but I felt it was more food poisoning as my stomach felt awful and I had the symptoms for it.  I had fish tacos at “Scotty’s” and I am sure that’s what caused it.  Anyway, the gang was great catering to me, laid me down and gave me a pillow and blanket as I felt shivers.  Eventually they got me home and I went to bed for a couple hours.  Val kept checking my vitals.  I had a bowl of chicken soup then went to bed early!



JAN  15, Wednesday; Bahia Conception

16*C @ 6 am; 22* and windy in pm


We had a surprise first thing this morning!  I got up to find two Jeeps parked right beside us and two tents.  I investigated, and found out that they were our friends from KIKI, San Felipe; Bob & Sue and Bruce.  We knew that they were travelling to Cabo but never expected to see them here.  What a surprise and what a nice reunion!  We also heard from one of the Mexican salesperson that he saw Len and Terry’s motorhome parked at the Ferry Terminal when he went to Santa Rosalia yesterday so that is good news as we were wondering what was happening with them.  I am feeling very good this morning after a good night sleep and don’t seem to have any side effects.  We read and visited with everyone then we went out for dinner with Bruce, Bob, Sue, Linda and Garry, all from San Felipe and had a great dinner and great fun.  We came back at 8 pm and proceeded to have tequila and more drinks.  None of us felt any pain when we went to bed at 10 pm.

I uploaded more pictures



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