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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 22 to 27, 2014; Los Cabos

JAN  22, Wednesday; Los Cabos

16* @ 6am; 30*in pm, no wind!


Well, we got another disappointment when we got here yesterday.  I went to the office to find out how much everyone had to pay only to find the prices had gone up from $392.month which is what I was quoted last September to $500 since January first!?  Imagine my shock when he told me; I pleaded with him in the sense of fairness but he wouldn’t budge and told us only his boss could change that so, today, Ed, Reg and I went to see him and pleaded our case but he also wouldn’t budge saying that his hands were tied by the Corporate Office in the USA.  We asked him if he would phone them and plead our case and he said he would and would have an answer for us by tomorrow.  We are NOT holding our breath on that one....Very disappointing.

There were a few disgruntle discussion this morning about some members of the group wanting to leave in one week.  The consensus at the start was to stay here for at least a month but now we discover that one has to be back in BC by the end of February and a couple of others have decided to accompany him so he doesn’t travel alone.  I think after expressing their feelings, everyone came to term with it so we continue on: some will leave in a week and some will stay for a month.  I definitely will NOT do this again!!!

Anyway, today we moved to the lower part so that everyone could have power and we could be together; a caravan moved out this morning.  We spent the day setting up, doing the internet and just plain relaxing.  Jack and Reg went to the beach and did some snorkeling and loved it.  Very hot today!!!  We had HH at Reg’s just because some of us were already sitting there.  Jack and Mim decided to go out for dinner and have lobster tail for $19.95 US at the hotel on our grounds so we went with them.  We had fun and good conversations then George and Dorothy showed up as they also decided to eat out.  Jack and Mim ended up buying us dinner to thank us for bringing them down this far; extremely nice of them!  We were in bed by 10 pm after sitting outside for a while...still warm too!



JAN  23, Thursday; sightseeing

19*C at 6am; 32* C and no wind


Some of the crew did some laundry this morning.  We took George and Dorothy with us and went to the glass factory.  I was here in the early ‘90’s and the place was very much smaller; now it is a big area with a huge show room.  We ended up buying some little items for the kids back home.  We then drove to the Malecon and walked the whole thing.  Things have changed here yet they haven’t.  Still lots of vendors and restaurants but the places have been cleaned up and now the whole area is very much cleaned up and beautiful.  There was a mall under construction when we were here last and it is now open so we went in to look around.  We met Ed and Judy, Reg and Sharon having lunch on the Malecon so we joined them.  Later we met Jack, Mim, Ross and Diane on the Malecon.  We got some info on fishing and going to “Land’s End” where the Arch is situated.  They only way to get there is by boat.  We left and stopped at Walmart to pick up a couple of items then Home Depot to pick up a pair of work gloves for me.  We came home in time for HH.  The Park manager came over to let us know that the main office called and no deal...we have to pay the full price so we’ve decided to pay a week at the time and maybe leave earlier; after all, there is only so much one can do here and the commodities are more expensive for what we are used in Mexico.

Val cooked pork chops in a mushroom sauce, potatoes and fresh carrots direct from a local garden.



JAN  24, Friday;

20* @ 8 am; mid 30’s


I slept in this morning and it felt good! Had a coffee, shower then went to Walmart to find an ATM and withdraw some Denero so that we can pay our rent (1820 Pesos = 140 US) for a week.  We’ve all decided to pay them a week at the time and maybe leave earlier than planned and spend more time in Todos Santos and Loreto.  The crew went to the beach today while we did our laundry and checked our e-mail.  We got one mail that announced to us that our friend, Cathy, in San Carlos, had heart problems and had to go to Tucson, Arizona, to the hospital where they put a heart monitor in.  The doctor told her that she had to slow down and take it easy which will be a hard thing for her as she loves to be active and busy.  We called her and talk to her husband Craig and gave them our best wishes and said we would be in touch again.

We went to Home Depot then to San Jose del Cabo to find the Vet and a groomer.  We had been given direction to one Vet but we never found him so we ended up in San Jose Centro for lunch and we made a call to Susan in San Felipe.  She gave us a number to call for a groomer and a vet’s name which we did and made an appointment for Tucker’s haircut and he will also give us the direction to the Vet that Susan recommended (he speaks good English).  We drove back to Cabo and home and got there in time for HH.  Friends of Jack and Mim showed up for HH and he gave us all kinds of new idea for around San Jose.  The funny thing is that he owns a condo in the same complex where I had mine.  Once again, we never made it to Costco.  Reg and Sharon gave us more movies to watch which we do in the evening.  We had a nice breeze to keep the heat down and it was cloudy most of the day.



JAN  25, Saturday; Los Cabos

17*C @ 6:30am; 32*C and humid in pm


Sat out with my coffee and watched the sun come up (my morning routine).  Reg came over to join me a bit later.  Then it was shower time and toiletries.  We picked up George and Dorothy and finally made it to Costco where we bought too much as usual.  There were a lot of snacks to taste then we had a hot dog to supplement.  Afterwards, we went to MEGA store, a huge Mexican store much like Walmart but cheaper.  After picking up what we needed, we came home and put everything away.  As I was unloading the groceries, a bottle of tequila that I had just bought, rolled out the back tailgate and smashed on the ground...I could have cried, what a waste.  It is HOT out there (30* and humid so probably hotter); we have both A/C’s going which meant I had to start the generator as the power wasn’t enough to support that much amperage!  We had HH at the palapa where we made plans for tomorrow and some discussion ensued about when to go to Todos Santos.  We came home for dinner; roast chicken that we bought at Costco covered in St-Hubert BBQ sauce and coleslaw salad.  We watched a movie with Matt Damon called “We bought a Zoo”; excellent movie!  To bed by 10 pm.



JAN  26, Sunday; To San Jose del Cabo

17*C @ 6 am; at least 34*C with humidex


I was up at 6 and Val at 7:30 am!  We showered and were on the road with the gang by 10 am to San Jose del Cabo.  We parked in the old part and walked around to look at the hotels and the stores.  We found the tequila tasting store and had a few samples; we ended buying a couple bottles for ourselves.  We walked a couple of streets then went to SHOOTER’S Bar by the Town Square where we had lunch.  It used to be spelled S-HOOTERS when we were her last.  From here, we walked back to our vehicles and drove to the NEW MARINA across the Bird Sanctuary.  They built a new bridge across and the place was absolutely beautiful.  We walked around the Marina then went to watch the Dolphin’s show which is just beside the Marina.  It looked like a lot of fun but unfortunately it was beyond our price range.  We took lots of pictures then drove out.  I got lost and we drove around until we got oriented but that’s OK because we got to see the neighborhood.  We came back to our site (14 KM away), read and rested for a while then had HH. 

Dinner was left over chicken and potatoes then we watched a movie...KIDNAPPED!



JAN  27, Monday; Relaxing day

17*C @ 6 am; 29*C in pm


I was up early again this morning, just can’t sleep in!?  Anyway, I took the laptop to the Palapa and checked our mail and banking then had a shower and got ready.  At 1 pm, we took George and Dorothy to Costco for him to get his eyes checked out which turned out fine then we drove around to look at things.  The rest of the gang went to the beach and some went to the glass factory to have a look. We stopped for beer and tacos then came home in time for HH.  Cooked fish for dinner then we went back out to listen to George play his piano.  Another great day in Paradise.

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