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Monday, January 06, 2014

January 1 to 5, 2014; Ensenada Baja Norte to Guerrero Negro Baja Sur

2014, JANUARY  FIRST, Wednesday; Ensenada
8*C at 8 am; 20*C, sunny and no winds

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL!  Being close to the Pacific makes for cold nights and cool mornings.  I didn’t get up until eight this morning; very unusual for me.  We went to old town central near the Harbour, parked and walked around.  I had forgotten most of the stuff here so it was neat to re-acquaint ourselves.  We of course had fish and shrimp tacos, fresh from the ocean.  Our parking attendant claimed that he lived in Winnipeg at one time; his English was ok.  We spent a couple hours there then came home.  We got home at 3:30 pm after stopping at a SORIANA SUPER where Val looked for slippers but no luck.  We called Ed and Jack to let them know about the route in then we had a glass of wine and watched the sunset.  Val also called friend Donna as she had called 3 times while we were out (we didn’t have the phone with us).  We had a light dinner, watched the tube then to bed by 10 pm.

JAN  2, Thursday;
9*C at 8 am; sunny and 19*C in the afternoon

Again I was up at 8 am; is this becoming a trend?  A beautiful day, Val went for a long walk, I walked Tucker and then it was laundry and internet time.  The “gang” arrived around noon and set up around us; six rigs: one motorhome (Len and Therese), a truck camper (George & Dorothy), two fifth-wheels (Jack & Mim; Russ & Diane) and two trailers (Ed & Judy; Reg & Sharon).  After setting up, we all gathered on the grass by the sea wall and proceeded to have a couple drinks and a few of the ladies brought out snacks.  I learned that the office told everyone that we were here until Saturday so they all paid for two nights!  I guess we are spending one more night here (FREE)!  Some of the guys decided to go for a walk to the end of the Malecon.  Eventually, we all went in as the sun set and it got colder.  Dinner, some TV then to bed

JAN  3, Friday; last day in Ensenada
7*C at 7 am; 18*C, sunny and no wind

The whole crew decided to go shopping and we went with George.  We went to Walmart where everyone stocked up on groceries and we all bought ant powder and raid for the small critters and in anticipation of lots of ants in Guerrero, Mulege and Cabo.  We stopped at a Taco Place and had lunch then to the Pemex to fuel up.  We got home and sat around on the grass and in the sun and proceeded to have happy hour and planning tomorrow.  Dinner then we watched to tube for a while

JAN  4, Saturday; Heading further south
11*C at 6 am; approx 18*C, cloudy

We were up at 6 am and ready to go by 8 am.  We drove to the Pemex and fuelled up, then were back on the road by 9:15 after hooking up the Jeep.  We caught up to the rest of the gang and I took the lead with 6 little ducklings tagging along behind!  The trip down was pretty well uneventful except for the road construction in 5-6 different areas.  The going was extremely slow due to poor detour and some of them were 6 KM long.  We stopped in Colette for lunch.  Everyone seems to be a bit more relaxed now.  We continued on and hit our first Military check-point near El Rosarito.  We arrived at the village without any mishap, the trucks took on fuel and then we went to our campground at Hotel Sinahi where we paid $20 for one night with full hook ups but we didn’t connect to any of the services.  We got here at 3:15 pm for a total day of 6 hours and 45 minutes.  After a drink or two, we all went to the restaurant at the hotel and had a very nice dinner, margaritas and cerveza and lots of laughs.  We came back to our rigs and called it a night.

We travelled 150 miles in 4 hrs and 50 minutes @ an average 50 Km/hr
N  030* 04.036
W 115* 42.961
Alt: 132 Ft

JAN  5, Sunday; To our halfway point.
7*C at 6 am; cloudy and it warmed up to 20*C as we drove south

We were up early and on the road by 8:10 am.  We continued south and I found the roads much easier this time around, one could see that they have been working on them, making them wider or improve the shoulder.  We stopped for a break in a small village and I had a taco as breakfast; a couple of adventurous guys followed my lead and tried them.  We continued onward and the road became quite narrow and tortuous at times but we still made good time at 70-80 Km/hr.  As we got to the Plateau, the wind became a bit stronger with gust blowing us sideways at times.  At one point, our friend Ed was blown almost off the road by a passing truck and right after, a car pulled out and they almost had a head on.  We stopped along a pull out to examine the rigs and make sure there were no damages and to calm the nerves a bit.  We drove on and stopped for lunch at the turn off to Bahia Los Angeles.  We were there for half hour then drove on.  The road became easier and straighter and we arrived at a military check point where we were ALL inspected so it took a while.  We arrived at the BAJA SUR check-point where we were fumigated and paid 20 pesos (1.50Cdn) then onward to Villa Jesus Maria where everyone fuelled up except as they don’t take Visa.  From here, it was a short drive to Guerrero Negro and we finally all settled in at Hotel Malarrimo & RV Park by 1510 pm.  We paid our dues ($20/night) for two nights then had Happy Hour. Five of us decided to go for out for dinner at the Hotel and everyone was very satisfied with their meals I think!?  I know I was!
It was a long and eventful day but I think everyone is feeling much better about the Baja and the roads.  We made arrangement to go on a boat tomorrow to see the Grey Whales and their babies; should be fun!

We drove 220 miles (351 KM) in 5 hrs at 67Km/hr
N 027* 58.073’
W 114* 01.826’
Alt: 10 ft

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