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Thursday, March 06, 2014

March 3 to 5, 2014; El Golfo, MEX to Winterhaven, USA

MAR  3, Monday; El Golfo
15*C @ 8 am;  22*C in pm with winds from the north

Slept in again and woke up to a beautiful sunshine!  I called our membership WHR and AOR and made reservations for March 5 at Pilot Knob, Winterhaven and also paid our memberships as it was overdue.  I called our Mail Service and had our mail forwarded to Winterhaven.  Also ordered a WIFI BOOSTER which I have tried before and it works!!! 

It is windy again, from the North this time!  We went into town to get some wine, bread and milk then we explore more places and ended up on the south side of El Golfo on the beach with Palapas and some buildings in dire need for repair.  We drove back to our campground via the beach.  I put the Jeep in 4X4 and we went for it.  The sand was smooth and hard.  There is a gate at our resort that gives beach access so that’s where we came in.  We had a relaxing afternoon reading and watched the HELEN SHOW at 4 pm with more on the Academy Awards.  We had more meat for dinner that we cannot take across to the States and vegetables; we are just about out of everything. 
It was great to watch our favorite show, “THE BLACK LIST”; I have really missed that show the past couple months.

12*C @ 6 am and cloudy; 22*C in pm and NO WIND!

This is our last day here!  After showering and cleaning, we loaded all the toys and are now ready to leave.  Do I sound anxious to do so!???  Something is going on with Tucker; he’s been in and out all night wanting to go to the bathroom and this morning, he was barfing!?  I’ve told Val that we will not give him any of his meds or people food for a day or two and see what happens.  Time to see a Vet again!? 

I loaded the kayaks and bikes and pretty well packed everything except the essentials for sewer and water.  We are ready to go.  Tucker is sleeping right now; he has been since 9 o’clock this morning after I convinced him to come in the house.  He really is in bad shape and we hate to see him suffer like this.  We went out for lunch while he was sleeping and had some Tacos de Cameron which were delicious then we came home.  We read then had a light dinner.  After doing the dishes, we went out outside for a nightcap and our neighbours from Alberta joined us for a while.  It was a good day, tomorrow; we head out for the USA!

MAR  5, Wednesday; Happy birthday to me and onwards to Yuma, AZ
12*C @ 7 am; 26* in pm

We left at 9:15 am.  The ride along Hwy 3 was desolate and flat on one side and the Sea on the other side.  At the junction of Hwy 44 we had to stop for a Military check then onward to Hwy 4 where the scenery became more of farms and rich agriculture.  We stopped for fuel in Coahuila and took on 189 Litres.  We soon turned on Hwy 44 north and drove through CD Guadalupe de Victoria and eventually turn west on the old hwy 2 and again north on hwy 1 to the border.  The roads were rough at places and in some instances we almost had to crawl.  Anyway, we arrived at the border at 1 pm and 15 minutes later, we were through and heading north to I-8 in the US of A.  We double back to El Centro and stopped at COSTCO to purchase some vitamins, eye solution for Val, wine, beer and steaks.  After putting the stuff away, we got back on I-8 East and arrived at Pilot Knob in Winterhaven, CA around 4 pm. 
The set up was quick then we relaxed with a drink.  It is very warm!  We went to the “Q”, a local Casino, and had a really nice dinner for our birthdays with wine and a cognac to top it! (Never done that before and it was good).  We came home, watched the tube for  while then to bed!
Tucker is feeling much better and back to his old self.  I think it was something he picked up on the ground and ate which upset his stomach and made in so lethargic!?  Anyway, we are happy that he is grouchy again!!!

We drove 179 miles in 4.5 hrs @ 39 MPH average
N  32* 44.669’
W 114* 45.845’
ALT: 247 feet

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Denis and Sandy Letendre said...

Happy belated birthday Val. Hope Tucker is feeling better.