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Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 27-31, 2016; Last days in San Carlos

MAR 27, SUNDAY; Day off
Our last Sunday here and it promises to be a hot one.  I remembered to refill our phone so we’re good for another month or at least until we get back to BC.
We took a drive to Soggy Pesos but when we got there, there was a line up to get through the gate so we passed and drove back to La Greiga but it was also closed.  We ended at Charly’s Rock for a beer.
HH was at Joyce and Bill.  At the end of the HH, Murray got up and stepped down from the patio, slipped and fell to the ground twisting his knee.  We ended up calling Rescate (Ambulance) to attend his knee as he couldn’t move.  I left as he was now in good hands.

MAR 28, MONDAY; Change in plans, 4 days left
We discussed our departure date and decided to leave Friday rather than Saturday as we figured Sunday will be a very busy day to cross the border due to traffic coming up from Puerto Penasco. 
I went cycling to Pillar and saw that all the Mexican families are gone already but the garbage left behind is mind-boggling.  Hopefully the city will have it picked up sooner than later before the birds don’t rip the plastic bags and spread everything all over.
I stopped at the office and had Jose call the carpet cleaner for an appointment tomorrow morning to have our carpets cleaned. 
I called Mex insurance to change the dates of travel to Apr 1-2 from 2-3
Had our mail forwarded to Casa Grande
Made reservation at Ajo park for Apr 2-3. 
I also called Casa Grande RV Resort only to find out they NO LONGER accept WHR membership so that’s another Park we won’t be going to anymore; very disappointing! 
I made a reservation with RPI at Foothills RV Resort in Casa Grande. 
Al came over earlier to let us know that there will be a fire tonight at Larry’s!
Val went for a last walk on the beach with Linda Holder and I had a nice visit with her husband Steve, at their home.  We had dinner then walked over to Al & Brenda for cake and fire, there were over 20 people present. That was the end of our last Monday here.

MAR 29, TUESDAY; Chores
The Quebec caravan was gone by 6:30 am and woke me up of course as some SOB had their engine running while putting their stuff away.  I went for a bike ride, got some pesos from the bank, and rode back home.  A little bit cooler today and cloudy; almost feels like rain.
I washed all the windows inside then took the jeep to have it washed inside and out but the place was closed due to no electricity.  Val came with me and we had lunch at “BREW MASTER” and once again, no draft beer!!!?  But we did have a burger.
We had HH at Shirley and Randy’s place then Val made a new dish, Mexican Enchilada, which turned out to be very delicious.

MAR 30, WEDNESDAY; Beaver wash
Up early again this morning, I got the awnings all up and taken all the stuff off the patio ready to have the MH to be washed.  |went cycling to the marina and back then had a shower.  I got the Jeep washed in& out in town for $12cdn.  Victor showed up at 10:30 am and worked until 4 pm washing the Beaver; he doesn’t work all that fast but he does a decent job.  We gave him a half case of lemon/lime pop cans, left-over hot dogs and buns and that made him happy.  We went to town to SORIANA to get some groceries then came home and had HH at Joyce and Bill’s place.  Oh, and I washed the big carpet and folded it ready to be put away tomorrow.  I also cleaned and put the containers in the jeep for the bike and kayak gears.  The rest will be completed mayana (tomorrow).

MAR 31, THURSDAY; Last day in San Carlos
Last day of March and our last day in San Carlos.  I was up at 6:30 am, can’t figure out why!?  A few more rigs left this morning.  I went for my last bike ride.
After showering, I went out and washed all the toys and put them away.  I was finished by noon; just a couple little things to do like the awnings, the water and sewer.  Val did laundry and that was all dried by 2 pm and put the cloths line away.  We went to El Cheque for one (two) last hot dog, stopped at Santa Rosa for some items then came home and relaxed for the rest of the day.

We had our last HH at Bill and Joyce.

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