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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 8 to 15; Carnival in Guaymas, parties, Valentine Day

Cloudy most of the day; it feels like rain but we got none.  Val went to the Doctor for a follow-up and came back with the news she has to take another sample back to the lab.  Marcel and Louise went to their drawing class.  It was a quiet day again.  We had HH at Louise and Dave then A&M went out to the Delfine restaurant with Brian, Carol, John and his wife.  We watched more of Breaking Bad!

FEB 9, TUESDAY; Carnival
Sunny and very warm today.  Bought a kilo of Flounders fish for 120 pesos ($9.60 Cdn), can’t beat that!  Val didn’t go for a walk this morning but the others went.  We all went to Guaymas in the afternoon to see the last parade of the Carnival.  We were there at 3pm to get a good place to stand.  We parked at Walmart and took the bus downtown.  We were told that the parade starts at 4 pm but it didn’t get going until 6 pm.  It was a long wait but it turned out to be worth it.  We didn’t get home until 8:30 pm.  This was the last festive before 40 days of “Lent” (Catholic event) begins which leads to Easter.  It was a tiring day standing all that time but we had a good time with the people there.
I bought a pizza for dinner and Val had a bacon/tomato sandwich (she is not allowed to take any cheese).  We watched some TV then to bed early.
I put my name on the list to have some paint touch up on the Beaver!

Sunny and hot today.  Not much happening today except going to TECALI to new acquaintances we all met at the Friday music.  We drove over even though it is next door because we brought chairs and Marcel brought his guitar.  The guy’s name is also a Lemieux (Ellis and Marion) and Marcel brought his family suitcase of pictures to compare notes but in the end they agreed that they weren’t related.  We stayed until 6:30 pm but Marcel decided to stay later so we brought his chairs and suitcase back with us and left the guitar. 
After dinner, we sat outside for the first time in a long time as it was still warm.  Marcel joined us when they got home and Aud showed up for a bit.  We were in bed by 10:30 pm

We have a new neighbour who arrived late yesterday and this morning, another came in behind us.  Val went to drop off her stuff at the Lab and also took Audrey to the Doctor as her back is acting up then to Guaymas to pick up meds for Aud and some groceries for both of us.  While they were gone, Al invited me to go for a hot dog and I just couldn’t refuse.
We had an early HH at the Lemieux’s then I drove them to Brian and Carol for dinner and met John and Bernice while I was there as they arrived today from Alberta.  We had been invited but Val cannot have cheese and it was lasagna for dinner.  On my return, Louise invited us to her place to continue the HH and our new neighbours joined us.  They just arrived from south of Puerto Vallarta.  They are leaving tomorrow for BC as he has to return to work.  HH ended around 6:30 pm and we went in to have dinner; Pork Chops cooked on the BBQ and boiled potatoes with green beans.
More to Breaking Bad in the evening and to bed by 10:30 pm

FEB 12, FRIDAY; HH with Holder’s
I was amazed to see Audrey go for a walk this morning, I thought for sure she would be too hung over from partying with that crew las night but no, she was the trooper and went! 
Marcel came over to give me a hand tightening the slide awning as a couple of them were slack.  The girls spent some time preparing salad and appies for later; it is a very hot day and for the first time, we had the A/C on in the bedroom to cool it for tonight.
At 4:45 pm, we walked/drove over to Steve and Linda’s place for Happy Hour and BBQ’ed Bathurst and beans.  We brought the salads and appies in the jeep.  We had a very nice visit and didn’t leave until about 8pm.  We watched the sunset (took some pictures) and watched a fishing boat at work.  They do have a great view.  It was an enjoyable and warm evening.
At home, we watched a couple episode of BB (Breaking Bad) then to bed

FEB 13, SATURDAY; Cdn Condos
Another very warm day.  We went to what is locally named the “Canadian Condos” for a party put on by friends of Brian, Bev and Bob.  We were told by Bob that when it first open, the majority of owners were Canadians and one American hence the name and it stuck.  The party took place around a big pool and two hot tub and we had been told to bring our swimsuits and a few took advantage of it.  We were lucky to find a shady spot and mingle around meeting new people and listening to the three Amigos play their repertoire.  Food was also served including Ham and Turkey and there was enough to feed an army!!!  We had a good time and left at 6 pm only to end up at the CAPTAIN’s CLUB where we danced the night away with 14 other friends.  We took pictures of Marcel with Manuelito, they really looked alike, same height and size.  We were home by ten pm

FEB 14, SUNDAY; Happy Valentine Day
To celebrate Valentine day, we went to Esmeralda Beach and spent a few hours on the beach drinking beer, enjoying the hot day (30*C) and kayaking the Bay.  Both Audrey and Marcel tried it and liked it.  The wind began picking up so we left and came back home.
We, including Al and Brenda, went to TRATTORIA, an Italian restaurant beside the entrance to the park.  We had a few laughs and the meals were good.  Marcel even showed everyone a new trick with two shot glasses and an egg.  We had lots of laughs over that one.  Even the waiters and the owner got involved!

We came home and sat by the fire for a while

The usual routine for the morning including washing clothes.  Relax and a quiet day trying to stay out of the heat.  HH at Louise and Dave.

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