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Monday, February 22, 2016

February 16 to 21, 2016; Doctor's visits, Pearl factory, Empalme

FEB 16, TUESDAY; Doctor visit
Val went to another doctor’s visit about her tummy problem and finally found out that she has the “beaver fever” virus which caused her stomach to be in turmoil.  The doctor gave her pills to fight this.  While in there, I went to the marina and checked out prices on the “Sunset Cruise” for Marcel.  I found one that is $30 us or 450 pesos and I took all the info.  I picked up Val at the office then we went home where I gave Marcel the info.  Thursday is Audrey birthday and he wants to take her on one!  I went back to the Marina and put in a reservation for 6; I was told that there would be a total of 20 people on board and the provide snacks and margarita drinks.  I had a snooze before HH at the Ennis.  Marcel decided to cook spaghetti for everyone including the Holders, and Brian and company.  There were 18 people in total and the spaghetti was delicious.  Afterwards we had three leches layered cake, it is a favorite down here and it was enjoyed by everyone.  We ended back at the Lemieux site and had a fire and the whole thing came to an end by 9 pm.  Fun was had by all and it was a successful evening.

FEB 17, WEDNESDAY; Pearl Factory and the beach by Empalme
We left at 10:30 am for the Pearl Factory in Guaymas. We got there in time to catch the tour and we had to watch a movie first on the location’s history which is very interesting.  Then we walked down to the water where we saw the pearl farm in the ocean and the hut where 3 guys were working on nets that had been pulled out earlier.  They were looking for tiny oyster which they set aside.  They then put them in open mesh baskets and would later put them back in the ocean until they grew to almost an adult size.  There are three levels and size of mesh basket for their growth.  We spent a good half hour watching them work then we headed back to another building where three other guys (from the University) where implanting tiny matters that would hopefully grow to a pearl size.  The main guy explained how the process is done and how they get black, white and multi-color pearls.  We then walked back to the main building where we got to look at the jewelry they made.  All three girls bought a ring and Audrie also bought a pearl pendant.
From here, we drove to Empalme for a beer and lunch.  We stopped at this neat little side road restaurant and ordered beer all around.  Well, one of the worker had to go to the grocery store down the road to get the beers.  We ordered our lunch and watched the same guy go across the street and get FRESH fish and shrimps.  It was comical.  We also got to talk to one of the worker who spoke good English and told us about the place and some history on Empalme.  The table nest to us had soup for lunch so we asked what kind it was and he told us it was turtle soup which is totally illegal here in Sonora but all the same he offered us a sample which we had and it was very good!!!  We are now part of the Underground World hihihihihi!
We left over an hour later and drove to the local beach and took a walk down a very nice sandy beach and lots of abandoned houses, hotel and condos.  On the way back, we saw a group of kids in the water then all of sudden three of kids got stung by either Sting Rays which abound in these waters or Jelly fish.  Anyway, Val got to practice her skills on them, we had some items in the Jeep that she could use to alleviate their pain and disinfect the wounds.
We drove back home via the Guaymas By-Pass and went to SAN-JOSE to show everyone the little church there with a tall steeple.  We got back at 5 pm, still full from our lunch.  It was a great day

FEB 18, THURSDAY; Audrie’s Birthday
We were supposed to be going on a boat Sunset Cruise later this afternoon but it was cancelled due to our reserved space being given to a Baseball Team, typical hazard in Mexico!  Aud had to get groceries so the four of us went to town.  First we went to the Art Supplies store in downtown then back to Walmart for groceries.  We came back to San Carlos and stopped at Hammer-Head Pub at the Marina and had beer and HARD CHIPS, like Nachos but made with cooked chips; Delicious!  Back at the house, we put everything away then sat out for HH

FEB 19, FRIDAY; Totonaka Resident Appreciation Day
Well I finally got off my butt and took the bicycle out for a ride.  I only went for a half hour ride but it felt good.  Spent some times at Louise and Dave’s yard then we got ready for the Entertainment at the front Palapa where Marcel and his crew played for three hours from two o’clock then a Mexican Band played for an hour.  It was a pot luck snacks and there was enough food to feed an Army.  Margarita and beer was provided by the Park. 
We came home around 6 pm and had a quiet evening

FEB 20, SATURDAY; Bazar Day
It was cloudy most of the day but still very warm.  I went cycling again this morning.  At 10 am, the girls walked to the local bazar being held in a Mall down the road.  I took the jeep and Dave came with me; Marcel stayed home with a hang-over.  The bazar was interesting and we met a few people we know.  We had a hamburger and beer, bought a few items then came home.  I had a short snooze, then we had HH at our place for a change.  Cooked steak and shrimp for dinner and Val made a Pear salad, one of my favorites.

At 11am we were to leave for Empalme however, some were not quite ready then Audrie got a call from John and Bernice that they were left behind at Brian and wondered if we wanted to do something.  We invited them to the market to which they accepted so we picked them up in Dave’s Mustang and we took off for our destination.
We took the by-pass around Guaymas and arrived safely in Empalme.  Construction was happening on the railway tracks so we had to make a detour which turned out to be a bit rough for the Mustang.  We found parking on a side road and walked much of the market.  There was nothing but junk, clothes and one or two vegetables and seafood kiosks.  We walked part of the main street looking for a place to have cerveza but no luck.  We walked back to the vehicles and left.
We took the by-pass back and went to Rocky’s Rock in San Carlos for a beer and an appie.  Dave took John and Bernice back to Brian’s house where they are staying.
We had HH then to our house to watch more of “Breaking Bad”.  IT was a hot day and a warm and pleasant evening outside!  My thermometer indicated 89*F earlier in the day!

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